Australian Gulag

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Australia’s Northern Territory Announces Strictest Vaxx-Mandate in the World
Oct 3
Australia has already established itself as the most draconian western nation when it comes to Covid “vaccine” requirements and unreasonable lockdowns. Now, Northern Territory has announced the worst mandates to date that will require pretty much anyone who comes in contact with others to be vaccinated within a month or face a $5000 fine.
It isn’t just healthcare workers, teachers, or members of the military who will be affected. Bank tellers, store clerks, and anyone who is face-to-face with anyone else as part of their job requirements must be vaccinated, leave their job, or get fined. Aussies have one month to comply; if they don’t have their first jab by November 13, the fines start getting handed out the next day.
Michael Gunner, Northern Territory Chief Minister, said today, “If your job includes interacting with members of the public, then you need to get the jab.”

Charlie Ward, Julia, and Carly In A Powerful Discussion With Australia One Party Leader Riccardo Bosi
Note: For years many planeloads of children & women have been taken from Australia to Wuhan – a huge DUMB under the ‘3 Gorges Dam’.

Breaking: Australians Issue Emergency SOS To The World!! – Alex Jones
Sept 27
It’s getting tough in Australia. Most New Zealanders are unaware of the brutality going on there. Hundreds of thousands of NZers live in Australia, so you would expect that their relatives back home would know what was happening. Yet no one is marching in the streets in support of the Australians. If a land grab was the issue, the streets would be full of protesters. Yawn! Back to sleep we go!

Australia Is Done! Prison Camps & Food Rationing – Country Collapses Under Crippling Tyranny!
Josh Sigurdson reports on the shocking level of tyranny in Australia as the government builds camps in the middle of nowhere and begins rationing food from people imprisoned in their homes for completely arbitrary or non-existent reasons (other than to be a totalitarian tyrant).
As Australia restricts basic freedoms and continues to grow into a Chinese style technocracy, the NSW Health Chief now says people will have to get used to lockdowns and boosters FOREVER.

If people allow this to happen, they are nothing more that blind and foolish. This will only get worse until it’s stopped. Police are beating old men and women in the streets for not wearing masks or having a jab. They are quite literally starving people out and forcing people into camps. At this point it must be admitted that Australia has fallen. It is once again a giant prison island. An unforgiving, tyrannical police state prison island.

This is coming to a place near you soon. We see it starting in Ireland. We see it in Canada. We see it in Paris, France and in Italy. If you don’t fight back, you will succumb to the crippling tyranny like cattle to the slaughter.

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As expected more news keeps flooding in, especially about the “Kill Shot”. There are so many experts who are giving us information. Here in New Zealand we are in a real news vacuum. The pseudo-experts seem to have fallen in line with the marxist government.

Zinc Ionophores: This item will be shifted later to VAX SURVIVAL
An ionophore is a zinc transport molecule that facilitates the entry of zinc into cells.
*quercetin -poorly absorbed by the body
*EGCG (epigallocatechin-gallate )-found in green tea – research suggests that this has difficultly releasing zinc once it had entered the cell
*Ivermectin & Hydroxychloroquine Stronger, but not readily available.

zinc ascorbate:
Journal of Medical Virology:
The compound zinc ascorbate could be the most readily available and effective zinc ionophore for the prevention and treatment of Covid-19.
Mineral salts of ascorbic acid are well absorbed.
Zinc ascorbate has significant superoxide dismutase-like activity.
It is a chelated compound that is produced by the combination of Zn2+ with ascorbic acid.

The European Food Safety Authority:
Zinc ascorbate can be assumed to be dissociated in the stomach.
This aspect requires further research and could pose a challenge for the correct absorption of the intended amount of zinc ascorbate in the intestine.
A possible solution could be to temporarily reduce stomach acidity with water and to accelerate transit of zinc ascorbate out of the stomach to the small intestine with water and food. For example, zinc ascorbate could be ingested with a small amount of water on an empty stomach, then followed immediately by a full glass of water and possibly a meal [protein?], thus reducing temporarily stomach acidity and at the same time accelerating transit of zinc ascorbate out of the stomach to the small intestine, with the effect of a reduction of zinc ascorbate dissociation in the stomach.

A natural antibiotic such as cinnamon extract or oil of oregano
Quercetin as a zinc ionophore (to enhance zinc entrance into cells)
Zinc, up to 30 milligrams per day
Vitamin B3 (niacin), 25 to 50 mg per day
Selenium to further boost bioavailability of zinc
*Protein enhances the absorption of zinc, however a phytate rich diet (such as found in cereals, grains, corn and rice) can inhibit the absorption of zinc.

New Cirsten W & Gene Decode & Michael Jaco Panel Discussion September 1 2021:
These 3 people have a lot of “intel” to give us. It is time-consuming to listen to their discussion. Here are a couple of bits of info:
Afghanistan: 20:20 – 25:00 & 26:30 – 27:10 The truth is much different to what we have been told via the MSM e.g. people in Kabul welcomed the Taliban, political prisoners released from prison, armaments left so Taliban could stop ISIS, poppy fields destroyed to cut off drug supply to CIA & Cabal, white hats in control.
Cryptocurrency & Gold: 43:40 “White Hats” have captured & control over 52% crypto which has been used to traffick children (auctioned on the dark web). These currencies will collapse, so get out of them-buy silver.
Gold in tunnels linked to Vatican DUMB:
1) 34.7 quadrillion US dollars: tunnel Vatican to Jerusalem
2) 97 septillion US dollars: tunnel Vatican to Switzerland
quadrillion = 1000 trillion = 1000×1000 billion
septillion = 1 billion quadrillion = 1000x1000x1000x1000x1000 billion

Trafficked Children & Adrenochrome:

The trafficking of children by the millions is big business. They are held captive in DUMBs, where many are tortured to produce adrenochrome, others are used for satanic rituals where they are abused & butchered & some are sex slaves. This is big money to satisfy the lust & cravings of the rich, the elite & other twisted monsters.
Adrenochrome enables the addicts to have eternal youth at a price! When there is no more, decay sets in rapidly!

Celine Dion was apparently arrested, tried & executed, as has happened to many other stars-more to come!

