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Judy Byington – 22 March

Read this to find out what is going on in the world today.

Judy Note:
*According to Putin Tues. 22 March is the Red Letter Day for the GCR.
*100+ nations have global agreements called „Project Sandman” to drop and end dominance of U.S. dollar and petrodollar.
*As of Fri. 18 March at 6pm EST the fiat US Dollar was no longer being used in International Trade.
*US elections on November 3, 2020 were won by President Donald Trump in all 50 states.
*On January 20, 2021 at 12:00 noon the United States was taken over by a military government led by Secretary of Military General Christopher Miller and Commander-inChief, the lawfully elected President Donald Trump.
*The role of the fake Joe Biden was being played by three different actors. His entire “crew” was a cast selected by President Trump’s team.
*The White House and Capitol and all federal buildings in Washington have been empty and closed as of January 20, 2021.
President Vladimir Putin was currently shattering the last remnants of the New World Order in an operation called Z.
*Putin and Trump are allies and collaborators.
*Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the US Army is President Trump!
*The new global Alliance of White Hats controls the situation of the entire planet.
*We were witnessing the most incredible movie in the history of mankind.
*We have another clean up – Taiwan. There, the work will be done by Chinese President Xi Jinping, and this operation will begin at any moment.
*American Bio-Weapon Labs in Ukraine: deadly viruses and danger to the population. “America has allocated more than $2 billion to finance secret biological laboratories in Ukraine. The Ukrainian authorities persistently hide even the existence of these laboratories, and people are panicking because of an outbreak of unknown diseases.
*Biolabs in Ukraine “Ironically, our government used Ukraine to divert attention from the atrocities committed at home in connection with the creation of Covid-19 and the response to it.
*On Mon. 21 March former US Attorney General William Barr said that, “Biden lied to the American people about his son Hunter”s emails,” about the same time Biden announced to the press, “There is gonna be a New World Order out there and we’ve got to lead it.”
The White Hats who were fighting Globalism and the New World Order were headed by Q (JFK Jr.), President and Melania Trump (Q+), China”s Xi Jinping (who, with help of the White Hats, was ousting the Chinese Communist Party), Russia”s Putin (who, with the help of the White Hats was ousting the Russian Communist Party), Ben Salman of Saudia Arabia, Modi of India, Jong of North Korea, Bolsonaro of Brazil and Orban of Hungary.

Status of the Restored Republic by General Christopher Miller, Secretary of Military and Head of the Provisional Military Government of the United States to Bulgarian colleagues:
* I understand from your comments that there has been a great fever and commotion in Bulgaria regarding the visit of the US Secretary of Military. , concerns that this man will force Bulgaria into war with Russia.
* I bet many of you still believe the Media that the United States has a new government headed by the deceased 3 years ago Joe Biden.
*US elections on November 3, 2020 were won by President Donald Trump in all 50 states. The Deep State tried to fake them and the Media reported that Joe B. he has won them over. BUT! The official ballot was electronic watermarked, which the counterfeiters were unaware of. So every vote cast for President Trump was recorded on a quantum server and the fate of each ballot is known.
*The Military Alliance, which stands behind President Trump, decided to show people how deeply corrupt all government institutions are, and since then, we’ve been watching a movie that really aims to open our eyes and wake us up so this never happens again.
*On January 20, 2021 at 12:00 noon the United States was taken over by a military government led by Secretary of Military General Christopher Miller and Commander-inChief, the lawfully elected President Donald Trump.
*Until the November 2020 elections, General Cr. Miller was Director of the National Counter-Terrorism Service, a student of General Michael Flynn.
*The role of the fake Joe Biden is played by three actors. His entire “crew” is a cast selected by President Trump’s team. All his ministers are actors whose actions have no legal value including this fake military minister who visits Bulgaria and causes such a fuss – Lloyd Austin.
All these actors are talking and doing as President Trump and the White Hat Military are telling them to do. This whole show is about waking people up and doing a lot of work behind the scenes.
*The White House and Capitol and all federal buildings in Washington have been empty and closed as of January 20, 2021.
*These people have never set foot there, nor have they any access to the Pentagon! They are ACTORS ! Hold on to that!
*President Vladimir Putin is currently shattering the last remnants of the New World Order. They are allies and collaborators with President Trump.
*Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the US Army is President Trump! He would never send U.S. troops against any nation on the planet! So there is no reason to fear American soldiers.
Here in Greece, people are looking forward to them for the second year as liberators from the junta. There will be no world war!
*Russia and the United States have been allies in all wars so far. It’s all just propaganda from the last remnants of globalism.
*The new global Alliance of White Hats controls the situation of the entire planet. Soon it will all be over! In a few days time! Everything is under control!
*Bulgarian political leaders are controlled by Soros, but they don’t know he is gone and are following orders from the World Economic Forum in Davos via Brussels headquarters.
*This movie is going to end. The man who will appear in Bulgaria as a Military Minister is not such a man, but an actor from the People’s Awakening Team. His actions have no legal value. Probably the rulers in Bulgaria themselves do not know this.

