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Look at these 3 partial transcripts & connect the dots. You decide!
Also read the last article: Kiwi Life Being Destroyed by a Corrupt Government
That article fits very well with these 3 partial transcripts & the post “NZ GOVT Maorification”

The vax madness rolls on & seems unstoppable. Pity the children & wake up the stupid adults.
Vaxathon this Saturday the 16th October
Who is the clown who dreamed this up? So this is going to be a gala day! So much fun in giving the “Death Shot”! Especially to innocent kids – the do-gooders will be pleased!
Information protests outside vax centres? This would probably amount to nothing – perhaps arrests?
“The Project” fools will be involved.
“Magic Talk” is now “Boring Talk To”. All opposition to the govt & vax has been removed. The govt $55 million fund (bribe fund) is doing it’s job well.

Breaking: Deep State Faces Final Ultimatum Today – End Covid Now Or Database Of Dirt Gets Dumped
Oct 13
Maria Zack – Founder of Nations in Action
Data Banks held by bad, nefarious people sold on 1 Sept to our “source” (French billionaire) to ensure that he could bring back truth & transparency to stop war, promote love & bring back a global understanding of what took place by this (US) shadow govt. Paradise Papers in 2021. More info coming from Data Bank intelligence people from around the world – working feverishly to out the very bad corruption. They recognise that the leadership of their countries is not right. Maria Zack was bribed with 5 million euros to desist & also the “source” was offered 20 billion euros. There is a meeting this Thursday at noon EST in the south of France between reps of the shadow govt & the “source”.
Negotiations: “We don’t budge, you stop Covid. We know what you did, truth is coming, we are going to let the world know. We don’t want conflict. This is about you needing to confess, we need to give forgiveness.”
These people made horrific decisions & will most likely face judgement from our countries. We want to shut down what has been happening for decades in countries around the world. I believe that regarding your election, it should be known as to whether or not your president [prime minister] was one of them, one of the 54, & he/she should have to take a polygraph immediately on many items & we will be putting a list together on what every country should be doing to out the truth. They are on the hot seat – it’s about time! And guess what, there’s blood on their hands if they participated & we are coming for them.
54 Countries: Which? There are 54 commonwealth countries! Perhaps, although the US is not one.

New Cirsten W: October Intel Update! Dark Outpost Interview 2021
Oct 12
25:25 If you’ve got some intel on the 5 eyes, which I do have, they have planned to lockdown 4 of the eyes – Australia, New Zealand, UK & Canada, because Pfizer & Astrazeneca were using the lobbyists to pay off the politicians to do the vaccine mandates in Australia & they are doing the same in New Zealand.

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich Summary
*This is part of an earlier post. Dr. Fuellmich is a very successful lawyer & he is currently involved in a class action against the WHO & a number of world leaders.
34:08 min:
“When it comes to Mr. Global & his puppets we are dealing with psychopaths & sociopaths & here’s another important piece of information. Through the WEF (World Economic Forum) initiated by Klaus Schwab in 1971, Mr Global has been training his own puppets since 1992 through the Young Global Leaders Program. Angela Merkel & Bill Gates were among the first class to graduate, the class of 1992. Even a large number of current leaders, politicians, predominantly weak personalities with, however, mostly well-trained rhetorical skills, also come from this program, including Macron in France, Kurz in Austria, Justin Trudeau in Canada, Jacinda Adern in New Zealand, but also the German Health Minister Jens Spahn, EU Commissioner Head Ursula von der Leyen.”

Kiwi Life Being Destroyed by a Corrupt Government
I was forwarded this article. It seems appropriate to post it here. It also goes very well with another post;
“NZ GOVT Maorification”. Our way of life in NZ is being severely eroded, almost to the point of no return.
It is time for people to wake up from their dream state and do something to stop the rot.
Kiwi Life – A Crisis by Design
Amy Brooke
Oct 2
It is increasingly sad, so many New Zealanders saying they would leave – if they could – because this is not the country they loved and grew up in. To people from all walks of life the damage being done is fundamentally shocking, and even Commonwealth immigrants, who came to what was thought of as a happy, well-integrated country, are intent on leaving.

So what is happening? Basically, presiding over an increasingly aggressive Maori supremacy move (far from supported by most part-Maori) is a small group of extremists with strong academic backing, apparently obsessed by feeling special – because of part of their racial inheritance. However, people as a whole have a healthy disregard for what is viewed as the form of snobbery exhibited by individuals regarding themselves as superior because of part of their ancestry – when in reality every individual is unique, and therefore special – no matter from what ethnic background.