Bill Gates Military Tribunal:
DAY 2: Excerpt
Vice Adm. Hannink introduced the prosecution’s first witness of the day, a man who identified himself as Steven Sharpe, a self-described “fixer” whom Gates had paid millions of dollars to “tidy up” unfortunate incidents.
“I know for an absolute fact Bill had sex with underage boys and girls in that dungeon of his at the Wyoming ranch.”
Steven Sharpe showed the tribunal several photographs of him and Bill Gates lounging at the Wyoming ranch. One image was of Gates lying on a gurney while Sharpe, looming overhead, administered an intravenous drip into Gates’ left arm. Sharpe insisted the photograph was of Gates receiving an Adrenochrome infusion. Moreover, Sharpe presented images of Gates surrounded by what appeared to be underage females.
“They were all drugged and had no idea where they were or what they were doing,” Sharpe said. “And I did much for him. I am also a cyber security specialist, and I helped his people with an algorithm that scrubbed clean negative press of Bill on the internet.”
Sharpe went on to recount an incident where an overaggressive Gates, fresh off an Adrenochrome infusion, beat and murdered a 13-year-old girl he had imported into the U.S. from Thailand.
“I was present two times when shipping containers arrived at the Port of New York and New Jersey. Each container had a dozen or more boys and girls. There were no manifests to sign. Bill made sure of that. He paid a lot of money to keep this all under the table and quiet.”

FDA Approval of Pfizer Vaccine:
This is a game changer. At first thought it may seem to be a bad thing. But take note of the following:
FDA Approval = CheckMate
Trump Weaponised Their Greed Against Them
FDA Approval = CGMP Compliance (CGMP -regulations for drugs)
Pfizer must confirm contents and finalise labelling – 14 days to comply
Trump was Counting on Patriots Defending Their Rights
Under EUA You Cannot MANDATE (EUA – Emergency Use Authorisation)
Breakthrough Covid Cases (according to FDA) = Adverse Events
Lawsuits against FDA & pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer
New Stew Peters: Former Pfizer Employee – “Checkmate, Game Over, We Win”

Dr. David E. Martin Drops Shocking Info on Canadians!

Irrefutable Evidence That Will Send All Who Knowingly Cooperated To Prison
This well qualified & knowledgeable researcher is testifying at a hearing in Barbados. Notice how they try to shut him down.

Featuring: Dr. Robert MaloneDr. Sucharit Bhakdi, Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Ryan Cole, Dr. Kary Mullis, Dr. Michael Yeadon, Dr. Dan Erickson, Dr. Scott Jensen, Prof…. A call to action from a series of experts and professionals from around the world. Peaceful mass non-compliance is the only way.

Trump HHS Expert, Dr. Paul Alexander, Addresses Trump ‘Vaccine’ Push:
Sunday, August 22, 2021 4:38
Dr. Paul Alexander is interviewed by Stew Peters. I am finding it difficult to understand why Trump is saying “Take the Vax” -he has taken it?!
Is he feeling guilty that he promoted it last year with wrong advice? Time will tell!

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The MSM (MainStream Media) like to call alternative news sites Fake News, whereas in fact it is the opposite.
Here are some Real News sites that I visit regularly:
Before Its News: Many good articles & videos here. You have to be selective. This is a Christian website, so the non-Christians may find this off-putting, but you can simply avoid those articles/videos.
SOTN – State of the Nation,

Watching a Video: use right mouse button & TAB it.
Downloading a Video, use 4K Video Downloader – you simply highlight the video address, copy, clik 4K in the task bar & clik Paste Link -it will download into the 4K folder. These video sites work:, rumble, brandnewtube, bitchute, vimeo, youtube

NZ UNvaxxed Group: Voices for Freedom

Browser & Search Engine: I use Firefox/Google, but blocking can occur, so better for some searches is Brave/DuckDuckGo. Use both.

The “vaccination” of citizens of any country is unsafe & it is a crime against humanity. The case for doing so is rapidly falling apart.
Jacinda Adern should stop this genocide immediately!

The Supreme Court in the US Has Ruled the COVID Vaccine Is Not a Vaccine, Is Unsafe and Must Be Avoided at All Costs
Saturday, August 28

The Supreme Court has canceled universal vaccination In the United States. Bill Gates, US Chief Infectious Disease Specialist Fauci, and Big Pharma have lost a lawsuit in the US Supreme Court, failing to prove that all of their vaccines over the past 32 years have been safe for the health of citizens! The lawsuit was filed by a group of scientists led by Senator Kennedy.
Robert F. Kennedy Jr .:
“The new COVID vaccine should be avoided at all costs. I urgently draw your attention to important issues related to the next vaccination against Covid-19. For the first time in the history of vaccination, the so-called mRNA vaccines of the latest generation directly interfere with the patient’s genetic material and therefore alter the individual genetic material, which is genetic manipulation, which was already prohibited and was previously considered a crime. The coronavirus VACCINE IS NOT A VACCINE! ATTENTION! What has always been a vaccine? It was always the pathogen itself – a microbe or virus that was killed or attenuated, that is, weakened – and it was introduced into the body in order to produce antibodies. Not even a coronavirus vaccine! It is not that at all! It is part of the newest group of mRNA allegedly “vaccines”. Once inside a human cell, mRNA reprograms normal RNA / DNA, which begins to make another protein. That is, nothing to do with traditional vaccines!
“Vaccinated” People:
Following the unprecedented mRNA vaccine, the vaccinated will no longer be able to treat the symptoms of the vaccine in an additional way.
Vaccinated people will have to come to terms with the consequences, because they can no longer be cured by simply removing toxins from the human body, as in a person with a genetic defect such as Downs syndrome, Klinefelter syndrome, Turner syndrome, genetic heart failure, hemophilia, cystic fibrosis, Rett syndrome, etc., because the genetic defect is forever!
This clearly means:
if a symptom of vaccination develops after mRNA vaccination, neither I nor any other therapist can help you, because DAMAGE CAUSED BY VACCINATION WILL BE GENETICALLY Irreversible.”
Law suits against Covid Vaccines:
Expected COVID vaccine mandates: CHD is working with a consortium of lawyers to prepare challenges to forthcoming institutional, city and state mandates for COVID vaccines.
The Result:
Federal Law Now Prohibits Mandates of Emergency Use COVID Vaccines, Tests, Masks .

