The White Hats

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Message from Restored Republic VP, JFK Jr.:
It was all stealth. It was FISA.
Military Intelligence intercepted the Deep State’s 16 year plan to destroy America. (8 years of Obama, then 8 years Hillary)
White-Hats needed someone loyal for the role of president during this operation. After approving certain clearances, the Military installed Trump into the RNC. Think about that for a second: Military. Installed. Trump.
The 2016 Election was rigged for Hillary.
The Media was complicit.
Algorithms weren’t strong enough to give her the win.
White Hats controlled the election to give the people a fair vote. There was no way Trump could’ve won without this happening. That’s why they were SHOCKED when she lost.That’s why they didn’t cover their tracks. They never thought she would lose.
Obama used FISA courts to secretly spy on Trump’s campaign during the 2016 election. It was the worst decision ever. He literally opened the door to EVERYTHING, by giving Trump the playbook for the next 4 years. FISA = Start.
US Military has it all. That is why it looks like “nothing happened” for the last 4 years. It was all in the dark.
It looks like these people will get away with all their crimes. They will not.
Trump and our military have been dismantling this web of criminals all in the dark.
Top levels of corruption are under control.
We had to let them complete their crimes in order to charge them to the fullest extent under the rule of law at a tribunal.
The election was a trap. Trump ran uncontested.
An Election Monitoring (Surveillance) System was installed by the US Cyber Command, Space Force and the Shadow Warriors of the Cyber Brigade. Soon we will see the real numbers.
Every part of this operation is strategically planned. Not everything will be clean. But there is no escaping it.
That is why Congress did everything they could to remove Trump before he was even inaugurated, with zero success. He is untouchable.
It may look like he is gone from the public eye, but in reality this needed to happen. Now that he is completely out of the picture, and with the public thinking Biden has full control, the military will soon be able to announce the takeover.
The media was left in the dark, which explains all the blatant lies and desperation.They try to make Trumps administration look like they are weak. They are just trying to delay the military from making their next move.
Everything on TV in politics right now is fake, and holds no legal standing. Define: [Self Destruction]
Don’t forget, Barr is a Patriot working behind the scenes. Anything stating otherwise is completely false.
Durham is a Patriot burning the midnight oil. He will get the job done. Along with hundreds of others working behind the scenes to take down the establishment.
White Hat Devolution Plan and Continuity of US Government:
The corruption of the Biden Administration was in clear view.

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UKRAINE 2 23rd April

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American Journalist Patrick Lancaster:
The lies of the Western media.

The Russian Invasion of Ukraine:
Putin’s reason for entering the Nazi regime of Ukraine was to wipe out Bio-weapon Labs funded by the U.S., Western Europe and Israel, that were set to release pathogens on the general public around the world.
But when Russian Special Forces, or Spetznas, accidentally stumbled upon a pedophile camp in central Ukraine and learned that hundreds of such facilities were scattered across the Ukrainian countryside, their mission changed to “Save the Children”.

Last Saturday Russian President Vladimir Putin told Donald J. Trump that his “special military operation” in Ukraine had freed 35,000 children, most of whom are Russian, from sexual enslavement in what he called “Eastern Europe’s hub for the global sale of especially young children,” said a Mar-a- Lago source privy to talks between the world’s two most powerful leaders.
His forces identified and discreetly targeted 150 trafficking circles.
If Putin’s words were sincere, his original reason for entering Ukraine was to wipe out bioweapons labs funded by the U.S., Western Europe and Israel. But when Russian Special Forces, or Spetznas, accidentally stumbled upon a pedophile camp in central Ukraine and learned that hundreds of such facilities were scattered across the Ukrainian countryside, Putin championed a new cause: to destroy every “filth and scum” pedophile and every hellish child trafficking ring infesting the “godless country.”

These liberations were carried out mainly by Russian Spetznas,” he said. Putin told Trump he could not bomb the camps indiscriminately because he could not know if there were children inside or if the traffickers were still overseeing the operations. In many places, the traffickers had fled because of the war and left the children behind to fend for themselves,” our source said.