The move to divide this country along racist lines is actively promoted by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern who shows no inclination to consult the country in her attack on our democratic traditions. However, as Hugh Perrett from our Hall of Fame states in a letter to her, ‘Many, many of us are heartily sick and extremely annoyed at your government’s ongoing campaign to bring about a change in our country’s name from New Zealand to Aotearoa’. He points out that government departments and major media have obviously been instructed to continually push this move ‘although we… have spent billions of dollars over many years promoting our name, New Zealand, and giving it identity and meaning internationally’.

Unconscionably, children are also being used. As Perrett points out, TV’s Seven Sharp had children of about 7 to 8 years old asked leading questions about what they thought of the name Aotearoa. Almost all the children were of Maori descent and ‘clearly there had been a significant amount of brainwashing/preconditioning involved… to ensure the required/desired answer was given… shabby stuff indeed’.

Perrett accused Ardern’s government of being hijacked by Maori activists within her caucus, her coalition partners and various associates. However, New Zealanders are increasingly thinking the boot is on the other foot – that the hard-left Ardern is actively using this movement to destabilise the country. The deliberate promotion of divisiveness and separatism is straight out of the communist manifesto and he is quite right in stating her government’s whole agenda in this area is totally without mandate, ‘insidious, divisive, manipulative and dishonest …increasingly divisive of our society, even deliberately so’. Pointing out that it is our country – as well as the Prime Minister’s – and that our democracy is being more and more threatened by her government’s agendas – he asks her ‘to back off before irreparable damage is done to our society, country, and way of life’.

Very few believe Ardern will listen, or take any notice at all of the distress felt nationwide at the fragmenting of the country, not only backing, but actively promoting policies where wealthy iwi –today’s corporatized, neo-tribal groups –have more funding and control over our communities and institutions – now, even with power of veto over the majority of New Zealanders to control our health system. The insidious plan for the regulation, ownership, and governance over the Three Waters – our drinking, storm water and waste water – is for these to be removed from local body ownership to inappropriate iwi co-governance. Apparently she has no intention of listening to nationwide protests, although by far the majority of councils and ratepayers oppose this racist and fraught move.

The groundwork for this attack on our once-democracy has been laid over many years, with carefully chosen young Maoris taken abroad in the Eighties to be indoctrinated in communist takeover tactics. Donna Awatere Huata, for example, who with fellow Maori activist Ripeka Evans went to communist Cuba, and who published Maori Sovereignty, came back to sow the policies of disaffection among the gullible young. Fanning a grievance industry is not difficult when people are told they have been cheated by the descendants of conveniently claimed ‘colonial oppressors’. The activism of these determined women and others, groomed in Marxist ideology, very much underpinned the ongoing culture of disaffection. The curious contradiction of claims of both racial superiority, because of some part-Maori ancestry, and of victimology can seemingly only be compensated by perpetual taxpayer funding. Both Huata and Evans have achieved lucrative and powerful positions, as with so many of today’s activists, although Huata spent time in prison after being convicted of fraud, having taken $80,000 from her government-funded charity to pay for a stomach-stapling operation and for school fees for her children.

We too often forget that those who don’t remember the past have no real understanding of the way history repeats itself. It is ironic that the country which protested so vigorously about the apartheid system in South Africa is now embarked on a deeply divisive apartheid system of its own.

Parents from all ethnic backgrounds are deeply concerned by what the future holds for their children – including those who might have been expected to go on to university – with these institutions now in the tentacles of far-left academics and weak management.

Even worse is the corruption of wealthy tribal influence pressuring universities with demands for graduate compliance with manipulative, ‘biculturally sensitive’ agenda, even determining – as with Ngai Tahu tribal elders, with no appropriate qualifications – which postgraduate applications for research funding in various disciplines should be accepted, or denied. In in one case which has come to light, an offer was made to pay half the salary of a possible professorial appointee, provided that the part-Maori woman applicant, who had not even gained her Ph.D., was chosen.

The reality is that money talks. What has been called the gravy train of continual pay-outs of accumulatively billions of dollars to ‘compensate’ part-Maori claimants – long past the time when all claims were to be settled – is now speeding up with no sign of stopping, and fuelled by Ardern’s activist, subversive government.