Vaccinations – Crime of the Century

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Many people have yet to wake up to the truth that they have been injected with a poison which is likely to cause severe injury, even death – in fact, death may be a blessing!

Ultimate Video on People Suddenly Dropping Dead:
Even Animals:
Lion in the wild or huge animal park starts turning round and round ‘looking at something’ and then goes to the ground in full seizure and seems dead.

Oberlin High School Jamaica:
Around 100 children affected by what they call Evil Spirits.
Watch 39:15 to 42:10

The Covid “Vaccinated” Are A Health Threat To The Unvaccinated, Warns Dr. McCullough
After each shot, mRNA accumulates even more “with no ability for the body to get rid of it,” McCullough maintains.
“It looks like they permanently install into the human genome through what we call reverse transcription,” he explained.
In other words, mRNA poisons reprogram human genes and turn a person, it seems, into a non-human automaton with strange, foreign DNA. At best, mRNA turns the fully vaccinated into fully transhuman beings that look human but that have non-human genetic blueprints.

Autopsies of deceased fully jabbed bodies show the presence of this altered genetic material throughout the vital organs. This, McCullough says, is proof all on its own.
“So I can tell you everyone who’s taken the vaccine has this material in their brain, their heart, adrenal glands, reproductive organs,” McCullough said. “It’s really a terrible thought. My heart goes out to anyone taking the vaccine, yeah.”

Unvaccinated at Risk:
n a recent interview with Action Canada’s Tanya Gaw, McCullough discussed the risks that covid “vaccinated” people pose to the “unvaccinated.” In a nutshell, he likened the situation to non-smokers inhaling the second-hand smoke of smokers.
Citing a recently published paper in the TMR journal Infectious Diseases Research, McCullough shared details about how messenger RNA (mRNA) can transfer from the fully jabbed to the unjabbed since these chemicals persist in the blood for at least two weeks – and likely much longer – post-injection.
Another study recently published found that mRNA remains in the lymph nodes of the fully jabbed for months, which further backs McCullough’s claims. There is also another recent medical study that McCullough called the “most disturbing” that shows mRNA poisons can transfer from breast milk to babies.

If an unvaccinated person gets close to a vaccinated person, either through sexual activity or even just kissing, the so-called “vaccine” can transfer through this route as well.
It is currently unknown how long an unvaccinated person should wait before engaging in this type of contact with a vaccinated person. In McCullough’s estimation, these poisons could remain for years, or maybe even permanently, making the fully jabbed an indefinite public health risk.
“It seems the body can’t clear it,” McCullough stated soberly.

Vaxx Shedding BOMBSHELL!
Celeb Paralysed By Moderna, World To Need UNVACCINATED Blood Banks?
Watch Up to 10:00 & 13:00 to 25:00 Paralyzed By Moderna, World To Need UNVACCINATED Blood Banks?the-unvaccinated-warns-dr-mccullough-must-video-3048161.html
* Note: In New Zealand a baby needed heart surgery, The parents wanted her to receive a blood transfusion from an unvaccinated donor. They were overruled by a court decision.

Covid Is A Technological & Biological Weapon Hybrid!!
Karen Kingston, Dr. Ana Mihalcea And Maria Zeee: Graphene And Hydrogel Can Mimic Brain Tissue… Hijacking Of Human Consciousness… War Against Soul Based On Cycle Of Never-Ending Injections!!

How to DETOX: *Dr. Ana is a great doctor – knowledgeable, easy to listen to & with clear explanations.*
Do You Want To “Die Suddenly” Like Millions Of People, Or Not?? This Is How To Detox From A.I. Hydrogel Bioweapon… P.S. It’s Probably A Continuous Effort!!
Dr. Ana Mihalcea

Dr. Ana has shown via microscopic analysis, that EDTA chelation therapy can improve the condition of the blood, and dissolve the hydrogel… the blood is no longer clumping, which is very dangerous as when the red blood cells clump, this greatly reduces the blood’s ability to carry oxygen!!
*Note: I have taken EDTA orally for some time to chelate the arteries & hopefully reduce cataracts. Before bed I take 1/8 t in a little water & then flush down with more water. Holding it in the mouth may cause sublingual absorption. The taste is, well, not great!

Dr. Rashid A Buttar And Maria Zee:
Vaxx Ingredients Migrate To Reproductive Organs!! Hydrogel in the Injections Has Been Programmed for 5G Activation!!
Ben Franklin:
Those who are willing to exchange the illusion of safety for the illusion of security for freedom deserve neither.
“Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”
‘People willing to trade their freedom for temporary security deserve neither and will lose both’

International Group Of Scientists:
12 Brands Of Covid Injections Contain Reduced Graphene Oxide And Hydrogel!!
IITM: Wow… and if they are ‘normal’ vaccines, why would those ingredients be there? Graphene is known to be very dangerous to the body… and hydrogels can carry payloads… so what payloads are there?

Meanwhile… for your local harmacists , it’s business as usual… keep injecting people, even if no one knows what the ingredients are, and if they are known and are harmful… who cares… keep injecting.

The hydrogels according to Todd Callendar can release their Marburg virus payload when pulsed at 18 Ghz three times… we’re talking about the collapse of civilization kinda of scenarios that MAY play out… even if we removed the baddies off the game board… we’re still left with scenarios that are beyond people’s ability to mentally comprehend, and effects could last generations.