Zombie Apocalypse – 4th Oct

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From Judy Byington:
On Wed. 4 Oct. During the FEMA Emergency Broadcast System “Test”
The Cabal Plans to Attack our Phones, TVs and WiFi Technology
Absolutely Do NOT Participate
Turn Off ALL Devices
Unplug ALL Computers
Disconnect ALL Information Technology From WiFi

Be prepared for the Black Hat EBS Test on the 4th Oct.
**This may not happen, but “better safe than sorry”! A back-up date is the 11th Oct.
Turn off your devices – iphones, laptops, PCs, etc – especially if you have been jabbed.
New Dr. Jane Ruby | October 4th 2023 | Nationwide Emergency Alert Test
Friday, September 29, 2023 10:24
My partial transcript:
Dr. Rashid Buttar:3 pathogens housed in the hydrogel that is used in the jab. These 3 pathogens are innocuous – stable, inert, you would not know they were there.The hydrogel is the delivery vehicle, which also keeps the contents stable. The payload of pathogens has been held in the hydrogel – like a sleeper cell. Marburg is not that contagious, but it has an exceptionally high fatality rate. Chimeric pathogens as the payload – Ecoli Marburg, Ebola staph, etc.
Release Mechanism: On broadcast of the 5G GHz signal of 18 GHz via the 5G system for 1 minute, 3 times as a pulse, it will cause the lipid nanoparticles to swell & release the payload of pathogens, thereby causing a Marburg epidemic that they have already spent the money on.
Also a 1p36 gene deletion will occur which will cause the jabbed people to turn into zombies. FEMA has already produced zombie commercials – training for agencies. CDC has hadombie preparedness website for 5y & now pdf cartoon. Already prepared with quarantine camps, etc.

** There appears to be 2 EBS – Black Hats & White Hats, which will cause some confusion. We hope that there will be a clarification.

Emergency Broadcast System Activation Worldwide:
Update: Friday; September 29, 2023
Oct 4th 2:22 pm EST the EBS under FEMA will probably take place.
*Watch the first short video at:

Red October.
November to Remember.
Dark December.
What If They Shut Everything Down for Ten Days and When They Opened It Up Again All the Criminals Were Gone?
If the Lights Go Out, Know That We Are in Control.
Actually, God is in Control, and God Always Wins.
Faith. Hope. Love.
We Rise By Lifting Others.
Comfort One Another and Be The Light.
We Are In This Together

** As a truth seeker & revealer, I have to write this:
There is no such deity as God, so God is not in control – this is wishful thinking.
We are leaving 2,000 years of the “Age of Pisces”, the age of “faith and belief”.
We are entering 2,000 years of the “Age of Aquarius”. the age of “reason & understanding”.
Each one of you has the power – the Might of Your Thoughts – which are powered by your spirit, which is a fragment of Creation – the creator of this universe – the incomprehensible mystery.
Billions of us have the collective power; we have to unite. The cabal is trying very hard to divide us.

Judy Note: Congressional Impeachment hearings have begun on “US President” Joe Biden (who in reality was being played by several actors, the real Joe Biden having faced the noose prior to his fake inauguration after being charged and convicted of Crimes Against Humanity).

  • The US Government (having run out of fiat dollars) will shut down at 12:01 a.m. ET Sunday 1 Oct.
  • NASA faked the Moon Landing, haven stolen trillions of US taxpayer monies to build their Underground Tunnel child trafficking network.
  • Here in the US, our government operates under Admiralty Law (Maritime Law or Law of the Sea) and not under Constitutional Common Law, giving US citizens no standing in our court system – the reason the Brunson petitions on voter fraud in the 2020 Election have not been heard.

…All of which and lots more will soon be explained with activation of the Emergency Broadcast System (EBS) that will broadcast worldwide with documentaries in 55 languages and 600 dialects on all channels on the Planet courtesy of the Alliance Space Force.

The Real News for Fri. 29 Sept. 2023: