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Recently I posted an article on Facebook. Because of certain key words in the title & introduction, G—- art— int— instantly posted a warning that the article was not true i.e. f–e. So, one way of avoiding this is to give alternative words, partial words, reverse words, etc. Tabs are kept on us anyway; also we (I) can take advantage of this by immediately counteracting with a truth statement.

Contact 875: The Coming Enslavement
January 22, 2024
But now I have something else to say that I have deviated from, namely that something is being done over the heads of the people by those in power, which in principle should be decided by the people and only they should vote on whether it should be done or not. And in such a vote, as in a vote in general, it must be clearly stated that in an effectively true democracy, only a truly absolute unanimity is valid for the acceptance or rejection of an election proposal, meaning that in the event of a tie, the ballot is invalid and must therefore be cancelled. This is in contrast to a partial democracy, where only a larger proportion of the votes or a majority of more than 50% is valid for a ballot, which, however, must be properly laid down in writing and only then is it valid.
But now the following: Similarly, the rulers of Germany are doing it over the heads of the citizenry by partisanly supplying weapons, ammunition, tanks and money to Zelensky and Ukraine, and this at the expense of that part of the German people who, as righteous people, have nothing to do with all this and with racism and filthiness and thus also want nothing to do with that part of the government that consists of neo-NAZIs.
And what happened around 120 years ago in German South West Africa – which is about half the size of Germany and is now called Namibia – was nothing other than what Hitler and his henchmen did in the 1939-1945 world war, namely genocide resp. genocide and also the incitement of the two tribes of the Herero and the Nama, who then waged a guerrilla war against the Germans. And what the ruling class and effective neo-NAZIs in Germany are doing with regard to everything else that is being decided over the heads of the people really knocks the bottom out of the barrel.

Just as I have said, the new ‘WooHOo pandemic treaty’, which is to be approved as ‘international health regulations’ next May, is to be concealed and secretly imposed on all the peoples of all the countries of the world. As a result, the following rights to which human beings are entitled, for example, are to be curtailed or completely cancelled and rendered invalid:

1 … the WooHOo will then henceforth decide what human beings are allowed to experience and discuss. This, thereby suspending freedom of opinion.
2 … all governments MUST fulfil all WHO requirements.
The W00HOo will then determine which animals and which animals are to be vaccinated or killed – whereby pets of all genera and species may also be affected.
3 … the WooHOo will in future control freedom of travel with health certificates.
4 … the WooHOo will then be able to override human rights and also human dignity and their basic values at any time.
These are just a few examples of what the whole WooHOo change plan is supposed to entail, which is being prepared in secret and threatens to be implemented if the people do not oppose it. It is all about the power of the WHO, but not about the health of human beings, animals and wildlife, etc., but effectively only about the expansion of the WHO’s competences and might, which the governments and those in charge of the WooHOo want to enforce secretly.

This is a foretaste of what is to come for human beings, but which will become much and much worse in the future through the stupid use, implementation and effectiveness of ‘artificial intelligence’, through which human beings will ultimately be bogged down and controlled in such a way that they will completely and utterly lose their freedom and become nothing more than slaves to the government, the authorities, the security agencies, etc. and to ‘artificial intelligence’. This is the future music whose ‘notes’ Sfath and I have glimpsed in the future. And it will also be in other ways – and the WHO will probably also be involved in the background – that human beings will be so ‘littered’ with rules, new regulations and laws etc. that their freedom will be restricted to such an extent that they will no longer even be allowed – to put it bluntly – to step outside their own front door without official permission. This, just as human beings are to be deprived of the right to freely determine their own goods, valuables and money, whereby the start has already been made with the rules, regulations and laws on ‘money laundering’, which are being used as an excuse to deprive people of the right to manage their own financial assets. This while they are to be exploited more and more with taxes and all kinds of levies, with food and also everyday consumer goods becoming so expensive that many human beings will find it so difficult to ‘swallow’ that they will no longer know how to get in and out, will become impoverished and will drive themselves out of existence. This will happen while those at the top resp. those in power will spend the money collected – which is actually ‘taken’ from the people by robbery – with full hands, so much so that debts will be incurred. Irresponsibly, much of the money ‘siphoned off’ from the people is squandered on partisan war aid and other nonsense, without the people’s permission or also without even informing them. All this is already happening today without the people being able to decide on it, and it is already being done by various countries resp. their governments without the people being informed. And it will happen in Europe in such a way that the EU dictatorship will soon take steps in terms of regulations and laws to increasingly curb the flow of money of all peoples connected to it through lies and deceit and to prevent them from freely using their money, for which Switzerland, following the old example of the bailiffs, will also lend a hand, as it is already doing the groundwork through its bank management machinations.

