Gods of the Past:
The gods of the past were extraterrestrial leaders who had great wisdom and knowledge and so the original meaning of the word god meant `king of wisdom`(i.e. the highest level of knowledge that can be obtained while in a material body). Their stature (some were titans ) and the beamships which they used, must have amazed the primitive earth human beings who revered and worshipped these gods. Rather than give the true origin of the earth human being, it was convenient for such a god to elevate himself to the level of a divine being and creator of the universe, so that he could then claim that human beings were his creations. Jehovah, who is God of the `Old Testament`, proclaimed himself to be such a devine god and he was well known by the Plejaren, our extraterrestrial cousins.

From `49 Questions`, Q.33 – Who Was Jehovah? :
Contact 39, 3-12-1975. A conversation between Billy and the Plejaren woman Semjase:
Semjase: . . . I am quite familiar with his features. You terrestrials refer to him as the God from the bible, but we named him `Jehovah the Unjust and Cruel`. His death took place approximately 2,150 years ago. He was a very evil and power-hungry life form who ruled during the same period as another, kind JHWH [Ishwish], and who led countless human beings on Earth to death and destruction.