Israel-Iran Truth

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There is so much misinformation that it is hard to know what is the truth.
One expert who we can trust is Scott Ritter, the former weapons inspector. He has the experience & knowledge to give a fair assessment of any situation.
Here is an article from “State of the Nation”:



In the aftermath of the missile/drone attack launched by Iran against Israel, the whole world has come to know that the Zionist state’s vaunted Iron Dome is nothing but words.
In a nutshell, Iran’s military turned the so-called Iron Dome into Swiss Cheese without even using their most advanced missile technology.  In so doing, they have put Tel Aviv on notice that they can lay waste to large swaths of Israel in a day and a night, if they so choose to.

Not only did Iran’s quite brilliant military operation reveal the Iron Dome to be a juvenile fabrication of the US-Israeli military establishment, it has also exposed the entire American deterrence posture to be nothing but bluster.  Which means that any nation relying on the US for military protection is much more vulnerable than previously understood.
n any event, Iran has recently made it clear that future unprovoked attacks, provocations and assassinations by Israel will be met with the following response.

This is an excerpt from a recent article by former weapons inspector Scott Ritter:

Iran’s purpose in launching the attack was to establish a deterrence posture designed to put Israel and the United States on notice that any attack against Iran, whether on Iranian soil or on the territory of other nations, would trigger a retaliation which would inflict more damage on the attacker than the attacker could hope to inflict on Iran. To achieve this result, Iran had to prove itself capable of overcoming the ballistic missile defense systems of both Israel and the United States which were deployed in and around Israel at the time of the attack. This Iran was able to accomplish, with at least nine missiles striking two Israeli air bases that fell under the protective umbrella of the Israeli-US missile defense shield.

The Iranian deterrence posture has implications that reach far beyond the environs of Israel or the Middle East. By defeating the US-Israeli missile defense shield, Iran exposed the notion of US missile defense supremacy that serves as the heart of US force protection models used when projecting military power on a global scale. The US defensive posture vis-à-vis Russia, China, and North Korea hinges on assumptions made regarding the efficacy of US ballistic missile defense capabilities. By successfully attacking Israeli air bases which had the benefit of the full range of US anti-ballistic missile technology, Iran exposed the vulnerability of the US missile defense shield to modern missile technologies involving maneuverable warheads, decoys, and hypersonic speed. US bases in Europe, the Pacific and the Middle East once thought to be well-protected, have suddenly been revealed to be vulnerable to hostile attack. So, too, are US Navy ships operating at sea. Checkmate, Scott Ritter, Substack