New Zealand Mandates

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Remove the mandate and Adern

Once again a meaningless, noncommittal statement from “Comrade Adern”: Junior Leader of the WEF, former leader of the Young Socialist Group.

Like Adern, they were dictators

Seen at the truckie mandate protest in Wellington.

Jabcinda fears the patriots & is hiding in the Beehive. Dirty tactics by the government, inspired by Mallard?
Sprinklers turned on & loud music broadcast.
Grand Jury Trial into Crimes Against Humanity
Dr. Reiner Fuellmich – Opening Statement quote:
“Crimes against humanity under the guise of a planned Corona Virus. The agenda is set out for all to see!”
Dr. Charlie Ward: “Every country in the world is now under military control. Everything else that you see is pantomime.”
Dr. Mike Yeadon: The vax does not prevent transmission, so there is no need to segregate. Blood vax antibodies have little effect on Covid in lungs. People are only infectious if they are symptomatic (have symptoms). 2019 Study – Masks, lockdowns, social distancing, hand washing, etc. don’t work. They knew; all of the countries knew that the measures were useless.

Shame on the New Zealand Police

They pulled a woman by her hair, her dress came off in the process and they arrested her naked. They pulled out a young girl right in front of the camera when she was just talking to her parent and was then supposed to go back into the outer area. They barged right at the point out of the blue when there was NO violence at all and grabbed her and cut her neck. There is a woman who was just putting her phone away in her bag and they unexpectedly barged again, grabbed her and dragged her by her feet and then pushed their elbow into her sternum and cracked it and now she is in hospital.