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NOTE: This remarkable document was written by Billy Meier in 1964, when he was only 27 years-old. It contains some of the most specific, unfortunately accurate, prescient information published by Meier, especially about the now already upon us environmental damage, including global warming, climate change, etc. – all of which have inevitably arisen due to our ignorant, ceaseless overpopulation.
It also contains otherwise little known information about Meier’s early trials and tribulations and the wretched situations that he endured, and survived, on his life journey in preparation for the fulfillment of his mission as the seventh and final prophet/announcer for earth humanity.

An excerpt from FIGU Special Bulletin 36
Dyson Devine and Vivienne Legg have been given permission by Billy Meier (www.figu.org) to make these unofficial, preliminary translations of FIGU material. Please be advised that their translations may contain errors. The following article, regarding overpopulation, climate destruction, the energy problem and all the other problems of terrestrial humanity resulting from that, was already written on September 16th, 1964 in Kabul, Afghanistan and sent to diverse governments and newspapers in Europe.

Quo Vadis, Humanitas: [(Latin) Where are you going, humanity?]

The time of revolutionizing events, of the breaking through of the new era, already began in 1844.

This new era, which exists in the sign of Aquarius, testifies to events that ceaselessly roll over worlds and universes.

Once again the new era provides testimony to the unlimited omnipotence of Creation, because it is BEING – and being is all its Creation.

Yet quo vadis, humanitas – where are you going, humanity – human, you most magnificent creation of Creation!

You hasten into emptiness – into a dark, deadly corruption without return.

You fall into darkness, where the demons of darkness, gnashing their teeth and grinning diabolically, smite you with their claw-like hooves – humanity – in order to obliterate you and crush you with the pitiless and fatally pummeling fist of a giant – the fist of your self-engendered fate – the gigantic and vengeful fist of your irrationality, which demands an account from you, which you, however, cannot render because your life was not led by its meaning – because your life was lies and deceit – filled up with hate, greed, lust and addiction, with murder, war and other crimes and acts of violence.

You have lived your life which was granted for the solving of life’s tasks, yet not in the sense of the creational-natural laws and recommendations.

You have shamefully trampled, and thrown into the dirt, true love, life’s goodness and all the laws of Creation and its nature, while the generosity which is anchored within it sadly accepts your diabolical deeds and again and again always gives you one last chance for you to indeed, still, with time, remember true love and loyalty and find your way back to the creational-natural laws.

Yet you have consciously disregarded every single chance and shamefully trampled it in the dirt – because you want to live your own life.

A life of selfishness, desire and greed – a life of hate, arrogance, greed for power, and war – distant from the true laws of life.

Nevertheless, this avenges itself in the present time of revolutionizing events – and this great time is now, as well as in the near and more distant future.

Yet, humanity, what do you undertake to be able to confront this great and new time, and therefore: Quo vadis, humanitas – where are you going, humanity?

This question, however, “quo vadis, humanitas”, concerns not only the great mass of humanity.

No, the question of where to concerns primarily the individual, because all the many individuals constitute humanity, the humanitas of this twilight world – the world of disharmony and of darkness, the world of the diabolical and the demonic.

You, human as an individual: the question, “Where are you going?” primarily concerns you, because you have strayed onto the path of ruin, onto the way of disharmony with nature and the creational laws.

You have strayed on the path of death into a bottomless chasm which lurks, full of unbelievable terrors and deadly corruption, in order to rip you in its claws, dripping with blood, and crush you pitilessly.

The bony clawed fist of the avenging giant – irrationality and stupidity – rips you out of your creating life and throws you into the abyss of the all-corrupting destruction.

Yet the creational-natural laws give you one last effective chance: you, humanity, and you, individual human of this Earth, to be able to protect you from the torturous end which the revolutionizing events already bring in the present time and will also bring in the coming time.

Human of the Earth, you still have one real last final chance which you can grasp in order to still prevent the worst, but consider that in a short time it will be too late because after that there will be howling and chattering of teeth as it has been conveyed since ancient times.