Breaking – Germany Halts All Covid-19 Vaccines, Says They Are Unsafe And No Longer Recommended!!
Friday, August 27
The new Federal Minister of Health in Germany appointed a spokesperson who read out a statement: my transcript
“The Federal Govt has reassessed the hazard situation. The risk for infections from Covid is very low at the moment. Reports of side effects of the Covid vaccination has triggered the Fed Govt to pass a moratorium which means that the vaccinations are 1 not recommended any longer 2) the license of the vaccinations have been put on hold for 2 weeks & 3) all competent govt bodies are going to gather info to allow the Fed Govt to come to solid & sound solutions on how to proceed. Dr. Reiner Fuellmich has set up a govt team of excellent experts especially in the area of health.”

Japan: 1.6m Moderna Doses Pulled After Officials Discover Vials Contained ‘Foreign Matter’ That ‘Reacts to Magnets’
The ministry said later in the day that the substance that had been mixed in may have been metal.
This is BS – it is “graphene oxide”!
UPDATE: 30 August
Japan suspends Moderna Covid vaccine after another million doses found contaminated, bringing total to 2.6 million.
Gunma is now the seventh Japanese prefecture to discover contaminants in doses of the Moderna vaccine, after similar incidents in Aichi, Gifu, Ibaraki, Okinawa, Saitama and Tokyo. It comes as Japan battles a surge in Covid cases that has pushed nearly half of the country’s prefectures into a state of emergency.

BOMBSHELL UK data destroys entire premise for vaccine push:
Two-thirds of Delta deaths in the UK are in the jabbed.
Countries around the world, as months pass since vaccinations, are experiencing a surge in vaccinated deaths and hospitalizations.
The powers that be will not admit there is something terribly wrong. They will not acknowledge the clear science that people with natural immunity, and the young and healthy, do not need to take the risks of these injections.

Some Important Events/Information:
I gathered these from various sources.
Trump installed by DOD on 22/08 – he has a secret govt
Mike Pompeo busted as a traitor – double now with blonde hairdo
Kamala Harris arrested on trip to Asia – in Singapore
The Alliance has taken out bad jabs, replacing with saline solutions
Trucky strike Aug 31 – OZ & US
Cilantro + Zn + aspirin + vit D removes graphene; also Mullein tea
Constitutional republic – US, Canada, Australia, Pacific
CIA & NSA causing storms -weather warfare
Afghanistan is a distraction -Getting out CIA & stopping the drug trade
All debt will be cancelled with QFS
No tax – GST only, 20%? – but not on food, medical, used goods
Original inoculation (Trump) HCO, Ivermectin, Zn, vitamins, antibiotics
Black Swan financial event -crash economy first
Blackout Aug 27 – 11 Sept – worldwide blackout [somewhere in that range?]
7 presidential messages (EBS), then dead; TV, internet still on -electricity out 1-3 days [US only?]
During that time – rods of god dropped on cabal buildings
Vatican -pope steps down

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The Khazarian Mafia

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Do you want to accept this encouragement to take the “Death Shot”? Is it truly an act of love?

Martin Luther’s last sermon: “Warning Against the Jews” 1546 AD:
“If they could kill us all, they would gladly do so; in fact, many of them murder Christians,
especially those professing to be surgeons and doctors. They know how to deal with medicaments in the manner of the Italians – the Borgias and Medicis – who gave people poison which brought about their death in one hour or in a month.”

Don’t I know it HK Phlooey….I’m a Christian Palestinian American. My parents were born and raised there and my mom was a refugee from Haifa in 1948 when the bloodthirsty, Eastern European Khazars came to Palestine to rape, pillage, massacre and steal.

Aztec Sacrifices:
The Khazarians sacrificed children and the Aztecs also carried out sacrifices. The Aztecs were influenced by the Giza Intelligences, who may have also corrupted the Khazarians, hence blood sacrifices.
The Aztecs had a number of gods. Two important gods were:
Huitzilopochtli: He was one of the most important of the Aztec gods, the god of the sun, warfare, military conquest and sacrifice, who according to tradition, led the Mexica people from Aztlan, their mythical homeland, into Central Mexico. According to some scholars, Huitzilopochtli could have been a historical figure, probably a priest, who was transformed into a god after his death.
Quetzalcoatl: According to a Toltec legend, their civilization (which dominated Central Mexico from approximately 900-1150 A.D.) was founded by a great hero, Ce Acatl Topiltzín Quetzalcoatl. According to Toltec and Maya accounts, Ce Acatl Topiltzín Quetzalcoatl lived in Tula for a while before a dispute with the warrior class over human sacrifice led to his departure. He headed east, eventually settling in Chichen Itza. The God Quetzalcoatl definitely has a link of some sort to this hero. It may be that the historical Ce Acatl Topiltzín Quetzalcoatl was deified into Quetzalcoatl the god, or he may have assumed the mantle of an already existing divine entity.
According to the Plejaren Semjase in Contact Report 55, these “gods” were Plejaren – one benevolent, the other malevolent.

  1. Quetzalcoatl was, according to earthly terms, a high officer or a high supervisor of an extraterrestrial group, which was active in the region you today call Egypt.
  2. However, he was very knowledgeable and wise and was very often given special assignments, one of which took him to South America, where he was worshipped like a god by the early Aztecs, etc.
  3. Since he owned a small spaceship, he was able to reinforce this impression among the Aztec people of the time, although this was not his intention.
  4. Only when he met another representative, a certain Huitzilopochtli, did he change his demeanor.
  5. Huitzilopochtli, in fact, was one of the early Giza Intelligences and exercised a bloody sacrificial rule among the Aztecs.
  6. He was insatiable in this regard and demanded human blood as a sacrifice, while Quetzalcoatl was against it.
  7. Thus, an evil enmity arose between them and each of them tried to gain dominion over the people.
  8. By wicked deceptions and fraudulent machinations, however, Huitzilopochtli then succeeded in driving Quetzalcoatl away, consequently the latter fled and returned to Egypt.

The Khazarian Mafia:
For thousand of years human beings of Earth have been under the control of powerful families whose origins date back to Khazaria, a country to the south of Russia. Today we refer to those who would “rule us all” as:
The Khazarian Mafia – Cabal – Illuminati – Elite.
An excellent series of videos has been produced by Janet Ossebaard which may be downloaded from bitchute. Use the 4K Video Downloader.
I suggest that you watch at least a few of these videos so that you can gain some understanding as to what is happening in the world today.
FALL OF THE CABAL: 10 parts in 1 video

What follows is a history of the Khazarian Mafia. It is lengthy, but you can be selective.
Prior to that I include a list of the Cartels.

