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As expected more news keeps flooding in, especially about the “Kill Shot”. There are so many experts who are giving us information. Here in New Zealand we are in a real news vacuum. The pseudo-experts seem to have fallen in line with the marxist government.

Zinc Ionophores: This item will be shifted later to VAX SURVIVAL
An ionophore is a zinc transport molecule that facilitates the entry of zinc into cells.
*quercetin -poorly absorbed by the body
*EGCG (epigallocatechin-gallate )-found in green tea – research suggests that this has difficultly releasing zinc once it had entered the cell
*Ivermectin & Hydroxychloroquine Stronger, but not readily available.

zinc ascorbate:
Journal of Medical Virology:
The compound zinc ascorbate could be the most readily available and effective zinc ionophore for the prevention and treatment of Covid-19.
Mineral salts of ascorbic acid are well absorbed.
Zinc ascorbate has significant superoxide dismutase-like activity.
It is a chelated compound that is produced by the combination of Zn2+ with ascorbic acid.

The European Food Safety Authority:
Zinc ascorbate can be assumed to be dissociated in the stomach.
This aspect requires further research and could pose a challenge for the correct absorption of the intended amount of zinc ascorbate in the intestine.
A possible solution could be to temporarily reduce stomach acidity with water and to accelerate transit of zinc ascorbate out of the stomach to the small intestine with water and food. For example, zinc ascorbate could be ingested with a small amount of water on an empty stomach, then followed immediately by a full glass of water and possibly a meal [protein?], thus reducing temporarily stomach acidity and at the same time accelerating transit of zinc ascorbate out of the stomach to the small intestine, with the effect of a reduction of zinc ascorbate dissociation in the stomach.

A natural antibiotic such as cinnamon extract or oil of oregano
Quercetin as a zinc ionophore (to enhance zinc entrance into cells)
Zinc, up to 30 milligrams per day
Vitamin B3 (niacin), 25 to 50 mg per day
Selenium to further boost bioavailability of zinc
*Protein enhances the absorption of zinc, however a phytate rich diet (such as found in cereals, grains, corn and rice) can inhibit the absorption of zinc.

New Cirsten W & Gene Decode & Michael Jaco Panel Discussion September 1 2021:
These 3 people have a lot of “intel” to give us. It is time-consuming to listen to their discussion. Here are a couple of bits of info:
Afghanistan: 20:20 – 25:00 & 26:30 – 27:10 The truth is much different to what we have been told via the MSM e.g. people in Kabul welcomed the Taliban, political prisoners released from prison, armaments left so Taliban could stop ISIS, poppy fields destroyed to cut off drug supply to CIA & Cabal, white hats in control.
Cryptocurrency & Gold: 43:40 “White Hats” have captured & control over 52% crypto which has been used to traffick children (auctioned on the dark web). These currencies will collapse, so get out of them-buy silver.
Gold in tunnels linked to Vatican DUMB:
1) 34.7 quadrillion US dollars: tunnel Vatican to Jerusalem
2) 97 septillion US dollars: tunnel Vatican to Switzerland
quadrillion = 1000 trillion = 1000×1000 billion
septillion = 1 billion quadrillion = 1000x1000x1000x1000x1000 billion

Trafficked Children & Adrenochrome:

The trafficking of children by the millions is big business. They are held captive in DUMBs, where many are tortured to produce adrenochrome, others are used for satanic rituals where they are abused & butchered & some are sex slaves. This is big money to satisfy the lust & cravings of the rich, the elite & other twisted monsters.
Adrenochrome enables the addicts to have eternal youth at a price! When there is no more, decay sets in rapidly!

Celine Dion was apparently arrested, tried & executed, as has happened to many other stars-more to come!

Bill Gates Military Tribunal:
DAY 2: Excerpt
Vice Adm. Hannink introduced the prosecution’s first witness of the day, a man who identified himself as Steven Sharpe, a self-described “fixer” whom Gates had paid millions of dollars to “tidy up” unfortunate incidents.
“I know for an absolute fact Bill had sex with underage boys and girls in that dungeon of his at the Wyoming ranch.”
Steven Sharpe showed the tribunal several photographs of him and Bill Gates lounging at the Wyoming ranch. One image was of Gates lying on a gurney while Sharpe, looming overhead, administered an intravenous drip into Gates’ left arm. Sharpe insisted the photograph was of Gates receiving an Adrenochrome infusion. Moreover, Sharpe presented images of Gates surrounded by what appeared to be underage females.
“They were all drugged and had no idea where they were or what they were doing,” Sharpe said. “And I did much for him. I am also a cyber security specialist, and I helped his people with an algorithm that scrubbed clean negative press of Bill on the internet.”
Sharpe went on to recount an incident where an overaggressive Gates, fresh off an Adrenochrome infusion, beat and murdered a 13-year-old girl he had imported into the U.S. from Thailand.
“I was present two times when shipping containers arrived at the Port of New York and New Jersey. Each container had a dozen or more boys and girls. There were no manifests to sign. Bill made sure of that. He paid a lot of money to keep this all under the table and quiet.”

FDA Approval of Pfizer Vaccine:
This is a game changer. At first thought it may seem to be a bad thing. But take note of the following:
FDA Approval = CheckMate
Trump Weaponised Their Greed Against Them
FDA Approval = CGMP Compliance (CGMP -regulations for drugs)
Pfizer must confirm contents and finalise labelling – 14 days to comply
Trump was Counting on Patriots Defending Their Rights
Under EUA You Cannot MANDATE (EUA – Emergency Use Authorisation)
Breakthrough Covid Cases (according to FDA) = Adverse Events
Lawsuits against FDA & pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer
New Stew Peters: Former Pfizer Employee – “Checkmate, Game Over, We Win”

Dr. David E. Martin Drops Shocking Info on Canadians!

Irrefutable Evidence That Will Send All Who Knowingly Cooperated To Prison
This well qualified & knowledgeable researcher is testifying at a hearing in Barbados. Notice how they try to shut him down.

Featuring: Dr. Robert MaloneDr. Sucharit Bhakdi, Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Ryan Cole, Dr. Kary Mullis, Dr. Michael Yeadon, Dr. Dan Erickson, Dr. Scott Jensen, Prof…. A call to action from a series of experts and professionals from around the world. Peaceful mass non-compliance is the only way.

Trump HHS Expert, Dr. Paul Alexander, Addresses Trump ‘Vaccine’ Push:
Sunday, August 22, 2021 4:38
Dr. Paul Alexander is interviewed by Stew Peters. I am finding it difficult to understand why Trump is saying “Take the Vax” -he has taken it?!
Is he feeling guilty that he promoted it last year with wrong advice? Time will tell!