And the portents of these new times, described millennia ago, already bear witness, in all kinds of eerily increasing catastrophes, that the time of the fulfillment of the prophecies has come and that the revolutions can no longer be stopped, rather they can only still be alleviated in their worst form.

So the conveyed prophecies of the signs in the sky have also become reality, because for years these have been seen and observed at all hours of the day and night and in all sovereign countries, however, unfortunately, they are often misinterpreted and made ridiculous.

But they are the signs of the time; balls of fire, radiation explosions in the atmosphere, earth-electromagnetic atmospheric phenomena, strange clouds, and hazy apparitions which appear, in their hundreds, like small flying objects.

Yet also beamships appear – respectively spaceships from planets foreign to Earth – which are steered by humans foreign to Earth, who come here in order to indirectly intervene in the matters of terrestrial humanity through an announcer and his teachings of the spirit, as well as through the teachings of the truth and through the teachings of life in the evolutionary events of the consciousness and the deeds, behavior and effects of terrestrial humanity as they pertain to the evolution of consciousness, because the need demands it, because the Earth human, with his still restricted consciousness, forces the basic and component elements of nature and life into reaction, to, in this way – in his insanity – destroy myriad forms of life and the Earth’s climate.

Therefore I raise my voice – because I know the future – and scream out a warning to the whole of the Earth’s humanity; a warning which is based on the present events which, to an evil extent, will carry on further into the future.

The time has already come in which, in the whole world, through the fault of humanity, the climatic conditions blatantly begin to change, which will also take effect into the future with all kinds of extreme storms.

Everything is already formed in such a way that uncountable human lives, which go into the hundreds of thousands and the millions, are to lament and will be to lament further on.

Also monstrous destruction of all human acquisitions extends ever further; destruction of mountains through avalanches as a consequence of the thawing of permafrost, and, through volcanism large parts of mountains explode away, which, as mud slides, collapse into valleys, destroy everything, annihilate entire villages and towns and cost many human lives.

Glaciers melt away worldwide just as do the masses of ice of the Arctic and Antarctic.

The world’s climate rapidly warms which leads to monstrous revolutions in the climate which bring with them great waves of heat and cold, blasts of fire as well as droughts, floods, snowstorms and hailstorms.

Earthquakes and seaquakes will appear ever more frequently as well as the resulting enormous tsunamis on the oceans and seas, which lead to further devastating destruction of human acquisitions and of landscapes as well as to mass deaths of humans.

Monstrous material damage to the land, houses and all kinds of buildings comes about – to streets, railways, wild brooks, brooks in fields, rivers and seas.

And there will be more and more human lives to lament through these climatically-conditioned revolutions and storms because the rapid and increasing warming of the climate and climate change alters the entirety of nature and the oceans’ currents, which evokes enormous revolutions.

Also the entire animal world changes, whereby many mutations emerge – and indeed with many creatures as well as with the world of plants and with humans – for which overpopulation quite especially carries the blame for everything.

This is namely the greatest of all evils on the Earth, because the further, and increasingly faster, it grows, the greater, more comprehensive and insoluble become the resulting problems.

These exist in all areas, therefore in medicine, in the vanishing drinking water, in the inexhaustible consumption of energy as well as in constantly increasing worldwide terrorism.

In addition to that come wars which are plotted by criminal powerful ones of the state, but also family tragedies which assume ever worse forms and also increase.

But the climbing problems also occur as a result of the pollution of the air, the water and the environment, the growing criminality and climbing wrongdoing, as well as, however, in regard to the softening of the humans in regard to general health, the consciousness, the psyche and the body.

Further to name, with humans, is the blatant climbing indifference in regard to one’s own and strangers’ lives, as well as the constantly increasing coldness of feelings and the disappearance of interest in regard to good interpersonal relationships.