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Bogus Vaxxes & More

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Saline Solutions and Placebos
Why are some people magnetic when they haven’t been vaccinated, nor worn masks, nor taken PCR tests? Well, there is already an answer to that.
Just when we thought that the confirmation of graphene oxide in vaccines was already alarming, new information appears that blows our minds.
For two weeks now, the Telegram channel Info Vacunas has been investigating in parallel to that of La Quinta Columna and has discovered that since 2012 there has been a patent for including graphene oxide in physiological saline solutions.
This is disturbing because it means that humanity has been the victim of poisoning unknowingly for almost 10 years.

Several doctors/researchers have stated that it appears that some “vaccines” are saline solutions. There are many adverse reactions, yet for many, no reactions at all. Here in New Zealand I am surprised that few adverse reactions have been reported & only one death. Dr. Charlie Ward remarked that it would have taken many years to make enough vaccines for all those already vaxxed. Here is an excerpt from Contact Report 774 between Billy Meier of FIGU & the Plejaren Ptaah. False [PCR] tests are also mentioned.

Thursday, August 26, 2021, 8:12 a.m.
That’s what he said. But one more thing: Already at the beginning of 2021 you talked about the fact that there is fraud with the Corona vaccinations, there are tens of thousands of cases, you said. I also said something about that at the 772nd contact on July 30, when Florena and Bermunda were here. Today I heard about it on the early morning news as well [Switzerland]. Apparently you can talk about it openly now and don’t have to choke down the truth. The fact that you were talking at the time about the tens of thousands of bogus vaccinations with distilled water and with saline solutions being injected, where tens of thousands were bamboozled, the question came up, was this happening worldwide, or was it just Europe that was affected?
It was worldwide and still happens, just as false test results are created. Besides, it is not only tens of thousands, but the whole thing has grown into the millions, so the exact number could not be determined by us yet.
It is all about money. So it’s about profit. – And which companies or corporations are behind it.

This is a transcript which I laboriously made – it is so important for all New Zealanders – even non-patriot Aotearoans!
I am sure that this blog is only visited by patriots, whether or not they live here or elsewhere!

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So much important information is coming out, hence this blog. Spread the word, spread the truth, save lives. Time is the essence.

This interview is of value. Some parts are spoken in German (for the German audience) -you can skip through. I have some important extracts below.
“Mind Blowing! Full Interview of Dr. Bryan Ardis by German Lawyer Reiner Fuellmich”
Saturday, July 30, 2021
This interview is from the Corona Committee “Session #63″

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Global Court Case

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Dr. Reiner Fuellmich summarizes his case against “Mr. Global”
August 10, 2021

Dear friends, something is happening,
The entrenched front of the makers of corona is crumbling and dissolving. And that is because the power of US (us). The power of humanity is greater than the power of those on the other side, the inhumans.
Humanity with emotions will always prevail over digitalization and artificial intelligence.
I say this after the Berlin Corona Investigative Committee has, since its inception on July 10th 2020, heard testimony from more than 110 highly-respected experts from all over the world on the questions of how dangerous is the virus, how dangerous are the anti-corona measures to human life and health and to the economy, and how reliable is the Drosten PCR test underlying all these measures worldwide.
Well, in the meantime, even the WHO has conceded that the virus, regardless of whether it is fully or semi-artificial or natural, is no more dangerous than the common flu — with an infection finality rate of 0.14 percent.
And accordingly, Singapore agrees and has removed all measures. These measures are as deadly and destructive as a third world war would be.

And the Drosten PCR test, which was declared by the WHO — under control of Bill Gates and the Chinese — as the gold standard for detecting infections, is an outrageous fraud.
First, a PCR test per se cannot detect infections. And second, the Drosten PCR test, with 45 cycles of amplification, has been set to show 100 percent false positives as so-called corona cases.
Because, from 24 cycles on, the test lacks anything even remotely scientific. And at 35 cycles it produces at least 97% false positives according to Dr. Mike Yeadon, former vice president of Pfizer. Only these so-called cases, which have in reality been faked with the test, with the help of this test, formed the basis for the determination of ‘a public health emergency of international concern’ in February of 2020.

The acronym, by the way, for ‘public health emergency of international concern’ is PHEIC, pronounced ‘fake’.
This is the termination of a public health emergency of international concern, which was needed by the global alliance of the pharmaceutical and tech industries in order to achieve the goal of so-called vaccinations, which was their true stated intention right from the beginning.
Only on the basis of this public health emergency of international concern, that is on the basis of this state of emergency, is it possible at all — according to the rules of the WHO — to use untested drugs on humans by way of this emergency approval.
All other steps — the social distancing, the lockdowns, the mask mandates, etcetera — served only to give the population: firstly, a visible reason for an otherwise illusionary panic created solely through psychological operations and, secondly, to subjugate them so that they would ultimately agree even to the so-called vaccinations.

In reality, of course, these vaccinations are experimental gene therapies without any scientific study as a basis. There is neither a reason nor even a necessity for them.
Firstly, there is no evidence for a pandemic. Only the fake Drosten PCR test with its false positives is responsible for the public health emergency of international concern, as explained above. And, secondly, there are effective alternative treatment methods. And, as a rule, a human immune system is very well equipped to fight viruses — even man-made viruses.
Apart from that, the vaccinations lack any effectiveness, as a very recent study by Science Files has just proven concerning BioNtech Pfizer.
And, on top of all this, these shots are extremely dangerous as the latest official figures from the U.S. prove. There, according to VAERS — the official register for adverse events after vaccination — 45,000 people have died after vaccination in 180 days since the beginning of these so-called vaccinations.
However, as our colleague Tom Renz learned from a whistleblower, these numbers were kept secret and false numbers were given — namely only about 11,000 deaths after vaccination. Even worse,
in normal times, it can be assumed that, at most, between one and 10 percent of all the real vaccination adverse events are reported at all. But we do not have normal times.
The mainstream media and the politicians, which are both under control of the global corporations and the global NGOs, are doing everything in their power to make registration of vaccination adverse events as difficult as possible. So that, in truth, we are in all likelihood looking at approximately 500,000 dead after vaccination in the U.S. alone.

This puts the other side in a panic because this is not part of their plan. That is why this other side now drops all masks (no pun intended). In France, for example, the government is threatening to make vaccination mandatory and introduce compulsory vaccination. And in the U.S., the president wants to censor even private communications — even if it concerns completely correct statements whose only problem is that they’re not in line with the official fraudulent lie as announced by the government.
In the meantime — in India, in South Africa, in the U.S., in Canada and in France — very large legal battles have been set in motion or are now being set in motion.
In Portugal, Austria and Germany excellent court decisions have come down stating that the completely unsuitable Drosten PCR test cannot be the basis for any anti-corona measures.

