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If you want to get the true perspective as to what has been happening in the world over the last few years, then watch this excellent video.
I started listening to this today & found it to be so good that I am presenting it here on my blog, so those of you who really want to understand what is going on in the world can make sense of it. It certainly has meant a lot to me.


Americans have been watching a massive, controlled Military Operation which was strategically and critically planned and successfully trapped the Washington Establishment… Made them all confess their crimes and play a role in this operation piece by piece… as Americans have had to visually see and witness a ‘Continuation of Government’ in the form of a “Presidential Administration” where these corrupt and evil people will, have, and will continue to destroy their system from within, spend all of their dirty money doing so, until it’s time for the Military to visually step in. The timelines all add up and prove the Military Operation and Occupancy:

  1. Snake Poem read by candidate Donald Trump – January 2016
  2. 2016 Presidential Election – November 2016
  3. President Elect Trump and Putin on Fox News = “ready for ‘reset’… I will work with Trump” – November 9, 2016
  4. Law of War Manual (Military Occupancy and Negotiations etc.) – December 2016
  5. Military Justice Act (Supreme Court clarifying Military Law is separate than Civil Law; heavy emphasis on Military Tribunal terms) – 2016
  6. Military stands behind CIC Trump (Military Intelligence and JAG head bands; Optics) at Inauguration – January 2017
  7. Saudi Arabia crowns Trump King – May 2017
  8. Declares Jerusalem Capitol of Israel – December 2017
  9. Executive Order 13818 – Declares National Emergency to deal with Human Rights Abuse – December 2017
  10. CIC Trump walks in front of Queen – July 14, 2018
  11. Putin hands CIC Trump soccer ball (“the ball is in your court”; did not participate in 2022 World Cup) – July 16, 2018
  12. Executive Order 13848 – September 2018
  13. CIC Trump makes history; walks into North Korea – June 2019
  14. National Quantum Initiative – Executive Order 13885 – August 2019
  15. Space Force established as Military Branch – December 2019
  16. Corona Sars Virus first mentioned to American Public as a Threat from China – February 2020
  17. Two more National Emergencies Declared – March 13 and 27, 2020
  18. Executive Order 13912 Federalizing 1,000,000 National Guard to Active-Duty Status – March 27, 2020
  19. CIC Trump quote on attack worse than Pearl Harbor and 9/11 combined – May 2020
  20. National Guard Troops place fence around Capitol Building (47 US Code 606) – January 2021
  21. CIC Trump receives full grade Constitutional by Law and Military Grade Inauguration ceremony – January 20, 2021
  22. “Joe Biden” breaks 20th Amendment amongst many other violations – January 20, 2021
  23. Aircrafts constantly over and through 33 mile no fly zone radius D.C. – January 2021 to present day
  24. “Biden” extends Executive Order 13848 (first time) – September 2021
  25. launched – September 2021
  26. New York Times reports Military Tribunals coming mid-2023 – December 2021
  27. Army and branches transfer all communications to Space Force under ONE command (Biden’s never mentioned the Space Force not once; zero News Articles with his name tied to Space Force) – August 2022
  28. Major Optics and Comms in CIC Trump speech – November 15.
  29. More News Articles establishing Space Force Command Centers with zero mention of Biden – December 2022

    Those few timelines and timestamps do nothing but prove a Military Operation and Occupancy along with many more Laws, Codes, Orders, Statutes.
    The National Guard has been out of their state militia status and operating as Active-Duty Status every day since they were Federalized in March 2020.
    There’s MORE than enough documentation and ‘proof’ to show not only the National Guard, but also thousands of World Alliance Aircrafts in and out of the United States and National Guard bases.
    There’s United States Coast Guards with United States Navy at their stations. USCG is Department of Homeland Security during Peacetime and transferred to the Department of the Navy during Wartime.
    The Brunson vs. Adams case simply states the obvious… Congress violated the Constitution.