Also, useful leisure activities belong to the problems which can no longer be overcome, because instead of one pursuing a thing like that, still only pleasures and idleness are sought out and maintained.

Also, inevitably from that, the brutalization of humans increases against fellow humans, nature and fauna and flora.

Humans become ever more susceptible to the allergies and diseases which attack them, to degenerations of the sexual life, to psychic degenerations, to depressions and suicide, to psychopathic and paranoid moods, from which murder and mass murder as well as the abuse of fellow humans result, which are ever more carried out by youth, because their entire upbringing has comprehensively failed in every respect.

Cowardly humans increasingly appear who throw their lives away because they have become incapable of bearing pain and suffering and ending their lives with a natural death.

Quo vadis humanitas?

Human of the Earth, you engender havoc to an unimagined extent for the planet and for all life, and the destruction evoked by you in nature and in life draws across the entire world and evokes enormous damage, destruction as well as need and misery.

Wild brooks and brooks running through fields become rapid rivers, rivers become raging currents, while wild waters overstep all banks and evoke monstrous floods which devastate all land, destroy countless human acquisitions and existences and, together with other catastrophes, cost hundreds of thousands, and millions, of human lives.

Also, as already mentioned, primeval volcanic eruptions occur, next to monstrous, extreme earthquakes and seaquakes, whereby all the catastrophes become ever worse and finally can no longer be stopped.

Everything still happens in small measures, but already from the 1970s, everything will climb in such a way, in the next decades, that, already towards the end of the Twentieth Century, everything will degenerate abnormally.

But in no way does that signify the end of the worldwide catastrophes released through the fault of humans, because, starting with the advent of the new millennium, nature will rebel even more violently against the environment destroying insanity of the Earth humans and will reach an extent which compares to the primeval times of the Earth.

If the coming events and catastrophes, which break out over the Earth, the climate and humanity, are considered and analyzed, then it is clear and distinct to recognize that singly and alone the entire blame is borne by the Earth human and indeed, as already explained, through the incessantly growing overpopulation, from which all problems come about which can no longer be overcome in simple frameworks, rather only still through worldwide radical and rigorous laws and their observance.

The blame for the coming havoc and chaos, as well as for the catastrophes, comes basically from the enormous mass of humanity, also when pathologically stupid and irresponsible know-it-alls and scientists assert the opposite.

Overpopulation alone is the factor in all evil, and indeed with the shortage of energy and drinking water as well as in regard to the destruction of nature and the environment and as well as the warming of the climate.

If an existing problem of this or some other kind, as stipulated by overpopulation, was tackled and a solution was found and realized, then, during the time when the solution became realized, the entire thing would be overtaken by newly emerging problems of the same or different form because the world population, respectively overpopulation, would increase by further hundreds of millions of humans during the time in which the solution became realised, whereby the solution which had been worked out would be negated and would be overtaken by the same kind of new problems.
[Currently in 2021 the world population is increasing by about 100 million per year.]

Also asylum seeker, neo-nazi and extremist entities, ethnic migration, worldwide terrorism and new wars will spread out and create dissent, need and misery and other new, big problems.

Very harsh and firm measures must be grasped against all evil which goes out from the Earth humans and which they themselves have evoked through the irrationality of the bred-up overpopulation against the whole of life, nature, the climate, the atmosphere, the waters, as well as the fauna and flora and the entire planet itself.

To that also belong measures against the world-control-addicted machinations of those state powerful ones who release criminal wars and terror in the whole world, carry out wars and acts of terror themselves and tip other countries into chaos, whereby they also trample the mentality of humans in the dirt as well as want to break and exterminate their religion and politics.

Because of the furiously fast increase of humanity, it is forced to destroy the environment ever more frequently and more and more and to exploit and destroy the Earth’s resources in order to comply with all kinds of climbing requirements of humanity.

Indeed all of these requirements climb to ever greater extents with the growing number of humanity, whereby nature as well as fauna and flora is more and more affected and destroyed as is also the climate and the entire environment.

