Border War & More

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What is happening at the Texas-Mexico border may be a Black-Swan event.

Before getting on to that I would like to give a thumbs up to:
Ben Fulford: His latest video gives an overview of what has been happening over the last few years –
Nyla Nguyen: “Media Industry Collapse, Texas Border Invasion & Civil War, Trump’s Counter Plans, Cancer Exposed As Parasite” –

Down They Go
Blackout Necessary

Judy Byington:
For many years the White Hats of the Global Military Alliance have, on purpose, been feeding us false information in order to successfully complete their Sting Operations on the Deep State Cabal.

Today’s Texas standoff of The People vs. the Feds was likely a cover for completion of that Sting Operation mass arrests of Global Elites using over 700,000 sealed indictments of completed court cases.

Texas Showdown With Feds At Eagle Pass
27 States Join Texas National Guard, Green Berets, 34,000 Current and Ex-military Personnel, Police Officers, Sheriffs, Deputies, 700,000 Truckers, Border Farmers Who Are Confronting Biden Federal Forces in Defiance of A Supreme Court Ruling To Tear Down Border Fencing.

Massive military deployment of forces from the National Guard of Republican states to the state of Texas. This step comes out in defiance to the administration of President Joe Biden and federal forces, to combat the increasing waves of migrants on the border between the United States and Mexico, coinciding with escalating tensions between Greg Abbott, Governor of Texas, and the Biden administration.

The Texas National Guard responded to the Supreme Court’s order to remove the razor wire in Eagle Pass by installing even more. The White Hats have sent in Green Berets, 700,000 Truckers, tens of thousands of volunteer militia and farmers in tractors. The force was not only guarding the Texas Border, but all states which border Mexico. There were 27 states that have signed a letter pledging their support to Texas and its Constitutional right to defend the Border. The Texas National Guard is sending 10 tanks to combat the invasion at the Southern Border.

Now with a Civil-War-like Standoff at Eagle Pass the way to a Restored Republic has been paved in Gold for the rest of the US states. The State of Texas has maintained their Constitutional right to protect their own border against Washington DC, which was not only allowing, but encouraging murderers, terrorists, Child Sex and Human Traffickers invade. Biden will learn the hard way that you don’t mess with Texas.

The Civil War Standoff at Eagle Pass Texas boils down to the Sovereign State of Texas utilizing private citizens across the US to protect our border against a Treasonous Biden Regime that invites human trafficking and drugs into the country. It’s been labeled the CIA’s Black Swan that was designed to divide the country – but it’s actually paving the way for a Restored Republic.

“The Governor of Texas activated Article 1 of Section 10, Paragraph 3 of the US Constitution, which allows to declare martial law in the state and act without regard to the federal government,” The Economist said, Trend reports.
A state can now bypass US President Joe Biden by requesting assistance from other states or even foreign countries. Some other US states have already expressed support and willingness to send aid.

The Texas National Guard has military vehicles, ten tanks, shipping containers lined with barbed wire setup & are patrolling the US Mexico Border. Texas Governor Abbott: “We have every right to protect our homes, our children, no matter what others say.  During the last few days, military equipment has been actively deployed throughout the country.”

Sat. 27 Jan. White Hat Intel – It Has Begun:
Army Green Beret loyal to the Oath of keeping the United States Constitution against foreign invasion and protecting U S. Soil leads soldiers (current and ex military) police, Sheriffs, deputies, militias, part of 34,000 U.S. military Oath Keepers into Texas to defend the Constitution and the revolt against the Deep State government and their Elites that control the system (DAVOS Group, CIA, Carnegie Endowment, Obama Regime, Biden World Corruption leaders and systems).

Now Green Berets were in Texas with the National Guard, Army, Police, Sheriffs and ex military. Over 34,000 military oath keeper loyal to Constitution and over 700,000 U.S. citizens are heading to the Texas to defend the country.

CURRENTLY over 700,000 Truckers [? Seems excessive -maybe 70,000?] and caravans head to Texas to join the Green Beret, military (current and ex military) and Texas National Guard to stand up against the Biden administration and DAVOS /UN agenda (to break down the U.S. borders in illegal unconstitutional acts that is connected to clear and present danger of an invasion).

Ihis includes fighting against the bioweapons of the CCP/CIA/Mexican cartel operations stream lining Fentanyl (laced with tranquilizers) into U S. territory and killing U.S. citizens in a planned bioweapon (fentanyl) attack, including human trafficking at the highest levels and over 85,000 missing children being trafficked through the U.S. the past two years under the guidance of the corrupt U.S. Government and President Biden administration.

NOW more than half of the United States Governors are Joining the fight against the Biden (CIA/Obama/DAVOS UN ELITES OPERATIONS) administration and their captured Foreign operations by the DAVOS GROUP/& WEF (CIA). Over 25 U.S. States support Texas White Hats operations and also began sending Military National Guards.

Military Green Beret gives military COMMS “Calls to dispatch” on massive nationwide broadcast. “We defy tyranny” and also gives important message that military operations are happening worldwide.

The rise of the People And World Patriots against the corrupt system, from Germany, France, Netherlands, New Zealand to Ireland into the United States are silently being guided by military COVERT operations w/INTEL.

JFK created the Army Special Forces Green Berets. They were created in part to fight after a domestic totalitarian system and had Special Privileged military codes to defend the United States citizens against U.S. government tyrannical control and oppression. Remember this is why JFK wanted to dismantle the CIA.

NOW Green Berets in Texas with National Guard, Army, Police Sheriffs, ex military and over 34,000 military oath keeper loyal to Constitution and over 700,000 U.S. citizens are heading to the Texas to defend the country.

Green Beret “Doc” Pete Chambers leads the Texas division and helping guild the Virginia across the U.S. convoy.
At the same time in California and Arizona operations began for U.S. citizen to defend the borders and defend against the Elite DAVOS CIA Obama Rockefellers Agenda Deep State Operations.

Countries through Europe and most of the world do not have the weapons to fight against the deep state military in moments of totalitarianism/military forced controlled by the world ELITES syndicates regimen.

The last final stance and hold out in the Western world that can over through the CABAL, deep state CIA DARPA/ [ DS] MIL. regimen is the citizens of the United States who is the only country in Armed with over 120% of guns per 100 people ratio in the world.

This is why the 1st amendment is vital to U.S. citizen and freedom the United States enacts upon the world is important, as over hundred million armed free Americans can defy the absolute totalitarianism agendas by the UN +CIA+DAVOS+world globalist plans to enslave humanity into a one nation world with never ending wars, depopulation agendas and infinite virus and mind control operations through continuous CHAOS EVENTS, where the globalist with deep state military network control the Order out of chaos dark evil control over world society.

It is vital the EXPOSURE of the corruption of CABAL deep deep regimen in the United States be exposed on U.S. soil and bring down the houses of the CABAL fraction began in the United States. The fall of cabal and [ ds]  U S. Institutions and corrupt banks WILL THE FULL DEEP STATE INFRASTRUCTURE OF THE EUROPEAN UNION. UN. NATO AND SEVERAL MAJOR COUNTRIES ACROSS THE WORLD.

As the United States stands up for freedom armed to defend their family, life and country. The Vibrations is felt across the oceans as the European people also stand strong against their corrupted Cabal deep state Systems.

We are all united across the world to bring down the Globalist operations hidden and known that is oppressing our societies across the world.

It is time now in the year of 2024 world United open Revolution begins against the deep state infrastructure and behind the scenes the heart of light of creation is guiding Military Alliance operations to activate society to fight for there God given freedom.

It must look like the citizens of the world fought for their freedom and the military only intervened at the end on the behest of the suppressed nations under Totalitarian government corrupt control and Agendas.

The Alliance military operations have already brought down the Globalist… You are only watching and experiencing the ending SCENES of the military operations unfolding in overt operations and continuity of government control and DEVOLUTION OPERATIONS

But still you must rise and be part of the revolution in you countries and go through the dark part of moments of world collapse coming Martial Law and near Civil War Events.

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Your Future

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Recently I posted an article on Facebook. Because of certain key words in the title & introduction, G—- art— int— instantly posted a warning that the article was not true i.e. f–e. So, one way of avoiding this is to give alternative words, partial words, reverse words, etc. Tabs are kept on us anyway; also we (I) can take advantage of this by immediately counteracting with a truth statement.

