The Great Pyramid

On the 3rd of February 1953, Billy Meier met Asket for the first time in the Jordan desert from where they travelled by beamship to the Great Pyramid of Egypt.
Flight to Jordan:
“It was my eighteenth close sighting of beamships, when I was picked up on the 3rd of February 1953 to make Asket’s acquaintance. I was picked up by a disc in the early second hour of the morning at a place which had been precisely communicated to me shortly before, which, however, Sfath had already arranged with me weeks earlier, so that on day X only the actual exact point had to be named.”
Meeting Asket:
“I noticed something bright that plummeted, like a stone, from the sky.
Luminous and as big as the Moon, I saw it suddenly emerge and plummet down.
At a terrific speed, it became bigger and, all of a sudden, it simply stood still in the air at a height of about 80 to 100 metres, simply without transition and without prior deceleration.
The object appeared to simply remain hanging in the air.
Yet then it sank slowly down to Earth, so slowly, lightly and safely like a feather hanging on an invisible thread, and without any sound.
I sat on a rock and waited for the thing that indeed still had to come.
And I waited a full half hour before something finally happened: from behind the ship walked a figure, which approached me within a few yards, while quite slowly the illumination from the ship dimmed and then went out.
Yet already after a few split seconds the ship glowed again with light and radiated somewhat like twilight.
In the weak shine of this twilight I was able to doubtlessly identify the approaching figure as a female person – ASKET, if my senses did not enormously deceive me.
And the next actions and the words spoken by the woman already confirmed my assumption.
She approached me in a familiar way and I suddenly perceived an enormous, loving sympathy which somehow penetrated me in a peculiarly painful way.”
Journey to the Great Pyramid:
“After the greeting I was called upon by Asket to climb into her ship which, to be honest, I did with somewhat peculiar feelings, because this ship seemed to me to emanate something which promised to solve very many of my life’s puzzles.
But to start with not very much happened.
The ship zoomed high into the sky and then became just as invisible as the one which brought me here and which had now invisibly remained behind, left in the tangle of rocks.
the ship had already crossed over the sea and sank quickly down to Earth.
I was able to discern gigantic pointed structures below us, which, shadowy in the morning light, stood deep below in the desert: pyramids.
We plummeted down into Egypt – to the pyramids of Giza.
And now the sinking became a gentle floating, down to a great pyramid which I had very well in my memory from many pictures – the Pyramid of Giza.
I recognised it by the gigantic “animal-human” which, as a statue, stood not far from the Great Pyramid.
And we sank exactly towards this “animal-human object”, the Sphinx.”
The Bedouin Camp:
Asket attached a small device to Billy’s belt which made him invisible. Billy then tested his invisibility on the unsuspecting Bedouins.

Underneath the Great Pyramid:
Suddenly Asket grasped me by the hand and led me to a small entrance, opening to the pyramid.
Through long, musty passageways, we walked in twilight through the interior of the pyramid.
Then it was so dark that I could not recognise anything more.
I wondered about the fact that I did not collide with anything and that Asket found the way in spite of this literally Egyptian darkness.
(Translators’ note. This German idiom “Egyptian darkness” corresponds to “pitch dark” in English.)
We walked in that manner for a long time and I felt that we climbed down somewhere on various occasions.
Then suddenly a very weak light was discernable precisely as if the first light of dawn entered, yet I was not able to fathom the source of this twilight.
Now we stood before an enormous, squared stone, somewhere deep in the pyramid.
Right before my eyes, suddenly the gigantic ashlar simply dissolved into nothing.
And already Asket pulled me over the position where, just a few seconds before, the giant ashlar had been completely joined with other squared stones.
A steeply descending passageway, which was guarded by two oddly-clothed men, opened behind the ashlar which had just now vanished.
And as I threw back a glance as I walked down the passageway, I could not help but ascertain that the squared stone, which had just disappeared, was again precisely as visible and completely joined as just shortly before, when I saw it for the first time from the other side.
As I made this assessment, Asket’s “voice” whispered in my consciousness that I should be mute and not try to speak because we were in a place which was not constructed by her race and it additionally would not be even slightly useful if we were to be identified here and uncovered by the guards.
The guards we saw are members of, or are related to, a power-conscious, extraterrestrial group, who, through certain impure means, force a majority of Earth humanity under their control, in order to bring the entire Earth under their control.
So then I became silent and mutely followed my leader past the two guards, who took no initiative at all against us.
Quite obviously they could not see us and it seemed to me as if, for the two of them, Asket and I simply did not exist.
It was a funny situation for me to which I simply could not so quickly accustom myself in spite of the previous experiences.
It was simply something completely new and unusual for me.
The passage, which was furnished throughout with steps, led steeply and deeply down into the pyramid – deeper and deeper it went down, and then, suddenly, we stood in a gigantic hall which seemed to overflow with light coming from everywhere and nowhere.

