The Cycle of Life & Death

Welcome to all truth-seekers who, like me, leave no stone unturned in their search for truth. In this age of chaos & deception, it is the likes of you and I who will carry the banner of truth & who will act as an inspiration for those who will follow us – the younger generation. You have entered the “Maze of Truth”, the path may be long, with many pitfalls along the way, but the reward at the end is enduring and it will accelerate the evolution of your material & spiritual consciousness.
A special welcome to the “9010 Community” who are willing to take a bold step in the right direction. We must all Strive to make this a better world.

The human being is a oneness consisting of a material consciousness (yang) & a spiritual consciousness (yin). The material consciousness embodies the personality of a human being & it’s parts have their counterparts in the spiritual consciousness (which are more refined, with a higher frequency):
psyche —> Gemüt [no English equivalent)
feelings —> Empfindüng [no English equivalent]
thoughts —> impulses
Through the material consciousness, all thoughts & feelings, all emotions as well as all electromagnetic powers & swinging waves, etc., are created, which distinguish & direct the human being.
The psyche regulates & looks after the material consciousness-based feelings & material consciousness based thoughts.
The material consciousness is said to be half-material (semi-material), whereas the spiritual consciousness (spirit) is fine material.
Only neutral-positive impulses can pass between the material & spiritual consciousnesses, since no harm can be done to the spirit (also why no emotion counterpart is found in the spirit).
Note: A partnership between man & woman is also a oneness. A oneness has 2 poles – negative (yin) & positive (yang). Likewise an atom and a magnet.

Material & Spiritual Consciousnesses

Translation of Diagram:
Materielles Bewusstsein = material consciousness
Gedanken = thoughts
Gefühle = feelings
verarbeitet Resultate macht sich die Psyche selbst zu Nutzen
process results, makes for itself the psyche even to benefit
eigener Körper und Umwelt
own body and environment
Materielles Unterbewusstsein = material subconsciousness
Materielles Zentralbewusstsein = material central-consciousness
Zensor = censor

Geistiges Bewusstsein = spiritual consciousness
Impulse = impulse
Empfindung = Empfindung
Gemüt = Gemüt
nur neutral-positive Impulse werden aufgenommen
only neutral-positive impulses are recorded
Gemütsrinde = Gemüts-cortex
Geistiges Unterbewusstsein = spiritual-subconsciousness
Geistiges Zentralbewusstsein = spiritual central-consciousness
Nur empfindungsmässige Impulse gehen von der Psyche an das Gemüt
Only sensation-related impulses go from the psyche to the Gemüt
erarbeitete neutral-positive Impulse gehen vom Gemüt an die Psyche
Processed neutral-positive impulses go from the Gemüt to the psyche
Eine unausgeglichene Psyche kann Impulse vom Gemüt zurückfordern
An unbalanced psyche can reclaim impulses from the Gemüt
Nutzung der geistigen Energie
Utilisation of the spiritual energy

Reiner Imformationsaustausch zwischen materiellem Zentralbewusstsein und geistigem Zentralbewusstsein
Pure information-exchanges between material central-consciousness and spiritual central-consciousness

What all human beings of earth should know
*Taken from FIGU Bulletin No.78

“Human of Earth, if you are of the opinion that death is the end of your spirit, your life, and your continued existence, then you are greatly mistaken. Truly, it isn’t so, what most people falsely assume with regard to this. It is also not so, what you secretly fear, that with your death your entire existence ends and everything is irretrievably lost and extinguished, because in truth, after death there is a continuation of life for you. And the reason for this is a fine spiritual-energetic factor within yourself, the spirit-form, which on the one hand is ordered into the cycle of rebirth, and on the other hand makes it possible that you, after death, will be born again with a new consciousness as a new personality.”

The Spirit World:
Many people believe that when they die, their soul (a ghost-like from of themselves) goes to heaven. Also, there are those, such as channelers who claim that they can communicate with these souls. This is impossible. The soul (personality) dissolves away when death occurs as neutral energy. The spirit-form goes into another space-time dimension centered on Earth. The spirit is an energy form – Creation-energy.
Also, it is impossible to communicate with an entity in another space-time dimension.
Communication with the first pure spiritual level is impossible.
Heaven does not exist.
*Read below for details.

