Earth Crisis

In his absurdity and selfishness, Man, who loves to call himself the crowning glory of Creation, has proliferated to such a degree that he has now become a vicious threat to all life throughout the globe. Man is the greatest menace to the Earth. He has by now initiated dangerous changes to countless lives worldwide, while humankind’s population continues to grow incessantly at a furious, constantly increasing pace. For this reason alone Earth continues to turn into a wasteland. Man’s insane desire to procreate is now leading him to the point where every social, ecological and economic woe is climbing immeasurably beyond the point of recovery.
Man treats his native land, the Earth, its atmosphere, its bodies of water, its entire environment and its diverse life forms and species as objects, which he may simply utilise, use, destroy, plunder and then discard and destroy when he is through with them. Man’s voracious appetite for everything the Earth has to offer, and his excessive urge to procreate will ultimately devour and destroy the planet and all life on it, where he will leave nothing behind except for a dead, barren wasteland.
From Overpopulation` Booklet – Billy Meier

Current Population: As accurately measured by the Plejaren at midnight on the 31st December, 2020 > 9 billion

The Precession of the Equinoxes

The 21st March is the vernal equinox. On that day beyond the sun (SOL) there will be a particular constellation of stars. As the sun travels around the central star of the Milky Way Galaxy, at the time of the vernal equinox the background of stars will change and the sun will seem to progress from one constellation to another.
In one orbital revolution of 25,860 years, the sun will seem to move `through` 12 constellations (2,155 years per constellation). For the last 2,155 years the sun has been `moving through` Pisces. It will move into Aquarius in 2029; hence the `Age of Aquarius`.
This phenomena occurs because the earth’s axis rotates once every 25,860 years, like one wobble of a top, giving rise to the term `Precession of the Equinoxes`

The Age of Aquarius

The first transition stage from Pisces into Aquarius began in 1844, followed by the second transition stage on the 3rd of February 1937 -Billy Meier was born on this day, which is an auspicious day to be born – in fact his time of birth was on the cusp of this second transition stage. The influence of Pisces has wained since 1844, so Aquarius has had more and more influence. In 2029 we wil be fully in the “Golden Age” of Aquarius. We will have transitioned from the age of ‘faith and belief’ into the age of ‘reason and understanding.

Signs of the Time

“It has been obvious to the observant and thinking person that there have been signs that change has been occuring. In fact Aquarius is the time of sudden change, even violent change.
Already for a long time, it is no secret to the Earth human being anymore that precisely in the present time, at the time of the dissolutions and transformations, human beings are at work in very large numbers to stir up and to newly spread the religious irrational beliefs in unprecedented masses.
For this, all means are appropriate to them, and they even do not shy away from innocently shed human blood.
Through irrationally-created anxieties, they press their fellow humab beings into straightjackets of religions and evil sects and deprive them of their cosciousness-freedom.
Irrational speeches and assertions of an end of the world and of godly judgements bubble fanatically over their lips and bring to their fellow human beings enslavement, death and ruin in new forms.
These are ‘signs of the time’, for every new transition from a cosmic age into a new one awakens evil delusions and foolishness in irrationally thinking life forms.
The Earth human beings, however, have fallen prey to the deadly delusion of religions, and so their delusions and foolishness are pressed into theAusartungen of the worst religious insanity.”
AA p. 84