It’s Time!

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* We all hope that this is so.
The question is…are you ready? Nothing Can Stop What’s Coming.

“Tonight All Hell Breaks Loose.”
…President Donald Trump Thurs. 28 March

“A big surprise coming today.”
…VP JFK Jr. on Telegram 17th Letter Thurs. 28 March

The Global Military Alliance coalition of ten countries has scheduled certain Events to transpire over the days leading to Easter. It starts with a worldwide activation of the Emergency Broadcast System to ensure a truthful and transparent coverage of Events.

Judy Byington: “The World As We Know It Is on the Verge of Transformation.Project ODIN, Military GESARA and the Emergency Broadcast System (EBS) represent the culmination of the coalition of ten nation’s Global Military Alliance’s years of covert operations to bring down the Satanic Illuminati Globalist’s CIA Deep State Cabal and usher in a New Era of Truth and Justice. The Grand Finale of this Epic Battle is Upon Us.”

Q has provided us with insights into the Satanic Illuminati’s Deep State Cabal’s most prominent strongholds. From the Vatican to Buckingham Palace, from the White House to the heart of China, these locations hold the keys to the Deep State Cabal’s power. 

To take them down, a Global Military Alliance coalition of ten countries has scheduled certain Events to transpire over the days leading to Easter. It starts with a worldwide activation of the Emergency Broadcast System to ensure a truthful and transparent coverage of Events.

  • There were connections between Big Pharma activities in Wuhan and Israel, implying that Israel, along with the Khazarian Mafia group, has influence over the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), as well as the worldwide Mainstream Media – core groups of the Deep State Cabal’s Secret Societies that were being brought down by a coalition of ten countries of the Global Military Alliance.
  • Events scheduled included creation of a simulated WW3 event complete with nuclear sirens and dismantling of the Mossad Media Satellite Network that has been at the heart of global manipulation – a linchpin for the Alliance’s Quantum Starlink system to activate.
  • With the removal of Satanic media assets and the withdrawal of Israeli intelligence, a new era dawns. With Communications disabled, and in this moment of darkness, a figure long thought lost to history will reemerge: John F. Kennedy Jr. The inaugurations of Trump and Kennedy will mark a new chapter in history.
  • Meanwhile Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs) will target 34 Satanic sites, grounding planes and halting trains. Brief blackouts will herald the transition to Tesla free energy, while the Bitcoin server and data center will be hacked and silenced forever.
  • A faux World War 3 scenario will grip the world’s attention. Nuclear sirens will wail, and water events will unfold. The Stock Market will collapse, and Global Martial Law will be imposed. In the midst of this chaos, the truth will shine like a beacon.
  • Those 34 Satanic buildings and dams targeted to crumble through the Alliance’s use of “Rods of God” were strongholds of the Deep State Cabal’s Secret Societies.
  • The Three Gorges Dam demolition will insure a shutdown of Bitcoin servers. The world of crypto currency will undergo a radical transformation. The vast majority of crypto currencies will vanish into obscurity, including Chinese Coins. In their place, ISO20022 coins backed by precious metals will emerge, bringing stability to the financial world.
  • Gesara Military Law will be implemented, alongside Secret Military Tribunals and confessions. Armies from around the world will unite, rebuilding nations and restoring freedom.
  • The Quantum Leap: Amidst the turmoil, the Quantum system will come to life, enabled by the Odin Project. NESARA, GESARA, and the RV (Revaluation) will take center stage. The Military Court will unveil the truth behind elections, and military trials will bring justice to the perpetrators of global deception.
  • For ten days the Quantum Starlink System will broadcast documentaries to all channels on the planet. Everything will be revealed including corrupt political institutions and religions.
  • During those 10 Days of Communication Darkness we will receive 7 “Trumpets “ aka EBS text messages, on our phones alerting us to tune into our TV at this time.
  • Our phones will only work for 911 and we are informed the Signal App, which is military encrypted, will be available. Phones, internet, credit cards, and ATMs cease to function.
  • The EBS will air reasons behind half a million accusations against the world elites. Three enlightening documentaries will be broadcast incessantly for eight hours seven days, twenty-four hours a day on television and radio.
  • The last three days of the documentaries will reveal suppressed extraterrestrial life, Patents and the deceptive portrayal of a World War 3 Scenario which will serve as a catalyst for the activation of Military Alliance forces worldwide.
  • After the 10 days of Communication Darkness, we will connect to a new Quantum Internet.
  • The Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection offer the following tips that all residents take preparedness steps. People are urged to stock up on at least three weeks of food and water. Be prepared with food, water, toilet paper, generators etc. for this great awakening reveal.

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