Scare Event – China

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  • Maybe Simon Parkes is correct. These events are more likely to happen next Tuesday/Wednesday USA time.
    This is a chess game. The White Hats have to keep the Deep State guessing, therefore in a panic. This is frustrating for us.At least, when it does happen, we are less likely to be shocked.

Big Intel Update! It’s Getting Hot!!!
Simon Parkes, Charlie Ward, & Danielle
July 8
*This is what I have extracted from much of the video. Are we close to what we want to happen?

Danielle: “Massive, massive, massive news”.
I just got off the phone from Daniel Bowrell(?) who gave this info –
In less than 5 hours Executive Order 13959 is going into effect –
List of companies that are going to be taken down by the US -prohibiting investment in Communist Chinese military companies. This basically is a declaration of war –
Parley is already down.
All big media channels will go down in a couple of hours.
Huawei, Alibaba, 3GD companies, Bitcoin will crash
Declaration of war will effectively be taking place.
Project Odin will be activated – Starlink – EBS
Global media controlled by 6 people

Simon – thought it would be next week.
China putting a lot of pressure on N Korea – up the anti on nuclear threats
N. Korea is already on board with Trump
US expected to respond if China acts, using Rods of God to destroy nuclear weapons
Under the 3GD China still has a lot of (nuclear?) weapons – needs to be taken down
A lot of issues now between Israel & Iran
A number of oil tankers in the gulf have already been mined – MSM quite
We need it to go global, taking it off the US election
So we can go into martial law, making it a global problem
It’s going to be scary – necessary to take all systems of corruption down & alert the world.
This will mean this EO will take place & therefore take down the whole Chinese market