The Berlin Corona Investigative Committee already now has accumulated extremely incriminating evidence which proves that this was never about health.
Rather, ‘Mister Global’ — as former investment banker in U.S. Deputy Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Catherine Austin Fitts calls the global corporations, NGOs and their backers — ‘Mister Global’ is exclusively pursuing these goals with their measures:
– Destruction of regional economies to make the world’s population dependent on global supply chains.
– Shifting the wealth of the world’s population from the bottom to the very top — that is to the super rich.
– Population reduction, which means genocide. And gaining total control over the remaining population.

We are obviously dealing here with megalomaniac psychopaths and sociopaths who should have been stopped a long time ago. But now the time has come for this.
That is why millions of people are demonstrating all over the world today.

One other aspect needs to be emphasized. In addition to our legal work and in addition to our efforts and shining a bright light on these dark truths there is a third level, namely the spiritual or religious or cosmic (call it what you will) level. And this level is crucial.
This is what a story shows us, which a German doctor told us last week. He wanted to withdraw money at an ATM and went to the lobby of a bank for that purpose. There stood an elderly woman wearing a mask, who fearfully backed away from him because he was not wearing a mask. She said he had to wear a mask because otherwise she was afraid of infecting herself and then her husband. The doctor told her ‘no’, she shouldn’t be afraid. And then he went up to her, took off her mask and took her in his arms. The woman began to cry and said that no one had hugged her for more than a year.

That’s what this is all about. It is humanity versus inhumanity. We are human. We can laugh, cry, sing, dance and hug. The other side can’t. Because the other side has no access to the spiritual side.
Therefore, without any doubt, the other — dark side — will lose this inhuman battle against life and creation.

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I decided to research what in reality was a variant. Here is what I found. You should be angry -very angry! You are being treated as a sucker by your government. Not surprisingly many people have fallen for it – they must be dumb or they have so much faith in the government, that they believe everything which they are told. We can excuse many older people who may not have the skills to search the internet. Also, dont rely on just Google.
*It’s Really a “Pandemic of Fear” Caused by a Fastidiously Fabricated Fear Virus

MASSIVE CDC COVER-UPS: Does The Delta Variant Come From Being Vaccinated?
Dr. Jane Ruby
The ‘Delta Variant’ is actually just ‘what happens when you get vaccinated’. That’s right, it’s not the ‘variant virus’ that it’s being spun to be, but a SIDE EFFECT of getting the KILLER JAB!
It’s Really a “Pandemic of Fear” Caused by a Fastidiously Fabricated Fear Virus.

Dr. Mike Yeadon has been sounding the alarm on these fake “deadly” variants for weeks now, and here is a short video clip where he once again explains how a variant is never more than .003% different from the original virus, and how people who already have immunity from most of these coronaviruses have absolutely nothing to worry about.
Variants are very similar to the original. If you have been infected you will survive, unless you have been very close to death. It is not true that variants pose any form of threat. Most would be advised to stay away from experimental jabs.

Dr. Andrew Kaufman:
Dr. Andrew Kaufman explains, using the science of genomic sequencing and an excellent analogy to shredded library books, how the so-called “Delta variant” scare-mongering going on with the mainstream media is completely fake news. The entire imaginary SARS-CoV2 genetic sequence was literally pieced together in silico (inside a computer) from fragments of code allegedly sourced from free-floating fragments of RNA derived from just ONE patient in Wuhan China. Covid-19 is a set of clinical symptoms blamed on literally nothing more than a computer-generated virus that is not based in reality!

*This video is complex, although well done and illustrated. I suggest that you watch it to get an overall idea of the research. I have listened carefully & here is a transcript of the latter part:
Variants are simply the inability to reproduce or validate the original results.
It is not possible to give us a picture of reality. It is completely an imaginary and man-made exercise and these genomes are used commercially, but they don’t represent what is actually in nature. The variants are no different, they are simply an inability to reproduce the same results, that is convenient for the establishment to use to create fear and change policies. There has been no clinical research where they followed groups of people where they allegedly had one of these variants and then showed that they actually have any significant health problems whatsoever. So when you hear the name of any new variant, what you should do is simply ignore it and remember that there is no virus in the first place, there is no actual virus genome and there is no reliable way to tell if someone has this new disease or not, because there is no test that has been validated.

LOCKDOWN: Control, control, control; obey, obey, obey.
Don’t be fooled by all the hype – contact tracing (thousands of contacts), positive PCR tests, mandatory mask wearing. Delta, delta, delta. Fear, fear, fear! Healthy people rushing to get a PCR swab shoved up their snouts. More people rushing to get a “Kill Shot”. Endless propaganda on the radio which drives you nuts – be thankful for the kill switch!
PCR Tests: 100% fail at 40-45 cycles (Dr. Reiner Fuellmich)
Face Masks: Most are useless – permaeble to viruses (like water passing through a sieve). Decrease oxygen in the blood & increase carbon dioxide, harbor infections, increase cancer risk (oxygen depletion).
Small businesses going bust, butcher shops & greengrocers closed, lack of products in the supermarkets, increase in mental health problems, more depression, more suicides, less freedom. When are people going to snap and say “enough is enough”?!
Are our politicians without intelligence? Do they just take advice from their health advisors, who must spend their time navel gazing since their knowledge seems to be limited?
Look at all the information in this blog; all the advice from experts from around the world. Are the politicians incapable of moving outside the square & researching themselves? Anyway, all of the MPs & 19 university health academics were sent the post VAX TRUTH, so ignorance is no excuse; it certainly is no excuse in a court of law – where some will hopefully end up.