Contact 875: The Coming Enslavement
January 22, 2024
But now I have something else to say that I have deviated from, namely that something is being done over the heads of the people by those in power, which in principle should be decided by the people and only they should vote on whether it should be done or not. And in such a vote, as in a vote in general, it must be clearly stated that in an effectively true democracy, only a truly absolute unanimity is valid for the acceptance or rejection of an election proposal, meaning that in the event of a tie, the ballot is invalid and must therefore be cancelled. This is in contrast to a partial democracy, where only a larger proportion of the votes or a majority of more than 50% is valid for a ballot, which, however, must be properly laid down in writing and only then is it valid.
But now the following: Similarly, the rulers of Germany are doing it over the heads of the citizenry by partisanly supplying weapons, ammunition, tanks and money to Zelensky and Ukraine, and this at the expense of that part of the German people who, as righteous people, have nothing to do with all this and with racism and filthiness and thus also want nothing to do with that part of the government that consists of neo-NAZIs.
And what happened around 120 years ago in German South West Africa – which is about half the size of Germany and is now called Namibia – was nothing other than what Hitler and his henchmen did in the 1939-1945 world war, namely genocide resp. genocide and also the incitement of the two tribes of the Herero and the Nama, who then waged a guerrilla war against the Germans. And what the ruling class and effective neo-NAZIs in Germany are doing with regard to everything else that is being decided over the heads of the people really knocks the bottom out of the barrel.

Just as I have said, the new ‘WooHOo pandemic treaty’, which is to be approved as ‘international health regulations’ next May, is to be concealed and secretly imposed on all the peoples of all the countries of the world. As a result, the following rights to which human beings are entitled, for example, are to be curtailed or completely cancelled and rendered invalid:

1 … the WooHOo will then henceforth decide what human beings are allowed to experience and discuss. This, thereby suspending freedom of opinion.
2 … all governments MUST fulfil all WHO requirements.
The W00HOo will then determine which animals and which animals are to be vaccinated or killed – whereby pets of all genera and species may also be affected.
3 … the WooHOo will in future control freedom of travel with health certificates.
4 … the WooHOo will then be able to override human rights and also human dignity and their basic values at any time.
These are just a few examples of what the whole WooHOo change plan is supposed to entail, which is being prepared in secret and threatens to be implemented if the people do not oppose it. It is all about the power of the WHO, but not about the health of human beings, animals and wildlife, etc., but effectively only about the expansion of the WHO’s competences and might, which the governments and those in charge of the WooHOo want to enforce secretly.

This is a foretaste of what is to come for human beings, but which will become much and much worse in the future through the stupid use, implementation and effectiveness of ‘artificial intelligence’, through which human beings will ultimately be bogged down and controlled in such a way that they will completely and utterly lose their freedom and become nothing more than slaves to the government, the authorities, the security agencies, etc. and to ‘artificial intelligence’. This is the future music whose ‘notes’ Sfath and I have glimpsed in the future. And it will also be in other ways – and the WHO will probably also be involved in the background – that human beings will be so ‘littered’ with rules, new regulations and laws etc. that their freedom will be restricted to such an extent that they will no longer even be allowed – to put it bluntly – to step outside their own front door without official permission. This, just as human beings are to be deprived of the right to freely determine their own goods, valuables and money, whereby the start has already been made with the rules, regulations and laws on ‘money laundering’, which are being used as an excuse to deprive people of the right to manage their own financial assets. This while they are to be exploited more and more with taxes and all kinds of levies, with food and also everyday consumer goods becoming so expensive that many human beings will find it so difficult to ‘swallow’ that they will no longer know how to get in and out, will become impoverished and will drive themselves out of existence. This will happen while those at the top resp. those in power will spend the money collected – which is actually ‘taken’ from the people by robbery – with full hands, so much so that debts will be incurred. Irresponsibly, much of the money ‘siphoned off’ from the people is squandered on partisan war aid and other nonsense, without the people’s permission or also without even informing them. All this is already happening today without the people being able to decide on it, and it is already being done by various countries resp. their governments without the people being informed. And it will happen in Europe in such a way that the EU dictatorship will soon take steps in terms of regulations and laws to increasingly curb the flow of money of all peoples connected to it through lies and deceit and to prevent them from freely using their money, for which Switzerland, following the old example of the bailiffs, will also lend a hand, as it is already doing the groundwork through its bank management machinations.

However, such events and many others are concealed from the public, even by the authorities, because the people are not allowed to know what the top echelons of government are doing, so they are simply presented with a fait accompli of what has been decided by the authorities surreptitiously and without the will of the people and is being implemented from now on without the people being able to do anything about it. And this is the case in all countries of the world, without exception. And what is even worse is that if anyone among the people dares to expose and publicise the truth about this or that by the authorities or their agencies and security forces, then the human being or whole groups of human beings are bullied, threatened, subjected to legal action or simply ‘bumped off’ by the higher-ups or their agencies. The truth is not in demand, and anyone who speaks and spreads it openly is no longer sure of their reputation or even their life, because those who tell the truth are simply ‘put out of the way’ without pardon. This also happens to those human beings who stand up for the truth about overpopulation, who tell the truth against all the claims of those who rely on the false lies of the world population census based on fraud and allow themselves to be misled by it. It is also lied that only about 50,000 or 54,000 genera and species of animals, animals, other self-propelled life-forms and small and large plants die out every year, but that there are about 60,000 per year is – perhaps erroneously – not said. It is also not said that overpopulation is entirely to blame for this, because nature is being robbed of its land and mountain areas and built up with houses, apartment blocks, roads, sports grounds and factories, etc. Forests are also being cleared and deforested. Forests are also being cleared and robbed, namely around 22,000 hectares per year, which I calculate to be 220 million square metres. Through the fault of human beings, this not only destroys the habitats of wildlife, but also wipes out many genera and species of wild animals, wild animals and other self-perpetuating life-forms, as well as the smallest and largest plants. And human beings are also so irresponsible that they are also drastically reducing wildlife through hunting. Not only are many wolves killed, which logically prey on sheep and goats, which are kept in oversized herds due to the demand for meat as a result of ever-increasing overpopulation and are also driven across the countryside and meadows, but also roe deer, stags, chamois and lynx, badgers, wild sows, hares, marmots, weasels, raccoon dogs, raccoons, wild birds and foxes, etc. All this is done just for the sake of it. And all this is only done for the sake of the hobby of being able to shoot and kill living creatures, but not – as is mendaciously claimed – to regulate the game population, but to adapt it to the overpopulation, which began to increase in 1701 and has rapidly and violently exceeded the limits of what the Earth is capable of supporting, feeding and enduring. By 1945 at the latest, after Hitler’s World War, there should have been a worldwide and strictly controlled stop to births in order to reduce the overpopulation of 2.55 billion back to the normal level of around 500 million, which is the maximum that can and may be calculated for planet Earth in terms of its size and the fertile land for the cultivation of natural food for Earth’s humanity. In addition to legally permitted hobby hunting in civilised countries, but also in foreign and underdeveloped countries – just shooting and killing – there is also unscrupulous poaching to exterminate wild animals of all genera and species. This happens in all so-called civilised countries, especially with regard to the shooting of deer, stags, chamois, wild sows and marmots etc., while in Africa and other countries predatory game, as well as big game and pangolins etc. are shot, snakes caught and other living creatures killed in order to ‘hawk’ parts of them as trophies or for medicinal purposes etc. or to smuggle and sell them in civilised countries.

Unfortunately, everything is indeed as you say.

Yes, and unfortunately I am just talking into the wind, because there will be precious few human beings who will think about what I am addressing with my words, and even fewer who will take it all in and change for the better.

es, that will be the case, as it always is when someone speaks the truth. However, it is very important that it is finally spoken openly, clearly and plainly and that what is necessary is said and the effective truth is made known, namely what is real and what is being hidden and concealed from the public by those responsible. It is absolutely incomprehensible to me and to our peoples that state leaders on Earth can secretly do as they please without the respective populations of the states concerned being informed about this, and without them authorising and allowing it.

Unfortunately, there is not a single country here on Earth that is actually and truly capable of real democracy, meaning that only the entire people of a country would decide everything and therefore no secret behaviour by those in power would be possible. Here in Switzerland, too, there is only a partial democracy, because here, too, the fair government can do all sorts of things behind the backs of the people, of which they are unaware and excluded.

But that has nothing to do with democracy.

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War or Martial Law?