Giant Spaceship:
The hall was giant sized, as was the gigantic disc-shaped spaceship which rested here next to various smaller ships in the middle of this hall, deep below the surface of the Earth.
A giant spaceship deep below the foundation walls of the Pyramid of Giza.
I actually believed I was dreaming.
I pinched myself on the ears, once, twice, three times.
I felt the pain and I pressed my fingernails into my ears.
The pain intensively reinforced itself.
It actually was not a dream.
Here, resting deep below the Pyramid of Giza, was actually a discus-shaped spaceship of approximately three hundred metres in diameter.
A ship similar to the one I already had seen once on the 2nd of June 1942.
And this ship here must indeed already have been in this giant storage hall for centuries or even for millennia, very deep under the earth and, by my reckoning, at least 3,000 or 4,000 metres below, or to the side and downward, from the Pyramid of Giza.

Crucifixion Items:
Asket did not allow me very much time to sink into astonished contemplation of this ship, because she already pulled me by the hand further to a small plateau on which I had already, from a distance, been able to see some sort of still-unidentifiable things.
Yet with what this dealt did not stay a secret to me for long, because, as I arrived at this small plateau with Asket, I was not spared astonishment.
I required minutes in order for me to finally become conscious of the complete facts.
On the small plateau lay an ancient, large and very heavy, wooden, Y-shaped cross.
There were three rusty things right next to it, which, indeed, hundreds or thousands of years ago, must have once been hand-forged nails.
Or was the brownish-black coating on the nails not rust at all – was it perhaps blood?
Was it perhaps blood like the brownish-black coating on three different positions on the wooden cross?
It must indeed have been so because right next to these things lay an ancient wreath, wound around many times, with abnormally big thorns, on which this red-brown coating was likewise recognizable.
That this wreath of thorns was unmistakably constructed something like a crown could not be overlooked.
Also the about two metre, blackish, wooden rod and the purple-coloured cape were not to be overlooked next to a small leather pouch out of which glass pearls or glass stones appeared to have rolled.
It was unmistakable: here I stood before Christ’s, respectively Jmmanuel’s, crucifixion utensils.
It simply had to have been so and nothing else.
I was not even able to imagine another possibility.
Here I stood before everything which was connected with the death of Jmmanuel alias Jesus Christ – and the glassy stones in the little leather pouch were not stones, rather certain precious stones, whose sense and purpose, however, I was not yet able to fathom.
Mute and moved, I stood before these witnesses of an ancient time which had been of worldwide significance for a very large part of humanity.
Mute and moved, I looked at the things laying there and sent a grateful, quick prayer to heaven that I, of all people, was permitted to see everything here.
I thereby quite forgot the words of Sfath who had once said to me that the Christian religion is just as much an irresponsible, evil, poor piece of work, for the stupefaction and enslavement of humans, as are all the other terrestrial religions.
Still, who would have blamed me, that I, as the son of a protestant Christian family, could simply not think of deception when Jesus Christ was spoken of.
In spite of not being strongly religiously influenced, I could not simply and easily loosen myself from these things laying here which were pregnant with history, because right here actually lay the crucifixion utensils which had to have testified as evidence for the accuracy of certain things of the New Testament.
That occurred to me now and I wondered about Sfath’s words, that everything is only meant to be a deception, that Jesus Christ should never have been called Jesus Christ, rather Jmmanuel, that he was not God’s son, and that God is not Creation.
Only, why had Sfath told me such things, because, here before me lay, indeed, at the least, evidence to the contrary, that certain things were indeed the truth.
Now I simply no longer understood anything. What was now the actual truth then?

Exiting & Leaving the Great Pyramid
Asket must have fully registered my thought-dilemma because she gripped me by the arm and pulled me along with her – the same way back that we had come shortly before, whereby I could still observe various things.
We again strode past the two guards, who took no initiative against us at all.
Again the heavy, giant, squared stone dissolved into nothing and we stepped through the opening.
It obviously led back through the same passageway and suddenly we stepped out of the dark pyramid again.
I saw the Sphinx and our ship, and then I already sat in my arm chair again and we shot toward the sky at a crazy speed.
I realised only vaguely that the Bedouin camp had disappeared and that many foreign people were going around the Pyramid – tourists, who really wanted to see “everything” here.
The Sun was already very high in the sky, and thereby I noticed something unbelievable; I had not been in the Pyramid for only a short time, rather many hours long, although, to me, the time appeared to be only minutes.
The ship with Asket and me raced back with unimaginable speed and set down on the same place from where it had started the flight to the pyramids – deep in the desert mountains of the Jordanian countryside.
And the ship lay there more than two full days, while Asket instructed me in very many things and also provided me with many explanations.
It was, for me, two days of wonder, joy, recognition, learning and the acceptance of a mission.”