The planet itself is tormented and slowly destroyed because atomic and other explosions disturb the Earth’s structure and release earthquakes and seaquakes as well as volcanic eruptions.

Waters, nature, the atmosphere and near-Earth space is polluted and poisoned, while the primeval forests are destroyed and annihilated through greed for profit.

The commandment of the hour and of the future is: that finally a stop is ordered to the insanity of overpopulation.

Whereas the climate change released through humanity can thereby no longer be stopped, the destruction and annihilation, the chaos and the catastrophes, can indeed, through reason and understanding, be somewhat checked, as, for example, in that the natural watercourses and wetlands are reestablished and the overexploitation of the planet as well as nature and fauna and flora ceases, because only thereby can the worst still be avoided.

But that is conditional upon the insanity of overpopulation being stopped through firm legislative measures.

Overpopulation, respectively, the world population, must be most urgently checked and reduced through a worldwide controlled cessation of births, because only thereby can each and every kind of increasing requirement of humanity, and the therewith connected further destruction, finally be rectified.

Already very much has been done so the predictions fulfill themselves, for which reason it is also necessary that measures against that are grasped:

The environmental pollution by all kinds of fossil fuel motors, as well as by chimneys, and so forth, must be most urgently checked, along with all other forms of environmental and air pollution.

Also it is of the most urgent necessity that all human constructions of every kind, such as residential houses and factories, and so forth, disappear from regions endangered by landslides and floods.

Wetlands, and so forth, must be given back to nature as natural water catchments for floodwaters.

Residential constructions and factories, and so forth, may no longer be built on wild brooks, brooks which run through fields, on the seashore, in or on avalanche zones or plains, and so forth, endangered by water.

To that end, extremely urgent precautions must be taken with brooks, rivers, lakes, streets, residential areas, cliffs and mountains, and so forth, so that in endangered positions where wild water overflows, or moraines, avalanches of snow and mudslides as well as rock-falls happen and damage could occur, definitive, very strong and tall barriers are established in order to protect houses, streets, roads and railways from washing away, from high water, tremors or from a land slip.

That will be necessary in many places because much of the predicted chaos and catastrophes will unfortunately already be unavoidable – and time flies and is short.

Therefore action is called for, and this is the responsibility of the entire terrestrial humanity.

The Earth human must act before it is finally too late and nothing at all more can be done in order to stop the irresponsibly triggered process of the destruction of the climate, fauna and flora, as well as nature and the planet, and the extermination of humanity.

They are no cloud agglomerations, balloons, lightning, flocks of birds and the like, as they are so readily called by scientists and leading authorities, by adversaries of the truth or by laypersons who do not want to make themselves ridiculous with the acknowledgement of the existence of so-called UFOs.

These unknown extraterrestrial flying objects – if they do not, as is frequently the case, deal with strictly secret, terrestrial-military, flying devices and airplanes – are real, and thousands of very good photographs, films and reports show that.

And there is no shortage of actual contact people who have spoken with extraterrestrials – even if worldwide there are only extremely few, and the amount is only just a small handful.

They and all the others testify to the effective existence of extraterrestrials – even when this existence is ridiculed by the terrestrial authorities and evil antagonists, is put down as not proven, or simply put down as hallucinations or even lies.

But on what basis, then, do the disclaiming and denying authorities and adversaries entertain quite secret UFO information groups, and so forth, who have the task of clarifying the origins of UFOs from outer space and to arm themselves for an eventual space war or a sudden invasion from space?

An idea, incidentally, which corresponds to perfect nonsense, because the space-humans do not supervise our Earth in order to eventually conquer or subjugate it, because, had they wanted to do that, then they could have already done that long ago because their technology, compared to terrestrial technology, reaches the fantastic – and the terrestrial weapons of all the armies would be no more than a play thing for them, which, as a consequence of their worthlessness and uselessness, would be disposed of as rubbish and useless junk.

