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I decided to research what in reality was a variant. Here is what I found. You should be angry -very angry! You are being treated as a sucker by your government. Not surprisingly many people have fallen for it – they must be dumb or they have so much faith in the government, that they believe everything which they are told. We can excuse many older people who may not have the skills to search the internet. Also, dont rely on just Google.
*It’s Really a “Pandemic of Fear” Caused by a Fastidiously Fabricated Fear Virus

MASSIVE CDC COVER-UPS: Does The Delta Variant Come From Being Vaccinated?
Dr. Jane Ruby
The ‘Delta Variant’ is actually just ‘what happens when you get vaccinated’. That’s right, it’s not the ‘variant virus’ that it’s being spun to be, but a SIDE EFFECT of getting the KILLER JAB!
It’s Really a “Pandemic of Fear” Caused by a Fastidiously Fabricated Fear Virus.

Dr. Mike Yeadon has been sounding the alarm on these fake “deadly” variants for weeks now, and here is a short video clip where he once again explains how a variant is never more than .003% different from the original virus, and how people who already have immunity from most of these coronaviruses have absolutely nothing to worry about.
Variants are very similar to the original. If you have been infected you will survive, unless you have been very close to death. It is not true that variants pose any form of threat. Most would be advised to stay away from experimental jabs.

Dr. Andrew Kaufman:
Dr. Andrew Kaufman explains, using the science of genomic sequencing and an excellent analogy to shredded library books, how the so-called “Delta variant” scare-mongering going on with the mainstream media is completely fake news. The entire imaginary SARS-CoV2 genetic sequence was literally pieced together in silico (inside a computer) from fragments of code allegedly sourced from free-floating fragments of RNA derived from just ONE patient in Wuhan China. Covid-19 is a set of clinical symptoms blamed on literally nothing more than a computer-generated virus that is not based in reality!

*This video is complex, although well done and illustrated. I suggest that you watch it to get an overall idea of the research. I have listened carefully & here is a transcript of the latter part:
Variants are simply the inability to reproduce or validate the original results.
It is not possible to give us a picture of reality. It is completely an imaginary and man-made exercise and these genomes are used commercially, but they don’t represent what is actually in nature. The variants are no different, they are simply an inability to reproduce the same results, that is convenient for the establishment to use to create fear and change policies. There has been no clinical research where they followed groups of people where they allegedly had one of these variants and then showed that they actually have any significant health problems whatsoever. So when you hear the name of any new variant, what you should do is simply ignore it and remember that there is no virus in the first place, there is no actual virus genome and there is no reliable way to tell if someone has this new disease or not, because there is no test that has been validated.

LOCKDOWN: Control, control, control; obey, obey, obey.
Don’t be fooled by all the hype – contact tracing (thousands of contacts), positive PCR tests, mandatory mask wearing. Delta, delta, delta. Fear, fear, fear! Healthy people rushing to get a PCR swab shoved up their snouts. More people rushing to get a “Kill Shot”. Endless propaganda on the radio which drives you nuts – be thankful for the kill switch!
PCR Tests: 100% fail at 40-45 cycles (Dr. Reiner Fuellmich)
Face Masks: Most are useless – permaeble to viruses (like water passing through a sieve). Decrease oxygen in the blood & increase carbon dioxide, harbor infections, increase cancer risk (oxygen depletion).
Small businesses going bust, butcher shops & greengrocers closed, lack of products in the supermarkets, increase in mental health problems, more depression, more suicides, less freedom. When are people going to snap and say “enough is enough”?!
Are our politicians without intelligence? Do they just take advice from their health advisors, who must spend their time navel gazing since their knowledge seems to be limited?
Look at all the information in this blog; all the advice from experts from around the world. Are the politicians incapable of moving outside the square & researching themselves? Anyway, all of the MPs & 19 university health academics were sent the post VAX TRUTH, so ignorance is no excuse; it certainly is no excuse in a court of law – where some will hopefully end up.

PCR TEST: We know that this is a 100% fail at 40 – 45 cycles, yet we are told daily how many positive tests there were – a proper fraud.
Very many people have suspected the PCR tests being used with the alleged COVID outbreak are not what they say it’s for, but here’s some info to back that up.
Intra-nasal administration of spike protein to mice is effective in infecting the brain with the spike. The Spike protein can be made to enter the brain by applying spike protein to the cribriform plate where the olfactory nerve protrudes; you know, in your nose!
In mice studies, when a tiny amount of solution (1 thousandth of a milli-liter) containing the spike protein was applied to each nostril at the level of the cribriform plate (without actually penetrating the plate) then within 30 minutes the spike protein was detectable in all parts of the brain, including frontal cortex, cerebellum, midbrain and pons-medulla. It especially infected the olfactory bulb and hypothalamus.
Nasal application also caused the spike protein to enter the blood stream with a bioavailability of 0.66%.
PCR tests involve the use of a long swab that reaches the cribriform plate and is then agitated vigorously. Such a procedure is unnecessary for obtaining a viral sample, and it suggests another reason for wanting to reach the cribriform plate, and disrupt it (damage it) with agitation.