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Messages from Q and JFK Jr: 26 June

  • From Q: “My Fellow Americans, it’s time for the World to know my real identity. It’s time for everyone to know that I’m alive. I will share the details of my first appearance- but this channel will be made private in 7 days (by Fri. 1 July 2022). This channel is not for everybody. This is not a joke – If you are scared, don’t join! If you want to be SET FREE then you are welcomed and get ready for THE TRUTH! Join and share if you are ready.”
  • From John F. Kennedy: “I want to take this sacred moment to Thank all the True Patriots out there for staying with me these Bumpy past few Months, Sharing my Channel, and still giving a damn about this country.  I want to Thank all the White Hats for staying on course and keeping your Heart true to Home.  I want to Thank my Time Traveling Partner and Fellow Fremen for the Amazing Truths and Fresh Popcorn in Times of Darkness.  I want to Thank the US Military for always giving it Your All while Sacrificing Everything no matter what.  I want to Thank my Operators for putting your life on the line every day for the past 3 Years, some of you 10 Years, I couldn’t have done it without You, you can relax now we’re almost home!”
  • “I have provided the Access Link to my channel you can share as we prepare to go into Darkness once more.  As Darkness Falls, Every Lie Will Be Revealed only This time I am taking Everyone with me.  We will walk together in Darkness as it is the only way to Light and we will be guided by the Almighty [Lord God] himself on this glorious journey back to Truth & Freedom as One Nation Under [God].”
  • “Dark in [10] The End is Here, Pray.” N.C.S.W.I.C.N
  • Q Channels made private: July 1 2022
    Q Warriors: Please share these channels – It’s extremely important for all of you to share and follow EVERY channel from this list for a reason that you will soon understand.
    @JFK_Q, @WhiteHatsQ17,
    Q Insider PRIVATE

