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OPERATION COVID-19 & the Covid Super Vaccination Agenda Toward Total Human Enslavement.
Here’s The 3 Step Process:
First they grab your body.
Next they take your mind.
Then they snatch your soul.

These jabs are extremely toxic. Yet they continue to be rolled out in New Zealand & around the world.
The jabbing of our children is a terrible crime & those responsible will pay dearly for their crimes!
The New Zealand Government is about to make a decision on mandatory “vaccination” for school teachers.
Now we have division within our schools – vaxxed & unvaxxed – both children & teachers. What a disaster.
Also, anyone unvaxxed is sure to get a dose of the spike protein. Some parents are concerned that some teachers may be unvaxxed, so they are putting pressure on schools for all teachers to be vaxxed. Imagine the pressure on the children! What an abomination!
When & how will it end – one can only imagine.
Perhaps teachers should be EXEMPT!
I am thankful that I am no longer a teacher.

What happens when you are Vaxxed: Dr. Bhakti & Dr. Hoffe explain how the mRNA component of the vax works.

Response of the Immune System to the Vax
I wrote the following based on a video by Dr. Sucharit Bhakti. Read & learn. Your health & life depends on the understanding which you gain and your response to this knowledge.

We have been misinformed that the immune system will not recognise the SARS-Covid 2 & will not respond in time with the production of antibodies to save our lives. That is why we have been told that we should be vaxxed.
Scientific publications have appeared that put an end to this false narrative.
The SARS-Covid 2 virus & it’s descendants ( variants) are not so different from the old normal coronaviruses that they would not be recognised by the immune system.
Immune System:
Antibodies: Depending on whether or not the immune system recognises the virus, the response will be slow or fast.
IgM: Slow to be made – 30 days. The virus is not recognise.
IgG & IgA: (Recall antibodies) Made quickly. – 5 to 10 days. The virus is recognised (the immune system has a memory)
Functions of antibodies:
1) Protective Antibodies: Can prevent entry of virus into the cell.
However, if the cell does get infected, lymphocytes come out, recognise that the cell is infected & these “killer lymphocytes” kill the cell. The virus can no longer replicate.
2) If antibodies are directed against a bacterium (or a fungus), then these antibodies will bind to the bacteria & this activates the leucocytes (antibodies complement the leucocytes) to “eat” the antibody-microbe pair.

Major Groups: Both are really deadly. Will normally take care of all of the bacteria & vir
Lymphocytes: Directed against viruses & virus-infected cells. They kill the cell.
Leucocytes: Directed against bacteria & fungi. They consume (eat) the cell.

Is the immune system blind to the SARS-Covid 2 virus?
This was tested by 3 US research groups & published.
It was a fast response for the vaxxed. So the immune system had a memory.
The Covid virus can only change it’s shape slightly (variant) so an antibody can still lock on. This is not so with the flu virus.
A Denmark study showed that if a person got a ‘touch’ of Covid, the immune system built up antibodies IgG & IgA. This showed that herd immunity is already present.
Over 99% of people have this antibody bank. These antibodies can be mobilised even when the virus is only in the throat.
This causes vaxxes to be unnecessary. I f the vax carries any danger whatsoever, it must be stopped because there is no benefit & if it only contains danger then it is the duty of the doctors & the authorities not to undertake “vaccinations.”
Professor Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi warns that if you get both shots, your immune system will turn on your own body and will end up taking you out.

The US studies showed that after the first shot the IgG & IgA levels rose rapidly. After the second shot they rose rapidly even more.
But the mRNA genes enter the cells lining the walls of a blood vessel & begin to produce spikes which protrude into the bloodstream. These cell are recognised by the Lymphocytes & they mount an attack on the blood vessel walls; this is the first stage in clot formation.
This danger is already bad after the first vax, but in the first 7-10 days there are still no antibodies.

If you dare to repeat this performance & start to put those spikes out into your blood, god help you. Now, not only the killer lymphocytes are going to attack, antibodies & complement leucocytes are also going to attack, thinking that your cells that are producing these spikes are bacteria & they are going to try to “eat’ your blood vessel walls cells. This joint attack has never been seen before. Mixed infections (virus & bacteria) are virtually unknown. So we have the unique situation that has been created by the vax; no one knows what the outcome will be. However, the vision is so horrible & so awful & terrifying that I myself dont really want to knowthe answer & I don’t want this answer to become known. I want you to decide not to take the second shot or any other shot. It is going to place your life in danger.

What Happens When You Get the Kill Shot:
Dr. Hoffe – My transcript. The following only describes the mRNA component.
When the vax is injected, only 25% stays in the arm. The other 75% is collected by the lymphatic system & fed into the circulation. These packages of mRNA (40 trillion) are absorbed into the cells lining the blood vessels (endothelium) of the capillary network where the blood slows right down. The packages open, genes are released & the cells then reads these genes so that the body then manufactures trillions & trillions of Covid ‘spike proteins’.
The purpose of the spike proteins is that the body recognises these foreign proteins & makes antibodies which give protection against Covid. That’s the theory, but in a coronavirus, that spike protein is part of the viral capsule, but these spike proteins are not part of a virus, they are in your cells & become part of the cell wall of the vascular endothelium, which means that these cells which line the blood vessels are no longer smooth, such that the blood no longer flows freely, because these spikes stick out into the bloodstream. It is inevitable that blood clots will form, since the function of blood platelets is to detect damaged blood vessels & block them. So blood clots are formed in the capillaries to block them & are scattered throughout the capillary network.
These microscopic clots do not show up in the usual blood clot tests. A D-dimer test is needed, which shows a recent blood clot.
Dr. Hoffe has used this test on his vaxxed patients – within 4-7 days of the jab; 62% had evidence of clotting. The most alarming thing is that there are some parts of the body like the heart, the brain, the spinal cord, the lungs, which can’t regenerate. When they are damaged it is permanent.
If your lungs are damaged, your heart has to work harder; such people usually die within 3 years of right-sided heart failure.
The worst is yet to come. Some tissues can regenerate to a certain degree, such as the intestines, liver & kidneys, but the aforementioned organs do not regenerate.
Young people are suffering from myocarditis, so their activities are limited.
The long-term outlook is very grim. Also successive shots will add to the damage -it is cumulative.