? Ukraine War: Russia’s deadline passes with Ukraine refusing to lay down arms and surrender Mariupol
? The Russian large landing ship “Orsk,” accompanied by the naval forces of the Black Sea Fleet, entered and unloaded military equipment in the port of Berdyansk. Ukrainian troops that were based in Berdyansk – thousands and thousands of soldiers and sailors – surrendered the port without a fight, leaving the entire infrastructure of the port intact.
? The Russian Army destroyed a mall in Kiev which was being used as a ammo depot.
? CNN journalists printed a picture of a Serbian resort Zvonachka-Banya that was destroyed and awaiting reconstruction, depicting it as the Ukrainian Mir Hotel, saying it was ruthlessly bombed by the Russian Armed Forces. By the way, the Serbian resort was looking for an investor. Send CNN a thank you for the free ad.
? Redpillbabe: Yeah If you got one of those “I stand with Ukraine” friends, I would 100% stop what you”re doing and work your way through this thread. Torture, abuse and humiliation of average Ukrainian citizens including children by their own military – the crime “Russian sympathizers.”
? Shrink wrapping and torturing starving women and children around trees in Ukraine. This is happening frequently in Ukraine to those speaking against the Ukrainian Nazi Government.
? Ukrainian pregnant woman and model who was reported to have died from a Russian Airstrike on a hospital was still alive and part of a new Ukraine propaganda video.

Mon. 21 March Fleming: The Great Shift
The (fiat) US Dollar, issued by the Federal Reserve and honored all over the world, is recognized as backed by the full strength and credit of the United States of America, the wealthiest Nation in the world. The “wealthiest nation in the world” has been impoverished by Covid19 Robber Barons, robbing the good People of their savings, their homes, and their ability to earn with weak, and possibly destroyed health, thanks to the VAX requirement. This destruction of a Great Nation has resulted in the End of Fiat and the Golden Age, a coordinated event, pushed by Klaus Schwab and their participating malefactors. Thankfully their plan to enslave the world has been usurped and corrected to Free the World.
? Operation Lockstep – is the Rockefeller/Rothschild plan from 2010, outlines their plans for the COVID scamdemic. This playbook contains their entire plans in minute details, describing everything we have encountered so far. Their culpability is well established.
? Banks are collapsing. Basel 3 compliance was required March 1, with a 30-day grace period, is ending the last week of March all over the world. Any banks not merged – are required to meet all Basel 3 requirements or close their doors.

? The 22nd – tomorrow is the date that Putin set to allow the sale of gold to commence – under the new currency and the new rate. The 22nd is a Red-Letter Date for every nation and every currency.

? Will we see the new USN tomorrow? Banks everywhere are reporting that they have this new currency ready to deliver to clients. We have heard that the huge task of converting all Tier 1 banks, holding large amount of USD, has been completed. No one anywhere will be left holding toilet paper and the United States will emerge again as the Shining Nation on the Hill!

? Corporations are collapsing. The largest Chinese corporation, EverGrande, has collapsed and disappeared today from all markets (same as Pfizer!)
? This is a clear demonstration of the end of the CCP. What many don”t know is that every business funded by the Chinese Government (CCP) is owned/ 50% and funded by the government. A failure of this magnitude, allowed to go into bankruptcy, demonstrates the inability of the CCP to carry this debt. They are dead in the water, just like the ship off the coast of Baltimore.
? The Central Bank of Iraq is closed while the nation”s business is being handled. We”re expecting great news about the New IQN this week. The People of Iraq have had enough. Haven”t we all?

? Hunter’s laptop comes out on the 23rd with all that entails. How can these evil doers escape the righteous outrage of the People? They cannot.

Whiplash347 on Med Beds, CIA and other NWO Intelligence removal, Rods of God:

? Remember POTUS saying all hospital equipment will be obsolete by the end of the year? No more Chemo, Radiation etc. Hospitals & Schools will be ripped apart. No need for medical research when you have 6000 cures including Med Beds, UV Light Therapies etc. handed to you from Tesla.

