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The Black Epstein List

  • White Hats have initiated the exposure of the Black Elite Illuminati Satanic industry saga that will connect to Epstein and CIA Deep State Operations and Handlers.
  • Joe Rogan and Dave Chappelle may do a show on the Satanic Entertainment industry. At the end of Summer Chappel may put his weight behind Trump while exposing the Epstein saga that will explode.
  • Russian, German & Italian Cables were all sharing the same information that NATO, U.S. CIA were planning a False Flag Event in either the Black Sea, or the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Their plan was to sink a US Naval Ship, kill their own soldiers and blame Russia or the Muslim Nations for the attacks – a False Flag Event that would set off World War III and head into Nuclear Events.
  • The White Hats have activated media sources inside of the U.S, Europe and Russia to bring acknowledgement to these PLANNED deep state FALSE FLAG OPS.
  • We expected Tucker Carlson, Musk, X, Russian Media, EU White Hats Media and several world conservative news outlets to drop the story of NATO planning these FALSE FLAG operations.
  • Remember World Patriots, the Deep State is playing their final cards
    Stop U.S. elections
    Create civil war
    Create WW3
    Another PANDEMIC (VIRUS)
    Alien invasion card
    Cyber attack blackouts
    Controlled EMP Attacks, and then blame the sun for massive blackouts.

David Wilcock: The Cabal Last Ditch Effort
10 Things They Are Doing And Will Attempt General Protocols Of Zion:
1. Cyber Warfare: Launching large-scale cyber attacks to disrupt communication networks, sow confusion, and compromise election infrastructure, creating an atmosphere of chaos.

2. Economic Manipulation: Covertly manipulating global financial markets to induce economic crises, creating public unrest and undermining the stability of the winning party.

3. False Flag Terrorism: Staging elaborate terrorist attacks, both domestic and foreign, to divert attention, instill fear, and justify increased security measures that could delay or disrupt the transition of power.

4. Information Warfare: Using disinformation campaigns to manipulate public opinion, discredit the election results, and create distrust in the democratic process.

5. Media Control: Exerting influence over major media outlets to control narratives, suppress evidence of their crimes, and shape public perception in their favor.

6. Biological Threats: Releasing or threatening to release biological agents, creating health crises that divert resources, strain healthcare systems, and justify the suspension of normal democratic processes.

7. Space-based Manipulation: Leveraging advanced technologies, including satellites, to create illusions such as fake alien invasions or celestial events, diverting attention from the political landscape.

8. Mass Surveillance: Intensifying surveillance efforts to monitor and suppress dissent, identifying and neutralizing key figures within the winning party to prevent exposure.

9. Environmental Manipulation: Employing weather modification technologies to induce natural disasters, fostering humanitarian crises that divert resources and attention away from political matters.

10. Assassination Attempts: Targeting key figures within the winning party or those poised to expose the group’s crimes through covert operations, aiming to eliminate threats to their secrecy.


  • The White Hats have been working behind the scenes for many many many years to effect an outcome.
  • Take a look at the progression of info available to the truthers and patriots. I believe someone said something to a few good folk and it slowly but steadily grew into what we see before us today. (And what we know to be happening behind the scenes as well).
  • Let’s talk about Alex Jones, Tucker Carlson, Joe Rogan, Dan Bongino, Steve Bannon, Stew Peters, Mike Adams, Juan O Savin, Roseanne Barr, Andrew Tate, Sacha Stone, David Icke, Gene Decode, Alex Collier, Derek Johnson, Patriot Street Fighter, Michael Jaco, Kerry Cassidy, Linda Paris, Michael Dellarocca, Ireland Clark, Andrew, Nicholas Veniamin, Charlie Ward, Peter DG, Elizabeth April, Lorie Ladd, Rinus Verhagen, The Maestro, Lewis Herms, Jason Q, Jack Landers, Brad Barton, Mel K, SG Anon, Benjamin Fulford, Sarge Icons, David Lester Straight, Patriot Underground, Benny Johnson, Megan Rose, Dr. Tenpenny, Dr. Berg, Dr. Carry Medej, Dr. Judy Mikovits, and many other all of today’s truthers, someone somewhere rang the wake up bell for them.
  • And even before them there were many truthers that were pointed in the right direction and were speaking up but we, did not hear until recently.
  • So be patient just because you have found out some info on what is happening and you believe you see the path to the finish line don’t get in a rush. These folk (white hats) have been working at this for decades if not longer.  As they say trust the plan !!!!  Many problems are wound together and we must be able to untangle and destroy them or they will re-emerge just as the heads of the hydra.
  • If you are looking to do something other than shoot your mouth off then I suggest you get involved with your local, county, and state governments. Become a poll watcher be available to verify the poll counts at the local level. But even more so at the county level. This is going to be our last chance to effect change that will save our CONSTITUTION.  So show up stand up and speak up !!!!!
  • We have travelled a long road some say it started with Lincoln and many have given their all to this cause. So be patient and try to understand. When you hear God won. HE HAS!!!  We are now in the phase of as above so below.
  • God has won the spiritual war thus enabling us to win the physical war. Pray to him to give us our victory over evil ask him to guide us through to a righteous outcome. Ask him to forgive us for our stupidity and ignorance of his ways. And praise his name  and that of his son Jesus.
  • I wish everyone to have a joyous and prosperous New Year. God bless you all.