Nuremberg Trial Hanging

New Stew Peters: Breaking! Worldwide Call to Stop Vax. Doctors, Scientists Reveal Horrific Findings
Sept 24
Scientists with the Corona Committee Conference (Reiner Fuellmich’s team) have analyzed a sample of all four genocide-jabs, and what they discovered was beyond monstrous. What Pfizer has been injecting into people is truly an Abomination by every definition of the word. This conference was at the Pathological Institute in Reutlingen, Germany.
When viewed under the microscope, pathologists found the stuff of nightmares. They found parasites (possibly a recombinant Kamakasi Hookworm), razor sharp nanoparticles, what looks like Morgellons fibers, graphene oxide, and what can only be described as some kind of nanotechnology that’s capable of moving around under its own volition.
The evidence being produced by the Corona Committee Conference corroborates the work previously done by Dr. Young in America as well as the Fifth Column group out of Spain. That is, three separate sources who have now published the same diabolical findings. It’s undeniable.
There is no reason to inject this into people without it being a Crime Against Humanity.
Dr. Jane Ruby has studied the conclusions from this conference & says that there is Indisputable proof about the dangers of the vax, such that any country that continues using the corona virus shot is complicit in crimes against humanity and premeditated murder.
35 groups worldwide (research scientists, lawyers, physicians) have looked collectively at 1000s of vials of these injections across Pfizer, Moderna, JJ & Astrazeneca & what they have found is shocking.Thousands of sharp-edged metal pieces in a droplet of the vax, also parasite material. When the solution was warmed under the microscope the particles started to move quickly & in sync with each other, which is incredibly frightening. Short metal objects, graphene layers, large rectangular structures.
Pictures: inorganic objects – luminescent metal thread, rectangular structure with pointy bottom, sharp piece of metal (thousands in a droplet), squiggly material, what looked like a parasite. These things light up & move quickly when videoed.
Double title in this press conference: 3 hrs of video.
1) Cause of Death After Covid-19 Vaccine.
2) Undeclared Components of Covid-19 Vax.
This group concluded that any government, any country, any company, any entity, which carries on with this jabbing program after today, having been made aware of this, is going to be prosecuted & should be prosecuted for crimes against humanity. They are calling for a wordwide immediate halt, with special emphasis on children.
Certified autopsies on the bodies of 40 people who died within 2 weeks of being jabbed; they have their cardiac tissue, brain tissue, etc. Shown in these tissues is the effect of inflammation. Some died quickly, others slowly.

Funeral Director- Mass Vaccine Deaths, Child Danger, Covid Camps, Genocide
Sept 23
This Stew Peters interview reveals much of what is happening in England & enables us to understand what is happening in New Zealand & Australia.
John O’Looney has seen deaths from the beginning, and what he has seen as an undertaker supports what many of us have suspected.
From his experience, he believes that many of the vaxxes are placebos. For example take 100 vials with 85% placebos, so those people unaffected by the jab become advocates for the jab, but by playing “Russian Roulette”, they will get caught with the 2nd dose, or 1st, 2nd, 3rd, … booster shots (regular jabs for 3-5 years+ – “kill them all!?”). The vax companies were very clear that the vaxxes would not be 100% effective – of course!
He has noticed a range of severity of adverse events – different strengths (0, 5mcg, … 100mcg).
Relatives are unaware of vax – adverse event relationship. The drug Midazolam administered to Covid (?) patients, which will kill them (like Remdesivir in the US). Killing people on a daily basis in hospitals.
Mass suicide when people wake up to the truth about the vax; what they have done to themselves & their children.

Mel K Welcomes Brilliant Pharma Analyst & Whistleblower Karen Kingston on Terrifying Vax Facts
Sept 23
Mel interviews Karen Kingston, a former employee of Pfizer and an analyst for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries. She reveals indisputable documentation and the truth about the deadly and dangerous ingredients in the jabs and how Dr. Fauci conspired with CCP bio-weapon labs in Wuhan to commit the most massive attack on humanity America has ever experienced.
Lipid nanoparticles – hydrogels: advanced AI operating system that contains graphene oxide.
Patent – they could put in genetic material from any virus (HIV,Ebola) & any species.
Most alarming they could create triple … DNA.
In collaboration with Wuhan lab & US universities, they were creating monster viruses – she cried for humanity – “I cried for every mother & father out there”- genetic biological agents – bioweapons – diseases like you have never seen before.
These monster diseases will be misdiagnosed; the body will turn on itself.
Their intention is to manipulate humans – half AI, half human, in the guise of transhumanism; also surveillance.

Israelis Recount Horrible Stories From After Their mRNA Injections
This Just Happened to a Child Who Was Vaccinated in Halifax, Nova Scotia via Brighteon
Chinese Cupping Vaccine Blood Removal Shows Vax Turns Blood Into Clotted Jelly!!