War or Martial Law?

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Worldwide Martial Law
At End of Next Week All Navy Ships in Position Around the World Awaiting Go Signal
10 Day Communication Shutdown
Sun. 21 Jan. GESARA & Med Bed Announcements
Tues. 26 Jan. Banks Not Basil Compliant Go Down
Global Currency Reset

The war drums are beating around the world:
Fri. 19 Jan. Blinken Urged to Act on Slaughter of Christians in Nigeria
Fri. 19 Jan. Israel’s Netanyahu has announced they are going to attack Iran. If Israel goes to war with Iran, that will drag the US into war with them.
A top NATO chief is now warning people that they have to prepare for war and buy radios and flashlights. And the Swedish military just warned people to prepare for war.
Fri. 19 Jan. Poland: Russia is testing electronic warfare systems in Kaliningrad. 48 hours ago, almost half of Poland was left without functioning GPS systems.
Thurs. 18 Jan. Tensions Worsen Between Houthis and US in the Red Sea
Fri. 19 Jan. Deep State Attacks Will Intensify: https://beforeitsnews.com/opinion-conservative/2024/01/x22-report-deep-state-attacks-will-intensify-scavino-sends-message-countermeasures-in-place-must-video-3683207.html
Fri. 19 Jan. We are at War: https://beforeitsnews.com/opinion-conservative/2024/01/x22-report-we-are-in-the-middle-of-war-the-tone-is-being-set-to-let-the-deep-state-know-were-coming-must-video-3683314.html

Fri. 19 Jan. House Republicans have introduced legislation to defund the World Economic Forum. The Defund Davos Act would specifically block any federal agency from providing funding to the WEF. The U.S. has spent tens of millions on the WEF over the years, something GOP lawmakers say needs to end.

“I knew it. I knew everything right from the start. I knew how they organized everything, I knew the person that was supposed to drive the car, I knew when they would pronounce my death. The only thing is that they didn’t know I knew so I managed to get out of that situation alive. There is only one person that helped me with everything and I’m forever grateful to him, that’s why I decided to fight for his cause and help him. Soon I will show you the real faces of Charles, Camila and many others. They are not who they say they are. …Princess Diana on Telegram Fri. 19 Jan.

Climate Change: This Is What Klaus Schwab, The World Economic Forum & Bill Gates Call “Climate Change”:

  • “The Air Force is on record as saying, quote, they “wanna control the weather by 2025,” and we are not talking about just seeding the clouds for rain.
  • Of April, this year, there are more than a 150 different weather modification programs around the world.
  • Since about 2000, the Department of Defense and the Department of Energy have spraying the entire United States, Sky, the toxic brew, chemicals, and other biologic agents. Military and some commercial jets have been fitted with huge barrels of at least 49 different kinds of documented chemical poisons. Among other documented ingredients in this toxic man made cloud.”
  • You’ll either believe the Climate Cult & pay a carbon tax or they’ll keep manipulating the weather until you do.
  • Bill Gates & The World Economic Forum Are In The Process Of Genetically Modifying Our Seeds & Changing The Genes Of Our Plants
  • Complete Control Of Our Food While Preaching Depopulation
  • In The Name Of “Climate Change,” They Need To Completely Modify Natural Seeds. Imagine A World Where All Agriculture Is Dependent On Bill Gates & The WEF.