PCR TEST: We know that this is a 100% fail at 40 – 45 cycles, yet we are told daily how many positive tests there were – a proper fraud.
Very many people have suspected the PCR tests being used with the alleged COVID outbreak are not what they say it’s for, but here’s some info to back that up.
Intra-nasal administration of spike protein to mice is effective in infecting the brain with the spike. The Spike protein can be made to enter the brain by applying spike protein to the cribriform plate where the olfactory nerve protrudes; you know, in your nose!
In mice studies, when a tiny amount of solution (1 thousandth of a milli-liter) containing the spike protein was applied to each nostril at the level of the cribriform plate (without actually penetrating the plate) then within 30 minutes the spike protein was detectable in all parts of the brain, including frontal cortex, cerebellum, midbrain and pons-medulla. It especially infected the olfactory bulb and hypothalamus.
Nasal application also caused the spike protein to enter the blood stream with a bioavailability of 0.66%.
PCR tests involve the use of a long swab that reaches the cribriform plate and is then agitated vigorously. Such a procedure is unnecessary for obtaining a viral sample, and it suggests another reason for wanting to reach the cribriform plate, and disrupt it (damage it) with agitation.

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OZ Child Sacrifice

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Australia is Under Attack – TheCrowhouse:
I chanced upon this video by a fair dinkum ozzy. These 2 Australian websites I have now bookmarked: and

Stew Peters: Exclusive Footage! Kids Dead & Dying at Political Mass Murder Stadium in Australia
*3 kids dead at stadium. How many more deaths of these children will occur, let alone severe medical injuries?
*Health minister for NSW displays his arrogance & ignorance.
*Retired air force officer reports to Stew Peters about the crisis in Australia. He suggests that the state chief medical officers are controlled by the WHO & World Economic Forum (makes me think of Jacinda Adern).
*Victoria may be locked down until Xmas.

Trump Executive Order – Those who commit treason and/or crimes against humanity will be arrested & executed:

Hillary = Killary Child Killer

Terminator With Ankle Bracelet

Podestra – Pedophile & Rapist

Australia Runs Mass Child Sacrifice Luciferian Vaccine Ritual Targeting 24,000 Children:
Health Coach Mike Adams
August 19 13:20 up to about 39:00
* Scan through the video to the relevant section.

A student (child) snapped a short video -screen shot above. The children are herded into the stadium, preached to from above & then given the “Death Shot”. Parents not allowed – they delivered the students to the entrance.
What the hell is going on? Children do NOT need a vax (even if it works – it does not). This is abuse, a crime against humanity. The parents are going along with it – what fools!!
When is this going to happen in New Zealand?

Situation Update: Afghanistan Chaos, Americans Left Behind, Vaccinated At Risk For Dying Of CV, Australia Jabs School Students, Two Die, Matrix Falling Apart:
Stew Peters
August 19 Start 36:47
2 children already died
no parents = no witnesses to observe propaganda, adverse reactions & deaths
99.98% recovery (non vaxxed) without any treatment such as zinc & quercetin, so why vax?
huge TV screen with NSW premier giving Utopian messages inc propaganda about the vax
ICU treatment is a fraud -designed to kill?
administrators making decisions based on AI through a system called “Epic”
Keep out of hospital to avoid wrong treatment – Remdesivir & ventilators (in the USA)

Australia Is Lost! Report: Kids Ushered into Stadium for Jabs! Police Making Arrests!
Stew Peters with Deanna Lorraine
August 18

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There will be War Crimes Tribunals for the Worst Crime Committed Against Humanity!

I listened to a video which was a conversation between the lawyer Dr. Reiner Fuellmich & the Health Coach Mike Adams. A transcript of the middle part of the video which I made follows.
An important part at the 38th minute features the New Zealand PM Jacinda Adern:
A German specialist in economics, a guy who has taken a very close look at the “World Economic Forum” and it’s Young Leader Program – many of the people who are ruling the world right now, including the woman whose name I forget in New Zealand [Jacinda Adern], including president Macron in France, including our secretary of health in Germany, including even Angela Merkel. They are graduates of this young leaders program and they quite obviously have no empathy whatsoever. How does this happen – Reiner spoke to a number of professors of psychology & psychiatry – it is though they have sold out completely to materialism & materialism is no substitute for human behaviour, for empathy.
NOTE: Today the New World Order is being referred to as the Great Reset, and advocated and brought out to the public by the World Economic Forum, which is just one of the organizations of the Global Cabal.
*For those who researchers who want to learn about “The Global Cabal, Global Network, Illuminati”, there is a lengthy article here:

So, our PM Jacinda Adern is linked to the “Cabal”, being a Young Leader of the World Economic Forum!

Here is the transcript of the middle section of the video:
The Covid 19 Vaccines, PCR tests and forced mask wearing are the worst crimes every committed against humanity as the rulers of the world are trying to exterminate humanity.
*Economic destruction on a global scale.
*The largest shipping port in China was shut down because 1 person tested positive -just an excuse -this Plandemic is being engineered. Reiner’s team has also come to this conclusion.
What is their ultimate goal?
-population control -pop reduction -world govt (even Pope wants this) under the UN.
UN controlled by the same people who control the global corporations & global NGOs (non-governmental organizations)
This is done through:
1st lie -PCR test: Can’t tell anything about infection. This test is the only foundation for all that is happening.
Also a dispute about whether or not the virus has actually been isolated – it has not!
PCR test is a blatant lie- Drosden -computer simulation only.
Drosten invented “asymptomatic infection” – no one without symptoms has an infection; they are healthy. This was the basis he made the WHO decide that mass screening of completely healthy people makes sense. Without the notion of asymptomatic infections, that would not be possible.
2nd lie: PCR test can tell something about infections – 6 years ago in an interview Drosten said that if someone tests positive it doesn;t mean that they are infected.
Huge study in Wuhan: 10 million people – showed that there are no asymptomatic infections.
i.e. healthy people do not have an infection -so a positive PCR test means nothing.
PCR test is valueless over about 30 cycles.
people – being killed, livelihoods destroyed, tortured (massive health problems)
spike protein – nanotech death machine designed to disassemble human tissue.
At 38 min: Whoever built the spike protein is pure evil -they have no empathy if you look at the politicians that are pushing this in Germany or even in the US. A German specialist in economics, a guy who has taken a very close look at the World Economic Forum and it’s young leader program – many of the people who are ruling the world right now, including the woman whose name I forget in New Zealand [Jacinda Adern], including president Macron in France, including our secretary of health in Germany, including even Angela Merkel. They are graduates of this young leaders program and they quite obviously have no empathy whatsoever. How does this happen -spoken to a number of professors of psychology & psychiatry – it is though they have sold out completely to materialism & materialism is no substitute for human behaviour, for empathy.


