Change Is Happening

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Tues. 28 June The Storm Rider Official Page:

  • The END of DEEP STATE FIAT currency SYSTEM….as over 3.2 billion people move over to the New Global currency Russia, China, INDIA have created//
  • The Russian Federation, The Republic of India, The People’s Republic of China,  The Republic of South Africa and The Republic of Brazil are getting ready to announce and unveil their new global currency reserve that has replaced the U.S. Dollar and how they broke away from the Deep State FIAT currency Ponzi scheme that has been ruling the world.
  • “The issue of creating an international reserve currency based on a basket of currencies of our countries is being worked out,” Putin said. BRICS countries indicated that they are working on setting up a new joint payment network to phase out Western financial systems like SWIFT. “The BRICS countries have been also boosting the use of local currencies in mutual trade,” reported Dipanjan Roy Chaudhury from The Economic Times.
  • The World Deep State was in Panic as the Fiat System Collapses
  • The only thing NATO/UN can do in their finally moments is create a war and False Flag Events (attacks on their own military and blame Russia) to try and trigger sympathy from the world through Deep State Mainstream Media and Mockingbird Social Media Giants.
  • Currently NATO is boosting their force to 300,000
  • As ELON predicted: One day the whole world will be in universal income aka GESARA and NESARA. It’s expected in time when the U.S. has been cleaned of the current Foreign Deep State Occupation that a new U.S. Dollar backed by Gold will surface and there after combine with a world currency controlled by the White Hats who were organized through a plan initiated long ago by JFK and the Special Forces he created to combat the Deep State regimes.
  • You are witnessing the Great Awakening. The world is connected. Friends Trump, Putin, Modi, Bin Salman XI. You’re watching a movie with placed actors, infiltrators into the Deep State.
  • Biden is playing a part, forced by White Hats since 2017 (now the Deep State is trying hard to get rid of him. They now know he is an actor).
  • Trump didn’t lose the election. It was a trap all along, an Operation.
  • Inside the Storm. The world is connected. Q