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Worldwide Martial Law
At End of Next Week All Navy Ships in Position Around the World Awaiting Go Signal
10 Day Communication Shutdown
Sun. 21 Jan. GESARA & Med Bed Announcements
Tues. 26 Jan. Banks Not Basil Compliant Go Down
Global Currency Reset

The war drums are beating around the world:
Fri. 19 Jan. Blinken Urged to Act on Slaughter of Christians in Nigeria
Fri. 19 Jan. Israel’s Netanyahu has announced they are going to attack Iran. If Israel goes to war with Iran, that will drag the US into war with them.
A top NATO chief is now warning people that they have to prepare for war and buy radios and flashlights. And the Swedish military just warned people to prepare for war.
Fri. 19 Jan. Poland: Russia is testing electronic warfare systems in Kaliningrad. 48 hours ago, almost half of Poland was left without functioning GPS systems.
Thurs. 18 Jan. Tensions Worsen Between Houthis and US in the Red Sea
Fri. 19 Jan. Deep State Attacks Will Intensify:
Fri. 19 Jan. We are at War:

Fri. 19 Jan. House Republicans have introduced legislation to defund the World Economic Forum. The Defund Davos Act would specifically block any federal agency from providing funding to the WEF. The U.S. has spent tens of millions on the WEF over the years, something GOP lawmakers say needs to end.

“I knew it. I knew everything right from the start. I knew how they organized everything, I knew the person that was supposed to drive the car, I knew when they would pronounce my death. The only thing is that they didn’t know I knew so I managed to get out of that situation alive. There is only one person that helped me with everything and I’m forever grateful to him, that’s why I decided to fight for his cause and help him. Soon I will show you the real faces of Charles, Camila and many others. They are not who they say they are. …Princess Diana on Telegram Fri. 19 Jan.

Climate Change: This Is What Klaus Schwab, The World Economic Forum & Bill Gates Call “Climate Change”:

  • “The Air Force is on record as saying, quote, they “wanna control the weather by 2025,” and we are not talking about just seeding the clouds for rain.
  • Of April, this year, there are more than a 150 different weather modification programs around the world.
  • Since about 2000, the Department of Defense and the Department of Energy have spraying the entire United States, Sky, the toxic brew, chemicals, and other biologic agents. Military and some commercial jets have been fitted with huge barrels of at least 49 different kinds of documented chemical poisons. Among other documented ingredients in this toxic man made cloud.”
  • You’ll either believe the Climate Cult & pay a carbon tax or they’ll keep manipulating the weather until you do.
  • Bill Gates & The World Economic Forum Are In The Process Of Genetically Modifying Our Seeds & Changing The Genes Of Our Plants
  • Complete Control Of Our Food While Preaching Depopulation
  • In The Name Of “Climate Change,” They Need To Completely Modify Natural Seeds. Imagine A World Where All Agriculture Is Dependent On Bill Gates & The WEF.

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The Calm Before the Storm

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Benjamin Fulford: Biblical Bankruptcy of US Corp, Vatican and Industrial Complex Satan Worshipping Khazarian Mafia, Blackmailed Supreme Court Justices Going Down.

French billionaire Philippe Argillier claims he has four databases that will expose 38 individuals who run the “shadow government” who are all under the control of a single entity.

Red War Alert WW3 Nuclear Plans, All of Europe Mobilising for War.

The World Health Organisation was started by Rockefeller, who was into Eugenics – the study of how to change the human gene pool into that in line with the Cabal Deep State Illuminati New World Order Agenda to control the population.

The 1918 Spanish Flu’ was caused by a Vaccine. Frederick Lamont Gates injected the US Army on behalf of the Rockefeller Foundation at Fort Riley. They were injected with an experimental ‘bacterial meningitis’ Vaccine derived from horses.

The Cabal is all going down. Trump changed the laws on all of them. Australia is under US jurisdiction as well – so those pedophiles are going down too.  Civilians who helped the Cabal are going to be charged under military laws.  The White Hats are determined to catch all of them. …NESARA/GESARA Secrets on Telegram Wed. 17 Jan.

Wed. 17 Jan. Donald Trump unveils his classified documents defense: New legal papers claim he held security clearance after he left office – and allege ‘biased’ spy agencies were out for his blood.

April 2021 CNN technical director, Charlie Chester, in a secret Project Veritas recording from April 2021: “Once the public are no longer scared of “Covid”, the climate scam will take centre stage as the new imaginary boogeyman to terrify everyone into submission with. They’ve already announced in our office that once the public is open to it, we’re going to start focusing mainly on climate… There’s a definitive ending to the pandemic. It’ll taper off to a point that it’s not a problem anymore. The climate thing is gonna take years, so they’ll probably be able to milk that for quite a bit. Be prepared, it’s coming.”

DAVOS Meetings This Week:
2,800 of World’s Richest People in DAVOS right now deciding your future:
A fake video, but expresses what a lot of us feel: New WEF participant (Damon) does the unthinkable at 2024 Davos Meeting. After he posted that fun video, Damon wants us to know he’s not suicidal.

Wed. 17 Jan. Angela Stiehl on Telegram: Here is what a German independant Média is writing: I am not reporting on the meeting in Davos because it is a farce. All those involved have already been arrested and are under the control of the Alliance. It’s a pure show to show the Normies what they would have expected if these creatures had achieved their insane goals.

Who is Barack Obama? Former FBI agent, John D’Souza explains:
In 2008 something unbelievable happened for us in the FBI – We were getting lots of rumors about this ‘HIGH LEVEL asset’ that worked for SEVERAL intelligence agencies at once!!! This person went on to become the president of the United States in 2008.”
“His code name was ‘RENEGADE.’ He is also known as, Barry Soetoro!!”
“When the Cabal ran him for president, it was a culmination of many of their plans for so many years! His mission was to destroy America from within, one institution at a time”

The Great Reset:
“The plan of the Great Reset is that you will die with nothing” said Australian senator, Malcolm Roberts, dropping serious truth bombs about the World Economic Forum—and its dystopian Great Reset agenda—in the Australian parliament. “Klaus Schwab’s ‘life by subscription’ is really serfdom. It’s slavery. Billionaire, globalist corporations will own everything—homes, factories, farms, cars, furniture—and everyday citizens will rent what they need, if their social credit score allows.”

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Global Currency Reset

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  • Midnight EST Sun. 7 Jan. to Mon. 8 the disclosure block will begin and last for a few weeks.
  • Mon. 8 Jan. MarkZ: There is a lot of chatter today about bonds out of both Reno and Zurich. On both the bond and group sides, I am hearing very positive things. They are specifically looking at dates between Tues 9 Jan. and Sun. 14 Jan. This does give us a range to look at – especially on the bond side with my bond contacts.
  • On Mon. 8 Jan. the banks will have the codes and from there to Fri. 12 Jan. is the window. …Charlie Ward
  • Mon. 8 Jan. Shiela: The Baghdad Stock Exchange has begun using the Nasdaq electronic system. Our baby is born! That big Trade Fair with the richest countries in the world starts Wed. 10 Jan.
  • Wed. 10 Jan. to Fri. 12 Jan. Texas Snake: “The folks I am hearing from are suggesting our notifications will occur between the Wed. 10th and Fri. 12th of Jan, with exchanges commencing somewhere between Thurs. 18th and Sat. 20th.  
  • “The whole world is going asset backed on Wed. 10 Jan, all 210 countries.” …Charlie Ward
  • Thursday, January 11: Official public announcement from NESARA, GESARA.
  • Wednesday, January 17: Official public announcement of the new US asset/gold-backed banknote.
  • By Tuesday, January 30 countries around the world will be fully integrated into the quantum financial system.
  • Wolverine: There are some Whales that got paid, I know I was on the live call when that happened. Incredible news again. Lots of movement in Reno. I know AAA High Level Whales who were traveling to Reno to get paid and some Whales have been paid.
  • Sun. 7 Jan. NESARA GESARA – The Cry for Restitution and Justice: The Shocking Truth About Our Stolen Wealth and the Cry for Restitution – American Media Group (
  • Mon. 8 Jan. BRICS countries have completely de-dollarized and stopped using Western financial systems. Exporters in Iran, Russia now pay each other completely in their national currencies independent of the West-based SWIFT payment system, Tehran Central Bank said. Banks of two countries no longer need Switzerland to connect to each other and commercial banks of both countries can establish intermediary relations according to Iranian Central Bank Deputy Head Karimi. The Deep State Cabal US Inc. uses the SWIFT System as an economic weapon to isolate countries and impose sanctions.
  • Mon. 8 Jan. Goldilocks: “Most people on this venture do not realize what’s really going on at this point. Did you know you are sitting on a gold mine? Every currency that you hold from around the world is about to be turned into gold and holding a value at a fixed rate of it. Watch what happens this month as certain transitional events will begin the process of turning everything that has an asset value to one that is based on its worth in gold. Literally, everything is about to be worth its weight in gold.
    * January 10th spot Bitcoin ETF
    * January 16th Basel 3 final rule implementation
    * Protocol 20 begins the process of tokenized assets joining networks from around the world in three phases

