Compiled by Charles Page from Contact Notes of Billy Meier
There will be errors.
*DC-Destroyer Comet-planetoid larger than Moon-from Lyra/Vega
*Earth calendar errors: -6y during AD; -40y4m during BCE
*Dates with ** indicate same spirit form of prophets (truth announcers)
*Lyra-Vegans also referred to as Lyrians

120,000,000ya Petrified footprints of ET’s from our space-time found by Plejaren
22,000,000ya Lyrians from our space-time (old Lyrians/Vegans?) followed DC to Earth and left behind degenerate elements.
4,000,000ya Moon formed as fragment of a planet in old Lyra -entered SOL-System
970,000ya The Destroyer entered the SOL-System-caused an immense Earth catastrophe.
387,000 BCE Lyra-Vegans from another space-time colonise Earth.Semjasa and sub-leaders procreate-normal and by GE.
The designated JHWH for Earth was Larus of Atkarin from the system Fremen in the galaxy Neeser.
Split into 3 groups:
1)Returned to Ur-home worlds,
2)Found a new home world beyond the Hyades star cluster in another s-t structure 150 light years from Earth.
3)Left our DERN Universe & went to the DAL Universe.

~98,000 BCE DC-Deluge and Noahndaken-largest flood. The Biblical Great Flood not this.
*GM people on Earth, Malona & Mars – from Sirius region in another space-time dimension.
73,000 BCE Mars affected by Destroyer Comet. People leave for Malona and Earth.
71,300 BCE Earth pyramids built-supervised by people from Orion-orientated to stars. Sirian group arrives.
Malona destroyed about same time.
24,000 BCE GM yellow races arrive from planet Nissan in Lyra-Vega
21,000 BCE Dwarves from different space-time (old Lyrians) arrived-some settled near the SSSC
13,384 BCE DC Disturbs rotation of Jupiter.
13,000 BCE Lyra-Vegans (sons and daughters of heaven) arrive.
11,524 BCE Viracocoha & Lyrans arrive in Tiahuanaco(also Easter & Motunui Is)
Lyrans flee because of epidemic.
11,500 BCE Gabriel and Sarana – Henok born
                    Destruction of Mu & Atlantis
11,000 BCE 3 races started: Semjasa fathers Adam (white race); Asasel (dark);Sartael (red)
10,219 BCE Deluge-Asteroid plunges into Indian Ocean.
9,792 BCE 7 asteroids torn from asteroid belt by DC.Saurid’s dream?-Asket 9Feb 1953-300y before
9,545 BCE Deluge-6 of above asteroids plunge into Earth’s oceans. Saurid’s dream realised?
9,308 BCE **Henoch (Enoch) (3 February 9308 BCE to 1 January 8942 BCE)
9,027 BCE Adam dies
6,339 BCE DC-Venus, a moon of Uranus, is torn from it’s orbit. by the DC
Arus 11 a very distant relative of Arus 1 rules degenerate group wanting power as gods, promoting religions.
6,000 BCE Venus in orbit around Sun after recapture from DC.
5,981 BCE Small deluge. DC causes great destruction on Earth. Orbit change of Venus
4,931 BCE DC causes tsunamis and great destruction on Earth
4,613 BCE DC Biblical Great Flood(deluge). Earth’s rotation changes -40 to 24hr-pole shift(from Florida)
3,551 BCE DC Small deluge.Disturbs Earth’s rotation.
3,545 BCE Venus became fixed in present orbit.
2,023 BCE Jehavon (3rd born son) murders his father Arus 11.
1,683 BCE Jehav murders his father Jehavon.
1,511 BCE DC Apocolyptic catastrophes. Rotation reversal. 284 day year.
1,453 BCE DC-Santorini eruption-resulted in the 7 Biblical Plagues. Exodus of Hebrews. Venus as a planet.
1,350 BCE Asket’s people of DAL universe explore our DERN universe.
1,343 BCE Arussem murders his father Jehav.
1,183 BCE Salem and Ptaah exile Arussem and rule jointly. Ptaah dies soon after.
1,145 BCE GI: Arussem returns and forms Gizeh Intelligences-base in old city under Great Pyramid complex
1,033 BCE GI: Jehovah-Zeboath (Henn) rules-GOD of the Hebraons.
891 BCE ** Elia (Elijah) (5 February 891 BCE to 4 June 780 BCE)
772 BCE ** Jesaja (Isaiah) (7 February 772 BCE to 5 May 690 BCE)
662 BCE ** Jeremia (Jeremiah) (9 February 662 BCE to 3 September 580 BCE)
605 BCE Daniel born
597 BCE Ezekiel born
582 BCE Andromedans arrive in Tiahuanaco
561 BCE Andromedans flee because of epidemic.
103 BCE GI: Kamagol 1 overthrows Henn. Later imprisoned by his son Kamagol 2
or 175 BCE – ATF video??C39-Jehovah dies
63 BCE Plejos rules when his father Saalem was old
22 BCE Pleja homeworlds and Plejos under guidance of the High Council.
2 BCE **Jmmanuel (Immanuel) (3 February 02 BCE to 9 May 111 CE) Died in Srinigar.
Fathered by Plejaren spiritual leader Gabriel.
Plejos and followers leave for the Plejares soon after Jmmanuel born. Kalatan assists Jmmanuel.

32 AD Crucifixion. Very strong earthquake.
571 AD **Mohammed born 19 Feb
830 AD Nesar system expedition. Studied Christian religion for 50y-spread among home worlds.War- planet destroyed
Other ET’s intervene and Nesars give up their religion.
1,680 AD Most recent passage of DC. Uneventful.
1,908 AD Tunguska explosion. A Nesar beamship lost in hyperspace-main drive failure. Could not escape Earth’s gravity.
Created a nuclear device and destroyed themselves.
1,937 AD **Eduard Meier b3Feb.Contacts:Sfath 1942-1953;Asket 1953-1964;Semjase 1975-1984;Ptaah 1975-;Quetzal 1975-
1,974 AD Asket and other ET had only to ths date to prevent the destruction of Earth-influenced leading powers by thought
impulses-‘very great & world-revolutionising events will emerge which are required to avert a global or system-wide
catastrophe’. A number of statesmen died as a result.
1,976 AD GI: Kamagol 2 dies.
1,978 AD GI: Gizeh group exiled to another star system after involvent in some of 22 assassination attempts on Billy.
1,995 AD Plejaren leave-mission finished. Contacts with Billy continue until his death. 800y needed for truth to reach all.