Moreover, their very highly evolved technology extends back many centuries and millennia, so, had they wanted to, they could have conquered the Earth when it was still in antiquity or as it grew, in the dark Middle Ages, toward its current position.

Indeed, why are the authorities so keen to get to the bottom of the secret of the UFOs and, above all, to the bottom of the, until now, unsolved puzzle of beam propulsion, which allows the extraterrestrial flying devices, respectively, the UFOs to dash through the terrestrial atmosphere at up to 100,000 kilometers, and more, per hour, whereby gravity is neutralized?

Why, therefore, are these secret investigations carried out privately, if indeed everything is only supposed to be lies and deceit?

Why is that?

The authorities have angst, terrifying, deadly angst, because they fear an attack from space, and for that reason it would be urgently necessary that they themselves would be in possession of beamships and beam weapons in order to be able to already counter the enemy attack in space themselves.

On the other hand, however, they fear the population panicking and running amok if they should actually become aware of the existence of extraterrestrial UFOs and their crews, because already the population’s panics and running amok has rolled over various countries on various occasions, as UFO sensation reports, so-called “live reports from the scene of the event” were transmitted over the radio.

Live reports, however, which did not correspond to the truth and were only sensational radio plays.

The number of dead in the population who ran amok thereby went into high numbers.

The authorities who restrict practically all UFO reports – if they have real backgrounds – do not, however, consider that the panic of the masses would become much bigger yet should masses of extraterrestrials actually come in order, perhaps, to still prevent the greatest insanity of the Earth humans, and to change the face of this world for the better when the revolutionizing events, irresponsibly evoked by Earth humans, roll over this world.

But it is questionable whether extraterrestrials ever interfere with terrestrial matters in this regard, because they have directives which would only allow them to intervene given certain prerequisites.

An actual contactee – as well as investigators and simple observers of actual extraterrestrial flying devices, respectively UFOs – are – by the authorities, as well as by the people and from malevolent antagonists and vilifiers – dealt with in the most infamous manner, reviled with lies and deception, and under some circumstances even put behind bars in the meanest way and manner, or interred in lunatic asylums, because, as already mentioned, the authorities are not willing to let the profound truth come to light – they also do not shy away from publishing disclaiming notices and treatises in the newspapers or publishing them through paid laypersons, critics, antagonists and so-called “specialists”.

It is on this basis that, in various countries, an actual contactee – of which there is not even a handful – an observer or investigator plays with his freedom if he takes his task seriously and tries to produce an explanation.

And the few humans who have, or had, contact – indeed not even a small handful – have a very difficult position, because they come up against hate, mockery, incredulity, the intrigues of the authorities and, to some extent, destructive assertions from the church, as well as defamation and much more.

In particular, I had to experience, on my own body, how schemingly the official methods find application.

Dungeons and a mental home were, in my youth and in my time as a young man, the consequences of my explanatory efforts.

As an alleged thief, burglar and gangster boss, I was robbed of my liberty, although nothing of the kind lay on my conscience.

I then had time, over long years, to contemplate my mission, because, already in my boyhood years the authorities did not like my explanatory efforts.

Officially steered false accusations from my brother-in-law, who was paid by the authorities, led to defamatory police reports and such like, which were presented to me in such a way that I had to sign them under duress, otherwise I would have been put in a prison cell to go hungry and to sleep on the stone floor.

The forced signatures were supposed to prove, for all time, that I had been a thief, burglar and gangster boss.

After years, I saw freedom again, indeed I fled my homeland on a higher task and wandered around in the world for long years – homeless, because years had to first pass so that the untrue stories about me were forgotten in my homeland.

During all this long time, I had the opportunity to further come into contact with all kinds of humans, and with sundry species and kinds of animals, as well as with the forces of nature and, above all, with extraterrestrials and their objects, as had already been the case since my early childhood years.

Yet, out in the wide world, the grinding mills of terrestrial laws also pursued me.