? This is why all private intelligence companies are being removed from existence. Ie Mossad/CIA & 5Eyes. Only intelligence staying is military.
? This is why we are moving away from Oil, Gas & Fuel to Tesla Wireless Technology.

? This is going to be dramatic, like the bombing of Nuclear Reactors (already done, except for 3GD),

? Rods of God cause earthquakes. The Rods of God are undetectable Tesla Tungsten Kinetic Weapons from the sky designed for blowing tunnels & Nuke Reactors – hitting with the force of a Nuclear Weapon without the fallout.

Whiplash347 on Obamagate:
? Obama Weaponized The Federal Government Against American People, And It All
Started In Ukraine.

? This Answers All Those Nagging Questions. We”ve all had lingering questions about what has gone on in America over the last several years.Who is behind all this? Who is driving us to civil war? What do these people want? How did the legacy media become co-opted? Why the precipitous slide in U.S. race relations? How did the U.S. government become infected with corruption during Obama”s watch? Why the big focus on Ukraine of all places? Why won”t anyone do anything about the destruction of America?

? This research comes from Ukraine: The CD Media has spent the last decade building up a network of contacts in-country, contacts who are tired of their nation being controlled by George Soros and the corrupt American Deep State apparatus. We know who the players are in Kyiv and Donbass. CD Media has been very active in digging out and making public the Biden crime family/DNC/State Department corruption in Kyiv. You can read all our investigative work here. But why Ukraine? Ukraine is a famously corrupt country, corruption born of past Soviet rule. It is ironic that former communistfighters like George Soros want to bring this scourge to the United States. Soros was familiar with Ukraine, from his experience in Eastern Europe. Ukraine was the 21st century wild, wild, West. What went on in Ukraine, stayed in Ukraine. Nothing was off the table. So the Deep State/DNC/Soros corrupt U.S. government machine built its base of operations there. In a few words, they developed a center of highly organized crime.

ObamaGate: Whistleblower General Flynn exposes the $50 B Gulen Terrorist Network:
? Flynn discovered that the Obama administration was creating funding and arming of Jihadist who later waved the flag of ISIS.

? These jihadist actions were taking place in Turkey and Jordan. Obama with the help of the help of CIA, NATO and his jihadist cronies, were seeking to top Assad in Syria.
? Flynn can fry Mueller and 4 treasonous Presidents and take down the NWO agenda within America and at least the last 4 administrations.

? The Russia hoax is nothing more than to target Flynn, push him out of the Obama administration and to surpress the Gulen terrorist Network to be exposed.

? These treasonous administrations created funding of ISIS for a coup in Turkey and growing the largest sleeper cell of terrorists in history.

? Bombshell: It was Bill Clinton who brought Gulen and his terrorist network to the United States. In 1998 Bill rolled out the red carpet and had him flown here in a private CIA plane. He knew full well that Gulen was wanted in Turkey and other nations for terrorist activities. Gulen owned over 200 charter schools, funded by the US and paid for with tax

? The US/Jihadist morphed into thr Arab spring, destabilized the middle east and created the orchestrated migration crises.

? Hillary took part in the launching of the Arab spring as secretary of state under the Obama administration.
? Flynn blew the whistle on the involvement in the Gulen terrorist Network of the Oboma administration and by default of HW Bush, G Bush, Clinton, the state department, FBI, CIA and the DOG.

White Hats on Inside the Storm:
? Soros is breaking the Chinese banking system and Rockefeller controlled banks are pulling money.

? Inside sources say BITCOIN will RISE before the [CRASH] then bust. The ripple effect will be felt from country to country as China Stocks and companies reach into all nations.

? THE GREAT RESET agenda of UN WEF WHO WORLD BANKS GPMB OBAMA BUSH CURRENT ELITES has always been to break [CRASH] THE MARKETS. Bring in global currency and digital tracking/ human tracing.
? THE CRASH IS IMMINENT AND TAKEN PLACE .. Effects of food shortage.. INFLATION.. RISING GAS PRICES is evident and happing and GROWING.

? When the CRASH happens Banks will not move money. Transactions will freeze and electric companies cannot pay for natural resources such as coal. Delivery companies will be at a standstill. This leads to closed markets, stores closing and hunger.

? MANY EVENTS are taking place.