ARAHAT ATHERSATA (Sanskit) which means: “The precious one who contemplates the times”
Message received and written down from May15 1975 to August 11 1975.
14) My communication with you is based on spiritual-inspirative nature, so you constitute only the recipient which does not have its own transmission possibility.
15) This is because my spiritual Wesen’ has entered into a higher level which only permits access to high-spiritual forms.
16) Lower spiritual forms, as they without exception correspond to the present earthly forms, are not able to penetrate into us or to even come into connection with us in a communicative manner.
17) On the other hand however, we, in our forms, are able to penetrate all spiritual levels and to make ourselves comprehensible to all Wesenhheiten of lower standing.
20) As an exception, it should be valid that a spirit-form of my Wesen finds its way into your present time and connects with an intelligence of your standing in an inspirative manner.
21) This was already in the past times considered to be a great exception and will also remain so in the coming times.
22) As an explanation. I want to thereby mention that the last communication of this kind had taken place by us about 2000 years ago according to your time reckoning. [with Jmmanuel – a.k.a. Jesus]

The Reincarnation of the Creation-Energy of the Human Being
By Paul Saleh
September 22, 2023
*Extracts. The full article will be after SHOW ALL

The personality respectively the material consciousness block of the human being, as is the case with the physical body, does not reincarnate, but only the eternally evolving creation-energy (spirit-form or spirit) is ordered into the law of rebirth and continued existence far into the all Timeless-Endlessness of BEING.
After death a consciousness impulse-energy further exists in the form of impulse-related consciousness-energy and knowledge, and is indeed stored in the storage banks, whilst on the other hand the contents of the material consciousness after the dying is dissolved in the realm of the overall-consciousness-block, after which for the next-following-personality a new consciousness and a new subconsciousness and precisely a new personality is created and this is then born as a new block.
The spirit-form always only enlivens the same lineage of spirit and human, respectively their consciousness and personality, which through the overall-consciousness-block are inseparably connected with the spirit-form. Therefore it is given, that always the same overall-consciousness-block connected spirit-form enlivens the consciousness and personality lineage connected with it. Out of this arises, that when the human being dies, the consciousness and the personality of this human being are not re-born. Consequently there is no rebirth of the human being, but only a rebirth, respectively reincarnation of the spirit-form. This is because the consciousness and the personality of the deceased human being are dissolved and transformed into pure, fine-substance neutral energy by the overall-consciousness-block in its beyond-realm. Out of this neutral energy a new consciousness with a new personality is formed, which then with the incarnation of the new human being is born into this human, together with the reincarnating spirit-form. The reincarnation of the spirit-form and the incarnation of the new consciousness and the new personality occurs on the 21st day after conception.
The Spirit is Invisible & Undetectable:
To localise and detect the human spirit/Creation-Energy – at least in the present time – is impossible for the human beings, because they have at their disposal neither the necessary apparatuses nor other means to be able to detect and measure the spirit/Creation-Energy. The human spirit, respectively the spirit-form cannot be seen by the human being, because the pure creational spirit-energy cannot be perceived by the human eye, as also it cannot be sensed. Also there are not yet any apparatuses or analysers etc. also not in the realms of the ultraviolet or infrared, through which it would be possible to make the spirit, respectively the spirit-form or the creational spirit-energy visible or measurable. There is also no special consciousness-state of the human being which makes it possible to see the spirit, respectively the spirit-form, because the spirit-energy is as invisible as the pure air. The spirit, respectively the spirit-form of the human being is pure creation-energetic nature and has nothing to do with the consciousness, as well as nothing to do with the brainwaves, which can be perceived and measured.
Spirit & Consciousness Confusion:
Erroneously since time immemorial the consciousness has been designated as the spirit of the human being, although the spirit however is of a completely different nature than the consciousness. The spirit, respectively the spirit-form of the human being is pure creational, while the consciousness is a factor of the human being and is responsible for the thoughts to be created, whereby the entire ratio arises out of that, so therefore also the reason and the rationality. The spirit, respectively the spirit-form on the other hand is solely the creational-naturewise given energy, which enlivens the human body.
The Beyond-Realm:
When the spirit leaves the human body, then it escapes into its beyond-realm, which exists in the same space as the present-reality of the planet, whereby the so called beyond-realm is differently dimensioned than the real material reality-space, and indeed in fine-substance spirit-energetic nature. Regarding the planet, the beyond-realm is ordered around it, as this realm is also existing universe-wide, however compared to the material reality-realm in a fine-substance, to which the human being as a material lifeform in no way has access to and consequently cannot see or perceive anything. Therefore it is impossible for the human being to see or perceive in this realm the spirit, respectively the spirit-form which has left the human body. That the beyond-realm of the planet in other-dimensioned form from the real material reality-space is not only ordered into this, but also into the entire Universe has its reason.

*If the body is dead, then the spirit-form doesn’t return to this, because it never enlivens a dead body.
*“ The storage banks are of the utmost importance for terrestrial humans, as they are for all other human-material life-forms in the entire universe, as they also are for the first pure spirit levels Arahat Athersata, where knowledge impulses are deposited in the storage banks. Depending on the development of the material forms of life – in this case humans – they subconsciously receive this deposited information from the higher level via the storage banks, work with it and thereby gain the development, thus they evolve.”

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