In Jordan, in the Holy Land, I was arrested as a spy from Mars, among others things, and was deported from the country for life, probably because they feared Martian vengeance, had they liquidated me.

Indeed, 130 very good pictures, and negatives, of extraterrestrials and UFOs changed ownership in this situation, due to confiscation, because the Jordanian secret service confiscated everything.

It went in a similar way for me in Syria, Persia and in Spain.

After the respective release I was ambushed and shots which were fired at me often missed their target by only a hair’s breadth.

  • And again I was forced to flee a country – month after month, which added up to what seemed like endless years.

Hard and often life-threatening adventures had to be survived – in the jungles and deserts, in the slums of big cities, in the bush and in little villages and on the endless expanses of country roads.

Many times life’s parting point only barely passed by, yet foreordination wanted it otherwise, and so I was protected from the end, became thereby, however, richer in knowledge, will and experience and I matured, in order to fulfill my assigned mission.

After long years I was, through inspiration, shown the way to India, and I went, for me, the fastest possible way there, through the Persian and West Pakistani desert.

Then at my target, laid low with a severe malaria fever, I was robbed and had absolutely everything stolen from me.

Hard and difficult months followed; no work, no money, practically only living directly from what meagre morsel the hand gave the mouth.

Yet, in this time, the mission I have to fulfill finally ripened in me.

Signs of the time, which showed me the way and the time, became visible for me in the sky.

As already in early youth – during 11 years until the start of 1953 – through the extraterrestrial Sfath, I have been, since 1953, now still, until September 20th of this year 1964, taught and further educated by the extraterrestrial Asket, in order to go the way of the announcer of the truth and the way of my life.

So the time came, because I have the way I intend to go clearly before my eyes, in order, from January 28th in the year 1975, to go the way of my mission alone and to fulfill it, as Asket explained to me – the way of the silver robe, the way of the announcer of the truth.

Therefore I now know my way, which I have to go, and my goal for which I must strive, whereby a number of loyal ones will assemble around me, who will go my way together with me and then, when I leave this current life, the great mission leads further, so that someday peace, true love, freedom and harmony will be among terrestrial humanity.

Now I therefore comprehensively know my mission, which I have imposed upon myself and which various of my earlier personalities already fulfilled in earlier lives.

Where are you going, humanity of this Earth – Quo vadis, humanitas?

Save yourself, because there is still time for turning around completely, in order to turn to the path of light, of the creational-natural – on the path of light of the truth of omnipresent creational laws – on the way of good itself.

Human, turn your back on your previous life and find a way back to the creational-natural laws and recommendations.

Find a way back on the real way of the actual life.

But the way is not to be found nor to be trodden through religion or sectarianism, consequently it is not thereby done that you daily, or every Sunday, hurry to church in order to shine there, so that just now YOU are one of those who are industrious church-goers, to hear the word of the priest at every opportunity and if possible to sit in the front pew next to him so, yes, everyone can see you well and can determine that you industriously hear the word of God and are so close to the priest, that you go into the mosque, the temple, the synagogue or some prayer-house, in order to pray, or so that not one word of the religious representative, who leads the divine service, escapes you.

Human, it is no law of creational truth to do this, not a creational-natural foreordination or order, and it is not the meaning of life.

If you do not find the way to the truth through your own cognizance and do not deeply understand the word of truth, grant it trust and obey it, then it is better for you if you crawl into the deepest murky waters of shame.

If you do not stride on the way of the truth of the creational-natural laws and recommendations, then at least let those who are unchallenged, who want to stride it and who seek the effective truth, find this way.

Do not curse and damn the seekers of the truth because their footstep and their presence on the way of truth does not serve your own fame nor gleam like a beryl, rather it serves their consciousness-related evolution, as it is determined through the creational laws as the meaning of the humans’ life.

Anchored within that is also the collective human behavior in every relationship, and indeed in relation to the fellow humans, to being human, to nature, fauna and flora, the world’s climate as well as the planet itself.

