OZ Child Sacrifice

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Australia is Under Attack – TheCrowhouse:
I chanced upon this video by a fair dinkum ozzy. These 2 Australian websites I have now bookmarked:
thecrowhouse.com and news.com.au

Stew Peters: Exclusive Footage! Kids Dead & Dying at Political Mass Murder Stadium in Australia
*3 kids dead at stadium. How many more deaths of these children will occur, let alone severe medical injuries?
*Health minister for NSW displays his arrogance & ignorance.
*Retired air force officer reports to Stew Peters about the crisis in Australia. He suggests that the state chief medical officers are controlled by the WHO & World Economic Forum (makes me think of Jacinda Adern).
*Victoria may be locked down until Xmas.

Trump Executive Order – Those who commit treason and/or crimes against humanity will be arrested & executed:

Hillary = Killary Child Killer

Terminator With Ankle Bracelet

Podestra – Pedophile & Rapist

Australia Runs Mass Child Sacrifice Luciferian Vaccine Ritual Targeting 24,000 Children:
Health Coach Mike Adams
August 19 13:20 up to about 39:00
* Scan through the video to the relevant section.

A student (child) snapped a short video -screen shot above. The children are herded into the stadium, preached to from above & then given the “Death Shot”. Parents not allowed – they delivered the students to the entrance.
What the hell is going on? Children do NOT need a vax (even if it works – it does not). This is abuse, a crime against humanity. The parents are going along with it – what fools!!
When is this going to happen in New Zealand?

Situation Update: Afghanistan Chaos, Americans Left Behind, Vaccinated At Risk For Dying Of CV, Australia Jabs School Students, Two Die, Matrix Falling Apart:
Stew Peters
August 19 Start 36:47
2 children already died
no parents = no witnesses to observe propaganda, adverse reactions & deaths
99.98% recovery (non vaxxed) without any treatment such as zinc & quercetin, so why vax?
huge TV screen with NSW premier giving Utopian messages inc propaganda about the vax
ICU treatment is a fraud -designed to kill?
administrators making decisions based on AI through a system called “Epic”
Keep out of hospital to avoid wrong treatment – Remdesivir & ventilators (in the USA)

Australia Is Lost! Report: Kids Ushered into Stadium for Jabs! Police Making Arrests!
Stew Peters with Deanna Lorraine
August 18