NWO Control Update 26th July

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*If you have been jabbed, do not use a cell phone while you are charging it.
You Will Never Look At Using A Charging Cellphone The Same Way!! Two Cellphone Energy Attacks Caught On Video!!

Facial Recognition – Digital Identity or Digital Dictatorship?
*Important to watch from 9:40
Big brother is watching!
*Cameras being installed all around the world to build a seemingly innocuous digital prison.
Open air concentration camps – smart cities – Australia, Canada.
Facial Recognition on i-phones – Supposedly for security & safety – For Digital Identity.
In China an app is available so you can find your “social score”. Also in Ukraine.

Shedding Confirmed – The Jabbed Are “Vaccinating” the Unjabbed
Dr. Jane Ruby & Dr. Philippe Van Welbergen

Covid/Monkey Pox/Vax Hoax
France provides photos of children who needlessly died from Convid vaccinations.

Golan Ashton (Human rights Lawyer) analysis of the legal situation in Israel regarding compulsory vaccinations: People in Israel suffer existential vaccination pressure. Highest Israeli court: people denied entry to public buildings if they have not been vaccinated or tested. Most doctors are silent for fear of their jobs, anyone who talks is muzzled. No support in the courts, success only possible through strike, resistance and cohesion.

The Pfizer Study Documents: 1000+ pages and a long trail of anomalies & proof of fraud. Pandemic of the unvaccinated? No trace of it in the global “control group” of the unvaccinated. Suppression of the innate immune system by SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccination: The role of G-quadruplexes, exosomes, and microRNAs. Political immunity and double standards in the legal system.

Bluetooth Signals Come From Injected Persons And The Chip Can Be Deactivated Using This Simple Procedure!!
Maria Zeee with Tivon & Hope (Clean Energy Academy)
It could take 1 year before structures formed inside people.
Mike Yeardon suggested 2-5 years before people started dropping dead from the jab.
6-8 babies/kids cremated at a time in a hospital – English funeral director John O’Looney.
Hydrogels & nanotech in Covid jabs.
GO- structures grow & replicate inside the body.
Proteins with nanotech instructions used to build scaffolding within the human body.
People should detox.
A Tesla coil placed over the injection site will neutralise the chip – a large pulsed em field.
Chip not always transmitting a code. It needs to be stimulated.
Chip does not stay at injection site – it may migrate.
There may be more than 1 chip.
*Maybe a Cornet ED-88T can locate the chip. Also a SOTA (Canada) em pulser may neutralise the chip.