Jab Violations & Crime

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Everyone should be aware that the roll-out of the “vaccine” injection is a crime against humanity and that it violates both the Geneva Convention & the Nuremberg Code. Those responsible for these violations will ultimately have to pay for this crime & the leaders of this crime will probably end up in a court of justice which may be called Nuremberg 2.

A team led by Dr. Reiner Fuellmich has begun legal proceedings against the CDC, WHO & the Davos Group for crimes against humanity.
Fuellmich and his team present the faulty PCR test and the order for doctors to label any comorbidity death as a Covid death as fraud. The PCR test was never designed to detect pathogens and is 100% faulty at 35 cycles. All the PCR tests overseen by the CDC are set at 37 to 45 cycles. The CDC admits that any tests over 28 cycles are not admissible for a positive reliable result. This alone invalidates over 90% of the alleged Covid cases / ”infections” tracked by the use of this faulty test.

In addition to the flawed tests and fraudulent death certificates, the “experimental” vaccine itself is in violation of Article 32 of the Geneva Convention. Under Article 32 of the 1949 Geneva Convention IV, “mutilation and medical or scientific experiments not necessitated by the medical treatment of a protected person” are prohibited. According to Article 147, conducting biological experiments on protected persons is a grave breach of the Convention.

The “experimental” vaccine is in violation of all 10 of the Nuremberg Codes which carry the death penalty for those who seek to violate these International Laws.

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NOTE: This remarkable document was written by Billy Meier in 1964, when he was only 27 years-old. It contains some of the most specific, unfortunately accurate, prescient information published by Meier, especially about the now already upon us environmental damage, including global warming, climate change, etc. – all of which have inevitably arisen due to our ignorant, ceaseless overpopulation.
It also contains otherwise little known information about Meier’s early trials and tribulations and the wretched situations that he endured, and survived, on his life journey in preparation for the fulfillment of his mission as the seventh and final prophet/announcer for earth humanity.

An excerpt from FIGU Special Bulletin 36
Dyson Devine and Vivienne Legg have been given permission by Billy Meier ( to make these unofficial, preliminary translations of FIGU material. Please be advised that their translations may contain errors. The following article, regarding overpopulation, climate destruction, the energy problem and all the other problems of terrestrial humanity resulting from that, was already written on September 16th, 1964 in Kabul, Afghanistan and sent to diverse governments and newspapers in Europe.


Patriots Unite

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This applies to every country, but my message is primarily to New Zealanders.

These posts were born out of frustration which I will outline:
In February, 2020, I came across important information regarding Covid-19 which had been received by Michael Horn, who is the US representative of FIGU, Switzerland. This information was from the Plejaren Ptaah, in a ‘contact’ with Billy Meier of FIGU. The Plejaren are a group of extraterrestrials who are about 25-30 million years more evolved than us, with a technology about 8,000 years ahead of us. They were concerned about the spread of Covid-19 and wanted to help us by giving us information about this virus, some of which was unknown by Earth scientists. They have since given regular updates right up to today. You may find that this is hard to believe – look at my website which i will expand in future (I have 15 years of experience).
I believed that it was my duty to pass on this information to as many people as possible, so for the following 6 months I carried out an email campaign, resulting in emails to more than 90, some with updates – most MPs (all of the Nats), minister of health, medical academics (including some who advised the govt)whose emails I could find, mayors of Masterton (passed the buck) & Carterton (gave me the raspberry), Wairarapa DHB, Masterton Medical Centre, journalists, talk back hosts (Peter Williams & Shaun Plunket). Replies were received from MPs Jiang Yiang & Maureen Pugh, Prof David Skegg (after 2nd email – “Thanks”), Prof Rod Jackson (wasn’t convinced), Prof Des Gorman (several replies with “Thanks”). It seems that no notice was taken of the important information given.
This year with the Vax roll-out, I thought that I would try again with my document VAX TRUTH as in this blog – all MPs (replies from Maureen Pugh & Chris Bishop – unconcerned), 19 health academics, all 11 Masterton District Councillors (1 unconvincing reply – I knew this person well), Peter Williams, DHB, my doctor, dentist & lawyer group. I did receive a good response from a local nursery owner.
I then had a lightbulb moment – why not posts on my blog? It worked! After 4 weeks I had over 600 unique visitors. I did put a few posts on “letsbfree” & “NZIssues”, which may have helped. At last the message is getting out there. This is a matter of saving lives my making information available. Anyone who looks at some of the info contained in my posts & having viewed some videos, must surely not want to receive the ‘death jab’ – which is tantamount to suicide! A big thank you to all those who visited my blog – it has given me hope that all is not last – there are some thinking people out there, some patriots no doubt! There is a contact form in the footer (which I finally got to work!) if anyone has a particular question to ask, or has a good reason to contact me, then please do so. I ahve already been contacted by 2 spammers who have been ignored & blocked -they have been terminated!

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New News August

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Latest articles will be posted here.

ICU Nurse: “You’re Being Lied to About Covid!”
I wanted to include this video, since this young nurse shows integrity, sincerity and knowledge.

MED BEDS: Tesla technology has been hidden from us for many years. More than 6,000 patents will now be made available with the demise of the Cabal & the replacement of governments around the world.
There are at least 3 different versions of the Med Beds. For example one will enable new limbs to be grown.

Dr. Zev Zelenko Slays Globalists, Exposes “Global Genocidal Event”!
Dr Vladimir (‘Zev’) Zelenko is very wise. He has saved many people. He has a great perspective on all which is happening. A pity that we can’t get our dumb politicians & incompetent university medical academics to listen to this video. You can prevent getting ill from Covid & the ‘spike protein’. Even the foolish vaxxed may be able to prevent themselves from dying. Above all, NO MORE injections. DONT take any notice of the government PROPAGANDA!
**I do not believe in putting ones faith in God, because such a god does not exist. However, we can choose to believe whatever we want to believe – that is personal choice. We have the power, since each & every one of us has a spirit which is a fragment of Creation, the greatest power in the universe, the entity which created the universe, but which we can’t comprehend, since our intelligence is not far enough evolved with a mere 12 million years of evolution.

You would have to wonder why New Zealand has not had the numbers of vaxxed people ending up in hospital as in Australia. Has the vax been watered down – is it a saline solution? We will wait & see – it will be called the Delta Variant & we will be locked down at level 4 -bugger that!