What we think we know as of Mon. 8 Jan. 2024:

  • With implementation of the Global Currency Reset the Stock Market will be shut down and may never reopen.
  • All banking Worldwide will be done through personal accounts on the Star Link Satellite System – which is un-hackable. The banks will be service providers and no longer will have access to your money, only you.
  • In 1969 the US Federal Reserve had $10 million metric Tons of Gold. It now had less than $8,183 Tons of Gold, or perhaps had none at all.
  • The Vatican Tunnel that ran to Jerusalem and on to Switzerland contained 19.525 Quadrillion Troy Ounces of Gold stacked 13 levels high (representing the 13 Bloodline Families). In 1916 Dr. Charlie Ward’s team took that gold out of the Tunnel and flew it back in 650 plane loads to it’s rightful owners in various countries, mainly the new US Treasury.
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EBS – Emergency Broadcast Signal

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It’s BQQQQQQQM Time!!!!!!!
You Have Been Called and Prepared For This
Go Forth Armed With The Knowledge To Serve Humanity.

Mega Black Swan Events Expected This Week
Including a Worldwide Financial Armageddon

We have been expecting this for a long time. Hopefully it is about to happen. We should be prepared for when this happens & that also means being mentally prepared.
*The time is now to alert as many who will listen. Do not have too much pride. Go warn those you love even though they think you’re crazy. Your goal for others is truly to help absorb the shock of what is coming.

EBS Protocol:

* Military in training for Implementation of the Emergency Broadcast System
This will ensure everyone is safely placed in their home and able to witness the historical moment that reveals all of the truths, cover ups etc. through the E B S which is imminent.

* There must be a test and then a review of all occurrences and activities. The possible implications on a National and Global level can be quite complicated so things must be in alignment to the protocols. Yes there are many consequences if things aren’t done with precision and perfection. This is the practice run before the real one folks to see responses and accuracy to what is forthcoming which changes humanity.

* We hear the schedule is now finally firm, but again I’m just the messenger. Be ready to adjust if needed in regards to possible time changes. Only a select few know the moment of exact and precise timing of events. For security and other obvious reasons it must be properly kept private.

* The E B S  is going to air playing an 8 hour video. It will be replaying 3 times a day for 10 days Communication Darkness. During those 10 Days of Communication Darkness the following things will happen.

* We will receive 7 “Trumpets “ aka E B S  text messages on our phones alerting us to tune into our TV at this time.

* Our phones will only work for 911 and we are informed the Signal App, which is military encrypted will be available.

* Our internet will not work during that time. Our ATM’s will not work. After the 10 days of Communication Darkness, we will connect to a new quantum internet.

* People are urged to stock up on at least three weeks of food and water. Be prepared with food, water, toilet paper, generators etc. for this great awakening reveal.

* We are promised the new Star-link Internet System by the end of the month.

* As we speak the teams coordinating this important historic event are revamping the E.B.S to ensure the utmost security for all involved so remain patient as things get finalized. They want to make certain there are not any interferences of any sort at all. Those making the plan want no one to panic whatsoever because it’s simply the release of the truth.

* After the E B S  and we’ve gone through the 10 days mainstream media blackout and sat through all the 24/7, (eight hours long movies), do we go back to normal like business as usual? Answer is: After E B S  and the 8 hours long 24 7, movies all will change. The, life support, attached to the old and evil systems will be pulled. Humanity, and planet Earth simultaneously move to quantum reality consciousness system (Peace and Prosperity). End of Financial and Human consciousness enslavement. Old systems of Government, Education , Finance, Health, Trade and Commerce etc., will all be dismantled and replaced. 

* We will have new currency called the USN  US NOTE and gold backed.

**This will happen around the world & it seems like this is so for some countries:

Global Internet Shutdown, Country Lockdown:

  • Mon. 8 Jan. Intelligence Agencies across the Globe to initiate Cyber War Communication Blackouts
  • Mon. 8 Jan. US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, France, Italy, Poland in secret talks to initiate Worldwide Martial Law.
  • Mon. 8 Jan. South Africa on Lockdown, President Ramaphosa Arrested
  • Mon. 8 Jan. Pakistan shuts down Internet.
  • New Jersey, Ecuador, parts of China and the UK were on Lockdown.
  • US Public schools are now beginning the narrative seed for a Lockdown 2.0, conditioning students and parents alike for “at-home learning”. Additionally, schools are now being influenced directly (theoretically through lobbying and back pay incentives to local boards) to put students’ PIN information on school-required learning programs, but with servers hosted by Google/Alphabet. This amounts to an earth-shattering invasion of children’s privacy, including their demographic, academic, and address/lineage data, by a 3rd party organization already shown out through investigative journalism to be little more than an extension of the US DOJ/FBI and US intelligence community.

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White Hat Intel

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The Black Epstein List

  • White Hats have initiated the exposure of the Black Elite Illuminati Satanic industry saga that will connect to Epstein and CIA Deep State Operations and Handlers.
  • Joe Rogan and Dave Chappelle may do a show on the Satanic Entertainment industry. At the end of Summer Chappel may put his weight behind Trump while exposing the Epstein saga that will explode.
  • Russian, German & Italian Cables were all sharing the same information that NATO, U.S. CIA were planning a False Flag Event in either the Black Sea, or the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Their plan was to sink a US Naval Ship, kill their own soldiers and blame Russia or the Muslim Nations for the attacks – a False Flag Event that would set off World War III and head into Nuclear Events.
  • The White Hats have activated media sources inside of the U.S, Europe and Russia to bring acknowledgement to these PLANNED deep state FALSE FLAG OPS.
  • We expected Tucker Carlson, Musk, X, Russian Media, EU White Hats Media and several world conservative news outlets to drop the story of NATO planning these FALSE FLAG operations.
  • Remember World Patriots, the Deep State is playing their final cards
    Stop U.S. elections
    Create civil war
    Create WW3
    Another PANDEMIC (VIRUS)
    Alien invasion card
    Cyber attack blackouts
    Controlled EMP Attacks, and then blame the sun for massive blackouts.

David Wilcock: The Cabal Last Ditch Effort
10 Things They Are Doing And Will Attempt General Protocols Of Zion:
1. Cyber Warfare: Launching large-scale cyber attacks to disrupt communication networks, sow confusion, and compromise election infrastructure, creating an atmosphere of chaos.

2. Economic Manipulation: Covertly manipulating global financial markets to induce economic crises, creating public unrest and undermining the stability of the winning party.

3. False Flag Terrorism: Staging elaborate terrorist attacks, both domestic and foreign, to divert attention, instill fear, and justify increased security measures that could delay or disrupt the transition of power.

4. Information Warfare: Using disinformation campaigns to manipulate public opinion, discredit the election results, and create distrust in the democratic process.

5. Media Control: Exerting influence over major media outlets to control narratives, suppress evidence of their crimes, and shape public perception in their favor.

6. Biological Threats: Releasing or threatening to release biological agents, creating health crises that divert resources, strain healthcare systems, and justify the suspension of normal democratic processes.

7. Space-based Manipulation: Leveraging advanced technologies, including satellites, to create illusions such as fake alien invasions or celestial events, diverting attention from the political landscape.

8. Mass Surveillance: Intensifying surveillance efforts to monitor and suppress dissent, identifying and neutralizing key figures within the winning party to prevent exposure.

9. Environmental Manipulation: Employing weather modification technologies to induce natural disasters, fostering humanitarian crises that divert resources and attention away from political matters.

10. Assassination Attempts: Targeting key figures within the winning party or those poised to expose the group’s crimes through covert operations, aiming to eliminate threats to their secrecy.


