Floods Drowning Germany

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From a recent letter written to Billy Meier:
“As I have already told you on the phone, I would like to know what the floods are all about that have been affecting us in Germany for years now. As my daughter … says, you predicted some 45 years ago that Germany would drown, which is also said to be written in the so-called contact notes that you publish.”

But what else needs to be said about all of this, what we were talking about earlier, namely the swamping of Germany, then it is not just the country that is suffering from very severe flooding as a result of climate change caused by global warming, but the whole world. So not only the whole continent of Europe down to the south, as well as the west and east, will be affected, as I saw with your father Sfath back in the 1940s in the leaps into the future, but the whole world resp. all countries and areas of the Earth without exception. And that means that even the Arctic and Antarctic will be affected and that there will be weather devastation around the globe that will seem like antediluvian storms to many Earthlings.

the whole world resp. all countries and areas of the Earth without exception will be affected

Believers in God will regard everything as ‘God’s punishment’, as will also many other delusional believers, because Earthlings simply do not realise that they themselves are to blame for all the disaster. This is due to the immense mass of their overpopulation and their criminal and destructive machinations on the planet, the poisoning of the atmosphere, climate change, but also the destruction or complete annihilation of nature and all its areas of all kinds. This is in addition to the near-extinction or even total extinction of many wild animals, wild animals and many other wild creatures of all genera and species, but also of the plant world, which currently affects a total of around 60,000 of all genera and species per year, which disappear forever and irrevocably from the diversity of the Earth’s fauna and flora through extinction. And this is solely through the fault of human beings, who are probably multiplying like rats due to their insane religious delusions and belief in God – because this imaginary criminal is said to have said (Genesis 1:28):

“Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the Earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the ‘fowl’ of the air, and over every creature that moveth upon the Earth!”

Multiplying Like Rabbits:
Whatever the case may be, human beings have also multiplied since the year 1700 – since, according to Sfath’s calculation, as I have listed here, 536,718,004 human beings populated the Earth worldwide then, which corresponds absolutely to the carrying capacity of planet Earth – to such an extent that the Earthling has far exceeded the carrying capacity. Just 100 years later, the Earth’s population had already reached 892,333,410, and in 1900 the figure of one billion had already been exceeded, with Sfath already counting 1,660,990,034 Earthlings. And in the year 1925 the rampant mass of Earth-humans was counted with 2,008,401,932, and in the year 1960, according to your count, the whole mass had already risen to over 3 billion, namely to 3,050,382,081.

At the beginning of this year 2024 the overpopulation number according to your count was now 9,446,218,012 human beings. Since the Earth is a planet that is able to support and feed around 500,000 million human beings without any problems and provide them with everything they need and with every development also with what they need, until one day the planet passes away and becomes completely and absolutely uninhabitable for all life, the number of overpopulation in 2024 is around 18 times exceeded.

Earth is able to support and feed around 500,000 million human beings.
The population in 2024 is around 18 times exceeded.

AI out of Control:
The resulting problems cannot be recognised and grasped either now or for a certain time in the future with all possible futuristic technology and due to the lack of understanding and reason. The problems can also no longer be recognised and grasped with the AI technology that is emerging very quickly and still seems futuristic at present. The emerging irresponsibility regarding the lack of control instead of the important and necessary control of AI resp. artificial intelligence will bring so much disaster to all of humanity that we wish it had never been invented. Earthlings will experience their ‘blue miracles’ as a result of AI getting out of control, because the first steps have already been taken by equipping AI constructs – initially with 4 legs – with deadly weapons that will inevitably and inevitably be used against human beings in the future. This is because AI is also already so irresponsibly developed that it has become more perfect at lying and cheating than all the lies and cheating of a human being who is passionate about this, causing him to turn green and blue with shame and crawl into the ground. This is precisely because everything surpasses the possibilities available to him in this respect, so that:

it will no longer be possible for any honest human being and also for all liars and defrauders to be able to distinguish between the truth and lies and deception.

AI is already so irresponsibly developed that it has become more perfect at lying and cheating than all the lies and cheating of a human being.

