Mossad Executes Hamas Surprise Attack

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The entire Hamas ‘surprise attack’ black operation conducted on 10/7/23 was planned out, coordinated and executed by MOSSAD and the Israeli Defense Force, not by Hamas; and not by the Al-Qassam Brigades—the military wing of the Hamas.
*From SOTN

It’s now well-known that Israel stealthily set up Hamas as a countervailing force to the Palestinian Liberation Army. What isn’t so well-known is that the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades and their elusive leader Mohammed Deif were installed by MOSSAD. They are analogous to Osama bin Laden and his band of Afghan cave dwellers called Al Qaeda, yet another terrorist group created by the utterly deceitful Western Intelligence Community (especially the CIA, MI6 & MOSSAD).
That little data point means that the whole 10/7 terror op — from start to finish — was run out of Tel Aviv after many years of planning; and as a pretext to completely take over and then steal the Gaza Strip from the Palestinian people.

It ought to be crystal clear why Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was chosen to be the frontman for the apartheid state of Israel.  He has all the qualities —in spades — of the so-called fake Chosen People who call themselves Zionists, which makes him perfectly suitable as an unabashed mass murderer and unrepentant territory thief.

As the operational head of the Khazarian Mafia in the Zionist State of Israel, only an inveterate pathological liar, incorrigible delusional psychopath, and ultra-dangerous genocidal maniac like Netanyahu could ever successfully maintain such a nakedly tyrannical apartheid regime.

50+ Israel Lies in 5 weeks:

  • No 40 dead babies
  • No baked babies
  • No beheaded babies
  • No children in cages
  • No eyes gouged out
  • No raped women
  • No ripped breasts
  • No paraded captives
  • No tortured captives
  • No mutilated dead bodies
  • No pregnant women cut open
  • No mass rapes with broken pelvises
  • No, Israel did not find weapons cache at Al-Shifa hospital
  • No, Biden did not see pictures of dead babies
  • No, October 7 was not “unprovoked”
  • No, Pro-Palestine are not “pro-Hamas” rallies
  • No Hamas headquarters under hospitals
  • No Hamas hostages in hospital basements
  • No Hamas tunnels under Al-Rantisi Hospital in Gaza
  • No Hamas tunnels under Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani Hospital in Gaza
  • No “misfired” rocket can’t be both fired from cemetery and southwest of Baptist hospital
  • No “misfired” rocket trajectory does not align with IDF version of events at Baptist hospital
  • Yes, many Israeli civilians were killed by crossfire at the festival
  • Yes, many Israeli civilians were killed by Israel tanks helicopters at the kibbutz
  • Yes, many Israeli civilians said Hamas was kind to them during attacks and as captives
  • Yes, Israel grossly exaggerated its proven fake death toll on October 7th

Charlie Ward Shocking News: We May Never Recover From This! Nov 19, 2023:

*There is so much to learn in this next video.

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New US Constitutional Government Officials Fly To Cheyenne Underground Bunkers
White Hat Global Military Activates National Guard in All 50 States
Deep State Implanted Terrorist Cells Nationwide
World Falls into a Financial Crisis as Central Banks Fail

Col. Douglas MacGregor
A U.S. military official has blown the whistle on how banks across America are about to close down and the 2024 Presidential election is going to be cancelled. There is about to be a “sudden” closure of all major banks in the U.S. which will last for up to 3 weeks. Col. MacGregor also revealed that the 2024 election will be cancelled due to Martial Law being imposed.

100 Smart City Prisons: Is yours one?
As part of the ‘C40 Cities’ initiative—which has ties to the World Economic Forum—mayors in almost 100 cities around the world have set themselves the “ambitious target” of zero meat or dairy consumption, and zero private vehicles by 2030, “to save the planet”.

Human Trafficking:
TRUMP statement  November 2023: “For any radical left charity, non-profit, or so called aid organizations supporting these caravans and illegal aliens, we will prosecute them for their participation in human trafficking, child smuggling, and every other crime we can find”

TRUMP/Military OPS is sending a clear WARNING about what’s going to happen. These statements are connected to Executive Orders.
Executive Order on Combating Human Trafficking: By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, including the Trafficking Victims Protection Act, 22 U.S.C. 7101
Executive Orders signed by Donald Trump were connected to military operations designed to take down the Deep State and the MASSIVE human trafficking networks that connect to UN, NGOs, SOROS and Clintons. You are beginning to see those operations take shape.