However, if you contravene that, Earth human, then you will hasten your own judgment before you notice it, because the era of the coming events advances and allows no more time to play with the further breeding up of the overpopulation and with the destruction of the climate, as you have done until now as individual humans and as a mass of humanity.

Long, much too long, all evils have been played with and exploited, indeed now the amount comes to overflowing, then – the pitcher goes to the well until it breaks …

Humanity and individual human, whether poor or rich, whether small, big, beggar or worker – human in every position, it concerns you – my words are directed at you.

Turn around and go the way of the true life, as determined by the creational natural laws and recommendations, because the time is only short, as great havoc comes over the world and over you and demands an account from you for all the destruction you have caused, through overpopulation, among humanity itself and to collective nature, to fauna and flora, to the climate, to the atmosphere as well as to the waters and otherwise all around.

In the scriptures of the millennia it is written: “Love your neighbor as you love yourself, because he is your own brother or she is your own sister – he or she who has inhaled the breath of life.”

Human, therefore cease all your hate, greed, the daily strife, the murderous wars and all the selfishness: love your neighbor as yourself, but also nature, fauna and flora as well as the planet which is your homeland and your protection.

Thus it is written: “Heed the signs of the time which will be in the heavens when the time approaches in which the revolutionizing events take place.”

Individual human, heed these signs of the time, learn to understand them and do not falsely interpret them.

Know of their truth and do not regard them as strange miracles, because a miracle is only a word for a concept whose value, nevertheless, has no significance.

Behold the signs for what they are – the product of a mighty law which you have broken through overpopulation and all the problems which result from that and which has caused monstrous changes and destruction worldwide, among humanity, to nature, fauna and flora, as well as to the climate and the planet itself, and which has brought need, murder, wrongdoing, war, terror, misery and corruption over the world.

The signs in the sky are not only flying devices of extraterrestrial origin, rather primarily signs of the effects of human irrationality; signs, which reveal themselves as devastating storms of all kinds, because climatic warming and climatic destruction, as well as the destruction of the environment, form into unimagined catastrophes.

That is already mundane, yet you, Earth human, still have not yet apprehended and not grasped that you carry the blame for these evil events; blame, because you drive overpopulation ever higher and thereby create ever more enormous, insoluble problems which you can no longer overcome.

Therefore turn around before it is finally too late, because you can still do something to avoid the greatest catastrophes.

But act fast because, otherwise, in 20 years it will already be too late, because then the catastrophic effects of your crazy deeds will no longer be stoppable and nature, life, the planet and the climate, will allow the consequence of human irrationality to break with primeval violence over humanity and the planet.

Human of this Earth, you still have one last chance – one short period of time.

Indeed, consider: this short period of time, which rolls over the world, will still only be short, before my words are proven to be true, words of prediction which will already soon be fulfilled if you travel further in your traditional style.

  • But then it will be too late for you and the masses to whom I once more pose the question, “Quo vadis, humanitas?”

After the expiration of the 20 year period named by me, the process of the destruction of the climate and nature will no longer be stoppable if overpopulation is not reduced through a radical halt to births and thereby all problems reduced until they finally disappear.

If that does not happen then problems of all kinds will climb immeasurably and will no longer be surmountable.

Thereby, however, the existence of the whole of humanity and the planet is put into play and put into question, consequently it can be that terrestrial humanity, one day, through its irrationality and through its stupidity and egoism, eradicates and annihilates itself.

And no god will be there who opens an ear for humanity, to listen to a plea for forgiveness and aversion of the evil, because where no god exists, also none can hear something, and none can bring help.

Principally, namely you alone, Earth human, are your own lord and master, because you alone are God, and consequently, comprehensively bear responsibility for all your dealings and effects, for all your thoughts and feelings as well as for your entire destiny, for which you are your own smith.

Kabul, Afghanistan, 16. September 1964