The End is Here!

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Or is it? We will believe it when we see it. Restoring order in the world is a huge task.

130 Countries No Longer Accept US Treasury Bonds
The Fiat US Petro Dollar Has Been Dropped as a Basis for International Trade
Broke US Inc. & The Federal Reserve Plan To Release Trillions In Digital Non-Asset Backed Currencies With No Value!
Global Currency Reset to Gold/ Asset-Backed Digital & Hard Currency Was Imminent!
That Will Include Restoration to the Constitutional Republic
And Create New Sovereign Nations
EBS Set To Activate!
Prepare For Blackout

  • On Mon. 1 Jan. 2024 the new Quantum Financial System (QFS) and Global Currency Reset will officially launch for BRICS participating nation’s gold/ asset-backed currencies on the Star Link Satellite System.
  • On that same Mon. 1 Jan. 2024 the BRICS Gold/ Asset-backed XRP Digital Currency would officially be considered the Global Standard for international trade, with all participating nations’ currencies trading at a 1:1 with each other.
  • This new QFS System was so advanced, it could detect and prevent crimes against humanity in real-time. The QFS will ensure that the Satan Worshipping Global and Political Elite do not gain access to the new financial system and that the wealth of the World would be used for the good of humanity, not for the greed of a few.
  • Bank Accounts of The People of all participating BRICS Nations have been mirrored onto the QFS. The People will gain access to their accounts by going to an official Redemption Center to obtain cards, phones and computers that work on this fully secure system that will only allow the owner of the account to have access.
  • The Iraqi Dinar, Kingpin of the Global Currency Reset, revalued in-country some time ago; has been trading on the back screens of the Forex for weeks and exchanging the new Iraqi Dinar rate at a 1:1 with several countries currencies in their exports and imports.
  • On Wed. 6 Dec. 2023 the fiat US Petro Dollar was officially removed from the trade of OPEC Oil.  Over 130 countries including OPEC members no longer would use the fiat US Dollar for oil and gas purchases, challenging the long standing dominance of the US Dollar as the basis for international trade.
  • Since then US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen announced that, “US Treasury Bonds are not being accepted by anyone and $26 Trillion in US Treasury Bonds were about to be dropped.” The US Dollar value began to tank.
  • Italy was the first nation to say no to synthetic foods being produced by the Cabal.

Thurs. 14 Dec. Trump Warned! EBS Alert! White Hats Making Mass Arrests – Trump Returns – 10 Days of Darkness Imminent 2023 | Prophecy | Before It’s News (

  • Turkey and Palestine were aligning with Putin and BRICS.
  • The Act of 1871 created the US Bar that aligned itself to The Crown.
  • The corrupt Mainstream Media was now in control of the Military Alliance.
  • The Cabal which has been in control for the last 3,000 years was now under control of the Military Alliance.
  • On Nov. 17 a lot of things went down and the Q movement shifted into the final stage.
  • As president of the new Republic Donald Trump signed Order 1318 that seized all assets of people involved in the violation of Human Rights.
  • The Space Force Alliance works the QFS System from inside the Moon. There were three Quantum Computers. The biggest was inside the Moon was controlled by good Extra Terrestrials.
  • Space Force has everything under control.