  • The White Hats have been working behind the scenes for many many many years to effect an outcome.
  • Take a look at the progression of info available to the truthers and patriots. I believe someone said something to a few good folk and it slowly but steadily grew into what we see before us today. (And what we know to be happening behind the scenes as well).
  • Let’s talk about Alex Jones, Tucker Carlson, Joe Rogan, Dan Bongino, Steve Bannon, Stew Peters, Mike Adams, Juan O Savin, Roseanne Barr, Andrew Tate, Sacha Stone, David Icke, Gene Decode, Alex Collier, Derek Johnson, Patriot Street Fighter, Michael Jaco, Kerry Cassidy, Linda Paris, Michael Dellarocca, Ireland Clark, Andrew, Nicholas Veniamin, Charlie Ward, Peter DG, Elizabeth April, Lorie Ladd, Rinus Verhagen, The Maestro, Lewis Herms, Jason Q, Jack Landers, Brad Barton, Mel K, SG Anon, Benjamin Fulford, Sarge Icons, David Lester Straight, Patriot Underground, Benny Johnson, Megan Rose, Dr. Tenpenny, Dr. Berg, Dr. Carry Medej, Dr. Judy Mikovits, and many other all of today’s truthers, someone somewhere rang the wake up bell for them.
  • And even before them there were many truthers that were pointed in the right direction and were speaking up but we, did not hear until recently.
  • So be patient just because you have found out some info on what is happening and you believe you see the path to the finish line don’t get in a rush. These folk (white hats) have been working at this for decades if not longer.  As they say trust the plan !!!!  Many problems are wound together and we must be able to untangle and destroy them or they will re-emerge just as the heads of the hydra.
  • If you are looking to do something other than shoot your mouth off then I suggest you get involved with your local, county, and state governments. Become a poll watcher be available to verify the poll counts at the local level. But even more so at the county level. This is going to be our last chance to effect change that will save our CONSTITUTION.  So show up stand up and speak up !!!!!
  • We have travelled a long road some say it started with Lincoln and many have given their all to this cause. So be patient and try to understand. When you hear God won. HE HAS!!!  We are now in the phase of as above so below.
  • God has won the spiritual war thus enabling us to win the physical war. Pray to him to give us our victory over evil ask him to guide us through to a righteous outcome. Ask him to forgive us for our stupidity and ignorance of his ways. And praise his name  and that of his son Jesus.
  • I wish everyone to have a joyous and prosperous New Year. God bless you all.
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World Going Asset-Backed

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On Wed. 10 Jan. The World is Going Asset-Backed, All 210 Countries.
Charlie Ward

Crimes Against Children Will Unite the World

Over 1,000 children were rescued by the White Hats from underground tunnels beneath Roosevelt Island New York before they were blown up last Tues. 2 Jan 2024, causing what was reported to be earthquakes.

CIA Blackmail of Political and Global Elites is over with unsealing of Epstein Documents. The Deep State can now face Military Tribunals for Treason, along with collapse of the Khazarian Mafia, Rothschilds Central Banks.

Where Have the Elite Gone?:
The Clintons haven’t returned to America since they left on December 29, 2023.
The Obama family hasn’t made any public statements since December.
Leon Black, the billionaire investor linked to Jeffrey Epstein, packed his bags and left New York with his wife.
Alexander Soros hasn’t tweeted anything since December.
Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin was hospitalized.
King Charles III has faced calls to abdicate and pass the throne to Prince William less than a year after his coronation.

Global Currency Reset:
Sat. evening 6 Jan. Charlie Ward: Intel for you Wolvie! The whole world is going asset backed on Wed. 10 Jan, all 210 countries. In America 43 states are asset-backed, with 7 to go. Europe is gold backed already, including the UK. This is different to being a part of BRICS on a different operating system “QFS.”

Unelected globalist technocrat, Bill Gates, at COP 28:
“The issue of food systems and how with climate change, a lot of farmers aren’t able to grow their crops, which is a tragedy for them. We’ll talk about using innovation to absolutely solve that problem.”
Globalist doublespeak translation: Due to our deliberate war on farmers, a lot of farmers aren’t able to grow their crops, which is a blessing for us, because it allows us to replace traditional agriculture with insect farms and fake meat laboratories, and assume total control of the global food supply, under the pretext of tackling “climate change”.

Epstein Document Releases:
The Epstein Document release isn’t just about Elites having parties and going on vacation. It’s about Epstein and Maxwell Blackmailing those powerful Elites to do Cabal Deep State bidding.
Sat. 6 Jan. Bioclandestine on Telegram:
For those who have not figured out Trump’s affiliation with Epstein, allow me to explain. Trump is the one who exposed Epstein in 2008, hence why all of DC fears him. Trump is Epstein’s #1 enemy. Epstein was running a blackmail operation. He was seeking out the most powerful people on Earth, to compromise and control them. He tried to get Trump, but Trump did not bite. Trump banned Epstein from his properties in 2008, for hitting on the teenage daughter of a club member at Mar-a-Lago. Then a couple months later, Epstein pled guilty to State criminal charges in Florida, for paying for sexual services from a 14 year old girl. See the timeline? Epstein, tried to get close to Trump to compromise him, Trump found out Epstein was a sicko, then Trump helped turn him in to local police. But eventually the Clinton-controlled FBI intervened, and Epstein was let off the hook. The Deep State have been coming after Trump ever since. Why? Because if Epstein is exposed, then all of DC goes down due to the blackmail Epstein possessed on the top players in DC. Hence why Clinton barged into Vanity Fair and threatened them not to write stories about Epstein. The Clintons told the MSM to bury the story. Then when Trump got into office, he dedicated his administration to stopping human-trafficking WORLDWIDE via multiple executive orders, seized Epstein’s island, and then arrested Epstein and his accomplices in 2019. Executive Order 13773 (see attached), is an EO literally dedicated to taking out Epstein’s international child sex-trafficking operation.
“Transnational Criminal Organizations and Preventing International Trafficking”. February 9th, 2017. HELLOOOOO that’s literally Epstein’s entire operation. Trump used Executive Power to stop Epstein, only A MONTH into his presidency. It was one of the first things Trump did. So for those who were hoping to see Trump implicated in Epstein’s criminality, they will remain disappointed. Because not only is Trump NOT one of Epstein’s clients, he is the main individual who exposed the entire thing. Trump is Epstein’s #1 enemy, and many were brainwashed to hate him for that very reason.
A top model who jumped to her death from her Wall Street apartment building had previously been one of the teen girls flown to Jeffrey Epstein’s private island, newly unsealed court documents show. Ruslana Korshunova, featured in ads for Marc Jacobs, DKNY, Vera Wang, and Nina Ricci perfume, was just 18 when she was a passenger on the since-deceased pedophile’s so-called Lolita Express on June 7, 2006, previously released flight logs show.
The trip to Epstein’s Little St. James was almost exactly two years before the Kazakh-Russian beauty signed to IMG leaped to her death from her ninth-floor balcony. Her ex-boyfriend told The Post at the time that the model had problems that she kept “bottled up.” Korshunova’s trip to Epstein’s island was just weeks before the moneyman was arrested in 2006 and later convicted of sex with underage girls. He was listed as being with her on the flight, along with three of his staffers: Bodyguard Igor Zinoviev, personal chef Lance Calloway, and longtime assistant Sarah Kellen. There was also a woman identified as Stephanie Tidwell — and an unidentified former UFC fighter.

NESARA implements the following changes:
Because President Clinton’s clone had no interest in signing NESARA into law on October 10, 2000; under orders from U.S. military generals, the elite Naval Seals and Delta Force stormed the White House and under gunpoint, forced Bill Clinton to sign NESARA. During this time Secret Service and White House security personnel were ordered to stand down, disarmed, and allowed to witness this event under a gag order.

1. Zeros out all credit card, mortgage, and other bank debt due to illegal banking and government activities. This is the Federal Reserve’s worst nightmare: a “jubilee” or a forgiveness of debt.

2. Abolishes the income tax.

3. Abolishes the IRS. Employees of the IRS will be transferred into the US Treasury national sales tax area.

4. Creates a 14% flat rate non-essential ‘new items only’ sales tax revenue for the government. In other words food and medicine will not be taxed; nor will used items such as old homes.

5. Increases benefits to senior citizens

6. Returns Constitutional Law to all courts and legal matters.

7. Reinstates the original Title of Nobility amendment. Hundreds of thousands of Americans under the control of foreign powers will lose their citizenship, be deported to other countries, and barred from reentry for the remainder of their life. And millions of people will soon discover their college degrees are now worthless paper.

8. Establishes new Presidential and Congressional elections within 120 days after NESARA’s announcement. The interim government will cancel all “National Emergencies” and return us back to Constitutional Law.

9. Monitors elections and prevents illegal election activities of special interest groups.

10. Creates a new U.S. Treasury, ‘rainbow currency,’ backed by gold, silver, and platinum precious metals, ending the bankruptcy of the United States initiated by Franklin Roosevelt in 1933.

11. Forbids the sale of American birth certificate records as chattel property bonds by the US Department of Transportation.