? Bidens WAR on Americans will affect the MARKETS. Half of Americans are rejecting BIDEN’S MANDATES. Threatening to quit their jobs. Police. Doctors. Nurses. MILITARY. Blue collar citizens. That’s over 85,000,000.000. Million of citizens who are rising against BIDENS { DICTATORSHIPS} WAR.

? This amount of Americans can CRASH the market. [DS] Biden. OBAMA VATICAN (world bank] will make TRILLIONS on pulling money from Retirement/Insurance/ and Benefits (most average Americans are owed 50 to 65 thousand in retirement.
? Joe Biden declaration of WAR on Americans is to break the economy, crash and divide and then bring in the New World Order fiat digital currency.

? The Delta deaths COVID-19 Plandemic is distractions and also for killing humans in the eugenics program of Rockefeller’s plan UN Agenda.

Inside the War: White Hats vs. Deep State, Iron Eagle Q:

? White Hats knew long ago that these Events had to happen. Nobody could stop these events. It was a massive Event planned for 60 years.

? White Hats have Plans in place for Military Control once the Crash happens that includes Mass Arrests.
? Inside the War is a very important battle for the next Internet. Both the White Hats and the Deep State plan to kill the present Internet and put up a new one of their own.

? The Deep State wants a New Internet that will be digitalized with Internet Passports into their New World Internet.

? These passports will be only for those who abide by the World infection laws (growing currently), those who co-operate with the online banking (new rules/ Standards/ regulations)

? The Deep State has a plan to control the Whole World through their Internet and through all peoples banking and social networks .
? This New Internet they want to launch is The Great Reset – restarting the Internet.

? The White Hats Internet through the Star Link Satellite System has the most advanced security and unbreakable encrypted System ever created to serve mankind.

? The features behind the New Internet has A.I systems to identify online pedophilia, human trafficking networks and world money laundering systems.

From the White Hats Intelligence:

? Soros has not been seen for months. His kids publicly divide his future. He’s only an internet front now representing Rockefellers agenda, WEF and Davos. The last speech he gave was suppose to be from Davos, but it was revealed that the filmed video was from Francisco (previously filmed in summer).

? China/ Taiwan have reached a secret agreement to reunify Taiwan. Taiwan will keep their Armed Forces, Democracy and hold their own elections.
? Japan will not get involved in the fake war between Taiwan and China.

? Attempts to create a war in China will fail.

? The Deep State Cabal Rothschilds now owe another 23 million to Asian Cabal leaders. The Rothschilds were in a panic because they didn”t repay on the Jan. 1 deadline. That was part of the reason to push the war in Ukraine and China. Currently the Rothschild families were selling off their holdings.

? After the Kazakhstan infiltration of the country, attempt to create vaccines passes and control food, Putin had had enough. The Kazakhstan people revolted with the help of the Russian Military Intel and ops.

? Putin couldn’t wait on Ukraine as the Davos/HRC/Obama Deep State group next eyed Ukraine to unlease Bio-Weapons that targeted Russian Slavic ethnic groups.
? George Bush was the head in creating implementing/ creating bioweapons (project for new American Century) that targeted certain ethnic groups such as Slavic and help create SARS to target Chinese and Asian ethnic groups. However, the human immune system recovered far faster than expected. (Bird flu, Ebola, SARS were Bioweapons).

? Expect Russia to declassify server data evidence on US Ukraine Bio-weapons Labs and Nuclear dealings (creating Nuclear Bombs from sourced Middle East Deep State Operators).

? The tides are turning on the Switzerland Deep State operations that were controlled from Lake Geneva. Special US Military Forces have trained the Switz Military Forces on how to surround the encampment and bring down their own Deep State Operations and CIA Bases

? The Fukushima Event was caused by Deep State Military operations that were guided by the Rothschilds.

? The day after the Fukushima meltdown Netanyahu called the leader of Japan and threatened them with extortion money. He wanted Japan to move over 40 million people to North Korea. The Rothschilds wanted to set up a New World Order State with hundreds of MSM news outlets and gatherings to hear the Japan leaders response to the Fukushima Event.
? Japan mentioned the extortion and threat to move 40 million but not one single news agency told the story. The power of the Rothschilds (Kazarians) easily silenced the media outlets.

? Netanyahu is in protective custody and gave up information and servers.

? A Deep State Regime vs. Deep State Regime War in Asia and the Middle East has begun.

? The Rothschilds selling off their assets and not repaying their debts to other Elite entities was causing a ripple effect – a war within the Deep State.

? Several like Netanyahu, the Ukrainian president, several African presidents, ect, were jumping ship and declassifying information.