Nano Razor Blades in Vax

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Key Points:
*These nanoscale structures can best be described as nano razor blades – mono-layer activated carbon of c6 rings, 50 nm long, 500 rings in a row, 0.1 nm thick.
*They do not degrade biologically. They stay in the body forever.
*Any doctor (in Austria), who, after this information is now public, continues to inject this, is a murderer.
*The epithelial cells are sliced up by the razor blades.
*Those given the Toxic Death Shot are being sliced up internally by tough, sharp, nano razor blades.

Carbon specialist.
Nov 28
His Partner Speaking After the Murder.

**This statement is an appropriate intro:
Dr. Andreas Noack : another German whistleblower dead
by Stranger in a Jewish World
Not too long ago I created a post about a German Doctor Thomas Jendges who ran a Clinic in German and who became a whistleblower against the vaccines. He created a video where he described his true belief about the vaccines and shortly afterwards he allegedly committed suicide. I call that suicide a murder but Jews are going to be Jews and report it as suicide anyway, because of course according to the Jewish Establishment narrative nobody would be murdered because they are whistleblowers against the vaccine mandates.

Today it has come to my attention that a different German Doctor whistleblower may have been murdered. His name is Doctor Andreas Noack and apparently he created a video exposing graphene oxide found inside the vaccines that could do incredible damage to the human body internally. Very shortly after that video was made and translated from German to English, this doctor apparently ended up dead. While I have not verified this case to be the truth, it appears to be the case of another German whistleblower about the vaccines who quickly ended up dead and this gets my attention as it should get yours if you are paying attention.

So again, this is as yet unverified but I am about to show you two videos. The first is the video of Dr. Noack discussing graphene oxide in the vaccines and the damage it can do to the human body. The second video is of Dr. NoAck’s partner saying he is now dead. Watch the videos and make up your own mind about what you believe is true about this case. Until I have further confirmation I cannot say if this is true or not but it sounds true.

Anyone in a position of authority or expertise who jeopardizes a Jewish Establishment agenda (and the plandemic IS a Jewish Establishment agenda) is going to end up dead or otherwise silenced. This is the Jewish world we live in. This is the Real World of the Two Worlds Paradigm.

Talk by Dr. Andreas Noack: Partial transcript:
“Make it clear to them [doctor’s, etc], If they continue this, they are murders.”
The clot shots don’t have graphene oxide, they have graphene hydroxide- nano scale razor blades.
mono-layer activated carbon of C6 rings, with OH attached to carbon atoms
50 nm long – 500 rings in a row, 0.1 nm thick

Electrons delocalised (fully mobile). Layers are extremely stable.
These nanoscale structures can best be described as razor blades.
These razor blades are injected into the body.
Only one atom layer thick.
Not biologically decomposeable.
The OH groups can split off a proton, which gains a negative charge. It is basically an acid.
It suspends well in water because of the negative charge.
The razor blades are spread homogeneously in the liquid.
This is Russian Roulette.
In this woman it cuts the blood vessels.
The epithelial cells are sliced up by the razor blades.
If you inject the “vaccine” into a vein, the razors will circulate in the blood & cut up the epithelial layer.
Toxicological tests in a petri dish wont show anything.
These are the sharpest imaginable structures, because they are only one atom layer thick.
A huge, sharp molecule.
An autopsy of a victim shows nothing. Coagulated blood coming out of noses. People bleed to death on the inside.
Especially the top athletes who are dropping dead have fast-flowing blood.
[FIFA 128 dead on field, 500 elsewhere.]
The faster the blood flows, the more damage is done.
If you inject this into the blood, you are a murderer.
It’s a new material, toxicologists are not yet aware of it.
Top athletes with high blood circulation, completely healthy, suddenly drop dead.
You see people collapse immediately after vaccination & have a seizure.
These people have had bad luck in playing Russian Roulette. Very likely a vein was hit by the syringe.
The question that you have to ask politicians & doctors, the question that doctor’s should ask Pfizer is, why are these razor blades in the vaccine?
Now they want to force vaccinate children from the age of five. This guy is Dr. Szekeres, president of the Austrian medical board.
The mRNA effect is complex. The chemistry of the graphene hydroxide is quite clear.
The mRNA story is possibly a diversion. I can’t imagine anyone will be able to give me as a carbon specialist a proper explanation as to why these carbon razor blades are in the “vaccine”. This is war. But people can’t collapse that quickly from that, right after the injection. Something else is going on and this effect should be studied. Dr. Szekeres claims to be a specialist. Apparently the Austrian doctors don’t have a smarter guy than this one. He is a doctor who doesn’t understand chemistry, or he is a criminal, or he is a mass murderer.
After the Spanish doctor’s study it is official that nanoscale graphene (hydr)oxide is in the vaccine.
So it is clear that razor blades are injected. So he is probably incompetent [Dr. Szekeres]
If you want to inject a whole population by force, you have to do your homework extremely carefully. Because if there is something wrong in the injection, you will kill the whole population of a country. You have to weigh the risk. How dangerous is Corona? How dangerous is the injection? This guy wonders whether people should be tied up before being injected. Are the doctor’s in Austria so incompetent that they don’t understand the basic chemistry medicine is based on? Then they should surrender their license. Any doctor in Austria, who, after this information is now public, continues to inject this, is a murderer.
I am not some guy in the carbon field. I doctored in this area. I worked for the world’s biggest activated carbon manufacturer, in the area of new carbon products. I was the only expert in Europe. I’m pretty much the only European who visited other experts in Pittsburg.
These are nanoscale razor blades.
They do not degrade biologically. They stay in the body forever.
Austria is the first to impose a vaccine mandate. They are killing the whole Austrian nation.
This is a razor and it is a means to kill. And if he [Austrian leader Mr. Schallenberg] knows this and continues, then he is a mass murderer. He will walk in Hitler’s footsteps.