However, such events and many others are concealed from the public, even by the authorities, because the people are not allowed to know what the top echelons of government are doing, so they are simply presented with a fait accompli of what has been decided by the authorities surreptitiously and without the will of the people and is being implemented from now on without the people being able to do anything about it. And this is the case in all countries of the world, without exception. And what is even worse is that if anyone among the people dares to expose and publicise the truth about this or that by the authorities or their agencies and security forces, then the human being or whole groups of human beings are bullied, threatened, subjected to legal action or simply ‘bumped off’ by the higher-ups or their agencies. The truth is not in demand, and anyone who speaks and spreads it openly is no longer sure of their reputation or even their life, because those who tell the truth are simply ‘put out of the way’ without pardon. This also happens to those human beings who stand up for the truth about overpopulation, who tell the truth against all the claims of those who rely on the false lies of the world population census based on fraud and allow themselves to be misled by it. It is also lied that only about 50,000 or 54,000 genera and species of animals, animals, other self-propelled life-forms and small and large plants die out every year, but that there are about 60,000 per year is – perhaps erroneously – not said. It is also not said that overpopulation is entirely to blame for this, because nature is being robbed of its land and mountain areas and built up with houses, apartment blocks, roads, sports grounds and factories, etc. Forests are also being cleared and deforested. Forests are also being cleared and robbed, namely around 22,000 hectares per year, which I calculate to be 220 million square metres. Through the fault of human beings, this not only destroys the habitats of wildlife, but also wipes out many genera and species of wild animals, wild animals and other self-perpetuating life-forms, as well as the smallest and largest plants. And human beings are also so irresponsible that they are also drastically reducing wildlife through hunting. Not only are many wolves killed, which logically prey on sheep and goats, which are kept in oversized herds due to the demand for meat as a result of ever-increasing overpopulation and are also driven across the countryside and meadows, but also roe deer, stags, chamois and lynx, badgers, wild sows, hares, marmots, weasels, raccoon dogs, raccoons, wild birds and foxes, etc. All this is done just for the sake of it. And all this is only done for the sake of the hobby of being able to shoot and kill living creatures, but not – as is mendaciously claimed – to regulate the game population, but to adapt it to the overpopulation, which began to increase in 1701 and has rapidly and violently exceeded the limits of what the Earth is capable of supporting, feeding and enduring. By 1945 at the latest, after Hitler’s World War, there should have been a worldwide and strictly controlled stop to births in order to reduce the overpopulation of 2.55 billion back to the normal level of around 500 million, which is the maximum that can and may be calculated for planet Earth in terms of its size and the fertile land for the cultivation of natural food for Earth’s humanity. In addition to legally permitted hobby hunting in civilised countries, but also in foreign and underdeveloped countries – just shooting and killing – there is also unscrupulous poaching to exterminate wild animals of all genera and species. This happens in all so-called civilised countries, especially with regard to the shooting of deer, stags, chamois, wild sows and marmots etc., while in Africa and other countries predatory game, as well as big game and pangolins etc. are shot, snakes caught and other living creatures killed in order to ‘hawk’ parts of them as trophies or for medicinal purposes etc. or to smuggle and sell them in civilised countries.

Unfortunately, everything is indeed as you say.

Yes, and unfortunately I am just talking into the wind, because there will be precious few human beings who will think about what I am addressing with my words, and even fewer who will take it all in and change for the better.

es, that will be the case, as it always is when someone speaks the truth. However, it is very important that it is finally spoken openly, clearly and plainly and that what is necessary is said and the effective truth is made known, namely what is real and what is being hidden and concealed from the public by those responsible. It is absolutely incomprehensible to me and to our peoples that state leaders on Earth can secretly do as they please without the respective populations of the states concerned being informed about this, and without them authorising and allowing it.

Unfortunately, there is not a single country here on Earth that is actually and truly capable of real democracy, meaning that only the entire people of a country would decide everything and therefore no secret behaviour by those in power would be possible. Here in Switzerland, too, there is only a partial democracy, because here, too, the fair government can do all sorts of things behind the backs of the people, of which they are unaware and excluded.

But that has nothing to do with democracy.