OM - Omfalon Murado

OM – Omfalon Murado
Explanatory Notes and Tentative Translations by Vivienne Legg (,
edited by J.W. Deardorff, Dec. 2004

The OM was written down by “Billy” Eduard Albert Meier between 10th May ’83 and 9th October ’84. It’s described as “The Book of Books,” and as Billy’s greatest work. It comprises 77 Kanons of 7,616 verses, over 455 pages. The parts of OM which, we are told, were in the original Ur-OM written down by Henok (389,000 years before 1984!), were delivered to Billy by Ptaah, via telepathy.
OM’s introduction explains that the vast number of proverbs of wisdom contained in OM have been produced in their original and correct form through Billy’s own efforts. OM’s introduction explains that the vast number of proverbs of wisdom contained in OM have been produced in their original and correct form through Billy’s own efforts.
Quite a lot of what is presented by Billy sounds like it comes from the figure we know as Jmmanuel. It’s all rather timeless, and thus a little confusing regarding who exactly is speaking when. After all, in most instances it’s the same spirit form (of the prophet) that speaks, who holds the memories, both past and prophetic, of his incarnations.
There are other parts of OM comprised of Semjase’s words written down by Billy, basically including and following on from “The Introduction to the Spiritual Teaching”, and all remaining teachings, proverbs, explanations and clarifications come from Billy.
Kanon 20, v. 95:
The humankind and peoples of the Earth were given prophets since ancient times, so therefore were sent Henoch and Elja [Elijah], Jesaja [Isaiah] and Jeremja [Jeremiah] and Jmmanuel and Mohammed in direct succession and always reincarnated, along with Johannes [John the Baptist] and Elijas [Elisha] and Hjob and all hosts of other upstanding and righteous ones, as also were Buddha, Zoroaster, Babatschi and others.
Periodically the voice of the JHWH (highest Plejaren leader) speaks in the OM. The OM’s first seven Kanons are dedicated to making absolutely sure the reader understands that the JHWH is not “God,” but just a king of wisdom and like a father friend to the prophet (i.e., to Henoch and his later incarnations), and that neither are to be worshipped or be confused with Creation. Kanon 25 is all about the true nature and role of the prophet. Kanon 52 is all about “God” versus Creation.

