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New Zealand okays euthanasia for COVID patients
In response to a request for clarity on a euthanasia law which came into force last month, the government declared that “in some circumstances a person with COVID-19 may be eligible for assisted dying”.
The 2019 End of Life Choice Act is considered to be one of the most extreme euthanasia laws anywhere in the world, and critics say the safeguards are so flimsy that they are easily circumvented.
The law, ratified following a referendum in 2020, guarantees all residents the right of access to a doctor who will kill them within a period as short as four days from receiving a request.

Doctors receive a government fee of $1,000 plus expenses for every euthanasia death they perform.
In the UK, Baroness Finlay of Llandaff, a professor of palliative medicine, said the New Zealand euthanasia law contradicted the fundamental purpose of medicine and health services to heal the sick.
She said: “It is bizarre that a country which has been trying to protect it citizens by closing down completely from a virus from which people can fully recover … is now suggesting that these patients should be killed by their doctors.
“It turns the ethos of medicine on its head,” she said.

Illuminati Wife Tells All
Kay Griggs, Former Marine Colonel’s Wife Talks About Military Assassin Squads, Drug Running, Illegal Weapon Deals And Sexual Perversion Deep Within The Highest Levels Of U.S. Military And Government. For 11 long years, Kay Griggs heard all the messy details from her military husband, usually while he was drinking before going into one of his drunken stupors. Drug running, weapon sales, sexual perversion and assassination squads she learned firsthand from her husband. U.S. Marine Corps Col. George Raymond Griggs was into government mob-like hit squads and the sexually perverted secret “cap and gown and Skull and Bone Society,” 9/11, the war in Iraq, the London bombings and the highest form of corruption, including sexual perversion and government sponsored mob-like hits orchestrated by high-ranking military and government officials. “My former husband George, who is a trained assassin, calls the people he is involved with the members of The Firm or The Brotherhood. If you are in the clique, you are above the law and literally can get away with murder.” For years, mostly when he was drinking, he told me how he and others in this elite military group would kill people,” said Griggs, as she mentioned name after high-powered name and story after-detailed story about sexual perversion, murder, military hit squads, brainwashing and mind control, all activities sanctioned, participated in and condoned by a group of military and political elite. “He told me he was the No. 1 shooter for a long time for a group of powerful people at the top. If a guy is too honest, for example, they get rid of him.” “As far as the sheer numbers of people involved in this cap and gown, Skull and Bones Secret Society, it’s hard to say. But it is based on old friendships, college and prep school relationships, covering up secrets and sexual perversion. They were mostly all Masons. “My husband told me about all the sexually perverted rituals, like anal and oral sex in coffins at drunken parties and running naked in the woods at Bohemian Grove. Then there was the last time I saw George was in 2001 and he was telling me to keep quiet, but I think he knows I will never stop telling the truth.”

Judy Byington:
Dec 24 – Friday US
World’s largest Military Sting Operations in Progress
The world’s largest Military Sting Operations were in progress in over 32 major countries with crimes connected to the UN, Gates, Big Pharma, Big Tech, Vatican, Rothchilds, etc. In the End Game the Military would arrest the Deep State Military in all countries.
As we neared Christmas, a Global Financial Crisis, Currency Reset and the Ten Days of Darkness, or fall of the Cabal’s Mainstream Media, the Chinese Communist Party was being turned into a Republic under the leadership of XI, the Rods of God continued to destroy Cabal DUMB underground tunnels and Nuclear Reactors across the globe (required for GESARA to be implemented), plus the Center for Disease Control was backing down on their toxic CV tests.
The St. Germaine Trust would be released (45 zeros).

Dec 25 – Sat US: Christmas Day the Rodriguez Trust would be released (bigger than the St. Germaine Trust), plus the USN would come out.
The EBS was expected to start the Ten Days of Darkness that lasts from 25th Dec. to Jan. 5th. The 10 days of darkness refers to 10 days of media/social media blackout.
Jan 6: Trump back – the 13th day of Xmas. Jan 6th 2020 was the fake “insurrection attack” on US Capitol.

The Alliance remains in charge and continues to make Mass Arrests across the globe, along with holding Military Tribunals at the US Capitol in Washington DC, GITMO and Antarctica.
The last lock down in Western Australia came on a Sunday at 6pm. By Monday midday multiple unmarked US Cargo Planes had flown into Perth Airport. By midday Tuesday they had flown down to Busselton and dropped two Packages beside the Maidens Beach Illuminati Freemasons Monument. Think Tunnels. Think DEW & Rods Of God.
The CDC is withdrawing its standing request to the FDA to grant emergency use authorization for Covid-19 PCR tests. After 20 months of lies, the CDC can no longer hide that its use of Covid-19 PCR tests was fake “science” but true fear mongering.

Wed. 22 Dec. was a major Satanic Holiday where children were kidnapped, raped tortured and murdered by the global and political elites in Satanic rites to honor Satan. Please be aware and report Satanic activities in your neighborhood.
Also tomorrow Wed. 22 Dec. was a major Satanic Holiday of Winter Solstice Feast Day and two days later on 24 Dec. was High Grand Climax Da Meur Demon Revels. In a quest for power Global and political Elites celebrated these Satanic events with sexual orgies and a blood sacrifice of male and/or female victim of any age, while 24 Dec. was torture and sacrifice of a male baby and his mother in a Nativity Scene. Please be aware and report any possible Satanic activities you may observe so as to save teens and children caught up in this Mind Control torture.
The triggering Event for the Global Currency Reset was said to be a global economy meltdown – that was expected by around Wed. 22 Dec.

