80 ft Wave in Atlantic

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Unexplained “Anomaly” Near Antarctica: Reported 80′ Foot Waves Moving north (Meteor Impact?)

An unexplained “anomaly” is now visible on Ventusky.com ocean monitoring system.  A strange “burst” of 80 foot waves has emanated from Antarctica and is showing as moving north.

I have never seen anything like this.   Did a huge chunk of ice fall into the water causing a massive Tsunami? Did a Meteor Hit the ocean from space?  Did some major earthquake take place that no one registered?

As one might guess, there are absolutely zero Tsunami Warning Buoys around all of Africa.

If the video below is correct, these 80 foot waves are now smashing into the southwest coast of the Africa Continent, and +20′ tall waves will make it into the Atlantic ocean, to the USA and to Europe,  within the next few days.  

The video below lays out the current situation.  Beneath the video, this story continues with word I got BEFORE the April 8 eclipse, warning me there was an inbound meteor.   I did **NOT** publish the story over credibility concerns.   Here.  Watch the video: