Prophetien und Voraussagen Prophecies and Predictions

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This book written by Billy Meier is a collection of many prophecies.
Messages Telepathically received from the PETALE-Spirit plane by ‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier.
The PETALE-Plane is the highest existing Spirit-form-plane of the creation-universe. This plane represents the transition to Creation-Being, therefore it is absolutely impossible for a material lifeform to get in contact with us PETALE-Powers in this plane.

Thursday, November 19, 1981, 17:28 PM:

Europe sinks into ashes and embers,

in the sand runneth the blood of Man,

the third world-fire rages and fumes,

an insanity-work – praised by evil.

Million-fold death prevails,

who mercilessly razes down Man.

There is war – the third world-fire,

conjured up by Man’s own hand;

through religion, cult, greed, hatred and power,

because mankind about love only laughs.

Political power-greed and cult-religion,

ever since they scoffed at truth,

through this they now release the war,

in 666 – the sign of evil.

Also the regular citizen carried this blame;

for politics and religion he smolders in homage.

That makes him guilty of the downfall,

taboo is to him all drive for truth.

Man is not interested in the truth,

but only in cult-politics and falsehood,

through which the third world-fire ablazes,

and millions of dead from mankind demands.

For this Europe will be the central point,

where glistening the deadly spark alights.

In Germany alone, where life still blossoms,

a hundred atom-suns are ablaze.

Which emblazing everything will destroy,

in screaming fire, when people will die.

Irresponsibly the world powers will twist to see,

that the Europeans the world-fire will see,

by which the lands and life will die,

when thundering atom-fires will burn.

The mighty ones of the world powers, they play,

by which the subordinates lose their life.

In safe bunkers the mighty ones will hide,

while the subordinates unprotected spend the night,

by which they are doomed to death;

but the mighty ones survive in the bunker closet.

Those, the great ones of the world poker for power,

and each one of these laughs up his sleeve,

because united they throw down the deadly fire,

on to peace-searching Europe as their hire,

for the efforts of Europe for a lasting peace,

which for so long is searched for down on Earth.

Many atom-deaths will waft across Europe,

while chemical- and bacterial bombs fall down.

Radioactive rays destroy much life,

under neutron waves the lands ashake;

a slow death they torturously spread,

which for days, months and years will march ahead;

but still more manifold deaths stalk about,

and Europe slowly will be empty of Man,

because the mighty, the irresponsible ones,

will not raffle their own land off for war,

but far from their own home in Europe-land,

they quench their power-greed in the third world-fire.

So Europe becomes the play-ball of power,

when death of the world-fire laughs,

when the mighty ones in safe places,

hoard reports of victory and ruin,

about Europe and the people, who will die.

** This is a message from the highest spiritual plan, where those spirits are at the last step before merging with the Creation itself. They are all-knowing!