Criminal Complaint Against Swiss President

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**This case is so important that I followed up on it.
Criminal Complaint Against Swiss President By Vaccinated Man Who Claims He Was Deceived!!
Important Interview For The World With Dr. Reiner Fuellmich!!
Saturday, January 7, 2023 13:27
Former banker, movie producer & has been around (experienced). On Friday 2 December, retired Swiss banker Pascal Najadi filed a complaint against the President of Switzerland Alain Berset — who is also the Head of the Department of Home Affairs and a former minister of health — at the police station in his commune of residence.

According to the complaint, the Office of the Attorney General of Switzerland is to start investigations against Berset. As head of the Department of Home Affairs, he was also responsible for the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH). Berset was accused of abusing his office under Article 312 of the Swiss Criminal Code.

“Members of an authority or officials who abuse their official authority in order to procure an unlawful advantage for themselves or another or to inflict a disadvantage on another shall be punished with imprisonment of up to five years or a fine,” the paragraph reads.

In the criminal complaint, he detailed how the health minister told Swiss television SRF on 27 October 2021 — a month before the referendum on extending the COVID certificate requirement — “with the certificate, you can show that you are not contagious.”
See this article for more:
** This Criminal Case is ongoing & it gives much hope for those around the world who have suffered from this Plandemic.

IMPORTANT UPDATE – Switzerland, Thailand
MUST SEE INTERVIEW: Masako Ganaha & Pascal Najadi on WEF, Injection Injuries.
Pfizer & Moderna should be investigated by Thai, Japanese, Swiss & other governments. Until then, other avenues must be explored. Here are several of them.

Pascal Najadi’s father, Hussain Najadi, was a co-founder of the WEF, in 1971, when it was called the European Management Forum. He was the head of what is now called the “Emerging Markets” area — which, back then, were called “Lesser Developed Countries.”
After a break with Klaus Schwab, Hussain Najadi left the organisation. He was an international banker based in Malaysia.
Hussain Najadi was assassinated in Malaysia in 2013 by a gunman.
It is unclear who may have been behind the assassination, but Pascal Najadi asserts that his father was assassinated in an attempt to cover up his allegations of corruption across the broader financial sphere in Malaysia. This is a dangerous task to undertake, and we hope Pascal Najadi can remain safe while continuing his father’s work.

  • Criminal charge filed against Swiss President & Health Minister:
    Pascal Najadi — a believer in the Swiss judicial system — has filed a criminal charge against the President of Switzerland & Minister of Health for lying about the usefulness of mRNA gene serum injections. The President of Switzerland — as recently as last month — went on TV and lied, stating that the vaccination would stop transmission of the disease. Practically everyone knows that this particular statement is false — but now the case is in the hands of the Swiss system of criminal investigations, and everyone patiently awaits the outcome of the investigation.
  • Suggestion to Thai authorities to investigate Pfizer & mRNA shots.
    Jurisdictional issues aside — one potential but highly effective solution to the greater mRNA debacle is thorough investigations and litigation across a wide variety of fronts.

Here’s another:
One of them is a potential investigation by Thailand, whose Princess is now brain dead, likely as a result of the mRNA injections: Mr. Najadi discusses this in detail in the interview above — along with the potential for the Swiss & Japanese governments to do the same.

At this point — it’s not unreasonable to expect the contracts Pfizer had signed under fraudulent pretenses to be discarded, so that criminal charges can be pursued against the company for the fraud perpetuated upon its billions of victims.