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Many warnings have been given as to what might happen on the 8th April.

Solar Eclipse
Martial Law
Turn Notifications On
Do Not Look At Eclipse.
Something Big is Coming
…The 17th Letter (JFK Jr.) on Telegram Sun. 7 April 2024

Judy Byington Note: Blackout Monday Necessary: Since 1913 the Cabal has controlled us through debt to their fiat Global Financial System and Nuclear Energy. Their control goes away with a flip of a switch as instantly, companies die under weight of their own Treason.

When the lights go out, Space X through their Starlink Satellite System, will turn the power back on: Nuclear Energy to Quantum Energy and Fiat Currency to the Global Currency Reset Quantum Financial System.

Solar Eclipse on Mon. 8 April:

  • There will be a three day Event followed by ten Days of Darkness. Mainstream Media Satellites will be taken down so documentaries can be broadcast over the new Starlink Satellite System. Mass Arrests will be made on over 500,000 Court Indictments of Global and Political Elites. All of which take down Cabal governments worldwide to make way for Sovereign nations to function on their own gold/asset-backed currencies run by The People.
  • NASA to fire three rockets into the Eclipse named after the Egyptian Serpent God “Apep” in a symbolic gesture of “devouring Ra, the Sun god” & after 3 minutes of darkness, the “new sun” will be symbolic of “King of the Golden Age” Horus (Inevitable Antichrist).
  • CERN to fire up the Hadron Collider, smash atoms together and attempt to search for “invisible matter that controls our universe”…The 17th Letter (JFK Jr.) on Telegram Thurs. 4 April 2024
  • Solar Eclipse State of Emergencies Declared Nationwide and in Canada: Kentucky, West Virginia, Ontario Canada, Arkansas, Killeen TX, Ohio, Missouri County, Charleston County, Jackson County:
  • Military test operation exercises expected in Finger Lakes area, targeting underground facilities used to traffic children.
  • Sun. 7 April Situation Update: BREAKING NEWS! Judy Byington Bombshell Report: “My Fellow Americans The Storm is Upon us.” …POTUS Tweet Expected Sun. or Mon. 7, 8 April – Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Sun. 7 April 2024 – American Media Group (
  • Sun. 7 April Situation Update – Solar Eclipse, EBS, Martial Law: WTPN SITUATION UPDATE 4/7/24 (
  • Fri. 5 April Frank26: The US did not sign the Executive Order 13303. It has been signed by every President since 2003. As long as it was signed Iraq couldn’t revalue their currency. The US has 48 hours to return $115 billion. Trillions are becoming millions. Sudani promised during Ramadan. It ends the 8th, and EID is the 9th-14th. It will be done before Sudani meets in Washington on the 15th. Walking Stick says our window is 9th-14th April.

Restored Republic THE BIG BANG, Benjamin Fulford:

  • The Event will span approximately three days, drawing inspiration from the Bay of Pigs incident.
  • Following this, there will be a 10-day Earth shutdown and the activation of the Military Emergency Broadcasting System (EBS) broadcasted globally on TVs and radios.
  • Concurrently, governments worldwide will be temporarily disbanded, accompanied by further arrests.
  • Subsequently, the Global Economic Security and Reformation Act (NESARA/GESARA) Blockchain Elections will be initiated, ushering in governments reduced to 10% of their current size, with entirely new personnel.
  • This transformative endeavor, known as Quantum GESARA or TRUMPSARA, encompasses various facets of advancement, including the Quantum Financial System, Quantum Voting System, Quantum Healing, and Quantum Physics.
  • The transition extends to the digital realm with the Quantum Internet, symbolizing a comprehensive shift toward quantum technology.
  • Under GESARA, currency undergoes a transformation, with Nesara introducing Rainbow “Treasury” Notes backed by precious metals, augmented by the integration of Quantum Starlink and internationally regulated USA Coins adhering to ISO20022 standards, also backed by metals.
  • Furthermore, the Quantum Voting System (QVS) revolutionizes blockchain technology, departing from conventional approaches.
  • The Quantum Internet overhaul entails a complete reboot, eliminating existing entities such as Microsoft, as the current internet infrastructure is likened to Operation Mockingbird, entailing centralized control and manipulation.
  • Media outlets and publications, previously influenced by entities like the Mossad, will undergo restructuring, eliminating ownership ties and biases.
  • Private intelligence entities, including those affiliated with UK Royals, will be dissolved, leaving Military Intelligence as the sole intelligence authority.