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The MSM (MainStream Media) like to call alternative news sites Fake News, whereas in fact it is the opposite.
Here are some Real News sites that I visit regularly:
Before Its News: Many good articles & videos here. You have to be selective. This is a Christian website, so the non-Christians may find this off-putting, but you can simply avoid these articles/videos.
SOTN – State of the Nation,
People to look out for: Michael Jaco, Juan O’ Savin, Gene Decode, Mel K, Cirsten W (a little slow to get to the point), ShariRaye, Scott McKay, Stew Peters, Ann Vandersteel, Simon Parkes, Dr. Charlie Ward.

If you want to watch a video, use right mouse button & TAB it.
If you want to download a video, use 4K Video Downloader: You simply highlight the video address, copy, clik 4K in the task bar & clik Paste Link -it will download into the 4K folder. These video sites work:, rumble, brandnewtube, bitchute, vimeo, youtube

NZ Websites: There are 2 – letsbfree ( a simple version of facebook), New Zealand Issues (forum)

Browser & Search Engine: I use Firefox/Google, but blocking can occur, so better for some searches is Brave/DuckDuckGo

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