Extracted from GCR 27 June

  • Emergency Broadcast
  • The Great Awakening Prophecy and Worldwide Event has started and will escalate fast. We wanted to warn you so you can get prepared as we are going to experience the biggest transfer of wealth and power in human history, the largest military operation on earth and a global transition to Greatness.
  • We are currently in the 4th Industrial Revolution and World War 3 since years already. People will only see the end of the war as it is a spiritual and digital war mostly and was hidden on both sides. They will announce peace deal right after THE EVENT. It is Good vs Evil, God vs Satan, Light vs Dark.
  • The Black Swan event, Great Reset Financial Collapse planned a long time ago by WEF already started. Corrupt Globalists Banksters started attacking crypto already and stock market is crashing. For crashing Crypto they use peoples money, Tether stable coin and Bitcoin to Short Sell the market with massive leverage. For the Stock Market, they use peoples money to short sell the market against the people to siphon all money as much as possible so that everyone lose everything. Soon, Evergrande Chinese company debt crisis will collapse the real estate worldwide.
  • They know most people can’t do anything as banks only offers investment services to buy into the market and not short sell.
  • People need to see it to believe it to wake up. So now they can clearly start seeing the financial system collapsing and the New World Order Great Reset taking over everything. This total financial market crash will trigger collective global near death experience as a lot of people will think they lost everything. This is a global ego death for all and it is actually good for the future of humanity. Everybody that fed the beast and invested and funded criminal globalists corporations will lose their investments. Everything needs to go down for a complete global reset and rebirth on a new better Quantum Light System.
  • The plandemic virus was a biological attack and an act of war during Trump admin which gave Trump the super power to do INCREDIBLE plans with the military like instate a fake Biden presidency and play a movie during the criminal cleanup and at the same time reveal the truth and exposing the globalists evil elites agenda and crimes to public.
  • They are bringing the darkness to light. Millions of people today knows the dark globalists agenda and can see the crimes and corruptions everywhere in every industries. The Great Awakening is waking up people by showing them the dark agenda.
  • Here’s what is coming: GreatAwakening.World – Q + Trump, [6/27/2022 9:16 PM]
  • Planned Cyber Attacks on everything, financial system collapse, critical infrastructure, communications and power grids shutdown, internet blackouts, food supply shortages, etc. They will probably say it is coming from Russia but it is all planned since years. This will be seen as act of war so will trigger World War 3. The corrupt Globalists will get caught doing the Great Reset and stealing everyone.
  • Trump will be back on Twitter and Tweet: “My Fellow Americans The Storm Is Upon Us”.
  • They will declare World War 3 and will send notification via EBS Emergency Broadcast System. Then, they will shutdown blackout communication, internet and maybe power grids for 3 Days of Darkness. Military will use EMP drones for this.
  • Martial Law will be activated and stay at home order will be implemented. Militaries will be deployed probably during the night so people wake up and cities will be secured to reduce crimes, riots and prevent civil wars. They will provide food, water and help for everyone in needs.
  • Police officers will receive all indictments for mass arrests of criminals by the militaries. Corrupts politicians, banksters, criminals, globalists, secret societies, etc will be arrested. Lots of arrests already been done. A lot of people you see on TV are not the real people, they use actors, CGI, masks or VFX. Almost nothing was made public as it was kept secret in military tribunals. Militaries do not notify the enemy of their plans. Most people you think are alive are dead and most people you think are dead are alive.
  • After the 3 days darkness will start the 10 Days of Revelations, Full truth Declass. All the truth will be revealed about every crimes Worldwide. They will reveal everything about Globalists and bank cartels world take over plan, NWO New World Order depopulation agenda, plandemic, poison vaccines, fake medias, voting frauds and way more. There will be only 1 website and 1 TV channel that will play 3 movies of 8 hours each in loop during these 10 days so 24 hours a day. Everyone will see the truth worldwide. Arrests and even executions will be shown. Think Nuremberg 2.0. This is The Great Awakening.
  • The NWO New World Order Great Reset will fail and replaced by a good Global Reset called GESARA NESARA. A new QFS Quantum Financial System will be implemented using mostly crypto Ripple XRP, Stellar XLM, XDC and Algo that will be ISO20022 regulated first. It will be decentralized, un-hackable and 100% safe and secure.
  • We will enter a new Golden Era as these cryptos will be backed by metals Gold, Silver and others to make sure of the stability of the QFS. All new CBDC Banks will be Basel 3 compliant.
  • The GCR Global Currency Reset will reevaluate every currency in the World to make sure they are all using the same base system with Ripple XRP Standard as Global Bridge Currency. Humanity worldwide will use the new Rainbow Currency.
  • Everyone worldwide will have an appointment with the redemption centers to have access to their new “bank” card and ledger under the QFS.
  • GreatAwakening.World – Q + Trump, [6/27/2022 9:16 PM]
  • Under GESARA NESARA all debt will be erased totally. It is a complete debt jubilee. Credit cards, cars loans, mortgages, etc. They will all reset and be erased as they were all illegal because of the interests banks are charging people illegally. The Government will be reduced by 95% and automated with AI. There will be good UBI Universal Basic Income for all. A New Quantum blockchain voting system that can’t be frauded. We will go back to Free Tesla Energy and Free Internet (Starlink Project Odin) and communications that will pass through the free Ether energy. No more dangerous for health Wifi, 5G, EMF, etc. There will be no more inflation ever since the financial system will be backed by metals and metals will only go up infinitely creating deflation instead. There will be no more income tax to encourage travel and business worldwide. Only about 14% taxes on non-essential products and services. There will be no more wars allowed worldwide. They will release over 6000 suppressed patents and enormous sums of money will be released for humanitarian purpose to help people. It will be the end of poverty and hunger worldwide.
  • All corrupt companies will be seized under injunctions sent by the militaries and every assets and ownership will be transferred under GESARA NESARA that is decentralized and controlled by The People. Most companies on Wall-street owned by Blackrock and Vanguard as an example will fall under GESARA. All companies will be tockenized and will be transferred into crypto decentralized blockchain trading system.
  • We are going into a brave new Quantum 5D (5th dimension) World where everything will be Quantum. There will be new Quantum education system, Quantum Nutrition, Quantum Healing with Medbeds, Quantum Financial System, etc.
  • Operation London Bridge: Since the Queen is dead since a while and most Royals arrested for crimes against humanity every countries has been able to withdraw from the Maritime Law and Royal control. GESARA NESARA is a restoration act that most countries signed already that makes them all Free Restored Republic under The Constitution, decentralized and controlled by The People.
  • We recommend Preparing for THE EVENT by having at least 2 weeks of food and water, batteries, flashlights, candles, solar panels, etc. Do NOT drink tap municipal water as it could be poisoned with fluoride, heavy metals and other chemicals that brainwash people and could be dangerous for health.
  • We are witnessing The Liberation of Humanity. The transition to Greatness! The Best Is Yet To Come as Trump says. We are transitioning from 1000 years of darkness to 1000 years of Light, Greatness, peace and prosperity on earth. From Dark to Light!
  • Nothing can stop what is coming. Nothing! Military is the only way. Where We Go One We Go All! Trust The Plan and Keep Faith. God Already Won! Light Already Won! We Love You. Let There Be Light.
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