The Corona Disease

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The Plejaren Ptaah has given us much information about the corona virus since January, 2020 through Billy Meier and this has been available through FIGU Switzerland. Some of this information has been translated into English. A number of people in various countries have sent much of this information to politicians, health experts and so on, but most have turned a blind eye to the truth. In my case, as a New Zealander, I have sent emails containing much information and often attachments to politicians of all parties, health “experts”, journalists, etc, in fact to some 90 plus people with only 4 replies. There is no evidence that any notice has been taken of the truths contained in these emails. Most have treated my efforts with disdain and could not even reply with a thank you! Here is a September update on important points:

3.Obviously, what I made clear months ago in the beginning of our explanations still has not gotten through to the virologists and physicians and so forth: namely that there is indeed no effective immunity of the convalescents as well as no herd immunity, even if ‘healings’ from the rampantly spreading corona disease take place and antibodies have formed.

4.Even after a ‘healing’, that is to say, complete recovery, there is no immunity regarding the corona virus; therefore after a successful ‘healing’ a new infection by the corona virus can occur at any time and can be fatally dangerous, just as it can also continue to infect, as the rampantly spreading disease also continues to exist in the body as impulses and cannot be detected even by virological and medical specialists.

7.The dangerousness and lethality of this insidious rampantly spreading corona disease is due to a continuous mutation of the virus, in which case the mutation changes which arise from it bring about newly occurring genetic variations that become more dangerous and aggressive, which, however, can neither be recognised by doctors nor by virologists and so forth, because they do not have the necessary knowledge and instruments for that at their disposal.

8.Due to the changing dangerousness of the corona virus and new genetic variations, also new susceptibilities to infection arise, which from now on will affect younger and young human beings right down to the youngest of children, as has been explained earlier, whereby even the fruit of pregnant mothers are befallen by it, and can suffer lifelong adverse health effects from the corona virus.

9.The previously mentioned factor, that all genera and species of mammalian life forms –especially domestic animals such as dogs and cats, cattle, horses and pigs as well as rodents and so forth –are susceptible with regard to the corona virus, and human beings are infected therethrough (contrary to alternative assertions of low intelligence by alleged ‘experts’), has still not gotten through to the virologists and physicians; therefore they still deny this fact.

10.A spreading of the rampantly spreading disease can already occur seconds after the moment of infection and not only, as is claimed, when the infection becomes detectable.

11.Repeating from earlier explanations, the following is certainly also to be explained today: wearing protective masks against pathogens such as bacteria, fungi and parasites only makes sense if, on the one hand, the masks are suitable and are used sensibly; but this cannot be the case if they are worn during the day in the open and pedestrian-free street, in open terrain or in buildings where there are no crowds of human beings in the near or closer area
However, if this does not correspond to a necessity and a protective mask is worn nonetheless, then this is not only nonsensical,but also ridiculous and is tantamount to a carnival fuss, as I have already explained earlier.


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