Seek The Truth

                                                  “Beauty is truth, truth beauty,—that is all
                                                Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.”
                                                      John Keats’s “Ode on a Grecian Urn”

The new cosmic age unavoidably demands new and great decisions which are unstoppably approaching.
This finds its expression in all things; everything is seized by unrest, by the restlessness of the time and the evolution.
The Earth human being is also included in this unrest and everything in him/her pushes forward.
According to brazen, creational law, the impulsion for the new things blazes in him/her, which he/she hopes to find by searching and researching.
The knowledge has awakened in him/her that he/she is not able to avoid the evolution, but rather needs it.
Thereby, however, the sense has also awakened in him/her that some things other than just the material play an important role in the life; however, having been led into the confusion by irrational teachings, he/she is not able to recognise the way and the fulfilment.
This is a sign of the time in the present time, just as in former times.
In the wisdom of the Creation, however, there are also laws and recommendations of existing validity in this respect in order to face this time-emergence problem of earthly human origin.
When the time comes for a life form, and demands of it new ways and cognitions, higher spirit-forms then appear as teachers and prophets.
Guided by the creational laws and recommendations and by spirit-we-forms of high spiritual levels, life forms that want to appear as teachers and prophets are supported and trained in their development.
In their form they then step before the people and teach wisdom and knowledge.
AA p186

In the year 2029, the transition period of Pisces to Aquarius becomes complete and the solar system is then bathed entirely in the gold-coloured cosmos-rays of the Aquarian Age. This is the spiritual age, age of the effective truth, tolerance, enlightenment, love, the knowledge, the freedom, wisdom and harmony, all of which, however, must first become acquired in a very hard struggle.
AA p254

Signs of the Time:
Evil storms with world-shaking accompanying phenomena have in the last 40 years thrown destructive and deadly storm surges over the Earth, but what has the Earth human being learned from all these occurrences?
Nothing in and of itself because in their worldly material sense the human beings have not heard and have overlooked the silent admonition of the nature and the time.
They did not hear the call.
Earth human being, pay attention to the signs of the time and replace your earthly material pseudo-values with the spiritual existential values of the truth.
The Earth human being, however, also deliberately over-looked the admonition of the time that all worldly-material things are subject to the law of the passingness and are destined to the inevitable demise.
But now, may the Earth human being finally elevate his/her senses to the truth and recognise that the true values are solely and exclusively to be found in the eternal values of the Creation.
p108 AA

                                       Be true toward yourself and be true toward the Creation, to the truth itself,
                                       to the life and to everything and all that is brought near to you,
                                       for only in the truth itself are you able to exist.
AA p126

Truth can only be covered up or pushed into the background by lies and falsifications, but it cannot be destroyed or changed by any power or might.
AA p338

If you speak a word of the untruth then you lie to yourself.
The untruth is an evil seed of the weed, a lie, which only again brings forth a weed in a new form.
If you always speak the truth, you will be rewarded in great fullness, because the Creation itself is the truth and rewards all compliance in the following of its laws with gratitude.
DD p130

                                                                              Proverb: OM Canon 32, 1169
                                                                   The golden key of truth opens all doors.