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Update 03-07-23
GlyNAC: Glycine + NAC
Anti-Aging with GlyNAC (Glycine + NAC) to make Glutathione
Dr. Jin W. Sung
Glycine & NAC: A Winning Combo for Longevity
Nicole Brechka
According to a study from Nutrients Journal, a proprietary supplement called GlyNAC was shown to extend lifespan, albeit in mice, by 24 percent. [Note the human study in the above video. Younger people would normally have sufficient glutathione levels; deficiency occurs with age and/or illness.


GlyNAC is a blend of the amino acids glycine and N-acetylcysteine (NAC). Taken together, these act as precursors to glutathione, the body’s master antioxidant. It’s important to note that GlyNAC is not the same as NAC alone or glutathione alone. “GSH [glutathione] synthesis requires both cysteine (from NAC) and glycine. Supplementing NAC-alone does not provide glycine, and only GlyNAC provides both the glycine and cysteine needed for GSH synthesis,“ say study authors.

Glutathione levels naturally decline with age, and that deficiency has been linked to multiple age-related health issues, including:
Increased oxidative stress
Cognitive decline
Trouble processing nutrients
Damage to genes
Weakened mitochondrial function
Poor muscle strength

Mitochondrial health plays a key role in how fast someone ages. Dr. Rajagopal Viswanath Sekhar, lead study author and Baylor College of Medicine associate professor, believes mitochondrial dysfunction and increased oxidative stress are the two fundamental defects associated with aging. Glutathione deficiency is connected to both. GlyNAC appears to work by correcting this deficiency, says Dr. Sekhar.

*This product is expensive – about A$80 for 60 caps on Amazon. So, 60 1g caps = NZ$1.43 per cap.
DIY – I make my own mix:
*Powders from iHerb (currently free shipping to NZ if order over $80)
Glycine: “now” 454g 1/4t = 1000mg Currently NZ$43.57
NAC: “now’ 113g 1/4t = 600mg Currently NZ$33.37 So for 452g NZ$133.48
So, for a mix of about 900g, the cost is about NZ$176, thus about 19.6c per gram compared with NZ$1.43 per gram.
About 1/7 of the Amazon price.

Combine: 3t glycine with 5t NAC This gives a total 0f 24,000mg = 24g
S0 24 days at 1g/day. 1/4t of this mix weighs 730mg. You could take this amount. A slightly rounded 1/4t would be about 1g.

We take this about 8:00 at night, together with DIY magnesium citrate-malate & zinc ascorbate. This combo gives a restful sleep & has great health benefits.
Before This Update:
Two More Antiviral Herbs: Details later.
*black cumin & black cumin oil: Seeds for planting from King’s Seeds. Also, buy the essential oil &/or the seeds for grinding in your mini-blender.
*wormwood: Also from King’s Seeds

*More on Nebulising.
Nebulising Baking Soda:
There is an official study in Acre, Brazil that has doctors amazed at how fast COVID infected patients got better after nebulising with 3 grams of sodium bicarbonate (widely available baking soda) in 100 ml of water administered in a nebuliser.
The research was carried out by the Federal University of Acre (Ufac) in partnership with the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz), an organization dedicated to viral and vaccine research. The study was approved by the National Ethics and Research Commission (Cnep). The treatment, which seeks to improve oxygen saturation in the blood, has already been done in about 300 people in Acre.

See VAX Supp’s Zinc Ascorbate & Lysine for 2 very effective Covid supplements. Also, there is now a DIY post which will enable budding chemists to make some supplements – those who have the confidence, who want to save money & enjoy following a recipe (chemical cooking!).

*Don’t get jabbed. Having toxins injected into the blood stream is foolishness. The jab is a Bio-Weapon!
*Don’t take the PCR test: It is useless, graphene oxide may end up in the brain – don’t play Russian Roulette! The sensitive structure between nasal cavity & brain may be injured (5 years to repair). (Update – toxins in swabs & masks)
*Don’t wear face masks. Most are useless -the virus is very very small. Your nasal cavity & lungs can become diseased. Your bloodstream will have less oxygen & more CO2. The best masks should be worn for a limited time only, but we need to know if they are free of graphene oxide.
You would only wear a face mask if it is high quality, you are inside amongst people who are symptomatic and/or are vaxxed. This is difficult to assess. In New Zealand prior to the vax roll-out the Covid risk was very small. Now, thanks to out stupid government and dumb (complicit) medical “experts”, the risk of getting “spiked” increases with every day.
We (my wife & I) currently spray our nostrils & nasal cavity with colloidal silver, prior to going to the supermarket (for instance) & after returning home take a shot of chlorine dioxide which I make. I am wondering if spraying a simple fabric mask with CS would work.
*A CS generator can be bought from Silver Edge in the US – expensive shipping – YouShop helps reduce cost.
*A magnetic pulser can be bought from SOTA in Canada; I believe that there is an Australian version. Better still, there is one in NZ.
Both of the above are part of the Bob Beck Protocol.
What is fundamental is keeping your immune system in good condition.

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko Protocol:
Prophylaxis (Prevention) Protocol:
vit C 250-500mg (moderate/high risk 1,000)
vit D3 5,000 IU (moderate/high risk 5,000 IU)
zinc 25mg
quercetin 250mg or EGCG (a green tea extract)
Because Quercetin is fat-soluble it is best taken with a fat source or a meal containing fat, such as avocado, nuts, butter or whole eggs.
Moderate/High Risk replaces quercetin with Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine -prescription.
*Maybe chlorine dioxide is just as good – I will show how to make it later
LATEST: I came across research on another “zinc ionophore” (similar effect of quercetin);
zinc ascorbate. You can buy this. I have found that it is easy to make. DIY info later.
Dr. Zelenko also suggest the antibiotic azithromyacin for more severe cases.
A replacement is a natural antibiotic such as cinnamon extract or cinnamon oil or to a lesser degree oregano oil. Caution is needed with essential oils – they are concentrated.

Dr. David Martin Protocol:
vitamin C: 5,000 mg to 10,000 mg A lot!
magnesium: 500mg Magnesium chloride flakes (Zechstein deposit). Later I will show how to make mag. citrate (& malate).
Selenium: 200 mcg
pectin: 70 mg x2 Powder, but eat sour apples (1-1.5%).
64% people in Fukushima & Chernobyl survived taking pectin.

This is what I would do: Daily
vit C as ascorbic acid 1/3 t, vit D3 5,000 IU, vit K2 200 mcg, Mg 500 mg
In case of infection have some: Zn 20-25 mg, quercetin 500 mg
New Zealanders:
ascorbic acid from The Sourcery
other from iHerb nz (from the US).
*Shipping is now free over NZ$80 (inc GST).
D3: Healthy Origins 360 caps K2: NuU 365 caps *Research for the cheapest – usually larger quantities.

Vitamin C: Cheapest vit C to buy is ascorbic acid powder. Baking Soda can be added to convert – 1/4 t ascorbic (about 1.1g) + 1/8 t BS. I take 1/4 t aa equivalent daily – 1/2 am, 1/2 pm. Be prepared to bump it up! BS converts aa to sodium ascorbate which is also vit C which is less acidic. Both forms have their value. Higher amounts of aa can have a laxative effect; if so, cut back & then gradually increase again.
I make magnesium ascorbate which has a neutral taste. This is the am dose. The pm dose is neutralised with BS.
It was found that the absorption of ascorbic acid through the buccal mucosa and small intestine is nearly equal.
In his book, “Nutrition Almanac,” nutrition writer John D. Kirschmann notes that vitamin C is absorbed through the mucus membranes of the mouth, stomach and upper part of the small intestine. He adds that the larger the dose, the less is absorbed, such as 80 percent absorption rate when you take under 250 mg, but only 50 percent absorption rate when taking above 250 mg up to 2 g.

Pine Needle Tea: This contains shikimic acid, which is found in higher concentration in star anise. Another good source is fennel seeds.
A bunch of needles (4cm dia. chopped ?) steeped in near boiling water for 30 min (perhaps in thermos) -drink a glass 5 times/day – 1 litre total.
Don’t underestimate this. Dr. Charlie Ward has an unvaccinated friend living in Spain. She hugged a vaccinated friend, became very ill & although menopausal, started bleeding badly. After taking pine tea for some days she came right. Her dog became ill, bleeding from the anus & died.
Tea Species:
Pinus sylvestrus (Scots pine), Pinus pinea (Stone pine)
Pinus Radiata [Monterey Pine]
Pseudotsuga menziesii [Douglas fir]
Picea species (Spruce species)
Pinus strobus [Eastern White Pine] -US
*I read that the common NZ pine (radiata) was no good, until I found that tea bags with Douglas Fir & Monterey Pine were being sold in NZ.
Do NOT use: yew, cypress, and Norfolk pine
Ponderosa Pine: May be harmful, especially to pregnant women.

More Superherbs High in Shikimate Help Disable Spike Protein
Dr. David Wolfe’s list:
Schizandra Berry
St. John’s Wort (Hypericum androsaemum): shikimic acid is found in abundance
Testing of 5 bean sprouts showed that they were all rich in shikimate (incl. red kidney bean, mung bean, and alfalfa). The highest content is during the sprouting process.
Feverfew (leaves and flowers are rich in shikimate)
Gingko Biloba Leaf
Giant Hyssop or Horsemint (Agastache urtifolia)
LiquidAmbar (Sweet Gum tree) A tincture or tea of the spiky seed pods is rich in shikimate.
Carrots and Carrot Juice

Lemon & Grapefruit Rind Infusion: 2 or 3 of each cut up. Simmer for 3 hours+ in a litre of water & strain. Crockpot (Slow Cooker) on low is ideal. Sip during the day.
Mandarin peel could also be added.
Research: In Vitro Studies on Phytochemical Content, Antioxidant, Anticancer, Immunomodulatory, and Antigenotoxic Activities of Lemon, Grapefruit, and Mandarin Citrus Peels.
Conclusions: The phytochemical constituents of the citrus peels may exert biological activities including anticancer, immunostimulation and antigenotoxic potential.

*Pine Needle Tea & Citrus Peel Tea could be taken every other day.

Potent antiviral effect of silver nanoparticles on SARS-CoV-2
Ag is long known for its antimicrobial effect and the antiviral property of AgNPs is being extensively researched with renewed interest in the recent past.

Quinine is the predecessor of chloroquine and consequently hydroxychloroquine, their less synthesized “cousin” if you wish. In other words, quinine is one of the best natural alternatives to hydroxychloroquine.
Hydroxychloroquine is a less toxic derivative of the drug chloroquine, and was first synthesised in the 1950s.

Top 10 Antiviral Herbs: Elderberry, Echinacea, Calendula, Garlic, Astragalus Root, Cat’s Claw. Ginger, Licorice Root, Olive Leaf, Oregano.

It is not difficult to make your own quinine or its derivative, hydroxychloroquine.
Here is what Dr. Betty Martini says:
Note: The infusion is not quinine, but it acts in a similar way.
What is hydroxychloroquine (HCO) exactly? It is nothing but Quinine (made from Cinchona bark).
If you ever feel a chest cold coming on, or just feel like crap, take the citrus peel infusion. Grapefruit is especially good. You can sweeten the tea with honey or sugar.
Discontinue when you feel better.

There are three forms of bicarbonate. There are sodium, potassium, and magnesium bicarbonates. They are nontoxic primary alkalizing agents for the prevention and treatment of cancer, liver disease, Type I & Type II diabetes, Lupus, heart disease, pharmacological toxicosis, vascular surgery operation, tonsillar herniation due to cerebral edema, lactic acid toxicosis, and hyponatremia or low salt or loss of salts due to excessive or over-exercise.

The United States army acknowledges that sodium bicarbonate is the medicine of choice to clear Uranium toxicity from the kidneys. It is the only medicine rated to do that. Bicarbonates are also the ultimate form of chemotherapy, and one can only laugh (or cry) at the mile-deep lunacy that prevents all doctors from accepting this fact.

Mg has a strong relation with the immune system, in both nonspecific and specific immune response, also known as innate and acquired immune response.
‘Biological Transmutations’ – Prof. Louis Kervran: 1972
“The cases of decalcification, much more frequent nowadays, are due in part to our “industrial” modern diet which is deficient in magnesium.Statistics taken from January 1957 to November 1963 in Copenhagen showed that 80 children, from 3 to 4 months old, died suddenly. Although they had been given milk, their deaths were caused by a lack of calcium. Accidents of the same type were observed in a hospital in Paris. A post-mortem study showed that these sudden deaths, occurring in the cradle without warning, were caused by a spasm of the glotis which turned upside-down and obstructed the trachea. [cot death?!]
Many hospital dieticians and even pediatricians do not yet know that these spasms, which are caused by a lack of calcium in the contractile cells of the blood, cannot be fought with calcium. Only magnesium can cure these spasms; the same applies to rickets. It seems that these unfortunate children had a deficiency of an enzymatic order, therefore, they had difficulty in transmuting sodium into magnesium. They should have been given more magnesium directly. Of course, one should be careful to give a supplement of magnesium to patients subjected to salt-free diets, to avoid decalcification. Cereals & whole flours are richer in magnesium than meat products.”
Kervran also states that “fractured bones can be healed rapidly by means of organic silica.”
Sources of silica – spring horsetail, fresh ‘greens’ – radish tops, etc.
“The chief surgeon of a hospital asked for my assistance when he found himself confronted by a delicate case: a young man with bones broken very badly in an accident. The classical treatment of Vitamin D plus a phospho-calcic salt failed to bring about any improvement. However, the administration of organic silica healed the bones rapidly.
The theory (not accepted by mainstream medicine) is that living things transmute some chemical elements. In this case Na, Si & Mg transmute to Ca. Enzymes act as a catalyst.
It is assumed that milk strengthens bones. That is a wrong. Milk is not a good food – it is also homogenised & pasteurised (so it is a dead food). If it is converted into yogurt, kefir or kwark it becomes a living food – to be eaten in moderation.

Chlorine Dioxide Solution – CDS:
CDS is an extremely valuable medicine today! It can protect you or heal you after being infected with anything from COVID-19 to Ebola, but it is also used to cure cancer and even diabetes. This product is affordable and accessible because in today’s world, it’s necessary to use CDS to purify water. Most of us wouldn’t survive long without the industrial use of CDS (and the “bleach” mentioned above) to purify water. CDS has the ability to cure disease without causing bacterial or viral mutations that lead to antibiotic-resistant strains. It works by oxidizing (releasing oxygen) that kills bacteria, viruses, protozoa, fungi, and more that are living in the body.
It is absolutely amazing that we have everyone scrambling around for drug treatments for COVID-19 and yet, as we discovered from Dr. Andreas Kalcker’s scientific study, a natural compound that requires no prescription and is available for pennies is being mischaracterized and even suppressing the truth about it by the Mockingbird, Big Pharma funded media, as well as the CDC and the FDA. However, while DC doesn’t want you to know how it is being used to treat people around the world, other countries have been using it for years and now Bolivia has approved it as a treatment for COVID-19.
The medical establishment is trying to suppress the sharing of any potential health benefits of ClO2 because it is inexpensive and effective.

Dr. Andreas Kalker/Laura Aboli Chat to Charlie Ward Sodium Chlorite NaClO2/Hydrochloric Acid:

As DC Suppresses Truth About Chlorine Dioxide, Bolivia Approves It As COVID Treatment

The Universal Antidote Documentary

Dr. Andreas Kalcker: Protocols A to S
I want to present a new system of protocols by letters. The reason is simple, since many times several protocols must be combined according to the disease, so the protocols can be easily combined for greater efficiency. I know this is going to sound weird to some, but due to the current situation this is an attempt to create a simple order.
1) The first dose is 3 ml CDS (or three activated drops (in a 1: 1 ratio if there is no CDS?) adding to 200 ml of water, before sleeping, on the first day of treatment.
2) On the second day another 3ml CDS (or three activated drops) are taken by adding to 200 ml of water, one hour after breakfast and another three activated drops by adding to 200 ml of water, before sleeping.
3) On the third day, the two previous doses are taken, after breakfast and before sleeping, adding another dose one hour after eating.
4) Then you continue with the same three doses as in 3), one hour after breakfast, lunch and before sleeping, the necessary time of the treatment, until you feel recovered.
This protocol is suitable for long-term application and also serves as maintenance.

The body makes this important antioxidant, which will become depleted during infections. It is an expensive supplement. NAC is converted into glutathione in the body & it is cheaper & more effective; better still is GlyNAC, but still costly. Foods rich in sulphur are needed for glutathione production. One cheap sulphur supplement is MSM -it is made from pine trees. This is a very important supplement. I buy ours from horse supplies (food grade) since it is cheaper.
Vitamin C & MSM work together. So, 1/4 t vit C with 1/2 t MSM
N.B. MSM may remove useful heavy metals if taken at the same time. Most is absorbed in the first part of the small intestine. We take our vitC/MSM before breakfast & also before the evening meal.