RETURN of the KING-Update 8/09

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Scott McKay the Entire Trump Presidency Has Been a Military Sting Operation
Sunday, September 5, 2021
The “Patriot Street Fighter” Scott McKay provides a fantastic summary of the operation that has been going on since the JFK assassination. Scott explains – The good guys are winning but it’s time for everyone to wake up and do their own research. If you missed this before, then watch, as things will likely fall into place…

President Trump:
Trump never conceded the election, because he won with a huge majority. From the 6th of January, the military has been in control & they recognised Trump as the Commander in Chief. After Trump became president in 2016, the aim has been to drain the swamp and this has been happening since then. Hillary Clinton was assured of a win in 2016, but despite cheating of the Democrats, Trump won. Ever since then Trump has been given a rough time by the MSM. The Democrats thought that they would win in 2020, panicked on election night & then massively cheated.
President Trump could have got the military to act on the 6th January, but this would have resulted in a lot of deaths & it would have been regarded as a military coup. Effectively a trap (many traps in fact) was set for the ‘deep state’ and their underbelly was exposed. The Democrats glorified their supposed win & Biden became president. As time went on a pantomime developed and Biden was replaced by an actor (at least two); he never set foot in the White House & a fake White House was set up in Castle Rock studio in LA – another in Atlanta, Georgia. Hundreds of thousands of people (crooks!) in the US & around the world have been indicted (sealed & unsealed), arrests have been made, military tribunals were set up & there have been executions for treason & crimes against humanity. Also the Cabal, the Elite, the Khazarian Mafia, the Satanists have also been exposed, targeted & the ring-leaders arrested (some already executed). They had plans for a New World Order with The Great Reset. The Plandemic of Covid & the vax roll-out has been part of their dirty scheme to cause disorder in the world & to decimate the population.
The final stage for the “Return of the King” has been set with the EBS test, which was designed to expose the MSM (Mainstream Media) & take them down.

The EBS test which was supposed to be rescheduled, was not -it went ahead yesterday NZ time. This rescheduling was a “red herring” by the “white hats” to confuse the “black hats” – this is often done.
In this case the EBS was designed to expose both big tech & small tech so that they could be demolished.

So here is the update as of today (Fri):
EBS at 2:20 pm yesterday, but was blocked by 88% of cell phones,TV,radio.
Those that did not comply with the EBS Test will lose their FCC license and will be seized by the military.

“New ShariRaye”:
Trump won with over 100 million votes & won all 50 states.
Trump has continued to be the president (he never resigned. General Flynn will be the Vice President.
Trump declassified all Washington scandals.
Trump hiding at a military base with family.
Attack at capitol was by Antifa & BLM.
Breaking -declassifying everything.
Wikileaks just dumped all of their files online: – blocked
Military takedowns & arrests this past weekend will continue forward for 13 days & nights.
5,300 warrants & arrests last weekend.
Some international raids have started; Italy complicit in US election fraud.
Military operations in many corrupt cities.
People will start rioting when intel breaks, thinking Trump is a military dictator – he has only 13 days to put this dog down.
The implementation of the insurrection act began after the raid on the Capitol & was marked by Trumps broadcast to the people to disband & to return home.
Spike protein destroys cells which makes white cells.
Delta variant a lie.
Election fraud revelation for 10-12 days a cover for shotgun liquidity release.
*This is what will happen when the green light goes on:
EBS for 8 hrs – all major networks go down for 12 days.
Internet will go down – replaced by quantum internet.
Will kill: google, youtube, facebook, twitter, yahoo, bing, instagram.

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