This page shows you how to make certain supplements. Science has been a major part of my life. With a B.Sc in physics/maths/chemistry & 35 years teaching physics & chemistry, I have an advantage, but anyone can follow a recipe & also gain an understanding of chemical formulae & equations.
Info about these supplements is to be found in COVID & VAX SURVIVAL post.
*Dosages are for adults of average mass – 70kg.
If you decide to make your own supplements that is your choice & I am not persuading you in any way. You are responsible for your own health & actions. I am showing you what I do. The responsibility is on your shoulders. Careful measurement is required. You can check my calculations.
As the prophet ‘Billy’ Meier has stated:
“The smith of the destiny is the human being himself/herself.”

Digital Scale: 200gx0.01g Less than 100g OK
Digital Thermometer: with stainles steel probe
Stainless Steel Measuring Spoons: 1/4t, 1/2t, 1t, 1/2T, 1T, 1/4c, 1/3c, 1/2c, 1c
Maybe 1/16t, 1/8t, 4t
Stick Blender with whisk
Small Pot
Measuring jug 1 litre
Small cup (no handle) to sit on scale
Chemicals: distilled water e.g. Pure Dew 6 litres; 10 litres cheaper – pour into used 6 litre.
Food Grade:
oxides: magnesium (iHerb-NOW 227g), zinc (Pure Nature -NZ)
bicarbonates: sodium (baking soda); possibly potassium
organic acids: ascorbic (The Sourcery -NZ), citric , malic (The Sourcery)
*Citric acid & baking soda are easy to source. I get ours from Moore Wilson.
Try & keep air (oxygen & water vapour) out of containers – zip lock bags / large containers to smaller ones.
Most chemical reaction are endothermic – heat is absorbed – heat to 50 – 60 deg C until the solution clears.
Some are exothermic – heat is evolved – not noticeable for zinc salts.
A suspension or a deposit may appear in some solutions with time – especially with citrates. The solution is still OK – the same substances are still present, even in the deposit or suspension. I don’t make large batches to last a long time.