The first arrival of the Sons and Daughters of heaven
Excerpts from KANON 31

109. And it happened one day, after the human kind of the Earth had increased, that the sons and daughters of heaven came to Earth, who were the far travelers out of the depths of the Universes.
110. At that time the human kind were still wild and unruly, yet they had beauty in great measure, both the women and the men.
111. And the sons and daughters of heaven saw the beauty of the human kind of the Earth and therefore lusted after them. And they consulted amongst each other and said, “Well, we will choose for ourselves men and women of this world so that we can produce descendants with them and establish our own people.”
112. This would be done against the orders of the JHWH, who was the highest leader of the far travellers out of the depths of the Universes.
113. And the highest leader, the JHWH, had sub-leaders who were his representatives among the sons and daughters of heaven. These sub-leaders were the same as guards and were named watcher angels.
114. But among them was Semjasa, the highest leader of the sub-leaders who were responsible to the JHWH. And he spoke to the sons and daughters of heaven as he became aware of what they had in mind. “Well, I fear that you are not willing to follow through with your deed and therefore to take on the threatened punishment, because you know very well that such acts are forbidden by the JHWH. Therefore I must alone endure the punishment.”
115. But they all answered and said, “We will all swear an oath to bind us together obliging us not to abandon our intentions but to follow through, and preserve silence about it so that the JHWH does not come to know.
16. And so they all swore an oath together and obliged themselves to each other, and soon they went secretly away in the number of 200 and flew with a singing light to the peak of a mountain.
117. And as they were landed on the peak of the mountain they swore another time the oath of the dark bond and therfore named the mountain the Mountain of the Oath, in their language Ardjs, which means Oath Mountain.
118. And among the 200 sub-leaders the highest was Semjasa and therefore among all the others were lower subleaders, and they were named Andanj, Ezekeel, Daanel, Urakjbarameel, Arjjsa, Lunera, Akjbeel, Tamjela, Tamjel, Ramuela, Asaela, Asael, Batraala, Armers, Sarakajal, Arazjal, Turela, Jomael, Sartael, Satanon, Samsafel, Satana, Zakebel, Larjjsa und Terjel.
[Roughly:] 119. Therefore the daughters and sons of heaven took men and women from the human kind of the Earth, and the daughters chose themselves a man and every son chose himself a woman, and then they began to engage in undisciplined/licentious mixing.
122. The human kind of the Earth were differently formed than the sons and daughters of heaven, therefore they bore descendants that were different from them.
123. And they bore descendants that grew quickly and were bigger than the human kind of the Earth and therefore bigger than the sons and daughters of heaven.
124. Then the descendants grew on to become giants that measured 33 feet in height, which is 30 ells.
There were many descendants and after a few generations they became a great people. They increased and became wild and unruly like the people of the Earth from whom they had come. They were big eaters and consumed everything, and there came to be need and hunger. In hunger the giants turned to attacking the human kind of the Earth and the sons and daughters of heaven who had produced them. They imprisoned, slaughtered and ate them.
132. And as the giants could no more find the human kind of the Earth and the sons and daughters of heaven they began to violate all animals that moved.
133. Therefore they copulated with animals – the birds, the animals of the lands and the fish of the water. They also killed them and ate each other, so they had nourishment from flesh and therefore blood to drink.
134. Therefore through this was produced evil on Earth, unrighteousness and war, lies and blood-pouring and all other evil that there is among the humans of the Earth.
135. The giants lived for a long time on Earth before they became infertile and died out.
136. The humans of the Earth and the sons and daughters of heaven, who had all fled the giants, then lived together in a far-off land.
It is uncertain what fraction of the human population of that region went with the sons and daughters of heaven to the distant land, and where that land was. We presume it was still on Earth.
137. They all were imprisoned by events that were produced through the giants, who were their descendants, and descendants of their descendants.
142. And so the human kind of the Earth were instructed by the sons and daughters of heaven in all kinds of handiwork and in many other things, so therefore also in good and in evil.
196. [very roughly:] And it will come to pass in coming time that all your evil comes back on yourselves. You will be the descendants of your own descendants, the begetters of the begetters and the ancestors of the ancestors.
Above, in 31:196, Henok appears to be addressing people of his time as the biblical Enoch. In saying that they would be the descendants of their own descendants, he is apparently saying that their spirits would continue to reincarnate into the bodies of their descendants whose spirits had long before inhabited the earlier “sons and daughters of heaven,” and that they would have to contend then with the corruption “they” had caused.
551. And the JHWH revealed the secrets around Semjasa and his followers and around the events that changed the course of the progress on the Earth.
552. It was 378,418 years before Henok’s first birth on Earth, when the events around Semjasa and his accomplices who were killed there through the death sun took place.
As to the meaning of “death sun,” the following translation from a preceding verse tells us this:
Kanon 31:166. But Semjasa and Asasel were skillful/experienced in the production/manufacture of death suns out of the rocks/stones of life… 

The second arrival of the Sons and Daughters of Heaven
557. It was but around 3,700 years before the first birth of Henok on Earth that the daughters and sons of heaven and their JHWH (at that time) travelled another time to Earth after many new reincarnations.
560. And it was there around the year 1,700 before the first birth of Henok on Earth that Semjasa, the heaven’s Son and overseer of the JHWH, the great ruler of the far travellers out of the depths of the Universes, through his (the JHWH’s) advice, with an Earthly wife produced the descendant Adam, the father of the white race, that would be the same [have the same general appearance] as the sons and daughters of heaven. [It is at this point that the Talmud of Jmmanuel’s genealogy commences, and that within the Old Testament.]
566. But the teaching of Henok brought no great fruit with the human kind of the Earth, therefore he was reincarnated in a newer time as Prophet and therefore as the son of Jared.
From KANON 42, Meier as prophet speaking now:
396. Originally, three races of humans lived on the earth, and the oldest legends of the peoples, who did not know about misleading and falsified religious books, speak about this.
398. Only the oldest myths and legends of the people, for example those of the Indians, point back to such a time, and they alone speak of the three human races.
399. And to this time was the human still purely innocent, and his sensual drives and perceptions of his psyche were not in opposition with the holy laws and directives of the spirit.
400. At that time the human was still at one with the Creation and nature.
401. If you will now, human of the Earth, explain your decline and the coming into being of the inner discord with yourself, then glimpse, on one side, the story of the extrarerrestrials who brought evil to the Earth, and, on the other side, glimpse the story of any single mortal from his birth on, and glimpse therefore the story of your own life back.
426. As the first of the human generations once were seduced through the intoxication of the senses of the extraterrstrials, they quickly forgot that which is Creational within them.