Human trafficking is a form of modern slavery. Throughout the United States and around the world, human trafficking tears apart communities, fuels criminal activity, and threatens the national security of the United States.  It is estimated that millions of individuals are trafficked around the world each year — including into and within the United States. As the United States continues to lead the global fight against human trafficking, we must remain relentless in resolving to eradicate it in our cities, suburbs, rural communities, tribal lands, and on our transportation networks.  Human trafficking in the United States takes many forms and can involve exploitation of both adults and children for labor and sex.

Everything was documented by the White Hat Military Alliance: It was important for the White Hats to let the UN Deep State CIA Carnegie Endowment initiate their plans to bring in immigrants from around the world and traffic humans through the southern border giving them money and funding.

Using advanced digital Military Grade Spyware, for over 16 years the Military Operations have been tracking the UN, World Banks, DAVOS Group, Clinton, CIA, Obama and Carnegie endorsements. They have been collecting internet data, Mcaffee Software, the classified Kraken collector and blockchain since 2012.

The Military USSF under Air Force INTEL and military intelligence battalions have different technology that has captured the world money laundering systems connected to human trafficking, Child Sex, Drug and weapons trade, blackmail operations, and World corruption through the monetary banking system, trade and Internet currency.

Tens of thousands of immigrants and military immigrants (military units from Iran, China, South America) have already been debriefed and their testimonies taken by the Federal White Hat Military Operation Agents and US Intelligence investigations.
Their bank cards (RFID) ID (RFID) PASSPORT (RFID) PHONES have been interred into the Federal Military operations data base with their testimonies and records that connect them to Deep State Operations and funding by the UN.

Especially the past two years the Military White Hat operations have established a clear human trafficking, child sex trafficking trade and smuggling of Iran, Chinese, South American soldiers into the U.S.
The terabytes of McAffe Data Base collection on the Deep State and Epstein servers of the CIA, UN Carnegie Endowment society operations, with full financial backing, were seized by the Military.
All connects to a massive web of human trafficking into the trillions of worldwide corruption connected to World governments, presidents, prime ministers, Elites, corporations, groups, Deep State Military, CIA, UN, Carnegie, Clintons, Bushes, Obama.

TRUMP + MIL is giving you COMMS letting you know that whoever was involved in opening the southern border and financing the operations is also connected to World human trafficking, Child sex trade, weapons operations that is connected to CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER, that is connected to a MASSIVE cover up of a MILITARY COUP, that all connects to the Plandemic, Virus, stolen elections and War mongering.

Arrest Wars are Imminent

White Hat Intel:
So what have the “Conspiracy Theorists” gotten right so far….
1) No Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq
2) Hillary Stole the primary from Bernie
3) No Russian Collusion
4) Covid was complete bullshit
5) The Vaccine didn’t work
6) Everyone is connected to Jeffery Epstein
7) JFK was an inside job
8) J6 was a intelligence operation
9) BLM was a Marxist front
10) Cancel Cultural was Corporate driven
11) Smollet was a fraud
12) Obama spied on Trump
13) Assad didn’t gas his own people

So we were right about all of this but we are completely wrong about the 2020 election being rigged and stolen!

  • There is a major purge going on in China that is slipping under most people’s radars. Chinese intelligence sources say “very many” top leaders were killed at a hotel before, during and after the 20th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party that ended on October 22nd.
  • Most notably Li Keqiang, a member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of Communist Party of China central committees and former Premier was killed
  • There is a collapse going on inside the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). XI is planting the grounds for his successors.
  • In 2017 the real US Military leader Trump and the Russian and Chinese Militaries made a pact that no Nuclear WEAPONS will be used INSIDE THE STORM. Any massive explosion in 2014 will be by half CGI and tons of regular explosives, but no nukes will be used in the real Scare Event.
  • There is a back channel between Cheyenne Mountain, Russia and China. They have a pact in place to expose the CIA, which will lead to the exposure of the true War Machine: the Military Industrial Complex System of the Rockefellers, CIA, Rothschilds Cabal regime.
  • The Storm is a worldwide Event: The Plan to Save the World. Unite. X

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