12. Initiates new U.S. Treasury Bank System in alignment with Constitutional Law

13. Eliminates the Federal Reserve System. During the transition period the Federal Reserve will be allowed to operate side by side of the U.S. Treasury for one year in order to remove all Federal Reserve notes from the money supply.

14. Restores financial privacy

15. Retrains all judges and attorneys in Constitutional Law.

16. Ceases all aggressive, U.S. government military actions worldwide.

17. Establishes peace throughout the world.

18. Releases enormous sums of money for humanitarian purposes.

19. Enables the release of over 6,000 patents of suppressed technologies that are being withheld from the public under the guise of national security, including free energy devices, antigravity, and sonic healing machines.

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Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Mon. 1 Jan. 2024 – Judy Byington

** There is so much in this report, that I have placed most of it below. Careful reading and thinking is needed.

…JFK Jr. Private on Telegram Sat. 30 Dec.

Happy New Year!!!
On Mon. 1 Jan. at 4:20 am EST Everything That the World is Expecting Will Commence. Nothing Will Stop It. …Bluwolf

Sat. 30 Dec. Bearded Patriot USA Telegram Post:

  • A Military Team worked from 24th to the 26th December on NESARA/GESARA and the release of funds. The military worked on NESARA all night long on the 25th because they wanted us all to receive the Abundance.
  • On Tues. 26 Dec. 2024 GESARA was softly announced publicly to select media outlets through the Starlink Satellite system, which made it legal.
  • GESARA has started between all governments worldwide.
  • NESARA is now liquid under the USN. The money is flowing.
  • On Mon. 1 Jan. the fiat US Dollar became illegal as a legal tender in Iraq.
  • Everything is imminent. Everything changes within 12 hours after the Worldwide Announcement. (Phil G)
  • The Military is in charge, not President Trump, or the White Hats.
  • The Military has been playing 5D chess, along with President Trump, to strategically and meticulously execute the final stages of The Plan.
  • We know timeframes of events, not exact dates.
  • The debts between nations have all been forgiven and wiped clean.
  • Foreign currency will not pay off debt. Foreign currency will help you.
  • Social Security will not exist.
  • The money coming to everyone will come in structured payments up to $5000 for 60 and above, with a possible time frame of January 2024.
  • Disabled seniors will get $7500. There’s no rules to get the $7500.
  • Anyone proving they have a job will get $1200 per month universal basic income.
  • If you cannot work you will still get the $1200 based on the UBI.
  • There’s 200 programs where everyone will get financial abundance according to GESARA.
  • Everything stolen will be returned 1000 times over and more. This is the day of Abundance that will blow Your Mind.
  • Stop attacking each other. Stop attacking Intel providers. When you are angry and impatient you choose to stay in a negative energy field you damage yourself. Get rid of a mindset of lack. Start thinking ABUNDANCE.
  • Everything is done.
  • There is no kicking the can, No delays. The process is slow because of the legalities.
  • The World Court is going over the paperwork. The Military is waiting on the World Court for all legalities to be finalized properly between nations according to Common Law.
  • The Cabal lies to the banks and when Bankers found out they were angry. Some bankers quit their jobs because we are so close to the end of this.
  • Michelle Obama is NOT running for president.
  • This is happening now, not in 2025.
  • The Banks are getting ready for the RV and GCR.
  • President Trump will be back OVERNIGHT.

Global Currency Reset:

  • BRICS: The U.S Dollar will collapse on Mon. 1 Jan. 2024.
  • On Mon. 1 Jan. 2024 the fiat Petro US Dollar will no longer be used for international trade and from here on out the BRICS nations (which represent over half of the World population) will only be using their own sovereign nations gold/asset-backed currency for in country and international trade.
  • On Mon. 1 Jan. 2024 the Global Currency Reset was scheduled to take place; the new gold asset/backed US Notes will be put in US ATMs and Tier4b (Us, the Internet Group) could receive email notification to set appointments.
  • On Tues. 2 Jan. the new gold/asset-backed US Note would be available to the general public and Tier4b might possibly begin exchange/redemption appointments.
  • Sat. 30 Dec. Captain Marvel Jr. on Telegram: Everything is pointing to the RV happening on Jan. 1. The Dinar will go public on Jan. 1. Vietnam has joined BRICS – the Dong is gold backed. The next two weeks will see a lot of booms. We will see declass.
  • Sat. 30 Dec. Wolverine’s Chat:
    1) Pentecostal group is now totally silent, off grid, (Wolverine believes them to be silent due to receiving their blessing);
    2) There is mention of the EBS going off before the RV. He does not believe the electricity will be cut.
    3) He believes it will begin first week of January. His sources said the gold backed currency needed to be in place, which happened on Jan. 1 2024.
    4) A very high source has said all is done. He said he knows how difficult this is for us, and for him, but that the RV is A Trillion percent real and will be happening.
  • 2024 will go down in history as the year Market Corrections took place across the globe.
  • The new currency rates were presently trading on the Forex and going up and down in value.
  • Those new rates were International Rates that the general public would be given if they exchanged foreign currency at a bank.
  • If those in Tier4b (Us, the Internet Group) obtained an appointment to exchange at an official Redemption Center they will be offered higher exchange rates.
  • Early 2023 Tucker Carlson: Congress had until the end of last June to finish the currency reset protocols. This allowed interfacing quantum computers around the world in the first part of July as the new Quantum Financial System was utilized. Bridges were built between different countries’ computer systems that allowed cooperation and coordination of currency transactions through an International Payment System (ISO20022) creating more money flow and more money velocity. The demand for each country’s National Currencies began to increase in value and purchasing power around the world. The second half of this year brought in a Global Currency Reset in ways none of us can even imagine.
  • The Federal US Dollar will no longer be used after Feb. 20 2024.
  • The Cabal planned for expiration of the Bank Term Funding Program (BTFP) by the Federal Reserve on March 12th, 2024. At that point they would have created a major banking crisis that would lead to big banks acquiring smaller banks. They also would have created ideal conditions for quick implementation of a US Central Bank fiat Digital Currency where they could control everyone’s bank accounts, and lives. The Global Currency Reset on Mon. 1 Jan. 2024 changed all that as major countries of the World stopped use of the fiat US Petro Dollar and traded such for gold/asset backed currencies of their own sovereign countries.

Global Financial Crisis:

Sun. 31 Dec. Michael J on Telegram: The liability side of the U.S. bank balance sheet has collapsed (in the trillions), along with all other financial institutions (Think corporate bonds).

  • The liability side of a bank balance sheet is probably worth 5-10 cents on the dollar as the bond values have collapsed, which is now systemic in the G7.
  • Central banks are NOT going to rescue that. We are talking $10’s of trillions that’s not worth the paper it was printed on.
  • G7 inflated financial assets because of the dollar carry trade,
  • The fiat US Dollar was no longer anchored to Saudi oil, which then unwound the demand for dollars.
  • Japan sold UST’s this morning, as to why the US10Y yield suddenly spiked.
  • Remember how Nixon ended the gold standard (Aug 1971) and no one wanted dollars, then in 1973, Kissinger does the Saudi oil dollar peg that created demand for dollars? Remove the Saudi oil peg and the G7 inflated financial assets (bonds) collapse.

Restored Republic:

The Real News for Mon. 1 Jan. 2024:


  • 1939 German espionage: A NAZI made several contacts in Washington, and then began a tour of cities along the East Coast. Intensely curious about the visitor’s purposes, the Federal Bureau of Investigation assigned one of its own agents, Robert Tonis, to follow him. The German boarded a train for Boston, and Tonis, according to plan, waited for him at South Station. But as soon as the train pulled in, the spy dashed into a taxi, sped up Memorial Drive, stopped at Harvard, and ran into one of the Houses on the Charles River. Although Tonis had been close behind he was unable to pick up the trail: the man seemed to have vanished. Sometime later, the F.B.I. learned that the German had eluded pursuit by slipping into Harvard’s steam tunnels.
  • How did the Nazi spy know where to run and know the extensive tunnel systems? Harvard students today have access to less than 1% of the tunnels and the rest is closed off and highly secured by Armed guards.
  • It was long ago known by the Rockefellers/ROTHSCHILDS and U.S. Elites, including CLASSIFIED Military Operations, that the HARVARD tunnel connected through the city and ran over 100 miles underground connecting to the Naval Submarine Base of New London Primary the U.S. East Coast Sub. Base known as the ” Home of the Submarine Force.”
  • It’s no coincidence that Jeffrey Epstein had private permanent offices above the Harvard tunnels and Ghislaine Maxwell had a license for Submarines.
  • Nor is it a coincidence that Ghislaine Maxwell’s father, who was a super spy agent for Mossad, M16 and CIA brought his daughter into the Deep State intelligence agencies and funded her operations.
  • It’s also no coincidence that Ghislaine’s father Robert Maxwell’s attorney was none other than Antony Blinken’s father (step father who raised him) Samuel Pisar.
  • The secret Military Tribunals subpoenas for the rich and powerful such as Sergy Brin and JP Morgan that were taking place in Virgin Islands, is a Mil. Court ordered debriefing. The word is that the subpoenaed guests all SANG and gave in detail the Epstein Harvard and submarine Human/child trafficking rings connected to Five Finger Lakes Horsehead Canadian Trafficking rings and several US islands involved in human trafficking.
  • W were coming closer to the EPSTEIN list being EXPOSED.
  • Trump Card: The CIA was in full panic mode astheir plan to install Gavin Newsom  as the next U.S. President is crumbling, as the CIA is being exposed from within, Mil. Trial’s in Guantano Bay have dropped the CIA’s involvement with the 911 terrorist and paper trails are connecting Saudi Arabia intelligence agencies to CIA and the cover up of the 911 investigations.
  • Much is happening behind the scenes as White Hats plan to DROP major leaks including un-redacted files on the JFK assassination lead by the CIA, and a military coup and cover up by the FBI in collusion with the United States military coup against JFK.
  • Why does Hunter Biden have a Tattoo of the Five Finger Lakes on his back? Why did Flynn share an article of Child sex trafficking around Five Finger Lakes?
  • You have more than you know. …Q

Biden Crime Family:

Wars and Rumors of Wars:

  • General Flynn states that when Hamas attacked Gaza, “there was a decision made to have a security stand down, on the 7th of October, for 7 hours.” Netanyahu must be REMOVED… and looks like that’s the consensus.
  • Albania: Cyber Attacks Hit Albania:
  • The cabal company Comcast has some ‘splainin’ to do:
  • UK: Eurostar cancels ALL services leaving 30,000 passengers stranded in London after tunnels were flood… via
  • Spain: Hundreds of Flights Cancelled Due to Walkout:
  • Sun. 31 Dec. Qrash the Matrix on Telegram: Understand this stuff about a war is part of the narrative we gotta live thru. Trump told us at least 17 times we are headed to WW3. We’ve been told NON NUCLEAR but we expect a war scenario to play out and God to bring this country and the remaining Cabal to it’s knees. Expect the unexpected but if you’ve been following long enough you know that this is all pre-planned and our CIC and our great military is behind us. The war (scenario) will usher in the financial crash (real) it has to happen. There will be some uncomfortable times that’s why right now we need to focus on being prepared for not only ourselves but for those around you and even people on here. WE NEED TO BE THE STRONG ONES FOR THE WEAK. WE WERE CHOSEN TO BE PREPARED FOR THIS. DON’T LET GOD DOWN.

Sun. 31 Dec. White Hat Intel:

  • Jamie Dimon, the most powerful banker on Wall Street, connected the CIA, World Banks, JP Morgan and Intelligence Communities to Epstein. Jamie Dimon has connections to the Cabal, CIA, Mossad, Epstein and Deep State System across the World. Dimon is a central KEY on how the Deep State took control of the World.
  • The Jeffrey Epstein lawsuits in the Virgin Islands is connected to Jamie Dimon and his subpoena is important to the Epstein case.
  • It’s important to understand the current case in Virgin Islands against Epstein and the subpoena’s for the most powerful men in the world such as Sergey Brin.
  • Since the early 2000s Jamie Dimon has been the CEO of JP Morgan Chase, one of the biggest banks on Wall Street. Dimon was considered one of the most powerful if not the most powerful, Wall Street banker today.
  • The U.S. Islands Attorney General Denise George was fired after her filling the law suits in the Epstein case, but still the law suit was allowed in U.S. courts.
  • Inside the lawsuits it’s confirmed JP Morgan allowed EPSTEIN to run sex trafficking networks through their banking system. Jamie Dimon was aware that Epstein was paying for sex victims and giving large amounts of money to Jean-luc Brunel. (Brunel also supposedly committed suicide in jail like Epstein as awaiting trial).
  • Leslie Wexner LLC owned the giant retailers Victoria Secrets and Bath and Body works. Wexner hired Jeffrey Epstein as his financial manager beginning sometime in the 1980s and continuing until 2007. Wexner had a very close relationship with Epstein that began in the 1980s and continued until Epstein’s death. Wexner was once the “main client” of Epstein’s money-management firm, according to Bloomberg. Wexner allowed Epstein to run his business out of a house he owned and resided in whilst CEO of Victoria’s Secret. WEXNER is one of two men who placed JAMIE DIMON into power and position in JP MORGAN with the help of LESTER CROWN, who was the biggest Stake Holders in Rockefeller Center, Hilton Hotels, the Yankees, the Bulls and Bank One.
  • Leslie Wexner and the UK Crown Family merged Bank One with JP Morgan and placed JAMIE DIMON into power.
  • Dimon was building Citigroup with Sanford Weill that started with Commercial Credit Corp. and Data Core in 1985. Data Core was part of a Deep State Intelligence community connected to organized crime that moved money laundering operations and creating illicit technology transfers that SPIED on the U.S. MILITARY &. INTELLIGENCE.
  • Data Core sold Military CLASSIFIED intelligence/ military weapons data to Russia, China and other countries including MOSSAD, M16 and the CIA super spy Robert Maxwell, Ghislaine Maxwell’s father.
  • Mr. Maxwell’s lawyer Samuel Pisar was the father of Antony Blinken (the U.S. Secretary of State and Obama’s national security advisor.
  • The American Committee for Soviet Relations was a Think Tank that included many of these people including the the UK Crown Family, Armand Hammer and other crime families.
  • Several of these Elites from the 70s 80s tried to build the first One World Financial System and economy. They sold U.S. CLASSIFIED weapons/ plans to Russia. They were working with Russian Oligarchs and CIA, PENTAGON DARPA OPERATIONS that tried to control banks that senators and Congress used. Financial Blackmail traps and ops were placed.
  • These companies and Deep State operations including CIA, Russian oligarchs, Elites, ROCKEFELLER, ROTHSCHILDs, Commercial Credit Corps and Data Core became Citigroup, who controlled J.P. Morgan and Wall Street Stock inside Social Media and TV Stations.
  • The power of Jamie Dimon and how JP Morgan and the Deep State connected to EPSTEIN. Epstein was placed by the CIA/ MOSSAD/ MI6 Deep State Alliance that created Robert Maxwell. That was how the CABAL took control of U.S. Military Intelligence Financial and Blackmail operations that captured US Generals and Commanders into Deep State operations. The World fiat money laundering system was planned and dated back to early the 1900s and preplanning of creating the CIA.
  • The REAL story of how the DEEP STATE took control of the world through money laundering operations in the Fiat system and CIA.
  • Mossad, M16 and Deep State Intelligence agencies throughout the World were connected to Blackmail Operations that included the Rockefellers, Rothschilds and the Vatican.
  • The Vatican created the first Intelligence agencies in the world. They infiltrated nations and helped create the fiat world banking system.
  • In the late 80s the CIA Epstein pedophilia Sex Trafficking Blackmail operations began and entrapped nations, ABD leaders and governments.
  • The financial fiat Deep State Money is unraveling. It’s also connected to JP Morgan, Epstein, Deep State Military Intelligence, Social Media, Facebook and Darpa Operations.