However, not all trafficking dens were hidden in remote, inaccessible areas of the Ukrainian countryside. According to Putin, Special Forces found a sprawling child trafficking syndicate in an office building just two blocks from the government building, Volodymyr Selenskyi’s headquarters, in downtown Kiev. Spetznas infiltrated the structure, killed 8 traffickers, and saw a truly gruesome scene: 65 children locked in cramped cages.

“This, President Trump, is what we are fighting for. That the dog Selenskyj didn’t know about it is impossible. It was right under his nose. Everywhere in Ukraine we find Russian children, Ukrainian children, children from Europe and, yes, even more from the United States. The evil men behind this – they need to be crushed and eradicated. Ukraine is big, and this filth has had decades to spread terror,” Putin told Trump.

Putin also said Spetznas had recovered a dusty ledger from a storage building in the port of Mariupol. Child traffickers had converted the building into a processing center from which children were shipped to and from Ukraine. The ledger, Putin said, contained invented names, dates, genders, and ages of children traffickers had taken out of the country. The earliest date in the ledger was March 2, 2005.

“It’s unbelievable, absolutely unbelievable, how long this has been going on,” Trump reportedly told Putin. “What you’re doing is incredible, really incredible, but the world just doesn’t believe it.”

Putin said he didn’t care what the world thought of him because his mission was virtuous and honorable, and he vowed to cross all of Eastern Europe if necessary to achieve an arduous and necessary goal.
“These criminals have done evil here for too long since 1991. Now it stops,” Putin said.

The Russian Army was winning the Ukraine War and destroying the bio-weapon labs while rescuing thousands of children from DUMB Underground Tunnels that ran beneath Biden owned Ukraine property – the real reason Biden wanted a war in Ukraine was to cover up evidence of Deep State foul deeds.

The Ukrainian Nazi Army has been using it’s own citizens as shields, which was common for the Nazis since the 2014 War in Donbass where they killed children and placed them in a mass grave. Ukraine has been the center point of the Deep State’s International Child Sex Trafficking Ring.

Thurs. 21 April 2022 Mariupol is Liberated: Russian Media reports that Russian Minister of Defense Sergey Shoigu, during a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, announced that “The Total Liberation of Mariupol by the Allied Forces has been achieved”, with only the Azovstal Industrial Zone stronghold and its underground regions under the control of the Nationalist Forces of the Azov Regiment and the remnants of the Ukrainian Regular Army in the city.

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Fauci To Hang

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GITMO, 19 April, 2022. 1200 Hours EST.

The panel of officers chosen to weigh JAG’s case against Anthony Stephen Fauci rendered a verdict of guilty after listening to Vice Adm. Darse E. Crandall’s evidence, which summarized 6-hours of witness testimony and hard evidence proving beyond reasonable doubt that Fauci committed treason for profit, betrayed his Hippocratic Oath, caused immeasurable suffering, sickness, and death, preyed on disadvantaged children, and conspired to overthrow President Trump in hopes of seating a president more sympathetic to vaccine mandates.

In his closing remarks, Vice Adm. Crandall said JAG had more inculpatory evidence on Fauci that it had on any earlier Deep Stater taken to Guantanamo Bay.

Indeed the evidence against Fauci was convincing.

Although Vice Adm. Crandall did not bring back “witness Sam,” he entered into evidence four sworn affidavits, each signed by either a current or former NIADS employee, attesting that Fauci had advised them to avoid vaccinations due to a long list of potentially life-threatening side effects. Each affidavit held an apology. The authors claimed they feared that Fauci, or persons on his behalf, would retaliate if they violated confidentiality agreements. “I am deeply sorry for my inaction in coming forward. Dr. Stephen S. Fauci is a mean-spirited, arrogant, smug, vindictive person, and I don’t hesitate to believe he would’ve retaliated against myself and my family,” one affidavit read.

Vice Adm. Crandall instructed the panel to read each affidavit carefully. “In reading these, you may ask yourselves what reasonable person would feel threatened by detainee Fauci. He’s by no means physically imposing. But he had resources, unimaginable resources at his disposal. And that’s what they feared. These affidavits give rise to pattern, a pattern practiced by Fauci over his long, shameful career. The gist of that pattern was—obey me or else.”

Meanwhile, the defendant, Anthony S. Fauci, sat bound and gagged at the defense table, the consequences of his Monday morning verbal tirade. Beside him stood a Marine guard with instructions to remove the gag if and only if Fauci raised his handcuffed wrists to signal he wished to ask a question.

As the panel reviewed the sworn affidavits, Fauci raised his arms, and the Marine obliged the request with Vice Adm. Crandall’s approval.

“Since I am here Pro Se, don’t I have a right to face my accusers,” Fauci said in his gravelly voice.

“You’ve faced one. These documents support his testimony. How does it feel, now, finally, to yourself oblige a mandatory mask mandate—the gag? We know you only wore one for theatrics,” Vice Adm. Crandall said.

The Marine guard fastened the gag over Fauci’s mouth.

After a short recess, Vice Adm. Crandall gave the panel financial statements showing that three prominent pharmaceutical companies—Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson—had periodically deposited substantial sums of money into an offshore bank account in Fauci’s name. Those deposits, incidentally, began arriving within days of the FDA granting emergency use authorization to each company’s Covid-19 vaccination. Collectively, the deposits totaled $14m.

“The defendant’s unwilling to say why he got paid this money. He didn’t work for them, so why the payout? I’ll tell you why:

The money was kickbacks. He promoted the vaccinations full well knowing from concealed trial data that they could sicken or kill recipients. People died; Fauci got rich. JAG could spend years finding people who got ill from or whose family and friends died following vaccination. But we don’t have years. This ends today. Let’s focus on our own, for a moment,” Vice Adm. Crandall told the panel.

He then presented a report compiled by “White Hat 5th Columnists” at U.S. Army Medical Research and Command (USARMDC.) It concluded that 63 active-duty females and 24 female dependents had spontaneously aborted pregnancy within 21 days of having taken either a first or second clot shot. Of those, 23 were first trimester, 15 second trimester, and 25 third trimester.

“We sent this report to every major media outlet in the country. How many mentioned it? None. Why? Because they revere or fear doctor death,” Vice Adm. Crandall said.

Fauci lifted his wrists, and the Marine guard lowered the gag.

“You don’t understand science. Correlation is not causation. Even if your study is true, which I doubt it is, without knowing how many servicewomen were impregnated throughout the last two years, it’s meaningless,” Fauci said.

“At least 63 women would disagree with your assessment,” Vice Adm. Crandall said sternly. “Marine, gag that man.”

The tribunal recessed an hour for lunch.

Afterward, Vice Adm. Crandall asked the panel to review an email, dated 1 June 2020, Fauci had sent to the late Dr. Deborah Birx. He read aloud: “We can get rid of him. The ignoramus doesn’t understand even basic science. He’s scientifically illiterate. We can bend him to our will, get him to say what we want him to say, and he’ll be gone in no time.”

“I’m curious, Fauci, who were you referring to in this letter?”

The Marine guard lowered Fauci’s gag, but Fauci stayed silent.

“Oh, come now, detainee Fauci, I’m sure his name is boiling your blood and—”

“Fuc… Trump. Who do you think? That stupid son-of-a-b….”

“That’s what we call seditious conspiracy and treason,” Vice Adm. Crandall said. “I guess he isn’t as stupid as you thought—you’re here after all.”

The Marine re-gagged Fauci.

With Fauci silenced, Vice Adm. Crandall gently segued into another of JAG’s charges against Fauci—allegations of child molestation. He summoned to the witness stand a licensed D.C. private investigator whose name Real Raw News has been asked to conceal, for fear the Deep State might retaliate against him and his family. The PI rattled off impressive credentials: An Army veteran, he served six years on active duty and fought in Operation Desert Storm. After that, he spent twelve years as a law enforcement officer before opening his own private investigation firm.

“Do you know the defendant?” Vice Adm. Crandall asked him.

“Only in name,” the PI said.

“Would you please tell the panel how it is that you’ve come to be in this tribunal chamber today?” Vice Adm. Crandall said.

“By chance, I guess. I’d been working a job not related to what’s going on here when, again by chance, I saw Dr. Fauci in the company of what looked to be a very young male watching a ball game at Nationals Stadium. Everyone knows who Fauci is. I knew he had daughters, no sons. I found it odd they’d be holding hands and leaning very close to one another. I took the pictures which you now have. It piqued my interest and I took it upon myself to follow him days after. Then I saw him with another boy at Brookside Gardens, also holding hands. I never saw them in any sexual activity, let me be clear, but still—I made D.C. Metro aware, and I guess they buried the report. I shadowed him several times, and saw him with 4 different kids over the course of say, three months. When I talked to a friend of mine who’s still active military about it, he asked me for the pictures, and I guess somehow you got ahold of them,” the PI said.

“That is how we obtained them. Thank you for your time; you’re dismissed.” Vice Adm. Crandall faced the panel. “We identified one of the four minors. You’ll hear from him now.”

Appearing on ZOOM was a young man with blonde hair and a face dotted with adolescent acne, whose parents perished in a violent car crash in 2020. He’d become a temporary resident at Best a child placement facility in Washington, D.C.

He was 13 when he met Dr. Fauci.

“I know this is difficult, but could you tell us how you came to meet Anthony Fauci,” Vice Adm. Crandall said.

The kid bore a scornful face. “It’s not difficult. I hate that bastard. I was stupid and believed him when he told me he’d help me out if I just listened to him. He came to visit, talked to a bunch of us, took us to ball games, the zoo, gave us a little money for games or whatever. He didn’t take us in groups, only one at a time, private, you know. It was the third time I saw him—he asked to touch my private parts. He pulled down his pants to show me his and grabbed my crotch. I hope he rots,” the boy, now 14, said.

The boy’s visage matched the PI’s photograph taken at Nationals Stadium.

The senior officer on the panel, a Marine Major, raised his hand. “Pardon me, sir, but we’ve heard enough. We unanimously find the defendant guilty on all counts and recommend he receive maximum punishment.”

“So be it,” Vice Adm. Crandall said. “The defendant, detainee Anthony Stephen Fauci, you are hereby sentenced to hang by the neck until dead. Sentence to be carried out a week from today, that’s April 26. This tribunal stands adjourned.”

Fauci mumbled incoherently through his gag as the Marine guard escorted him from the courtroom.

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The wrong usage of an ancient symbol.
by Hans-Georg Lanzendorfer, Switzerland
translated by Helga Friedrich/Willem Mondria

Note: Also see The Peace Meditation

The year 1968 went down in history worldwide as a year of the peace and love movement. In Switzerland, this movement had its beginning with the so-called Globus-riot that started with a demonstration on Saturday, June 29th 1968, in front of the temporary site of the Globus department store in Zurich. The call to attend the demonstration was done by means of a blue leaflet that included criticism of the government. During the night of June 29th to the 30th, youths and police were engaged in street battles the likes of which had not been seen for decades.
A high point of the student and peace movement of the sixties was the 1969 legendary American Woodstock festival, which was attended by about 500000 people, the so-called hippies. The main objective of the participants at this festival was to demonstrate against the norms of society as well as the war which was being fiercely fought in Vietnam at that time. Besides the ideals of peace, freedom and autonomy, drugs also played a large role. The use of drugs was in fact illegal but could not be controlled by the security forces. Taboos and societal rules and statutes were not given any consideration, and many of the participants danced naked through the crowds with the most iridescent colours possible painted on their bodies. Sexuality was likewise not a taboo subject, for the youth culture also rebelled with this subject against societal norms. Another primary concern of the participants in Woodstock was to declare their support for the human being’s natural nature. Catchwords like peace, harmony, flower power, rebellion and peace demonstrations went around the world. The so-called flower children spread and proclaimed their peace and free love. The music took on the colour of politics, and was marked by protest singers like Bob Dylan or Joan Baez. But unfortunately history has shown that through demonstrations and festivals for peace, the world could not be changed fundamentally toward the positive and moved forward in its evolution. Our planet has not found peace through these actions and approximately 35 years later many wars as well as murder and terrorism are thriving at proportions that are difficult to assess.
Many heroes of the peace movement were swallowed up by their political careers and by power and money. Names like Jerry Rubin have totally disappeared. At first, Rubin was a radical hippie speaker, then became a regular consumer of vitamin pills and according to press reports died early. The music and culture of the 1968 generation remains unseen and unheard by their grandchildren and it has to a large extent fallen into oblivion with the new generations.
A prominent symbol that accompanied the so-called Peace and Hippy movement was one that should allegedly stand for peace, love and harmony. This symbol has become known worldwide as the PEACE symbol. It was to be seen million-fold in all possible colours on banners, flags, jewellery, clothing, on record jackets, or as tattoos. With the passing of the years and the fading away of the Hippy and Peace movement, the PEACE symbol gradually disappeared as well. In recent times, however, this symbol has been and continues to be taken out of obscurity and is encountered with increased frequency. On the website , the connection to the hippies is unmistakable. Presently, this symbol is also omnipresent on the faces of anti-war demonstrators. On TV it is also used as a substitute for the ‘Viva logo’.

The death symbol-wrongly used as a symbol of peace

Many interpretations and speculations are known to exist about the origin and true meaning of this symbol. Attempts to explain the symbol’s origin and meaning reach back as far as to the Satanists’ edifice of thoughts, where the symbol for peace is used as the symbol for a crow’s foot. The Christians used this symbol for the Greek way of writing Christ – a combination of X (Chi) and P (Rho). Another and rather trite explanation offers a different story of the peace symbol’s origin. It alleges that the symbol is the combination of two letters from the military’s semaphore sign language, the N (standing for nuclear) and D (for disarmament). According to other sources, the British artist and designer Gerald Holtom had designed this symbol with the circle symbolising the earth in 1958 on commission of anti nuclear war opponents. He had allegedly taken the letters from the Semaphore-alphabet (signaller). These letters are depicted with the help of two signaling flags. For each letter and number there exists a unique position of flags. This signalling method is in use in the navy.
According to reports, the peace symbol was used for the first time on Easter 1958 at a march in the form of a demonstration from London to a company that manufactured atomic weapons in Aldermaston. Large posters with the PEACE sign were carried by the peace activists.
In the sixties in the USA, a broad movement for peace was established in opposition to the Vietnam war. Well known proverbial adages have their origin in that movement, for instance “Make love-not war”. The PEACE sign became the symbol of the young generation-PEACE NOW!
Shortly afterwards, the symbol appeared in the American civil rights movement of the Sixties. Within a short time, it became internationally known. However, against all popular opinion, this symbol is very much older than generally accepted. The truth is, that the symbol has a completely different meaning and that the story of its origin goes many million years into the past. Many million years ago it was called into existence by Nokodemion, and it carries the meaning of death and the existence in death. In 2004, FIGU published a so-called book of symbols (“Symbole der Geisteslehre”) in which some of the ancient symbols of Nokodemion are shown.
An interesting fact is that the modern PEACE symbol looks very much like the old symbol for death. However, those who oppose the theory of the symbols’ ancient origin only see a pure coincidence in the similarity to the symbol for death, and consider it to be merely a subject for conspiracy theorists.

The rune for death

Another story of the development of the PEACE symbol refers to 8 confusing double meaning in the Anglo-Saxon alphabet of runes. The assumption is that the so-called second yr-rune was used and In various ways trivialized to become the “Nero Cross”. (It is only possible to retrieve a real Nero Cross from the storage banks. The cross is the cross for thieves or murders drawn upside down.

The Nero Cross, respectively the cross for thieves and murderers turned upside down.

In this story the development of the peace sign leads back to a historical event that happened approximately 1800 years ago. Therefore, the symbol actual1y couldn’t have been developed in the twentieth century.
According to modern chronology, Nero was the emperor and regent of the Roman Empire of Caesar from 54 to 68 AD. However, these dates are found to differ slightly in various chronicles. The philosopher Seneca is supposed to have had a great influence on the Roman emperor Nero during the years 54 to 59 AD. In world historiography Nero is described as being megalomaniacal, unpredictable, pyromaniacal and psychopathic. In the year 59 he is supposed to have, among other things, murdered his mother Agrippina. Nero was the adopted son of the emperor Claudius, and when the emperor died in the year 53 A.D., Nero married his daughter Octavia. After his stepbrother Britannicus was murdered, Nero quarrelled with his tutor, the philosopher Seneca, leading to a rift. Around the year 62 A.D. Nero allegedly murdered his wife Octavia.
During the night of July 18th to 19th 64 AD., a devastating fire broke out in the city of Rome. The fire burned for more than seven days. Historiography speaks of a fire that was used for testing but went out of control due to the wind. According to other records, Tigellinus and other Praetorians were supposed to be the ones who had set the fires following Nero’s instructions. It is alleged that the emperor wanted to create space for the Domus Aurea.
The cause of the destructive fire of Rome was generally attributed to Nero’s megalomania. Therefore he was assumed to be the one who set the fire. At this time, the first Christians began to be organized and believed the words and reports from Peter and Paul, who as so-called apostles, accompanied Jesus Christ, respectively Jmmanuel, on his travels. Notwithstanding the fact that Jmmanuel had never appointed any apostles to teach and instruct, the original teachings of Jmmanuel had already been falsified by Peter and Paul at this time. The Roman citizens and the ruling class of Rome considered the community of these early Christians already in its early stages to be a dangerous sect. Therefore, their members were persecuted. The persecution of the Christians through the emperor Nero was not a fundamental persecution out of religious grounds. According to historiography, Nero rather tried to ward off the suspicion of him having set the fire. The unpopularity of the early Christian minority came in the nick of time. Many Christians were charged with conspiracy and crucified, sewn into bags and thrown to the dogs, or burned as living torches. According to various church fathers in Rome, the two Christian ringleaders Peter and Paul had been executed. Paul as a Roman citizen had been beheaded by the sword, and Peter nailed to the cross. However, according to statements of the Pleiadian/Plejaren, Nero was not the bloodthirsty and pyromaniacal monster that history apparently ascribes him to have been. On the contrary, he was a’ victim of treacherous intrigues and devious attacks. Nero died through his own hand several years later.
Now, one has to know that at the time of the Roman Empire the cross used for executions had a very different form. However, contrary to all theological opinion and teachings, the Roman cross did not have the well-known form as shown in the portrayal of the crucifixion of Jmmanuel. The condemned person was nailed on a cross with crossbeams slanted upwards in a V-formed angle. This form of cross was used in imitation of the ancient symbol of the tree of life. As a symbol of a tree whose branches reach upwards to the sky. The well known present day form of the Christian cross with an angle of 90 degrees was used much later. As a rule, the condemned person was nailed to the cross with the head pointing upwards, and furthermore, the nails were not driven through the palms of the hands but through the forearms’ muscles at the wrist. Also Jmmanuel was nailed to the cross in this way.
However, the facts of the matter in the case of the crucifixion of Peter were somewhat different. For very definite reasons he was nailed to the cross in the reverse manner, with his head pointing downwards. Thus, his arms were in a V-formed angle directed to the ground. This is also the form as depicted in the so-called PEACE symbol.
Legend has it that Nero, through the murder and crucifixion of the ringleader Peter, had referred to peace. Calm and order and therefore peace as well would be restored through the death of the Christian sect’s leader. In connection with this event the so-called Nero cross is still spoken of today. In regard to this legend, it is one that truthfully cannot be proven any more.
The significance of many old symbols was well known to the Latin citizens of the old Roman Empire. Thus they also knew the significance of the form of the upward positioned crucifixion cross, that it represented the tree of life and that the cross directed downward embodied death. However, the source of their knowledge is no longer clear today. Perhaps the symbol was sketched down over generations, or passed on orally and thus had survived over the centuries. On the other hand it could have been retrieved from the planet’s storage banks through unconscious circumstances and actions and then recorded. The fact is, however, that different human beings had known about this connection and the symbol’s meaning. And for this reason, they deliberately turned the cross for the execution of Peter into the upside down position. By doing so, they symbolized the tree of life’s power flowing back into the ground. Thus the life could not strive upward to the sky but had to flow into the soil, into the earth, where it was abandoned to annihilation.
The symbol is present in two different symbols. Directed upward and in a double V it symbolizes the tree of life with its branches reaching upwards to the sky, I.e. into the lofty heights. Here, it symbolizes the forces’ creational striving towards relative perfection and continuous ascent and making progress. Life can unfold itself in the tree of life. The PEACE symbol with the V directed downward carries within itself the value and the meaning of death as well as the existence in death. The so-called PEACE symbol that is used today is a symbol referring in a twofold manner to incorrect use and wrong interpretation of its original meaning. On the one hand the symbol refers to the tree of life’s incorrect use and its 180 degree rotation, and on the other hand it refers to the transformation of the symbol of death and the existence of death into the alleged value of peace. The turned-around tree of life does not let the force of life become effective, but lets the force flow into the ground. In that way life’s counterpart is changed to become the annihilator of life. This so-called PEACE symbol symbolizes destruction, annihilation and ruin. It does not refer to death in an evolutionary form, which is striving towards the existence in death and thus fulfilling an important part in the life of a human being. On the contrary, this so-called PEACE symbol refers in its wrong usage to a senseless death, to destruction in a de-evolutionary form. It refers, therefore, to a non-evolutionary senselessness and forced finiteness. And therefore, the so-called PEACE symbol cannot be brought in any way into connection with love, peace and harmony, for blood clings to its forms. Blood of human beings like Peter, who had been forced to endure the burden of death by being murdered and was sent to the beyond in this indescribable and inhuman way of crucifixion. The energy is flowing out of the symbol in the direction of the earth. The energy departs from life, and life becomes powerless like a wilting flower or a human body slowly decaying.
All of this means that the human beings of today and the peace movement erroneously identify with an imaginary, incorrect peace symbol and, therefore, in truth court and evoke non-peace and death, disharmony and unkindness as well as war, annihilation, destruction and everything rotten and evil. And truthfully that is because the so-called PEACE symbol used by the human beings is indeed expressing exactly the opposite of peace, harmony and life. Thus in fact it bears senseless death and annihilation.
For many millions of years an ancient symbol for peace exists that likewise is traceable to Nokodemion. Besides embodying the tree of life, this true and very old symbol for peace embodies also a flower.
See The Peace Meditation

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On Sat. 9 April Military Special Forces Arrested Deep State Dr Anthony Fauci

US Special Forces on Saturday scored a major victory in the war against the Deep State–the arrest of Deep State mastermind and plandemic architect Dr. Anthony Fauci, a JAG source told Real Raw News.

The “White Hat” partition of the US military, he said, had for “a very long time” attempted to shadow Fauci but often lost his scent because the Deep State doctor used every trick in the book to delay his inevitable capture. When in public, Fauci was well-protected and often surrounded by at least a dozen armed guards and civilians who would have been caught in the crossfire had the military grabbed him in the open. And when travelling to and from events, Fauci used decoy vehicles to reduce risk of being captured. The decoy vehicles, our source said, often held Fauci lookalikes or even mannequins that someone had built and painted to resemble him.

On Saturday afternoon, however, the military caught a break.

“We got very good intel that Fauci on Saturday had minimum protection—two guards—and was leaving his D.C. house for a visit with his wife, who he hadn’t seen in months. The Deep State kept them separated because they thought we’d target her to get to Fauci. We’ve known all along where they hid her, and we were hoping for just such a stroke of luck,” our source said.

Fauci’s wife, Christine Grady, had been staying at the Ivy Hotel in Baltimore, Maryland, under an assumed name.

Special Forces in civilian vehicles discretely tailed Fauci’s car to an underground parking garage near the hotel and made their move. They boxed him in, drew weapons, and ordered Fauci’s guards to toss their firearms out the window.

“Fauci’s security complied, and Special Forces dragged Fauci from the vehicle, subdued him, and carted him off for processing.”

Incidentally, the arrest took place shortly after Bloomberg TV aired a taped interview with Fauci. During the interview, Fauci predicted a Covid resurgence and told host David Westin that the US would likely have to reimpose mask mandates and programs to encourage citizens to get more frequent booster shots.

Our source jokingly said JAG has evidence proving Fauci’s a prophet.

“Fauci seems to have an uncanny ability to look into the future. He has prerecorded literally thousands of videos about Covid that foresee what’ll happen one, three, and five years from now. In one video, he’s sitting at a desk in front of an electronic clock and calendar, and the date reads August 4, 2023, and Fauci’s going on and on about a new Covid variant that’s swept the country and pleading with citizens to obey new stay-at-home mandates. The breadth of these, I’m sure, will be shown at his military tribunal. The charges against him are astronomical,” our source said.

Those charges include treason, mass medical malpractice, and seditious conspiracy, and criminal homicide, according to a military arrest warrant.

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