The Revolution Of Truth

Spiritual Symbol

Walk in the light of truth like children of the light,
for it is the radiating light which is full of love,
kindness, justice and truth within knowledge.

OM, Canon 35, Verse 111

Spiritual Symbol


This website is dedicated to the teaching of the truth as given by the prophet/truth-announcer ‘Billy’ Eduard Meier so that the Earth human being is able to follow the path of truth which will finally lead to a world in which prevails love, peace and harmony.


For over 2000 years we have been in the Age of Pisces, “the age of faith and belief”, and by 2029 we will have completed our transition into the Age of Aquarius, “the age of reason and understanding”.
On the 3rd February 1937, the `truth announcer ‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier was born. For almost 70 years `Billy` Meier has been warning people,governments and other organisations, what the future will bring if we do not change our materialistic ways and follow the teachings of the truth. But all of this is to no avail as we plunge headlong into the ever-deepening abyss that yawns ahead of us. The earth human being finds it difficult to follow the Recommendation of Creation which is: “You shall never,never speak an untruth.” Yet speaking the untruth seems to be ingrained into our psyche.

“The new time brings recognisable change with regard to the truth-recognition. The truthly rational ones and ones attempting to think logically,those who are effectively on the search for the truthly truth, those who are willing to acknowledge the creational laws and recommendations and to follow them, they have become more powerful and more numerous despite all the lying and delusional sects,religions,false philosophies and other erring worldviews.”
DD: p200

The truth proclaimer `Billy`Meier has written:
“Planet Earth and its inhabitants are suffering from diverse ills caused singularly and exclusively by man himself. These already existing ills, however, will continue to proliferate until finally everything completely deteriorates. Why don’t you reflect on what kind of world you would like to live in. Does genuine, sincere humanitarianism, love, charity and truth not surpass all false humanitarianism, false charity and lies? Above all ask yourself:
                                               “In what type of world do I want my children and my children’s children to live?”

Billy's Mission - The Silent Revolution of Truth

This name for Billy’s mission was created by 11 year-old Cladena-Aikarina from planet Erra in the Plejara star system, which was her winning entry in a planet-wide “contest” to come up with the phrase that best embodied and expressed what Billy Meier’s mission on Earth is at this time. Her reward was to meet Billy in person.

Billy Meier

At 5 years old, I had my first conscious UFO experience. It was a sighting of a large disc-shaped object: It was on the 2nd of June, 1942, at exactly 9 o’clock in the morning in Bülach / ZH CH.
During the time that followed, I continued with my simple observations, after having had a rather peculiar experience in November of 1942: It was in the “Langenzinggen” – a very remote, large meadow area located behind the Höragen forest, which was always used for gliding purposes – as a pear-shaped, metallic object sank down from the cloudy sky and touched down on the ground. A very old man emerged from the peculiar vehicle and told me to come to him. Without a word, I followed him and let myself be brought into his aerial vehicle, and I soon saw on screens that we rose high above the ground. Then the pear-shaped object soon sank down again and touched down imperceptibly on the ground. The old man told me to get out, which I did like a sleepwalker. I was hardly outside when the object rose and went straight up into the sky at breakneck speed, as I stared in astonishment.

The Plejaren

All of the prophets have been assisted in their mission by a number of Plejaren & Billy is currently in contact with Ptaah and has had contacts with Plejaren for the past almost 80 years. The Plejaren are from the Plejares open star cluster 500 light years from Earth in another space-time dimension and beyond the Pleiades star cluster. They travel in beamships in hyperspace at a speed of 10 to the power of 7000xthe speed of light;they can also communicate at that speed using spiritual telepathy – Billy Meier is the only person on Earth capable of such communication. The Plejaren are about 30 million years ahead of us in evolution and about 8,000 years in technology and they have a life span of about 1,000 years. They look like Earth human beings, but with longer ear lobes.
The Plejaren who have contacted Billy are from the planet Erra (compare with Terra – Earth) which is similar to Earth in many respects -size, length of day & year. Erra orbits the star Tayget which has a similar name as a star in The Pleiades.

Billy Meier's Teachers

Sfath 1942 to 1952

At 5 years old, Billy had his first conscious UFO experience sighting a large disc-shaped object on the 2nd of June, 1942 in Bulach, Switzerland.
In the late autumn of 1942 a pear-shaped metallic object sank down from the cloudy sky and touched down on the ground in a meadow where Billy was standing. “A very old man emerged from the peculiar vehicle and told me to come to him. Without a word, I followed him and let myself be brought into his aerial vehicle. Then followed a flight in that ‘beamship’.” Billy later learned that the elderly man was Sfath.
Later in 1944 Sfath again met Billy for a little more than four hours, during which he gave Billy tremendous knowledge. A strange device was put on Billy’s head and he gained all the abilities which had already been developed from former times and he would now never lose these abilities again.
Sfath disappeared in his pear-shaped ship, but he would be seen again and again. Billy still heard his voice for several years, when he would transmit all sorts of things and tremendous knowledge. On 2/3/1953, Sfath’s voice said goodbye to Billy. It somehow sounded very old and tired. After that, it fell silent forever.

Asket 1953 to 1964

On Billy’s birthday 3rd Feb 1953, a few hours after Sfath’s voice faded away, Asket’s voice appeared inside Billy’s head and she asked him to go to a certain place where he was picked up by an unmanned beamship and transported to Jordan, where in the desert Asket landed in her beamship and then met Billy.
Asket is from the DAL universe, the ‘twin’ of our DERN universe.
“She then became my second contact, and through her I learned many further things over the course of the following years and attained great knowledge, which at that time seemed very phenomenal to me, and likewise attained phenomenal cognitions. It was through her and her possibilities that I was then led out into the wide world for the first time, which I later would travel during very long and yet so short years, in order to explore, fathom and, above all, learn all sorts of things.”
While Billy was at an Ashram in Mehrauli, India, he was visited by Asket. Billy took photos of Asket’s beamship, as well as the fleet of beamships which were about to depart for the DAL universe.

Semjase 1975 to 1985

Semjase is the daughter of Ptaah and she is a Demi-JHWH which means half-goddess. Billy’s first face-to-face meeting with Semjase was on the 28th of January 1975, in the countryside of Switzerland.
In November 1984 she suffered a cerebal collapse as the after effects of an accident in 1977 in Billy’s office and she was transported to the DAL universe for healing.
The Semjase Silver Star Centre (SSSC) in Switzerland is where FIGU is based and it is where Billy and some FIGU members live and work.
Semjase carried out demonstrations with various beamships so that Billy could photograph them as proof of the existence of extraterrestrials.


* Billy Meier: Most of the information on this website has come from the writings of Billy Meier. This also includes photos, drawings, etc.
* The Plejaren: The Plejaren have helped Billy in many ways, particularly through his contacts of which the official contact notes have been recorded in books.
Of special mention are:
* Ptaah: The JHWH of Earth.
* Semjase: Daughter of Ptaah & Billy’s 3rd ET teacher.
* Sfath: Father of Ptaah & Billy’s 1st ET teacher.
* Quetzal: Base commander of the 3 Plejaren bases on Earth until 1995 when they were disbanded.
* Asket: From the DAL universe & Billy’s 2nd ET teacher.
* Arahat Athersata & Petale: The 1st & 7th pure spirit levels.
   Transmissions sent to Billy have been written in the books ‘Arahat Athersata’ & ‘Dekalog Dodekalog’.
* Judas Ischkerioth: Author of Talmud Jmmanuel
* Guido Moosebrugger: An original core group member and author of ‘And Still They Fly’
* Michael Horn: The FIGU representative in the USA.
* FIGU Switzerland: For all of the publications which they have made available.