Mass Arrests continued across the globe with the Alliance remaining in charge.

It could be a different world by Mon. 27 Dec – when the world was said to be going on lockdown (they say because of the CV Variant). (Behind the Scenes the world would actually be on lockdown in order for the Alliance to complete Mass Arrests, along with the Global Currency Reset).

COVID/Vax Hoax:
-Trump forced the hand of the Cabal as he knew the jab was already made in 2018. This brave action destroyed the need for lockdowns, which were not supposed to end until late 2024 and the jabs released from 2025. Trump getting the jab released early justified an end to the lockdowns and an end to the Emergency Usage Act, again forcing big Pharma to seek proper FDA approval of a commercial vaccine, which the FDA would never have given approval for. This is why they came up with new strains, to keep the EUA and lockdowns. This also caused the Cabal to speed things up. They made mistakes and people started to wake up earlier and quicker.

The major breaking news on Wed. 22 Dec. was that the Khazarian-owned McDonalds was closing all their stores worldwide after the FBI discovered that they had been using human meat in their products over the last forty years.
The closures also involved Cemex, Heinz, TerraMar’s Red Ruby Rings, Red Shoes and Keystone Foods, all used for disposing of dead bodies. Find all the McDonalds Restaurants shutdown since Covid. Use New York City, Kuta Bali, Victoria, South Australia as a Starting Point. Find all the Processed Meat Factories across the World that got Rona’d: Meat Pies, Sausage Rolls, Pasties & any other processed meats. Start with Greggs.
The Khazarians are the ones behind Mcdonalds. Now go find the TerraMar Project. The Submarine Operation Epstein/Maxwell group. That is where they collect the Jewels off the bottom of the Ocean.All those Children Tortured, Raped, Murdered & Eaten getting ground up & put inside the Jewels. See Those Red Jewel Rings they wear & The Red Shoe Club. Thats right Childrens Remains. See Cemex & Heinz too.
They are using CV-19 as an excuse to close McDonalds worldwide.
McDonald’s loses the legal battle with chef Jamie Oliver, who proved that the food they sell is not fit to be ingested because it is highly toxic. Chef Jamie Oliver has won a battle against the world’s largest junk food chain. Oliver proving how burgers are made. According to Oliver, the fat parts of meat are “washed” with ammoniac hydrogen and then used in the packaging of the meat “cake” to fill the burger. Before this process, according to the presenter, already this meat was not suitable for human consumption. Oliver, a radical activist chef, who has waged a war against the food industry, says: We’re talking about meat that would be sold as dog food and after this process it’s served to humans. In addition to the quality of meat, ammonium acid is harmful to health. Oliver says this: “The process of the pink crap”. What sane human being would put a piece of meat soaked in ammonium hydrogen in the mouth of a child? In another of his initiatives Oliver has demonstrated how chicken nuggets are made: after selecting the “best parts”, the rest: fat, skin, cartilage, visuals, bones, head, legs, are subjected to a mec split smoothie canica – it’s the euphemism that engineers use in food, and then that blood pink paste is deodorant, bleached, re-refreshed and repainted, dipped in flour and fried melcocha, this is left in usually partially hydrogenated oils, that is, toxins. The food industry uses ammonium hydrogen as an anti-microbial agent, which allowed McDonald’s to use meat in its burgers, which is not suitable for human consumption. But even more disturbing is the situation that these substances based on ammonium hydrogen are considered ‘lawful components in the production process’ in the food industry with the blessings of health authorities worldwide. So consumers will never be able to discover what substances they put in our food.

WHO Head Admits Vaccines Being Used To Kill Children:
The truth needs to come out after pushing an experimental gene therapy on the public. WHO Director-General Dr Tedros admitted on camera that countries are using boosters to kill children.
Everyone is about to have updated natural immunity. Existing vaccines focus on recognition of the spike protein. Suddenly, a new variant (Omicron) with 50 changes shows up, FAR outside normal deviation, 32 of them on the spike protein… meaning existing vaccine related antibodies are unlikely to recognize the spike protein and block infection. This makes Omicron spread faster. But somehow it’s also more mild. If true… this is a serious threat to Fauci & Co because everyone is about to have updated natural immunity… and that means the MSM is about to have their hands full trying to help keep excuses for lockdowns going while cases plummet worldwide.

Wed. 22 Dec. Switzerland: There is a lot going on at the moment. Various people are reporting detonations that were perceived. The borders with Germany and Austria are getting closed. Military Everywhere – Mass Arrests Starts after Lockdown. GO GO GO HERQS

There was a 46 page legal filing that Dr. Mike Yeadon and others filed in the International Criminal Court for violating the Nuremberg code. 1) Fauci, Bill and Melinda Gates, Borris Johnson, and the CEOs of the 4 main vaccine manufacturers are listed as defendants; among others. 2) The vaccines, PCR tests, gain of function, the US funding gain of function research, graphene hydroxide (PAGE 7 IS MUST READ MATERIAL), inflated covid figures, ineffectiveness of masks, alternative treatments, and many more reasons for mass concern are all listed in the complaint. 3) Event 201, Agenda 21/30, and parallels to 1930s Germany are also cited. If you were to read it from start to end, you would have a SOLID understanding of how the last 30 years were shaped to lead us to this single “Covid” event.

Face Masks Are Lethal – Canadian Workplace Test Confirms Dangerous Oxygen Deprivation

Poor kids in a mask all day at school and when they exercise. It is just killing their brains.
Vernon Coleman: Face Masks Cause Cancer – Here Is The Proof