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Aussie’s Have No Natural Immunity and Are Filling up Hospitals as the Jab Is Enforced
Nov 6 Michael Jaco
In his latest video, Mike covers the medical tyranny taking place in Australia. It has returned to being a literal prison country and the people there are dying from the forced jabs. This is an important video and message! Please watch and share!
Australia gone one from one of least vaxxed to most vaxxed countries.
States shut down with 1 or 2 cases.
So few with natural immunity since locked down, so a catastrophe looming.
Want people with Covid put into aged care homes as in US. Big numbers will die as in US.
Aged a strain on society – knock them off.
Infecting people by jabbing. Hospital a death sentence.
Massive die off in Australia.
Why Australia: Took away gun rights. Fell for it.

Is Australia The Test Case For The Rest Of The World?
Mack & Charlie Ward
Nov 1
Mack reaches out to Charlie – “People in Australia are in absolute despair.”
We haven’t reached that stage yet, but it is sure to go that way here – provided people wake up to the truth & realise that they have been fooled.

Here is a transcript of much of this video:
Child trafficking: Flights from Australia to Wuhan on a daily basis for 5 years. “I didn’t realise the level of corruption, not just in Australia, but next door in New Zealand as well, in government. And this is all being exposed & the entire planet is going through a process of the “Great Awakening”. As we wake up going from darkness to light, the light exposes the darkness and we are starting to see things that we could not see in the dark before. Australia has a very, very dark underworld (like many countries) and it’s shocking. Australia was probably darker than most people gave it credit for. As the swamp is being drained, we are seeing how dirty it really was.
5:20 Tunnels: The number of tunnels in Australia is ridiculous. In Australia, when it came to child trafficking, it was a huge business. I don’t know why Australia & New Zealand … ? Child protection services are taking children & that’s the last we have seen of them [same in the US]; they have just disappeared completely. A lot of these charities (UNICEF, Red Cross, etc) – very closely involved in the “trafficking business” [imagine it – children are treated like a commodity (like sending cattle to the meat works) to have their adrenochrome harvested after being endlessly tortured & when no longer of any use, their body parts are extracted & their blood drained to gather the last adrenochrome; and the remains -what do you think is a possibility?].
N.B. Two Systems: Bad -The Great Reset (NWO) – You own nothing. Everyone is controlled.
Good – The Quantum Financial System – First we regain our sovereignty as human beings. At the moment we are not “living souls”. We are all corporations [on your birth certificate – name in capitals], unless you register yourself as a living soul in the Common Law Court.
All of your bank accounts, etc are in CAPITAL LETTERS – owned by the corporation!
Banks will be bankrupted. Your money will be protected (transferred to QFS 1:1)& you will be compensated for the amount of money that has been stolen from you in the form of tax, interest, etc. Everyone will be in a better financial position. We will be living in a world of abundance – except for those who have been left behind.
Many people have still not woken up, despite the suffering. “They” have realised that those who are asleep are not going to wake up. Things will become more public (this week ?) & then wake up a second wave of people. Currently you try & tell the truth to people, but they take no notice – not hurting enough, or hoping that the 90& vax rate will get us back to normal?! People are so programmed – brainwashed.
People in Australia are in absolute despair.
The cleaning up process is pretty much complete in Australia. Now it needs the people to stand up against the tyranny, because the GOVERNMENTS in Australia and New Zealand are 100% DEEP STATE CONTROLLED. Australia has some great, great, people who could run Australia. Because the politicians in Australia & New Zealand, that’s the swamp being drained; a lot will be arrested, they will all be held accountable for their crimes against humanity & it’s for the Australian people to hold these people accountable [same in NZ]. It’s now happening worldwide where the people are standing up. These politicians, as with the police force, are supposed (oath taken) to serve & protect the people. They haven’t done that. So the people of Australia, the people of New Zealand need to hold these people to account. In the UK they are currently serving the polys notices. They will be held accountable, they will be arrested & they will be charged for crimes against humanity in a military tribunal. And this is where the military will stand up in Australia. You need the military to stand up & there will be a nucleus of good military people that are there to serve & protect the people, rather than serve & protect the government.
N.B. Voices for Freedom organisation in NZ

Some Headlines:
*Australia Begins Seizing Bank Accounts, Homes & Licenses to Enforce Covid Tyranny!
*90 per cent of Germans who haven’t taken the COVID-19 vaccine say they won’t get it, with only the remaining 10 per cent saying they will “probably” get it or remaining undecided.