Signs in the Sky:
Perhaps not yet, but will the prophecy below come true?
Hudson river mouth. The spectral effect could be due to HAARP. A similar effect was seen near Christchurch, New Zealand, prior to the disastrous earthquake. HAARP can be used to trigger earthquakes, stimulate volcanic eruptions, change the path of hurricanes & to cause unusual weather events. The 2 suns, some say the smaller one is Niburu, but that is nonsense. With the damage we are doing to the earth & it’s atmosphere, we are sure to see signs in the sky.
The Talmud Jmmanuel Ch. 25 (The Prophecy):
51. And consequently the weather will break down, and alternating severe cold and heat and much flooding will rule and death will come a thousandfold over the human beings, the plants and animals, and over the creatures and over the Earth, as a result of the irrationally unleashed forces (Gewalt) of the human beings who live in too large of numbers (overpopulation) and in wantonness (greed) for might, addictions and vices, thus bringing destruction unto the end of the world (all around the whole world).
52. And then signs will appear in the firmament, and then all the generations (peoples) of Earth will howl in fear and affliction and misery, for the ruin will be great.
53. So will the human beings of the Earth fear and see the signs in the clouds of the firmament that bear witness to great power and strict condition of obliteration (strict judgement = destruction) against the intransigence (irrationality).
Explanation: ‘Signs in the clouds of the firmament’ means that immense and calamity bringing clouds cover the sky, resulting in severe weather (of great power) and ‘strict condition of obliteration’ (judgement of destruction) brought on by the irrationality of the human beings.
*This was written down some 2,000 years ago by the scribe of Jmmanuel (Immanuel), Judas Ischkerioth.

New side effects from Pfizer and Moderna vaccines include kidney inflammation, renal disorders and skin reactions:
These new adverse events, which include skin reactions and kidney ailments, are more than just side effects – they are symptoms of poisoning, signs that the recipient’s blood and filtration organs are tainted by foreign toxins. And that’s exactly what these vaccines are designed to do – infiltrate the blood and the organs with engineered spike proteins, forcibly replicated by the body’s own cells.

Vax Case Stories:

Dr. Lee Merritt – ‘Covid Is Not A Disease – Bioweapon Kill Shot is Global WAR Against Human Kind

Israel, Australia Report 95-99% Hospitalized are Fully Vaccinated
6th August
Reports coming out of Israel claim hospitals are being filled with vaccinated people; 95 percent of whom are suffering serious illness.
“I understand that most of the patients are vaccinated, even ‘severe’ patients. ” Israeli Dr. Kobi Haviv told News Israel 13th Thursday.
The news out of Israel coincides with similar statistics coming out of Sydney, Australia, where government health officials late last month announced nearly all new Covid hospitalisations (141)involve vaccinated people – except one.

Fully Vaxxed!
Here are 2 ships where everyone has been vaxxed. They say that Covid outbreaks have occurred on these ships (the carrier -100 who had 2 jabs). It is more likely that the “outbreaks” are due to the vax itself.

Dr. Kobi Haviv on Chanel 13 in Israel today:
“I would say that 95% of seriously ill patients are vaccinated. FULLY VACCINATED PEOPLE account for 85-90% of hospitaisations. We are opening more and more COVID wards. The effectiveness of vaccines is decreasing or disappearing.”
*Rather than COVID, it is more likely that the illness is caused by the vaccine itself.
“Fully vaccinated” Gibraltar sees 2,500 percent increase in “covid” cases, prompting new lockdowns:
Sunday, August 08, 2021
According to reports, the number of new Chinese Virus cases in Gibraltar has increased by over 2,500 percent since June 1, which is when the country achieved a 99 percent vaccination rate.
Prior to the Gibraltar government mass vaccinating its people for Chinese Germs, the case rate was low and things were normal. After everyone rolled up their sleeves and got injected, however, sickness and death are skyrocketing exponentially.

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Covid & “Vaccines”

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How Long Do the Vaccinated Have to Live?
By Steven FishmanDr. Mylo Canderian, Ph.D. developed the patent for Graphene Oxide for use as a Hematological Bioweapon in 2015.
Dr. Canderian is a Medical Contributor to the World Health Organization and is also very supportive of Klaus Schwab and the “Great Reset,” ushering in one world digital currency which is a secondary goal of the WHO for 2022.
Dr. Canderian is of the opinion that 95% of the world’s population are “Useless Eaters” who need to be euthanized as quickly as possible.
He has expressed his disdain for “Infectious Educators” who promote Critical Race Theory, and is confident that the “vaccine” will put an end to “Human Cancer Upon the Earth.”
Dr. Canderian is an ardent supporter of Freemasonry’s Duty and Obligation to rid the world of the “Plague of Humanity.”
I asked Mylo, “How can the “vaccinated” know with certainty how long they have to live once they have been jabbed?”
He presented me with the information, called the “End of Cycle Formula.”
He explained how easy it is to calculate.
“The Power of Simplicity,” he said. “There is a maximum cycle of ten years from injection to End of Cycle,” [or death], he elaborated. “And it is extremely easy to determine.”
He said any hematologist can see it within seconds under a microscope, and even more readily under an electron microscope. “The percentage of blood affected [or contaminated] by or with Graphene Oxide is the reciprocity of the End of Cycle calculation,” he divulged.
In other words, an “inoculatee” [as he calls anyone jabbed with the Experimental Use Authorization Eugenics Depopulation Lethal Injection Bioweapon] having 20% Graphene Oxide deterioration in their blood will, barring any other input criteria, live for 8 years. [10 years less 20%].
Someone with 70% Graphene Oxide deterioration will not live more than 3 years. [10 years less 70%].
Graphene Oxide, for those who are unaware, is the component of Messenger RNA spike proteins and prions, which is at war with the heart, lungs, brain and blood for oxygen.
Graphene Oxide is an oxygen sponge which deprives the body of necessary oxygen and causes many complications, including but not limited to anaphylactic shock, toxic blood clotting, fatal lung paralysis, mitochondrial cancer, and endothelial cancer.”
Dr. Mylo Canderian’s viewpoint is much the same as Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, and the Big Pharma CEO’s: LET THEM ALL DIE!
I asked Mylo what the effect of second and third shots and boosters do and how that changes the End of Cycle table.
Mylo replied: “It is all measurable through hematological testing. The more shots and boosters the imbeciles get, the worse their blood will look under a microscope, and the quicker they will turn to fertilizer.”
Finally, I asked him how the plot to kill so many billions of people could be kept so secret by such a group of elites.
His answer was: “You don’t know much about Freemasonry, do you, Steve?”

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