The machinations of Earth-humans are not only fully to blame for the fact that the atmosphere is poisoned and contains too little oxygen. The truth is that this humanity has also destroyed the climate, which has turned into a disaster, because the fact that the criminal machinations have driven the existence of the Earth, including all ecosystems, nature and the entire fauna and flora, to the brink of their ability to exist, is not fully recognised by the ‘experts’, or if it is recognised, it is deliberately concealed from the public, because very probably large sums of hush money are flowing. Well, the only thing that can be said about this is that the world wants to be deceived – also at the expense of life and the possibility of existence of human beings here on Earth. And as incomprehensible as it may sound, there are still many idiots – effectively they cannot be called anything else – who claim that there is no climate change, while other delusional idiots believe that everything will be good, because the imaginary God will fix everything and bring everything back into perfect order. But there are also others – idiots – as I call the lowly intelligent and therefore all non-thinkers or even the illusory thinkers. But that has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I call idiots idiots, because it should be clearly stated that I do not despise idiot human beings as human beings, just as I do not consider these human beings to be organically ill and deformed, who are not capable of thinking and therefore cannot think for themselves. If they really endeavoured to think clearly and worthily and did not indulge in religious or worldly beliefs, then these human beings would be capable of their own resp. independent thinking in a worthy manner.

Other delusional idiots believe that everything will be good, because the imaginary God will fix everything and bring everything back into perfect order.

In future, no country on Earth will be spared from the tremendous storms and violent windstorms when nature increasingly rises up against the irresponsible machinations of the Earthling. This, just as the planet itself will also become more active against the actions of human beings and begin to stir in various forms, and this will not end with parts of mountains collapsing, earthquakes shaking the Earth and fire rising from the Earth. So this will not be the only evil, for nature will begin to affect human beings themselves to the extent that the capacity for procreation and fertility will increasingly dwindle, just as the ability to live will also deteriorate due to a reduction in the function of organ stability …

it is pointless to talk anyway. And when I think that idiots of scientists, believers of religions and sects, secular believers and other idiots are still stubbornly believing and claiming that there is no climate change, then the majority of Earthlings really cannot be expected to have enough sense to see the truth and understand it. The human beings cannot be helped, and therefore also cannot be made to realise, that rampant overpopulation is populating the entire Earth. And as a result of the human beings’ degenerate and criminal machinations, even against the planet itself through their irresponsible exploitation of resources, as well as against all ecosystems through their poisoning etc., and also against nature and all fauna and flora, their destruction, annihilation and extinction, all life, all existence and all existence is gone.

And the fact is that it can never be made good, because the immense damage that has been done to the planet, to all ecosystems, to nature, to all bodies of water, to all nature and its fauna and flora in general in just over 300 years through all kinds of criminal machinations of Earth-humans is so immensely serious that it can never be restored to its original state, not even halfway, but only slightly. All the damage caused by the culpability and destructive machinations of human beings on Earth, and what was caused by their actions, cannot be made good. But he pretends that there is no misery and need, and also no poverty etc., and contrary to the truth he claims that war solves problems and creates peace, although this corresponds to a blatant lie and deception that could not be more misleading. This is because war not only brings suffering, misery, death, destruction and annihilation etc., but after a ‘victory’ causes hatred of occupation, even more so lack of freedom and peace as well as all kinds of evil and so on. Well, there are only a very few human beings who think about what is being said.

For example, I was asked by telephone for a more detailed interpretation of what I said and explained recently about sexual practices. This in the sense that this is natural to every life-form. It is obviously necessary for me to come back to this topic and explain that in any case naturalness – if I now start from human beings alone, although it concerns all living beings, also in fauna and flora – is always and exclusively based on the fact that human beings themselves conceive, determine, practise and therefore might, etc. this behaviour. So if a human being displays or exercises a certain behaviour, way of acting, way of speaking or mannerism, then he creates the corresponding appearance, behaviour, demeanour, his actions resp. his way of acting, his demeanour, his way of behaving and thus his actions himself, and indeed everything as his habitus, his basic attitude, dictates. And the human being forms this habitus himself in every respect, which means that it happens completely naturally when the human being, since he has free will and also uses it voluntarily, forms his habitus in a completely natural way and allows himself to inherit or inherits it or anchors it in himself. The human being thus allows his basic attitude to develop within him in a completely natural way, namely through his free will, which he ‘inherits’ and ‘gives birth to’ through his speech or actions to the outside world, or which he exercises by carrying out his basic attitude. Thus, the appearance or manners and actions of a person form the totality of their good or bad preferences, habits, the nature of their social behaviour, but also the forms of good, evil or degeneracy. All forms, however, are naturally created according to free will, but the origin can be different, so it can be based on a wrong form of education, imitation, indoctrination, emotional arousal in false teaching or in lustful degeneration. The human being’s behaviour, his entire habitus, is naturally formed, and naturally so, because everything and everyone is created and formed according to free will, both positive and negative, good and bad, degenerate and virtuous. So also in human understanding the normal and the abnormal, as these exist in many forms.