Corrupt Courts & Vax Hoax

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Extracts from the Byington Report 4th June.

With all Courts corrupt, the International Bar Association was about to be taken down.
The International Bar Association, White Hat Intel:
Who protects the pharmaceutical companies? Who protects the corrupt politicians? Who protects the Tech Giants? Who protects the Deep State Cabal Elites in every country around the planet? Answer: Lawyers.
These International Bar Association Lawyers work for and were created by foreign entities of the Roman/Vatican Empire, in collusion with the Pope, the Queen and Henry the VIII in the 1500s.
In the 1800s US Inc crafted a new branch off the BAR (British Accredited Registry) and created the ABA (American Bar Association). Both associations are controlled by foreign entities.
The Rules of Civil Procedure was written by old Roman Laws that are still used to this day and do not apply to “We The People.”
The illegal practices of all judges, lawyers and those who enforce the illegal procedures of the null and void dead corporation entities (Vatican, Royal Crown, US Corporation) are and will be subject to arrest for Crimes Against Humanity and punished under all rightful laws of coercion and unlawful actions in Military Courts.
Therefore The People have full rights to enact Military Tribunals of foreign occupied agents and their corporate powers and all counter parts and associates.
All courts are corrupted. Every person that is part of the BAR are foreign entities that are trespassing on human rights. These BAR associates, society, corporations have been working under massive fraud, under the cover of law for a long time throughout the world in every country.
They protect fraud elections and illegal practices by politicians, corporations, tech Giants pharmaceutical companies and Elites who run the International BAR Association worldwide.
The BAR is about to be taken down worldwide. The enormous fraud is about to be revealed.
You have no contract with this unlawful and broken Corporation, associates of the BAR and their counterparts. You are not a property or subject to these false entities, associations and societies connected to the International BAR Association and their procedures.

Whoever claims you are property, or states they have a contract on your life in the private or corporate side, are deceiving you. No such contract exists.
End Game. The courts are going to fall apart. The Lawyers who protect the Elite and evil are almost done. Q
Don’t be afraid when a Military Government is installed. They will in that moment reinstall rightful leaders and law makers (that takes time).

Covid/Monkey Pox/ Vax Hoax:
BOMBSHELL: Dr. Judy Mikovits Exposes The Plan to Implant Humanity with Cancer Viruses
Essentially all vaccines are tainted with a variety of viruses by a group of eugenics scientists who want to change human DNA.
*I could not find the pause button, etc. Cliking the pic made the controls appear.

The viruses and vaccines are part of a Deep State agenda to take over everyone’s freedom all over the world. In 2003 Dr. Fauci paid the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to manipulate the Coronavirus to basically cause cardiac and lung issues. For the first time, one year after they patented this, the first Coronavirus shows up in the world. You draw your own conclusions. The CDC patented SARS virus and many variations of that genome, in 2003. This has been a commercial operation funded by Dr. Fauci (who was funded by Obama a

The Monkey Pox Campaign was in the planning for years by WHO/ WEF/ CEPI/ CDC/ Jynneos. The CDC has a large “Monkey Pox Response Team” and there were planning exercises in Munich in March 2021.
Mary Talley Bowden, MD Why I’m suing the FDA, Complaint filed 6-2-2022 in Texas Southern District Court:
“I took an oath to practice medicine—“do no harm”—and the FDA is preventing me fulfilling that oath. That’s why I’m standing up to protect every doctor’s right to practice medicine without interference from politicized government agencies. Fighting the system should never be part of fighting the disease.”

In an interview with Professor Christian, “It’s impossible that there’s an occurrence of such isolated (Monkey Pox) cases in 10 different countries on different continents. It’s impossible naturally.”
Significant’ Cases of Neurological Disorder Associated With COVID-19 Vaccine.

Fauci Admits Biden Mask Mandate Is About Preserving “Authority”.

Pfizer Tells Federal Judge that Pfizer Owns the Federal Government and Is thereby Immune to Normal Contract Law. Pfizer has legal authority to commit fraud that kills people.

Bill Gates Predicts What The ‘Next Pandemic’ Will Be Caused By, Proposes WHO Expansion.

mRNA vaccines have never been used on humans before. That, by very definition, is “human experimentation” #NurembergCode: Article 6, Sections 1 and 3. Vaccinations forced by any means including taking rights away from The People, are 100% in violation of the Nuremberg Code.
Threatening people with restrictions for not taking the vaccine is force by coercion!