Sun. 31 Dec. American Patriot on Telegram: The Great Awakening Corporation vs. Sovereign:

  • The inner standing of the true meaning of being born as a “Spiritual Sovereign Soul” as opposed to being incorporated at birth into “The Evil Corporation System of Enslavement” is the first step to regaining your sovereignty.
  • To fund their New World Order, they incorporated using our birth certificates by which we became debt slaves in their system for a debt they incurred and will never be paid off.
  • Their goal of a New World Order is not new; it has been planned for hundreds of years and has been passed down from generation to generation through the 13 blood line families who answer to their overlords, never to be spoken of as they knew that if we found out, they would be hunted down and dealt with swiftly. Thus, “The Great Awakening”. “The New World That God Has Always Intended for Us”.
  • We only need to travel back in time 152 years when the Organic Act Of 1871 was enacted and then move forward to the current day. Their plan extends much further back than 1871; this was not the first time they have executed a reset of humanity here on this realm we call earth.
  • I encourage you to RESEARCH everything that I am providing. The “Act Of 1871” was the instrument they used after the US lost the Revolutionary War; it was at this time that the Rothchild’s and the global bankers infiltrated countries throughout the world. The US Treasury was financially exhausted due to the war that the global bankers had orchestrated, as they always have. The global bankers have started every war, funding both sides to control humanity.
  • The global bankers then pulled us into their web of deceit and lies through a loan which allowed them to infiltrate not only the US through our governments but worldwide. The execution of this plan allowed them to infiltrate banking, courts, medical, educational systems, churches worldwide. They had gained control of everything. The Central banks, IMF, Federal Reserve, IRS, Corporations are not our friends folks.
  • The Act Of 1871 was a treasonous act against humanity; it was passed by The 41st Congress unlawfully against the original US Constitution. This treasonous act enabled the global bankers to take away our sovereignty and dissolved the Republic For America.
  • The global bankers turned our country into THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, CORP and put a gold fringe around our great flag to represent their corporation. They infiltrated our legal system moving us from Common Law – God’s Natural Law (Land, Air, Water) to Corporate Maritime Law using the English language (legal ease) against the people, with statues, ordinances, policies and mandates which are not the law of the land as created by God our Divine Creator.
  • Maritime Law is conducted by The BAR Association – British Accredited Register and NOT constitutional law. So, with all of these facts presented, this is “The Great Awakening”… The British Crown along with the Vatican has controlled all of humanity through the strong arm of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORP. in all capitalized letters and we no longer comply.

Sun. 31 Dec. Ben Fulford Report: US President, Pope, King of England and Emperor of Japan all about to fall, plus the Alliance Future Plans:

  • The world is undergoing the biggest changes in centuries if not millennia. When the dust settles, the US President, the Pope, the King of England and the Emperor of Japan are all likely to be removed.
  • Also, the last of the Satanists will be hunted down and brought to justice and their remaining Swiss, Israeli and US fortresses will suffer a Masada-like fall.
  • The signs of this are everywhere. Last week for example saw leaders from nearly 200 countries and around 100,000 delegates gather in Dubai for COP 28 with begging cups in their hands. EU Chief Ursula von der Leyen tweeted “In climate finance, we have to move from billions to trillions.” King Charles demanded that taxpayers around the globe cough up $5 trillion every year in order to advance the globalist “Net Zero” agenda.
  • Their attempts to grab “green” money from Western countries has already led Canada’s Alberta Province to openly revolt against the Castrudeau KM proxy government. All the “green” money they managed to get was about $500 million, or 1/200th of the $100 billion pledged during China’s October Belt and Road party. This too was far from the trillions of dollars expected by many.
  • When the fake President Joe Biden met with Chinese leader Xi Jinping in San Francisco last month, the Asians told the Rockefeller/Rothschild Khazarian Mafia: “You have had 110 years [since the founding of the Federal Reserve Board], so now it is our turn.” That is why Rockefeller’s proxy Anthony Blinken looked so scared as the talks concluded.
  • The Asians and their Western White Hat Allies plan to announce a multi-trillion dollar new East/West/North/South plan to end poverty and stop environmental destruction, probably during 2024. They will follow that by taking all the money that was being used for wars and spending on a new war against aging and death.
  • First though will come some huge political changes. While the world has been focused on the Khazarian mafia-orchestrated wars in Ukraine and Gaza, East Asia has begun the biggest political changes since the fall of the last Japanese shogun and the last Chinese Emperor.
  • When President XI of China met with Biden recently, the military of China reported Biden was obviously high and on drugs and mumbled to himself constantly mumbled to himself off camera with dilated pupils. The military reports go hand in hand with U.S. military intelligence reports.
  • BIDENs handlers induce him with drugs the moment he wakes up and keep him under sedation and away from the public and phone calls and media. After his morning cocktails of drugs he then administer methamphetamines.
  • Chinese Military wires indicate Biden’s permanent removal was imminent.
  • It’s reported by several sources the Chinese government officials, including the military reference TRUMP as Uncle Donald, Uncle Trump. (This name has been growing since 2017).
  • Uncle TRUMP and XI have back channels and MUSK is branching relations behind the scenes.
  • Musk is in strong communication with Mohammad Bin Salman Royal Family living in the US. His subsidiary companies are working with Russian billionaires.
  • Musk is planning to create a new banking system by the end of 2025 into 2026 that is completely backed by gold, precious metals and world goods.
  • Sun. 31 Dec. Alliance Future Plans, Ben Fulford: THE UN & Globalist Elite’s Demise – A Strategy Against Woke Agenda
  • Military Operations are initiating protocols to align Trump with laws against Hollywood propaganda, targeting MSM-controlled CIA operations. Multiple divisions within DOJ and AG, led by Kash Patel and the military, are crafting legislation to counter UN agendas promoting CIA-linked transgender psychological operations. These forthcoming laws will shake Hollywood, dismantling its propaganda machine. This seismic change is in sync with the impending full Epstein exposure in 2024 – the “Trump cards” unveiling CIA ops, stolen elections, and Hollywood’s complicity.
  • The Death of “Wokeism” and Its Global Impact: Incoming laws aim to disrupt the UN agenda’s indoctrination tactics, designed to lead to open pedophilia laws. The hidden motives behind transgender operations – confusing children and normalizing sexuality and pedophilia – are being brought to light. Plans are underway by the Alliance, Trump, and White Hats to counter the Davos, WEF, UN, and CIA-controlled elite’s world gender warfare. It’s a battle against their dominance over Hollywood and the MSM propaganda machine.
  • Insights into 2024 & Beyond: The Military World Alliance envisions a strong female Vice President like Kari Lake, fostering robust global relationships. This Vice President will play a key role in uniting China in the upcoming revolution, foreseen around 2025-26, orchestrating the fall of CCP. As China fragments into separate entities, a new federation will emerge. Meanwhile, efforts are ongoing to integrate Black communities into the Trump movement and the Great Awakening, projecting an 80% swing in Black votes towards Trump in 2024. This strategic maneuver aims to counter the DNC’s alleged corruption and CIA-propagated narratives targeting Black communities and the music industry.
  • Get ready for the storm in 2024 – the exposure of truths, the demise of age-old agendas, and a revolution on the horizon!

The Chinese Communist Party, David Wilcock:

  • The USSF and World Alliance were aware that the Chinese Military have activated their Devolution Plan – the Great Waking Dragon Operations and military Protocols that will lead to a full Chinese Revolution and the end of CCP (and the Rothschild/Rockerfeller CIA operations with the CCP).
  • This Chinese Devolution Plan has been devised since XI was slowly rising to Power in 2007 and finally took over China in 2012.
  • Star Admiral Micheal S. Rogers was in strong back channel communications with XI and White Hats in the Chinese military who wanted a revolution away from the CCP. The Chinese Communist Party was run by president/chairman Mao Zedong and the Red Army who created the PRC. The PRC would heavily come under the control of the Rothchilds/Rockerfellers banks and CIA Operation including genocidal operations on the behest of the Bohemian Grove Elite influence and infiltration into President Mao’s regime.
  • Four Star Admiral Rogers was well aware of President XI’s life story and the intelligence reports in the U.S. and Russia that XI wanted to initiate a Revolution against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)/ Peoples Republic of China (PRC) – the Deep State Rockerfeller/ CIA/Rothschild ops.
  • Admiral Rogers knew Xi’s life story and how Xi’s father Xi Zhongxun had saved the lives of the Red Army and Mao Zedong back in early 1930s. Soon after Mao used XI’s fathers gorilla army to reform a Stronger Red Army and soon Mao came into power of the CCP created the PRC.
  • After Mao gained power he killed his opponents and put his friends including XI’s father into power inside his regimen and Mao took full control of China. Soon after Mao turned on his own allies and friends, killed and imprisoned them. Xi’s father was among those imprisoned and betrayed.
  • The young 15 year old Xi was banished from Beijing and forced to hard labor work in the country and lived inside a cave. XI long held his grudge over the CCP/ and against president leader Mao for creating the PRC who incarcerated his father and ruined his life and that of his family and friends. XI wanted revenge.
  • Eventually MAO died and Allies of his father came back into CCP/PRC power. For years XI went through the Chinese providence gaining the trust of the people and aligning himself with military with help from Chinese White Hats in the military who were also looking to destroy the CCP/ PRC and also wanted revenge for their families.
  • The U.S. military White Hats in the 80s into the 90s were helping White Hats in China place a NEW LEADER.
  • By the late 90s US White Hats had their eyes on XI.
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