Peace Symbol = Death Symbol

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The Earth Human Being has a habit of being hoodwinked & led astray. Look at how most people fell for the Covid Plandemic, rushed to get the fake PCR test & then the Bioweapon jab.
For a long time the symbol which has been used for peace is exactly the opposite – the symbol for war (Krieg in German), therefore death. It represents an upheld sword. The “Tree of Life” (Lebensbaum in German) is the inverse symbol.

From Contact Report 887 – 8th May, 2024.
Extract from “About the Symbols of the Creation-energy Teaching” by Bernadette Brand, Switzerland
The existing and worldwide circulating false ‘peace symbol’ with the rune of death, which truly corresponds to a ‘death symbol’ and ‘hate symbol’, was conceived and created in 1958 by the British graphic artist Gerald Holtom on behalf of the British Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, without any foreknowledge that his work would call for evil, war, crime, suffering, misery, death and destruction.
So it became absolutely inevitable that the false ‘peace symbol’ – the Celtic ‘death rune symbol’ – would cause division, strife and destruction to this day, as is evident every day since this symbol has been falsely and irresponsibly interpreted as a ‘peace symbol’ and thus falsely used worldwide, spreading strife, discord, war, terror and death. Even a superficial examination of the symbol makes it clear that it has nothing whatsoever to do with peace, but with Gewalt, aggression, destruction and annihilation.
he symbol ‘death, deadly existence’, on which the rune of death is based, is associated with division and discord, hatred, war, terror, murder and destruction, as can be seen in ever more blatant form every day since this symbol has been falsely and irresponsibly interpreted as a ‘peace symbol’ and spread worldwide. The number of armed conflicts on Earth since the creation of this ‘symbol of death’ with the rune of death, invented in 1958, is as serious as it has ever been on this planet. Up to the month of May 2024, there have been 91 insurgencies, wars of liberation, wars of occupation, civil wars, border wars, invasion wars, religious wars, state wars, secession wars, acts of terrorism and other armed conflicts that have claimed many millions of lives.
Even a superficial look at the symbol makes it clear that it cannot have anything to do with growth, progress and peacefulness, because a fallen tree with its crown pointing towards the Earth is the epitome of Gewalt, the end, decay and death. Since most human beings think uncontrollably, they process the archetypal information of the symbol in exactly the same wise as the content that this symbol comprehensively ‘describes’, which is why they then unconsciously or uncontrollably and thoughtlessly contribute everything they can to realise the meaning of the symbol and make it a fact, without also opposing the corruption and the end of which the symbol ‘speaks’ in the slightest. The human beings who misinterpret the symbol of death as a symbol of peace do not realise their own thoughts and impulses and do not control them, thus making themselves slaves to the content of the symbol – which is basically completely neutral and simply ‘describes’ a certain state or circumstance, which they unintentionally and believingly implement and allow to become reality and fact.

The Peace Symbol:

In contrast to the symbol ‘death, deadly existence’, the symbol ‘peace’ contains a rich formal language pointing to growth, which, like all other symbols, contains completely neutral archetypal information, but which also points to peaceful and rich growth, as well as to tranquillity and progress or evolution, and concludes this statement. The tree full of life, its crown wise to the sky, enthroned on a bubbling spring, promises flourishing growth and prosperity – which is symbolised by the stylised lotus flower that springs from the crown of the tree – making it the actual tree of life.

Contemplating the symbol awakens peaceful and progressive associations in human beings and allows them to come to the surface, pointing to prosperity, growth and a rich harvest, whereby human beings trigger and build up valuable impulses, intuitions and ideas as well as thoughts and a striving for peacefulness, growth, blossoming and progress within themselves, because they tap into their own subterranean knowledge of their Creation life energy and endeavour to build and expand this continuously, This is simply because, by perceiving the symbol, the human being consciously becomes powerful in his/her clear understanding and reason, as a result of which he/she absorbs the archetypal information of the symbol’s formal language and utilises it in an evolutionary manner in order to transform everything into the value of correct action, work and behaviour in this respect.

Imagine how much damage has been done through the use of this “Death” symbol!!