Collapse of US Dollar

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Collapse of US Dollar = Great Reset = Cabal Has Complete Control Over The People

BRICS = Global Currency Reset To Gold/Asset-Backed Currencies = Freedom For All

Top Stories, Edward Snowden:

1. House Republicans finally vote to open an impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden.

2. Hunter Biden defied a lawful subpoena today, and Republicans will now initiate contempt of Congress proceedings.

3. Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell, as a member of the Judiciary Committee, which subpoenaed Hunter Biden, “aided and abetted” a crime this morning when he worked with Hunter’s lawyer, Abbe Lowell, to help Hunter disregard the subpoena in contempt of Congress.

4. Pfizer stock hits new low for the year and is already down 48%.

5. After being accused of selling children, Etsy lays off 11% of their employees.

6. The Supreme Court says it’ll hear appeals that could upend hundreds of charges stemming from the Capitol riot, including against President Donald Trump

7. Pope Francis has revealed that he has prepared his own tomb and wants to break with tradition and be buried outside the walls of the Vatican.

8. The Philippines banned Smartmatic voting machines, which oversee multiple state elections in the United States.

9. Citizens of United Kingdom urged to stock up on candles and battery radios in case of a power meltdown.

10. Louisiana Supreme Court Justice Bleich invalidated the Louisiana election race that was won by a Democrat by one vote after discovering fraudulent ballots.

11. Attor­ney Gen­er­al Ken Pax­ton sues U.S. State Depart­ment for con­spir­ing to cen­sor Amer­i­can media companies.

12. Kevin McCarthy is leaving Congress.

13. New Mexico sued Meta Platforms and its CEO Mark Zuckerberg alleging that the company’s platforms enabled child sexual abuse material to be distributed, and failed to identify alleged predator networks.

14. Saudi Prince Talal Bin Abdulaziz Bin Bandar Al Saud has died.

15. New Netflix movie called “Leave The World Behind” produced by Barack and Michelle Obama shows how a cyberattack caused a major blackout in the United States.

16. Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey launched an investigation into George Soros owned Media Matters.

17. Rep. Tim Burchett has requested the Chairman on House GOP Oversight Committee, James Comer to subpoena Epstein’s flight logs.

18. The Department of Defense is conducting military training operations at several sites in North Texas this week. The training will involve air and ground mobility across the metroplex.

19. China’s cyber army is invading critical U.S. services including Texas’ power grid, water utility in Hawaii, a West coast port, and at least one oil and gas pipeline.

20. Vladimir Putin has declared that globalists including, Klaus Schwab and his close advisors are “legitimate military targets” because they have been shamelessly attempting to seize power in a globalist coup d’etat.


  • 13818: Confiscated private and corporate assets; Seized the NYSE; Blocking the property of those involved in serious human rights abuses or corruption and human trafficking
  • 13848: imposes certain sanctions in the event of foreign interference in any of the United States choice
  • 13959: Maintain American leadership in artificial intelligence; Khazarian assets confiscated; Among the top 3 executive orders – many DS assets were confiscated and DS Agents reversed
  • 13818, 13848 and 13959: The Space Force has EVERYTHING under control! DS money will be used up quickly; All DS gold has already been confiscated (Vatican etc.); Wall Street, Washington DC, Vatican and City of London – all dead.


  • Should have been implemented on 10/11/2001, but was stopped by the Khazarian False Flag Event on 9/11.
  • Elimination of the national debt of all nations of the world.
  • No taxes. Only a fixed sales tax of around 15% on new goods.
  • Waiving of mortgages and other bank departments due to illegal government activities.
  • Back to Constitutional Law – get rid of the corrupt Law of the Sea.
  • Newly elected leaders – only 10% of current governments.
  • World peace for 1,000 years.
  • Eliminate all current and future nuclear weapons on planet earth.
  • Gold Standard!
  • Introduction of new hidden technologies – 6,000 Tesla patents, free energy.
  • Build and rebuild in all countries at 1950s prices.
  • The power goes back to We The People. Global distribution of wealth.
  • Odin project = World EBS (Emergency Broadcast System).

Fri. 22 Dec. Dutch political commentator, Eva Vlaardingerbroek:

  • Unelected globalists are using the climate scam as a pretext to shut down the global farming industry, leaving people no option but to eat insects and lab-grown meat, under the banner of UN Agenda 2030.
  • “The people behind this want to establish a one world government, a ‘New World Order’, in which they decide what we eat, when we eat, where we travel, when we travel, who we meet, and what we are allowed to spend our money on. Basically, control over every single aspect of our lives.”
  • “They don’t want us to eat foods that make us strong. They want us to eat synthetic meat created by Bill Gates. They want us to eat bugs, they want us to drink soy milk, so that we become weak and obedient, and we do as they say.”

“Unveiling the Triumph Over the U.S. Globalist CABAL Regimen” Charlie Ward

  • A groundbreaking moment unfolded when over 100,000,000 viewers tuned in to Tucker Carlson’s broadcast – that’s more than 200 times the reach of most mainstream media networks, each of which typically hovers around the 500,000 mark. Tucker masterfully exposed the layers of corruption within the FBI, CIA, Pentagon’s concealment of UFO technology (a revelation from a brave Pentagon whistleblower, sadly unreported by mainstream media), and the insidious weaponization of the media against the people. In a single evening, he touched on multiple issues that resonated with a staggering 100 million viewers!
  • BLACKROCK, VANGUARD, JP Morgan Chase – these financial giants have been witnessing a consistent decline in shares and earnings over the past three years, despite attempts to conjure up fake financial reports. The impending collapse of BLACKROCK looms large, threatening a seismic impact within the financial sector.
  • Even the largest beer corporation in the U.S. is toppling, its demise accelerated by its ill-fated foray into WOKE, LGBTQ, and TRANS agendas. This should serve as a stark reminder of the deceptive facade propagated by mainstream media. Contrary to their inflated numbers, the WOKE/LGBTQ/trans/democratic/ANTIFA/elitist movements lack the clout they purport to have. Notably, Starbucks has initiated a retreat, removing rainbow-colored signage from its products and shuttering stores across the globe. Their anxiety hints at an imminent corporate collapse.
  • The United Kingdom has taken a significant step by banning all puberty blockers across the country. This move is noteworthy as the transgender ideology, dating back to the 60s, was originally crafted by MI6, an organization with high-ranking members in the Bohemian Grove. White Hats have penetrated MI6 extensively since 2008, and sleepers are gradually awakening. Anticipate MI6 whistleblowers to step forward in the coming months, exposing corruption at the highest echelons.
  • Meanwhile, in the realm of politics, Trump is surging ahead in the presidential race. Despite the relentless efforts of the CIA-controlled Mockingbird Media and the Biden administration, which is a puppet of the Obama CIA, to dismantle Trump’s legacy, the opposite effect is manifesting. Trump’s influence continues to grow, and an increasing number of Americans are awakening to the corruption within the FBI, CIA, DOJ, and the broader U.S. government. Even prominent Democrats are beginning to turn on Biden, foreseeing impending indictments as a weaponization of the U.S. system against Trump, patriots, and Republicans.
  • Now, let’s address the QAnon phenomenon. While some have called it a federal psyop, it’s more intricate than that. QAnon has undeniably been infiltrated by White Hats, working from within the FBI, CIA, DOJ, NSA, with the mission to dismantle the deep state CIA/FBI regime.