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New Zealand – Tuesday 16/11: From today, only “vaccinated” teachers can teach, the unvaxxed are effectively sacked.
Comrade Adern the New Age Marxist has had her way again. When will she start setting up concentration camps for the unvaxxed as they are doing in Australia? Little does she know that she is effectively digging her own grave (metaphorically) by carrying out these draconian measures.

Everyone with a heart should listen to the story of this trafficked & abused child (now 27 years old). The last few minutes in particular, for despite all of the pain & suffering she has found happiness in her life, but is still being hassled by mongrel agencies. What courage this women has!
Breaking Stew Peters! Elite/Celeb Demonic Sex Abuse Ring Exposed! “Michelle Is a Man! Biden & Obama Raped Me, They’re Evil Sick People!”
REVEALED IN THIS HEART & GUT-WRENCHING VIDEO are the DEMONIC & DASTARDLY DETAILS which reveal the reality of the existence of Underground tunnels leading from schools, parks, shopping establishments – leading to global destinations everywhere – as well as the COMPLICITY and COVER-UP by Child Protection Services (CPS) in making that happen – and hiding the TRUTH from everyone!

Death Shots For Kids – 6M to 17Y
Trafficking Children – Hillary Clinton & 7 Super Computers

Pfizer Secretly Adds Dangerous Ingredient to Injections for 5 to 11 Year Olds as Taiwan Stops Pfizer Shots for 12 to 17 Year Olds
by Brian Shilhavy, Editor of Health Impact News
We are creating an entire generation of young people with weak hearts who will either die early, if they survive the COVID shots, or be dependent on the medical system to treat their weakened hearts for the rest of their lives.
The CDC and FDA know this, and have even issued warnings about it, but they call these events “rare” and refuse to stop injecting young people.
Health officials in Taiwan have apparently figured this out, as it was just announced that they are halting injecting children ages 12 to 17 with the second Pfizer shot, due to concerns about heart damage, and that they are NOT approving Pfizer shots for children below the age of 12 until this issue is settled.

Vaccines are destroying empathy regions of the brain, turning bureaucrats into monsters
The vaccines are eating away part of the brain. They are losing their humanity.

Weakness Leads to Slavery
Brisbane Concentration Camp
US Coffins – Thousands

Reiner Fuellmich Speaks to Psychologist on the Mechanics of Why People Follow the COVID/Vaxx Narratives
*I listened & took notes. No time to sort them out, but they may help if you listen to the video:
social distancing – conflict of terms
abuse cycle
temporary relief confuses people – gone too far, give some freedom
behaviour modification
fear – emotional reaction – solution by govt
now happening exponentialy fast
shocking experience needed to wake people up

abusive relationship intensifies
gas lighting campaign
maybe more people will start to wake up
epidemic of mental illness
system takes on additional components – cult mind control group identity
terrifying to leave group even if heading for slaughter
trying to leave group has repercussions , like leaving a cult
need a shock
how to help themselves -relentlessly pursuing the truth
offer a different peer group – usually rejected – want the fantasy
PERHAPS replace bad thoughts with a wishful dream: This is from Billy Meier. Suppressing negative thoughts does not work – it reinforces them – psychologists have the wrong idea. Every time a negative thought arises, replace it with something beautiful – slowly the negative thought in your subconsciousness will fade away.

Ultimate Goal:
This is a huge psyop – took long planning
ultimate goal is control – power
easier to control a smaller group
give something to seduce us
self responsibility needed
need to be a survivor victim to survivor
have to save ourselves
the change starts inside ourselves
psychopath gets a thrill – needs more & more – like an addiction
perversion of needing more – fear of being found out – this is covert -deep insecurity of abuser
terrified of being found out
the other side is in a panic (some) – more overt – need more & more
EU group laugh when seeing the news
Nuremberg trial but more comprehensive
need a different path
provide plenty of distractions – metaverse -people escape into fantasy
totalitariansim will self destruct
those willing to think outside the square
many look to gov as mummy & daddy
infantalisation vs reality
not in post-trauma phase
children with much trauma
trauma destroys, but constructs something new
so many feel alone – part of the abuse