CDS – Chlorine Dioxide Solution

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I mentioned this already in VAX SURVIVAL. However here is more.
NOTE: I intend later to have a special section in the main part of this website under HEALTH.

As DC Suppresses Truth About Chlorine Dioxide, Bolivia Approves It As COVID Treatment
It is absolutely amazing that we have everyone scrambling around for drug treatments for COVID-19 and yet, as we discovered from Dr. Andreas Kalcker’s scientific study, a natural compound that requires no prescription and is available for pennies is being mischaracterized and even suppressing the truth about it by the Mockingbird, Big Pharma funded media, as well as the CDC and the FDA. However, while DC doesn’t want you to know how it is being used to treat people around the world, other countries have been using it for years and now Bolivia has approved it as a treatment for COVID-19.
The medical establishment is trying to suppress the sharing of any potential health benefits of ClO2 because it is inexpensive and effective.

The Universal Antidote Documentary

Dr. Andreas Kalcker: Protocols A to S
I want to present a new system of protocols by letters. The reason is simple, since many times several protocols must be combined according to the disease, so the protocols can be easily combined for greater efficiency. I know this is going to sound weird to some, but due to the current situation this is an attempt to create a simple order.
1) The first dose is 3 ml CDS (or three activated drops (in a 1: 1 ratio if there is no CDS?) adding to 200 ml of water, before sleeping, on the first day of treatment.
2) On the second day another 3ml CDS (or three activated drops) are taken by adding to 200 ml of water, one hour after breakfast and another three activated drops by adding to 200 ml of water, before sleeping.
3) On the third day, the two previous doses are taken, after breakfast and before sleeping, adding another dose one hour after eating.
4) Then you continue with the same three doses as in 3), one hour after breakfast, lunch and before sleeping, the necessary time of the treatment, until you feel recovered.
This protocol is suitable for long-term application and also serves as maintenance.

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